Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Big Show

During his entrance, Brock Lesnar immediately gets in the ring and takes down Big Show quickly. Lesnar starts connecting with big rights and lefts over Big Show. Paul Heyman tosses a steel chair in the ring. The match still hasn’t officially started. Lesnar grabs the chair and hits Big Show with it repeatedly. We see a shot of Heyman laughing at ringside as the referee tries to reason with Lesnar. After a few more shots with the chair, Lesnar backs up and says he is ready. Lesnar then charges in again and starts kicking Big Show. Lesnar hits Big Show once more with the steel chair. Lesnar yells at the referee to ring the bell. The referee says no until he drops the chair. Heyman now has a second steel chair in hand at ringside. Lesnar then tosses the chair out of the ring. Heyman gives Lesnar another chair as the bell rings with Big Show getting to his feet. Big Show connects with a KO punch to Lesnar. Lesnar falls back and rolls out of the ring. Big Show fights back to his feet. Lesnar with more chair shots on Big Show this time to his arm. Big Show is able to fight it off and toss him back in the ring. Big Show yells at Lesnar calling him a son of a bitch and then gets in a big body shot in the corner. Lesnar has Big Show on his shoulders and connects with an F5! Lesnar gets the pinfall.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

After the match, Brock Lesnar takes off his gloves, grabs a steel chair and enters the ring. Lesnar cracks it over the back of Big Show. Lesnar continues hitting Big Show with the steel chair as Heyman yells at him to continue. Big Show rolls out and Lesnar continues to hit him with the chair. Lesnar hits Big Show so hard that a piece of the chair breaks off. Heyman tosses Lesnar a third chair and continues to hit Big Show with it. After more shots, Lesnar tosses that chair away. We then see highlights from the match including the big KO punch that Big Show connected with on Lesnar and Lesnar’s huge F5 on Big Show.

Backstage, we see The Shield. Dean Ambrose talks about them being an unstoppable force in WWE and how the hounds are on the loose tonight. Roman Reigns says it will only be the three of them that remain. Seth Rollins says at that point they will determine a winner, but The Shield will still stand united. Reigns chimes in that he has a good number tonight. Ambrose asks what it is. Reigns says he will have to find out.

Backstage, Renee Young is with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. Orton says after he beats John Cena tonight, Cena goes to the back of the line. Young brings up how many people are gunning for his title right now including Brock Lesnar, Batista and the winner of the Royal Rumble tonight. Orton said he is used to it. He said he is the only face of WWE. Orton says it isn’t Batista, it isn’t Brock Lesnar, “that Duck Dynasty reject” Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt or even John Cena.

A promo for WWE Wrestlemania 30 airs, just 70 days away.

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