WWE Royal Rumble PPV Results – 1/24/16 (30 Man Rumble)

WWE Royal Rumble PPV Results 1/24/16

WWE Royal Rumble PPV Results
January 24, 2016
Orlando, Florida
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

We see a shot of Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon arriving to the arena tonight in Orlando. They talk about the odds against Roman Reigns tonight.

A video package runs focusing on tonight’s 30 Man Royal Rumble match.

We go live to Orlando where a display of pyro goes off. Michael Cole is the first to welcome us to the Road to WrestleMania. Over 15,0000 fans are live in Orlando tonight.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose is out first to kick off the show.

WWE Intercontinental Championship – Last Man Standing Match
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Kevin Owens

Lock up and both Ambrose and Owens exchange rights. Ambrose pushes Owens to the corner. Owens gets the better of Ambrose tossing him to the other corner. Owens with a big right hand and chops to Ambrose. More chops from Owens. Ambrose asks for more and then gets in some chops of his own. Ambrose with a running bulldog and Owens rolls out of the ring. Ambrose with a suicide dive that sends Owens over the announce table. Ambrose with a sledgehammer shot and then tosses Owens back over the table. Owens with a low blow to Amborse using an iPad at ringside. Ambrose sends Owens back first into the steel steps. The referee starts the count. Owens is up at 4. Ambrose grabs a kendo stick and starts cracking away at Owens. Owens rolls back in and Ambrose with more kendo stick shots. Owens with a superkick on Ambrose on the outside. Owens with a running cannonball on Ambrose knocking over the timekeepers barricade! The referee starts the count. Ambrose is up at 8 and Owens has a kendo stick. Owens with shots to Ambrose and then cracks it in half. Owens drives the stick into the chest of Ambrose inside the ring. Owens with a body splash over Ambrose and the referee starts the count. Owens launches Ambrose into the ring barricade on the outside and starts tossing steel chairs inside the ring. Owens cracks a chair over the back of Ambrose. Owens sets up a chair inside the ring, sits on it and takes a break. Ambrose is back in with slaps to Owens. Owens responds with a right hand. Owens with chops to Ambrose. Owens has two chairs setup. Ambrose explodes off the ropes with a big clothesline. Owens responds cracking a chair over the back of Ambrose again. Ambrose counters a powerbomb attempt into a back body drop on Owens over both steel chairs! Both men are back up at 7. Owens catches Ambrose diving through the ropes, sends him into the ring and then tosses him into the steel steps at ringside two times. Owens then pushes Ambrose into the edge of the steps. Owens pulls out tables and stacks both. Owens is looking to hit a superplex on Ambrose to the outside over the tables. Ambrose breaks free, throws a chair at Owens and the chair stays wrapped around the head of Owens who falls down. Ambrose with jabs to knock the chair away. Owens with a superkick. Ambrose counters a Pop Up Powerbomb and hits Dirty Deeds. The referee starts the count as the crowd chants along. Owens pulls himself up by 8. Ambrose throws a chair down and gives Owens Dirty Deeds over it! Referee counts. Owens rolls out at 9 and gets to his feet to break the count. Ambrose sets up a table at ringside, tosses Owens face first off the announce table and puts Owens on top of the table. Ambrose off the top with a flying elbow over Owens cracking the table in half! Referee counts. Both men are back up at 8 at ringside. Owens rolls in and Ambrose brings a table with him. Ambrose cracks a chair over the back of Owens. Owens yells, “I hate you!” Ambrose says he hates Owens as well. Ambrose sets up the table. Ambrose jumps up with Owens in the corner. Owens counters and drops Ambrose down with his modified suplex over the table cracking it in half. Referee counts. Ambrose just barely gets up at 9. Owens yells at Ambrose to stay down, tosses him into the ropes and connects with the Pop Up Powerbomb. Referee counts. Ambrose fights to his feet at 9 and falls back down. Owens cracks a chair over the back of Ambrose. Owens sets up four chairs and puts the rest over the top. Owens tosses Ambrose over the chairs, goes up top, Ambrose pops up and pushes Owens off the top turnbuckle! Owens goes flying and crashes through the stacked tables at ringside! The referee begins the count on Owens. The referee reaches the 10 count. Ambrose retains.

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Dean Ambrose

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) are out next. Big E talks about losing the trombone. Kofi wants a moment of silence. Xavier Woods walks out playing a new trombone as Kofi and Big E dance. Kofi asks what happened to the last one. Woods says a brother can’t mourn forever and has “needs” with a smile.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match
The New Day (c’s) w/ Xavier Woods vs. The Usos

We start with Jimmy Uso and Kofi Kingston. Jimmy with a huge uppercut early after countering a jumping splash by Kofi. Tag to Jey Uso who goes up top and drops an axe handle as Jimmy dropped Kofi over his knee. Jimmy with a shot to Kofi on the outside. Jey tosses Kofi back in. Tag to Big E. He tosses Jey shoulder first into the steel post. Jey dropkicks Big E into the barricade. Woods with a springboard tornado DDT on Jey off the ring barricade with the referee distracted by Kofi. Kofi with shots to Jey in the corner after a tag. Woods is yelling at Michael Cole at ringside. Tag back to Big E who splashes over Jey with a giant thud. Big E slaps the hcest of Jey starting up a New Day chant. Big E with a big shot on Jey off the ropes. Tag back to Kofi who leaps over and stomps down over Jey. Kofi with big rights to Jey in the corner. Jey kicks Kofi off the ring apron. Tags to Jimmy and Big E. Jimmy with shots to Big E and Kofi. Jimmy with superkicks and uppercuts to Big E. Jimmy sends Kofi flying and connects with a samoan drop on Big E. Samoan drop on Kofi by Jimmy who comes leaping off the top. Jimmy with a corner splash to Kofi. Jimmy with a corkscrew moonsault off the corner on Big E. Kofi sends Jey into the crowd. Big E crotches Jimmy. Big E with a belly to belly on Jimmy for a two count. Jey takes out Kofi at ringside leaping off the barricade. Big E with a HUGE suicide dive on Jimmy as both fly to the outside. Big E tosses Jimmy back in and gets a two count. Big E is sent into the steel post. Jimmy with a superkick on Kofi. Tag to Jey who goes up top. Jey connects with a splash off the top rope. Kofi gets his foot under the bottom rope during the pinfall. Jimmy with a suicide dive to Woods. Big E drives Jimmy spine first into the barricade. Kofi rolls up Jey in the ring. Jey with a roll up. Both counters. Big E tags himself in as Jey hits a superkick on Kofi. Jey off the top, Big E catches him, Big Ending for the win.

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Day

After the match, The New Day dance and celebrate with the tag team titles.

We see footage from RAW on Monday with Brock Lesnar clearing house on the League of Nations and The Wyatt Family showing up to attack Roman Reigns and Lesnar.

Backstage, we hear from The Wyatt Family. Bray says one by one they will fall. He said after tonight he will truly have the whole world in his hands.

WWE United States Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Kalisto

Del Rio pushes Kalisto to the corner. Del Rio gets Kalisto down and gets in a quick kick. Del Rio launches Kalisto face first to the corner. Del Rio drops rights to Kalisto in the corner. Kalisto with kicks to the lower back of Del Rio and Del Rio falls out. Kalisto with a suicide dive taking out Del Rio at ringside. Kalisto with a big kick to the chest of Del Rio. Kalisto is leaning in over the top rope and Del Rio catches him with a kick to the head. Del Rio with a headlock on Kalisto to keep him grounded. Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Kalisto. Del Rio with a shot off the top rope on Kalisto. Del Rio tosses Kalisto out under the bottom rope and Kalisto goes flying to the outside. Kalisto catches Del Rio with a huricanrana on the outside. Back in the ring, Del Rio drops Kalisto chest first off his knees! Del Rio launches Kalisto back first into the ring barricade. Del Rio tries ripping off Kalisto’s mask in the corner. Kalisto tackles Del Rio off the top. Del Rio swats Kalisto away attempting a springboard corkscrew. Del Rio with a huge kick on Kalisto and hooks the leg for a two count. Kalisto catches Del Rio with a big boot, avoids a kick to the head ducking, Kalisto with a tornado DDT on Del Rio off the second rope and gets a two count. Kalisto connects with his corkscrew off the ropes and drives Del Rio face first down into the mat. Del Rio crotches Kalisto up on the top turnbuckle. Del Rio jumps up and drives Kalisto back with a reverse DDT. Kalisto with a jawbreaker, kick to the body and Kalisto misses a shot on Del Rio. Kalisto crotches Del Rio up top. Del Rio with a headbutt to Kalisto. Kalisto falls back against the corner. Del Rio misses his stomp. Kalisto with Salida Del Sol. Del Rio kicks out. Del Rio quickly dumps Kalisto out of the ring. Kalisto springboards in. Del Rio with double knees to Kalisto. Kalisto kicks out. Del Rio removes the top turnbuckle to expose it. Kalisto catches Del Rio with a kick. Kalisto avoids the exposed turnbuckle. Del Rio hits the exposed area instead when Kalisto connects with a huricanrana letting go and sending Del Rio to the corner. Kalisto with Salida Del Sol and gets the pinfall!

Winner and new WWE United States Champion: Kalisto

We hear from the Royal Rumble panel with Booker T, Jerry Lawler and Corey Graves.

We see Mark Henry and Jack Swagger qualifying for the Royal Rumble earlier tonight.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is laughing at her phone when Paul Heyman walks up. Heyman predicts his client will become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He’s prepared to renegotiate Lesnar’s contract when he wins the Royal Rumble tonight. Stephanie says she will be more than happy to negotiate as long as Lesnar takes care of Roman Reigns tonight. Heyman says the Roman Empire gets taken to Suplex City.

A video package runs hyping Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch tonight.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Charlotte (c) w/ Ric Flair vs. Becky Lynch

We get ring introductions for the challenger Becky Lynch and champion Charlotte.

Lock up and Charlotte pushes Becky to the corner. Becky with a quick takedown and Charlotte gets to the ropes to break it up. Becky with a shoulder block and deep arm drag. Series of counters early between Charlotte and Becky. Charlotte with a modified armbar on Becky. Becky counters dumping Charlotte out of the ring through the ropes. Becky with a springboard kick on Charlotte sending her flying to the outside. Becky follows and Ric Flair gets in her face. Charlotte goes for a big boot. Becky dodges it and takes out Charlotte. Flair grabs Becky and kisses her. Flair lets out a few WOOO’s and then Charlotte nails Becky from behind. Charlotte tosses Becky back in the ring. Charlotte catches Becky with a quick dropkick after Becky went for a roll up. Charlotte tosses Becky down on the mat, locks her head and starts bouncing it off the mat. We see a shot of Flair smiling at ringside as Charlotte keeps the lock in with Becky grounded. Becky gets Charlotte up on her shoulders and drops her back down. Becky with elbows to Charlotte. Becky with repeated clotheslines and then a big side kick. Becky with a corner elbow. Charlotte with elbows and then sends Becky face first into the corner. Charlotte with a quick neckbreaker. Becky with a big right countering a Figure Eight setup. Becky with repeated leg drops and then an overhead suplex for a two count. Charlotte rolls through an armbar attempt. Charlotte with a spear out of no where. Becky kicks out after two. Becky gets the armbar locked in falling down from the corner. Charlotte is countering lifting Becky up. Charlotte eventually drops Becky down with a powerbomb. Charlotte takes out Flair with a baseball slide by accident. Becky rolls up Charlotte for two. Becky gets the armbar applied. Flair throws his jacket over the face of Becky. The referee attends to Flair trying to get him down. Charlotte with a spear on Becky, covers and gets the pinfall to retain her title.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Charlotte

After the match, Charlotte attacks Becky Lynch with right hands. Ric Flair joins her in the ring raising up her hand when Sasha Banks walks out to a big reaction. Banks is clapping for Charlotte walking to the ringside area. Banks gets inside the ring and attacks Becky with a big kick to the body. Becky falls out of the ring and Banks yells it is her spotlight. Charlotte goes to leave and Banks drops knees to her back. Banks applies the Bank Statement on Charlotte. Banks breaks it and holds up the Divas title.

We see a “By The Numbers” video package about the Royal Rumble match.

30 Man Royal Rumble Match
Roman Reigns defends the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

1. Roman Reigns

2. Rusev

Rusev with an elbow to Reigns avoiding an early elimination. Rusev eats a big right and then explodes off the ropes with a big side kick. Rusev tosses Reigns out through the second rope. Cole reminds us that Reigns didn’t go over the top rope. Reigns with his jumping kick to the head of Rusev. Spear by Reigns back inside. Reigns tosses Rusev out.

Eliminated: Rusev

3. AJ Styles

Styles gets a HUGE reaction from the crowd in Orlando. Styles with a Pele Kick early on Reigns. Reigns with a samoan drop on Styles early as the clock runs down.

4. Tyler Breeze

Breeze with kicks to both Styles and Reigns. Styles has Breeze up on his shoulders. Reigns with an uppercut to Styles and he drops Breeze over the top rope.

Eliminated: Tyler Breeze

5. Curtis Axel

Axel with a quick shot to Styles. Heath Slater is up on the ring apron trying to interfere and he eats a shot from Reigns. Styles and Reigns clear house on the rest of The Social Outcasts. Styles clotheslines Axel over the top rope as the clock begins to tick down.

Eliminated: Curtis Axel

6. Chris Jericho

Jericho goes after Reigns with rights and chops to Styles. Time runs down.

7. Kane

Kane with a big boot on Styles, uppercut to Jericho and side slam on Reigns. Jericho hangs on and is nearly eliminated by Kane. Time expires as Styles fights off Kane.

8. Goldust

Goldust with a running bulldog on Kane. Styles kicks Goldust away and gets in chops. Jericho with chops and a suplex to Styles. Orlando is still all about Styles as time expires.

9. Ryback

Ryback clears house on his way inside including high knees and a big spinebuster on Kane. Styles with a jumping clothesline to Reigns in the corner. Time expires.

10. Kofi Kingston

Ryback with a huge back body drop on Styles. Styles with a springboard elbow to Jericho. Styles is nearly tossed out by Goldust and just barely hangs on. Time expires.

11. Titus O’Neil

Titus cleans house including tossing Jericho and Styles. Titus knocks Goldust out.

Eliminated: Goldust

Kingston almost eliminated Reigns as time expires.

12. R-Truth

R-Truth runs out and brings a ladder inside the ring. Truth climbs up and realizes nothing is hanging above the ring. Kane pulls Truth down and eliminates him.

Eliminated: R-Truth

Kingston gets tossed out and he lands on the shoulders of Big E! Kofi is still alive as he grabs a drink from a fan at ringside as the time expires.

13. Luke Harper

We see Vince McMahon at ringside with The League of Nations. They all pull Reigns out attacking him as McMahon looks on. Reigns is sent into the barricade and steel steps. McMahon is smiling as Rusev gets in a superkick on Reigns. Del Rio with a superkick to the head of Reigns at ringside. Sheamus finishes off Reigns with a Brogue Kick. Time expires.

14. Stardust

At ringside, Rusev puts Reigns through an announce table. EMTs are at ringside bringing a stretcher down attending to Reigns at ringside as the time expires.

15. Big Show

Big Show quickly tosses Titus out.

Eliminated: Titus O’Neil, Ryback, Kofi Kingston

We see a shot of officials taking Roman Reigns to the back. Time expires.

16. Neville

Neville is nearly tossed out early. Time expires.

17. Braun Strowman

Kane goes for a chokeslam early on Strowman. Strowman eliminates him quickly.

Eliminated: Kane

Strowman and Big Show have a face off. Strowman chokes out Big Show and tosses him out.

Eliminated: Big Show

18. Kevin Owens

Owens and Styles are going at it right away exchanging rights. Owens tosses Styles out.

Eliminated: AJ Styles

19. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose with chops to Owens and Stardust. Time expires.

20. Sami Zayn

Owens is pissed when he sees Zayn walk out. Owens and Zayn exchange shots. Zayn tosses Owens out of the ring. Owens can’t believe it.

Eliminated: Kevin Owens

21. Erick Rowan

Rowan with a quick suplex on Jericho and backbreaker on Neville. Neville is eliminated after getting tossed out by Rowan and eating a clothesline by Harper. Stardust is out as well.

Eliminated: Neville, Stardust

22. Mark Henry

Henry with big rights to Harper, Rowan and Strowman. Strowman quickly levels Henry. Harper, Rowan and Strowman all toss Henry over the top rope.

Eliminated: Mark Henry

Harper levels Zayn with a big boot. Strowman drops a big forearm over the chest of Zayn. Strowman quickly tosses Zayn over the top rope.

Eliminated: Sami Zayn

23. Brock Lesnar

Huge reaction for Lesnar in Orlando. German suplex to Rowan. Overhead suplex to Harper. Strowman goes after Lesnar. Lesnar drops Strowman with a huge clothesline. Lesnar quickly clotheslines Rowan over the top rope. German suplex to Harper.

Eliminated: Erick Rowan

24. Jack Swagger

Lesnar with an F5 on Swagger and tosses him out.

Eliminated: Jack Swagger

Lesnar with a running knee to the side of Strowman and then another to the back. Lesnar with a huge flying knee to the shoulder of Strowman as time expires.

25. The Miz

Miz takes his time circling the ring before getting in. He puts a headset on at ringside and starts talking trash at Lesnar. Lesnar with more suplexes on the Wyatt’s. Lesnar with a clothesline with Harper and sends him over the top rope.

Eliminated: Luke Harper

26. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio and Ambrose double team Lesnar in the corner. Lesnar with clotheslines to Strowman. Strowman stays on his feet for the first. Lesnar hits the ropes and this time sends Lesnar over the top rope with another big clothesline.

Eliminated: Braun Strowman

27. Bray Wyatt

The Wyatt Family is still at ringside as Bray walks out. Harper, Rowan and Strowman all go after Lesnar attacking him. Bray is in directing traffic. Strowman with a clothesline to Lesnar and picks him up. Lesnar throws Rowan, Harper and Strowman out. Bray and Lesnar have a stare down. German suplex on Bray. Harper with a kick to Lesnar as Lesnar goes for an F5. Bray is kicking away at Lesnar along with forearm shots. Bray with Sister Abigail on Lesnar. The Wyatt’s then toss Lesnar over the top rope.

Eliminated: Brock Lesnar

28. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler with a Fameasser on Jericho and a huge DDT to Del Rio. Ziggler with superkicks to Wyatt and Ambrose. Miz is back in and tosses Ziggler over. Ziggler hangs on. Skull Crushing Finale on Ziggler. Miz tries to toss Ziggler out. Ziggler hangs on.

29. Sheamus

Reigns is back out and attacks Sheamus. Miz is out. Del Rio is out. Superman Punch to Ziggler. Bray levels Reigns with a big clothesline to slow things down.

Eliminated: The Miz, Alberto Del Rio

Superman Punch to Wyatt. Time expires for our final entrant.

30. Triple H

Reigns stares down Triple H as he heads to the ring. We are down to Reigns, Triple H, Ambrose, Jericho, Wyatt and Ziglger. Pedigree on Ziggler. Reigns with a spear on Wyatt. Triple H and Reigns circle the ring staring each other down. Triple H and Reigns exchange shots. Reigns gets the better of Triple H. Knee to the face by Triple H. Reigns counters a Pedigree attempt. Ambrose and Sheamus nearly toss them out. Wyatt plants Sheamus. Jericho drops Wyatt with a running bulldog. Lionsault on Wyatt. Springboard kick to Reigns who hangs on. Zig Zag on Jericho. Superkick by Ziggler to Triple H. Triple H hangs on. Ziggler charges in and almost goes over hanging on. Fameasser by Ziggler on Triple H. Triple H is back up and tosses Ziggler over the top rope.

Eliminated: Dolph Ziggler

Triple H and Wyatt have a stare down. Triple H points at Reigns. Wyatt with a huge uppercut on Triple H. Brogue Kick on Wyatt breaking up a Sister Abigail attempt. Wyatt is tossed over by Sheamus and Triple H. Reigns is trying to push Triple H and Sheamus over and they hang on. Jericho with a shot to Reigns with a kick to the head.

Eliminated: Bray Wyatt

Jericho with a top rope cross body on Ambrose. Jericho with a Codebreaker on Triple H. Ambrose tosses Jericho over the top rope quickly.

Eliminated: Chris Jericho

Down to Sheamus, Ambrose, Triple H and Roman Reigns. Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick. Caught up in the ropes. Superman on Sheamus. Sheamus is out. Triple H grabs Reigns and quickly tosses him over the top rope. Triple H does the crotch chops at Reigns.

Eliminated: Roman Reigns, Sheamus

We are down to Triple H and Dean Ambrose. Triple H with a knee to the face. Ambrose with his clothesline off the ropes. Ambrose tosses Triple H over. Triple H hangs on. Ambrose with a second shot. Triple H still hangs on. Triple H catches Ambrose with a knee. Triple H grabs Ambrose and tosses him over the top rope. Ambrose is eliminated.

Eliminated: Dean Ambrose

2016 Royal Rumble winner & new WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H

After the match, Triple H is handed the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and starts to celebrate in the corner as pyro goes off. Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon enter the ring to celebrate with him as the show goes off the air in Orlando.

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