Smackdown Results – 1/9/09 – East Rutherford, NJ

WWE Smackdown
January 9, 2009
East Rutherford, NJ
Report by: Mike Tedesco of

No WWE introduction video tonight!

We open up Smackdown with a shot of JR and Tazz. Tazz has his sunglasses off and JR is talking to us in a serious voice. JR mentions that it was first broken on that Jeff Hardy and his girlfriend were the victims of a hit and run accident. It happened near their home in Cameron, North Carolina. JR can tell us right now that Jeff is ok ??? he??’s battered but ok. We???ll have exclusive footage from the accident from the local police authorities, footage from a bystander, and we???ll have Jeff Hardy via satellite talking about the accident later tonight.

The Smackdown video now plays. Tonight we???ll have Triple H in Triple Jeopardy, a series of three matches ??? a Tables Match, a Handicap Match, and a Last Man Standing Match. His opponents are not known.

The bell rings and we go to Justin Roberts in the ring to announce it??’s now time for the Tables Match!

Triple H is now making his way out to the ring. We get a replay of Triple H from last Friday where he made fun of Vickie Guerrero and her action figure before letting the world know that there were nude photos of her on eBay. That??’s how he got into this Triple Jeopardy series.

Tables Match
Triple H vs. John Morrison

Charles Robinson calls for the bell and this match is underway. They stare at each other before Triple H attempts a lockup but Morrison ducks it and gets a knee into the midsection. Morrison hits Triple H with some forearms and a kick. Morrison has an Irish whip reversed on him, ducks a clothesline from Triple H, goes back into the ropes and is hit by the high knee a la Harley Race. Triple H now levels Morrison with a right hand and clotheslines him over the top rope!

Triple H goes to the outside and sends Morrison into the ring post. Triple H now gets a table and sets it up in the direction of the stairs. He brings Morrison to the top of the stairs and goes to suplex him off the stairs through the table but Morrison is able to block it! Triple H finally gets Morrison up but he just slides over his back to the floor and takes Triple H??’s legs out from under him, sending The Game face first into the steel steps! Morrison now sends Triple H back first into the ring apron. Triple H rolls into the ring as Morrison gets a table and brings it inside.

Morrison brings a table into the ring and sets it up in the corner. He then runs over to Triple H, who is in the opposite corner, and hits him with a kick. Morrison goes to whip him into the table but Triple H puts the brakes on, kicks Morrison in the midsection, and sends him into the corner. Triple H charges but Morrison gets his feet in his face. Triple H is staggering towards the table so Morrison charges to put him through but Triple H sidesteps him and Morrison puts the brakes on before crashing into the table! Triple H now gets Morrison on his shoulder to slam him but Morrison slides off and springboards off the ropes with a roundhouse kick! I like that move!

Morrison is the first to his feet and hits Triple H with a forearm in the face as he??’s getting up. Morrison now hits a right hand and a kick with Triple H against the ropes and a table waiting for him directly behind him outside the ring. Morrison goes into the ropes to get Triple H out of the ring and through that table but Triple H counters whatever Morrison was doing with a back body drop but Morrison lands on the apron! Triple H hits some right hands as Morrison teeters precariously near that table. Triple H now charges and Morrison slides through his legs, goes into the ropes, and is taken down by a Double A Spinebuster!

Triple H now goes outside the ring and brings a table back in. Triple H sets it up by the turnbuckle. He brings Morrison over to the turnbuckle and bounces his head off it. He then puts Morrison on the top rope and hits a big right hand! Triple H now goes to superplex Morrison through the table but Morrison hits him in the ribs a few times with some right hands. Triple H goes off the turnbuckle and Morrison bounces his head off the turnbuckle. Triple H is now laying against the table so Morrison goes to the top rope looking to hit a move that???ll put him through the table however Triple H is too smart for that as he turns and hits Morrison with a punch! He then flips Morrison off the top rope to the outside through a table!! Triple H wins the first Double Jeopardy Match!! For more on the actual live ending of this match please see Mike??’s Thoughts!!

Winner: Triple H
Match Rating: **

After the bell rings The Miz runs down to the ring and gets on the apron, angry about what Triple H just did to his tag partner. This only served to distract Triple H as Chavo Guerrero attacked him from behind and through him through that table that was set up in the corner!! Chavo then asks the epic question, ???Who??’s the gopher now?!??? It??’s definitely not Triple H because he left the arena in a huge Winnebago type vehicle.

Backstage we see Vickie Guerrero surveying the damage on a TV. She looks pleased with her nephew for once.

Coming up next is Undertaker vs. Shelton Benjamin in a non-title match! Both of these men will be in the Royal Rumble and they collide next!

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Backstage Triple H is holding his left arm up in pain and Vickie Guerrero stops him. She says he doesn???t look so good right now but it??’s one down and two to go. She reminds him he still has a Handicap Match and a Last Man Standing Match coming.

Shelton Benjamin is in the ring ready for his match with the ???Demon of Death Valley.???

Shelton Benjamin vs. Undertaker

This is a non-title match by the way.

Mike Chioda signals for the bell to ring and this match is on! They approach each other in fighting stances. Undertaker goes for a big right hand but Benjamin ducks it. They continue circling the ring in fighting stances. Undertaker goes for another right hand but Benjamin ducks it and hits him with some right hands in the corner. Undertaker doesn???t feel them as he walks towards Benjamin. Benjamin jogs backwards to the opposite corner and ducks another right hand and lays in some HARD right hands of his own until Mike Chioda forces him away from Undertaker.

Undertaker approaches Benjamin and Benjamin ducks ANOTHER right hand before hitting him with some more right hands and kicks in the corner until Mike Chioda backs him away! Undertaker has had enough as he grabs Benjamin with both hands by the throat and throws him into the corner before laying in some big right hands of his own! Benjamin staggers out of the corner so Undertaker twists his arm and rams his shoulder into Benjamin??’s shoulder. Undertaker twists it again and wrenches it hard. Undertaker now has Benjamin in a hammerlock and sends him shoulder first into the turnbuckle! Benjamin is down on his knees so Undertaker kicks him in the injured shoulder. Undertaker puts him in the corner, wraps his arm around the top rope, and head-butts his shoulder! Undertaker then hits a right hand and stomps him in the corner. Undertaker then wraps the arm around the bottom rope and pulls, releasing at Chioda??’s four count. Undertaker now wrenches the arm again and brings him towards the ropes, hitting Old School! Taker then clotheslines him over the top rope!

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We come back from the break to see Benjamin cowering away from Undertaker! No one can escape the Undertaker as he grabs Benjamin??’s injured arm and throws him in the corner. Undertaker hits a hard right hand to the midsection and whips Benjamin into the opposite corner hard. Undertaker then charges and hits a corner clothesline! Undertaker whips him into the opposite corner again and puts Benjamin on his shoulder. Taker hits snake eyes and goes into the ropes for the big boot but Benjamin ducks it and chop blocks Undertaker??’s knee!

Undertaker crawls around in pain as Benjamin regains his bearings. Benjamin sees Undertaker getting up so he chop blocks the knee again! Benjamin kicks Taker in the head and goes outside.

Benjamin tries to drag Undertaker??’s legs to the ring post but Undertaker blocks it by putting his good foot on the post. Benjamin pushes it off and hits him with some big right hands. Benjamin then successfully brings Undertaker??’s legs to the ring post and throws the injured leg against it! The force swings Undertaker to sitting on the steps and he falls backwards to the outside. Benjamin rolls into the ring to avoid being counted out and now the referee begins counting Undertaker out!

Undertaker gets back into the ring after only two counts and is attacked viciously by Benjamin with right hands, clubs, and kicks. Chioda eventually backs him away from Taker long enough for Taker to get back up. Benjamin quickly gets back on him with a kick to the knee, putting Undertaker in the corner, and he then wraps Undertaker??’s leg around the middle rope and pulls. Benjamin pulls back really hard and releases at the four count.

Benjamin now goes to approach Undertaker and gets a back elbow for his troubles! Undertaker hobbles over to Benjamin and bounces his head off the top turnbuckle! Undertaker now brings him out of the corner, Irish whips him into the ropes, and grabs his throat for a Chokeslam but Benjamin kicks him in the knee, sending him down!

Benjamin drops an elbow into the knee joint and wrenches hard. Undertaker tries to grab Benjamin??’s face to break the hold but to no avail. Benjamin drives his knee into Undertaker??’s knee and drags him towards the ropes, laying his injured leg on the bottom rope. Benjamin then jumps up and comes down hard on the leg! Benjamin kicks Undertaker a few more times and repeats the move! Benjamin goes for the move a third time but when he jumps up Undertaker uses his good leg to kick Benjamin over the top rope!

Undertaker goes to the outside and drives Benjamin into the security wall! Undertaker lays Benjamin half out on the apron and gets on it. Undertaker hobbles over and drops his vintage leg drop! Undertaker gets a two count for that! Undertaker whips Benjamin into the ropes but Benjamin is able to avoid the clothesline and kick Undertaker in the injured leg! Undertaker goes into the corner and Benjamin hits some right hands before mounting the second rope and attempting the ten punches. Benjamin only hits five (and a head-butt) before Undertaker gets him in position for the Last Ride but Benjamin is able to jump off and hit him with a HUGE DDT! Benjamin covers for a two and a half count!!

Undertaker gets up in the corner and Benjamin hits him with the Stinger Splash! Benjamin backs up and tries again but Undertaker catches him by the throat and Chokeslams him!! Undertaker isn???t able to capitalize immediately because of his knee but eventually covers him for a CLOSE two and a half count!!

Undertaker pulls himself up, blocks a right hand from Benjamin, and hits three right hands of his own! Undertaker goes for another Chokeslam but Benjamin kicks him again in the injured leg! Benjamin tries to whip Taker into the corner but he puts the brakes on and sends him into the corner. Benjamin attempts to catapult over Undertaker but he instead lands on Undertaker??’s shoulder and gets hit with the Tombstone Piledriver!!! Undertaker pins him for the win!!!

Winner by Pinfall: Undertaker
Match Rating: ***

Coming up next is the exclusive footage from the Jeff Hardy hit and run accident as provided by the authorities.

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JR and Tazz welcome us back to Friday Night Smackdown. JR mentions that despite the accident Jeff Hardy will defend his WWE Championship against Edge at the Royal Rumble. Tazz had an interview with Edge earlier in the day but right now we???ll go to the Jeff Hardy accident footage.

The squad car camera brings us to the scene. There??’s a black car run off the road and Jeff Hardy and his girlfriend are standing beside it. Jeff is holding his arm while his girlfriend paces around frantically. The officer asks if they???re ok and Jeff says they are. The officer tries to calm down Jeff??’s girlfriend and asks what happened. Jeff says someone came flying up from behind him and goes to pass him but instead crashes him in the back, sending him off road. Jeff says the space to pass was wide open so this was deliberate. He was only going 35 ??? 40 while this guy was going 65 ??? 70 MPH. The officer goes over the facts again before having them come towards his car for a statement.

We now see Tazz??’s interview with Edge earlier in the day. Tazz asks his reaction on Jeff Hardy??’s accident. Edge asks why he??’s asking him the question. Edge says he feels bad but unfortunately the cloud that hung over Hardy??’s head in 2008 has followed him to 2009. He says things like this happen sometimes and even though they???ve had their problems in the past he??’s keeping Jeff and his girlfriend in his prayers.

Backstage the Bella Twins are making their way towards the ring. They???ll be in action next.

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Michelle McCool & Victoria vs. The Bella Twins

We see replays of McCool??’s two beat downs from the past two weeks on Maria and Eve.

The bell rings and Brie will start the match out against Michelle McCool. They lock up and McCool quickly gets her in a side headlock. Brie hits some shots to the midsection and whips her off into the ropes but McCool levels her with a shoulder tackle! McCool now goes into the ropes, jumps over Brie Bella, goes back into the ropes and blocks a hip toss from Brie and hits a hip toss of her own! McCool now does a little showboating with jumping jacks and push ups on her knuckles. She then turns her back on Brie Bella and taunts the fans. Why Brie insists on standing there like an idiot instead of attacking her is beyond me. She should have taken more time getting up.

McCool now goes for a clothesline but Brie ducks it and hits a shoulder block on her. Brie hits some forearms and whips her into the ropes but McCool slides under the bottom rope to the outside and turns her back on the match! Brie talks trash from in the ring while Nikki comes from behind and throws her back in the ring. Brie hits two Flying Mares and hits some forearms. She whips McCool into the ropes but makes the cardinal mistake of putting her head down and gets slammed down by her hair! McCool tags in Victoria.

McCool slams Brie down by the ropes and Victoria hits a springboard flipping leg drop on her! Victoria bounces her face off the mat and locks on a chin lock with a beautiful bridge. Victoria is so good ??? why can???t they do anything better with her? Victoria now punches Nikki off the ring apron and puts Brie in the corner. The referee is distracted by Nikki while McCool holds Brie in the corner as Victoria unleashes some punishment. Victoria now covers for a two count. Victoria now uses Brie??’s hair to do a hangman??’s neck stretch and releases at a three count. She now uses Brie??’s arms to lock on a cross arm choke hold. That??’s really not painful. Victoria slams her down by her hair. That??’s painful. Victoria hits her Spider??’s Web. That??’s even more painful. Victoria now climbs the top rope and comes off with a moonsault but Brie moves out of the way!

Brie now tags in her sister Nikki and Nikki rolls Victoria up with an Oklahoma Roll for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: The Bella Twins
Match Rating: *

Michelle McCool does not look happy. While Victoria is yelling at the Bella Twins, Michelle McCool attacks her from behind! McCool grounds and pounds Victoria hitting her with a devastating Styles Clash (still no name for it)!! McCool walks to the back to some boos but mostly indifference.

Backstage Triple H is walking towards the ring trying to shake some feeling into his left arm. The Handicap Match is next.

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Handicap Match
Triple H vs. The Miz & Chavo Guerrero

The bell rings and this match is on. The Miz will start the match out for his team against Triple H. Triple H quickly kicks Miz in the midsection and hits him with a few right hands, putting him in the corner. The Miz quickly capitalizes by simply pulling down on Triple H??’s injured left arm, staggering the former WWE Champion. Triple H is in the opposite corner where Miz hits him with a right hand and wraps his left arm around the top rope, pulling it. The Miz releases it at Mike Chioda??’s fourth count. Miz kicks the arm and whips Triple H into the opposite corner but Triple H comes out and takes Miz down with a clothesline! Miz quickly tags in Chavo!

Chavo comes in with a smile on his face. Chavo mouths off a little bit before charging into Triple H??’s back elbow! Triple H hits some right hands on Chavo in the corner until Mike Chioda forces him away. When Triple H approaches again he??’s met with a kick in the midsection. Chavo quickly hits some punches and whips him into his corner. Miz attacks Triple H while Chavo distracts the referee but it backfires as Triple H punches him off. Chavo charges for a shoulder thrust but Triple H moves and Chavo goes through the ropes shoulder first into the ring post! The Miz tags himself in!

The Miz mouths off a bit to Triple H and Chavo knocks Triple H down from behind! Miz quickly capitalizes with a bunch of rights, sending Triple H into the corner. Miz hits some kicks in the corner, twists and wrenches the arm, and hits an arm bar takedown! Miz covers for a two and a half count!

Backstage we see Vickie Guerrero watching on with glee.

In the ring Miz slams Triple H??’s arm off the mat a few times. He tags in Chavo and has Triple H in a front face lock. Chavo comes in and punches Triple H in the ribs! Chavo hits a right hand in the corner and wraps his injured arm around the top rope, punching the joint. Chavo wrenches the arm but Triple H is able to hit a right hand! Chavo wrenches it again and again Triple H gets a right hand! A third time it happens and this time Chavo releases his grip! Triple H goes into the ropes and is taken down by a BEAUTIFUL rolling wheel kick! That??’s one of my favorite moves now! Chavo covers for a two count! Chavo stomps Triple H and tags in The Miz.

Miz comes in and hits his unique running clothesline in the corner! Miz now tags in Chavo who goes up to the top rope and attempts a Frog Splash but Triple H rolls out of the way! Chavo quickly tags in Miz!

Miz comes in, misses a clothesline, and is taken down by a neckbreaker from Triple H! Triple H hits a right hand and has an Irish whip reversed on him but Miz makes the mistake of lowering his head and pays for it with a jumping face buster! Triple H goes into the ropes and hits a nice clothesline. He covers Miz for a two count. Triple H sends Miz into the ropes and makes the same mistake Miz made by lowering his head and he pays for it with a kick in the face! Miz goes into the ropes and is taken down by a Double A Spinebuster! Triple H goes to do his usual taunt after that move but his arm is too hurt!

Miz goes to tag in Chavo Guerrero but Chavo backs away and walks out on The Miz! Miz does not look happy! He turns around and is hit with a Pedigree, giving Triple H the win!!

Winner by Pinfall: Triple H
Match Rating: * ??

Vickie Guerrero now appears on the screen excusing herself. She congratulates him saying two down, one to go. She says she??’s very anxious to see how he??’s going to do in his Last Man Standing Match against the Big Show! Triple H does not look happy as he holds his left arm!

Still to come tonight is exclusive cell phone footage of the Jeff Hardy accident as well as Jeff Hardy live via satellite.

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A Vladimir Kozlov video airs showing him in a gym head-butting and suplexing a punching bag. It was pretty funny to watch him belly to belly suplex it. He says he??’s still waiting for competition.

In the ring is MVP. It??’s time for the VIP Lounge but it doesn???t look very VIP. The furniture is real beat up. He looks really dejected.

He dejectedly welcomes us to the VIP Lounge where big things are still popping and little things are still stopping. He asks us to sit down, relax, and enjoy the view because the VIP Lounge, he guesses, is still better than you. His guest tonight isn???t better than anybody but you can???t tell him that. He??’s been out week after week at his expense plugging his new movie so without further adieu ??? Mr. Kennedy.

Oh, good, the Forrest Whittaker look-a-like is still outside doing the rope. I missed that when I was there live. Mr. Kennedy gets in the ring and the microphone lowers down to him.

Mr. Kennedy thanks MVP for having him out there. He doesn???t consider himself a VIP Lounge kind of guy and MVP says he isn???t. Kennedy says he??’s got some pretty cool stuff out there and he has his microphone so that??’s sweet! There??’s a small contingent in the crowd (including me) that was chanting MVP. It made it to TV!

Kennedy says it??’s time to cut to the chase ??? MVP thinks he??’s mad at him. Kennedy says he??’s not mad at him ??? he??’s mad at himself for coming out week after week making a fool of himself! He asks MVP what his loss record is! MVP says at least he??’s been in the ring week after week trying to be competitive! Kennedy says not to get mad but he was just trying to insert himself after those embarrassing losses to shamelessly and gratuitously promote his new DVD Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia, available wherever DVDs are sold, and also to help MVP save face! He says he was trying to inspire MVP. Inspire him to stop whining, complaining, and stop losing all the time. Kennedy says he can???t take it anymore and the people can???t take it anymore! Kennedy asks if MVP is trying to wipe the smile off his face because he??’s not going to let him do that ??? MVP has gone too far!

MVP says that Kennedy has gone too far, coming out on his VIP Lounge and making jokes while his career is literally falling apart at the seams! At this point a bunch of WWE Tech guys come in and start taking the furniture! MVP asks what they???re doing and they say they???re repossessing his furniture!! They clear out the ring while Kennedy tells him things could always be worse and he leaves the ring!!

At this point the Boogeyman??’s music hits and he comes out from under the ring! He hits a Pumphandle Slam and gets the worms out but MVP quickly gets out of the ring! Boogeyman is really gross. They do a great job with him.

Coming up next ??? The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson will attempt to capture the WWE Tag Team Championships from Carlito and Primo!

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Did you know that WWE Television programs can be seen in 465 million homes worldwide ??? more than the NBA, Major League Baseball, and the NFL combined! Yeah, ok. The real question is do every one of those 465 million homes tune in to WWE or do they watch, oh, I don???t know, something else?

The Raw Rebound is brought to us by WWE Mobile. I???m not sure giving away one of the potential Main Events of WrestleMania (John Cena vs. Randy Orton) for free on television is a good move. Whatever.

The WWE Tag Team Champions are making their way to the ring. The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel are already in the ring.

WWE Tag Team Championships
The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson vs. Carlito & Primo (c)

Primo will start the match out for his team against Ezekiel Jackson. Primo does his usual quick little roll before doing anything. Primo avoids Ezekiel??’s grip and gets a waist lock on him. Ezekiel tries to elbow him off but Primo avoids it. Primo clubs Ezekiel on the back which hurts Primo more than Ezekiel! Ezekiel pushes Primo down with one arm and he tags in his brother Carlito!

Carlito runs up to Ezekiel, is caught by the throat, and pushed into the ropes. Carlito ducks the clothesline and hammers Ezekiel with some left hands and a kick! Carlito has a whip into the corner reversed on him but he gets out of the way when Ezekiel charges! Carlito quickly goes into the ropes and is taken down by a BIG shoulder block from Ezekiel!

Carlito rolls out on to the apron. Ezekiel tries to bring him back in by the hair but Carlito gets him off with a shoulder thrust. Carlito and Primo then springboard off the top rope and take Ezekiel down with dual clotheslines! Carlito covers but is immediately thrown off! Ezekiel hits a stiff kick to the midsection and a club to the back! Ezekiel powers Carlito into his corner and lays in some stiff right hands and clubs! He then tags in The Brian Kendrick!

Ezekiel picks Carlito up and leaves his ribs wide open for The Kendrick to kick. The Kendrick kicks him in the back and then in the chest when he??’s down. Carlito twists out of an Irish whip and hits some left hands! Carlito hits a kick and brings The Kendrick to his corner and bounces his head of the top turnbuckle! Carlito tags in his younger brother Primo!

Carlito sends The Kendrick into the ropes and leap frogs him and The Kendrick runs into a dropkick from Primo! Primo covers for a one count. The Kendrick puts himself between the ropes so the referee will keep Primo away. The Kendrick catches his breath, comes back in, and slaps Primo in the face! Primo is pissed so The Kendrick runs out of the ring and he follows! Primo chases him but The Kendrick quickly gets back in the ring and tags in Ezekiel!

Primo comes back in and Ezekiel is already in. Ezekiel clubs Primo in the back from behind. Ezekiel has Primo in the corner and hits a body shot and some clubs! Ezekiel sends Primo into the corner and hits a stiff corner clothesline! Ezekiel picks Primo up and sends him into the ropes but he lowers his head and Primo kicks him in the face! Primo falls into the ropes and bounces off for something but Ezekiel gets him in a bear hug! Ezekiel squeezes it tight. Primo tries to punch out of it but Ezekiel just body slams him down! The Kendrick begs to be tagged in but Ezekiel just sends Primo into the ropes again and gets a bear hug on. Ezekiel then turns and rams Primo into his corner. He tags in The Kendrick.

The Kendrick comes in and kicks him in the ribs a few times, sending him crumpling to the mat. The Kendrick now locks in a really nice Camel Clutch/Cobra Clutch! Primo is able to elbow out of it and hit a belly to belly suplex on him! Primo tries to reach for Carlito but The Kendrick is holding his foot! Primo jumps and finally makes it!

Carlito comes in and hits a bunch of left hands on The Kendrick! He sends him into the ropes, kicks him in the midsection, hits a Million Dollar Knee Lift, goes into the ropes again, and takes him down with a big clothesline! Carlito has an Irish whip reversed on him but he??’s able to springboard off the second rope with a back elbow!! Carlito sends The Kendrick into the corner and The Kendrick catapults over Carlito. When he charges Carlito hits him with a nice sitout spinebuster! Carlito covers for only one when Ezekiel drags him off!

Primo now comes in and is met with a knee to the midsection from Ezekiel! Ezekiel throws Primo over the top rope but Primo hangs on! Carlito dropkicks Ezekiel from behind and Primo holds down the top rope, sending Ezekiel crashing to the outside!

The Kendrick comes from behind, sends Carlito into Primo, and rolls Carlito up for a CLOSE two and seven-eighths near fall!! The Kendrick tries for a jumping roundhouse but Carlito ducks it and hits the Back Stabber!! Carlito pins The Brian Kendrick to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships!!

Winners & STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Carlito & Primo
Match Rating: ** ??

Coming up next is the cell phone footage and Jeff Hardy??’s comments on the accident.

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JR and Tazz discuss the events of what happened with Jeff Hardy and his girlfriend being involved in a hit and run.

We now see cell phone footage from a bystander. This was stupid as it is the same footage from before just a different camera angle. That cop sucked ??? if there was a bystander recording a police interview then he???d be told to go away. They acted like he wasn???t even there. That was lame.

We now get Jeff Hardy via satellite. They made it seem as if JR would interview him but it was really prerecorded. Hardy said he was coming home from a party with his girlfriend Beth when a car who he thought was passing him side swiped him and ran him off the road. He said he??’s thankful he and his girlfriend are ok ??? her back is a little banged up as is his shoulder but he will be back on Smackdown next week to which the audience cheers. It was fake cheers because this was never shown to a live crowd.

We get a rundown of the matches at Royal Rumble. The Smackdown title match looks strong. Of course I can???t wait for the Royal Rumble!

Big Show??’s music now hits and he??’s making his way down to the ring for the Last Man Standing Match! Justin Roberts goes over the rules ??? the only way to win is to incapacitate your opponent until they can???t reach a ten count. This match is next!

:::Commercial Break:::

We see Big Show pacing the ring as we see replays of the endings of Triple H??’s previous two matches. We see Triple H put John Morrison through a table and be put through a table himself afterwards by Chavo Guerrero. We then see the ending of the Handicap Match where Chavo Guerrero walked out on The Miz leading to The Miz getting pinned. They play it up as Triple H is really beat up.

Last Man Standing Match
Big Show vs. Triple H

Referee Scott Armstrong calls for the bell and Big Show smiles. He tries to get Triple H trapped in the corner. Triple H tries to run around Big Show but Show grabs his injured left arm and punches it! Triple H goes to the corner and Big Show wraps his left arm around the top rope and clubs the shoulder! Big Show pulls him out of the corner by his left arm and head-butts him! Big Show has Triple H in the corner and squeezes the shoulder blade before hitting a body shot! Show then head-butts it!

Big Show goes for a big chest chop but Triple H avoids it and hits Show with some right hands however Big Show just pushes him off with one hand! Triple H gets up and kicks Big Show in the midsection. He goes to whip him into the corner but Big Show doesn???t budge. Big Show then whips Triple H so hard into the corner that he goes flying over the top rope to the outside! The referee begins the count and Triple H gets up at five!

Big Show picks Triple H up from the inside of the ring by the head and turns him around on the apron so he??’s facing the audience. Big Show then chops him over the top rope to the inside of the ring! It??’s time for a commercial break!

:::Commercial Break:::

We come back from the break to see Big Show quieting the crowd down before hitting a big chop to Triple H??’s chest! Triple H does the old Ric Flair face flop! The referee starts counting and Triple H gets up at four.

Triple H tries to get some shots in on the Big Show but Show just wrenches his arm and picks him up over his head by the injured arm before dumping him to the mat! The referee begins counting and Triple H gets up at four! Big Show repeats the same move and the referee begins counting again! Big Show doesn???t want to wait for the count as he goes into the ropes and drops a leg on Triple H! The referee tries counting again. Triple H struggles up at six!

Big Show approaches Triple H in the corner and begins hitting some big body shots! Big Show then hits two head-butts and Triple H is back down on the mat! The referee counts and gets to seven before Triple H rolls to the outside!

Triple H catches Big Show coming outside with some punches but its short lived as Big Show simply head-butts him away! Big Show then sends Triple H injured shoulder first into the steel steps! Scott Armstrong begins counting again and Triple H gets up at eight!

Big Show is already in the ring. Big Show is smiling as he watches Triple H struggle to get into the ring. He grabs him while he??’s on the apron but Triple H jumps off holding Big Show??’s head, snapping his throat off the top rope, stunning him! Triple H now gets into the ring, goes into the ropes and hits a clothesline but Big Show doesn???t go down! Triple H tries again to the same result! A third time is not the charm as Big Show takes Triple H down with a clothesline! Big Show has yet to be knocked off his feet! The referee is counting and Triple H gets up at seven counts!

Triple H turns towards the Big Show and is hit with a head-butt, sending him back into the corner. Big Show charges and eats a boot from Triple H! Triple H goes to the second rope and hits a tornado DDT on the Big Show!! Both men are down and the referee is counting them both out! Big Show gets up at seven and Triple H gets up at eight!

Triple H hits Big Show with some right hands, goes into the ropes, ducks a clothesline, goes back into the ropes, and is taken down by a SPEAR from the Big Show!! Triple H writhes around in pain but is able to get up at seven! Big Show head-butts him but holds him up and hits the Hog Lock! Triple H struggles again and gets up at eight!!

Big Show head-butts Triple H down and does it an extra two times! Triple H keeps popping up and eventually gets in the corner imploring Big Show to bring it on!! Big Show hits a kick in the corner and head-butts him down until he??’s on the canvas! Triple H gets up and tells Big Show to SUCK IT!! Big Show charges him but Triple H gets out of the way and Big Show crashes into the turnbuckle! Big Show turns around into a Pedigree!!! Both men are down and the referee begins the count! Triple H gets up at seven and Big Show gets up at nine!!

Triple H hits a right hand and Big Show desperately tries to hit Triple H with a Knockout Punch but Triple H keeps avoiding it! Now Triple H is in control with some big right hands. Triple H tries for a whip but Big Show doesn???t budge. He sends Triple H into the ropes, lowers his head, and is hit with a jumping face buster! Big Show falls into the ropes and bounces into a Pedigree attempt but Big Show is able to counter with Emerald Fusion!! Both men are down and the referee is counting! Big Show is up at six and Triple H gets up at nine but he winds up falling out of the ring as soon as he gets up!!

Big Show follows Triple to the outside and gets him on his shoulder. He goes to throw him into the ring post but Triple H slides off and sends Big Show into the ring post!! The referee is counting Big Show down with Triple H in the ring!! Big Show got up at eight!!

Triple H jumps off the apron into Big Show who catches him by the throat and hits the Showstopper on top of the announcer??’s table which doesn???t break!! Triple H gets up at nine and seven-eighths!! Big Show is upset now and hits him in the face with the Knockout Punch!! Triple H is lurched over the announcer??’s table but he??’s not answering this count. Triple H doesn???t answer the ten count and Big Show wins this Last Man Standing Match!!

Winner: Big Show
Match Rating: ** ??

Vickie Guerrero comes out to survey the damage with Big Show standing next to her. We end Smackdown with the image of Triple H??’s broken body sprawled out on the announcer??’s table.

Quick Match Results

Tables Match: Triple H def. John Morrison
Undertaker def. Shelton Benjamin (non-title)
Brie & Nikki* Bella def. Michelle McCool & Victoria*
Handicap Match: Triple H def. The Miz* & Chavo Guerrero
Tag Titles: Carlito* & Primo def. The Brian Kendrick* & Ezekiel Jackson
Last Man Standing: Big Show def. Triple H

Bump of the Night: Triple H flipping John Morrison off the top rope to the outside twice! (See Mike??’s Thoughts)

Match of the Night: Undertaker vs. Shelton Benjamin ***

Mike??’s Thoughts

Tonight??’s show was a pretty good Smackdown! This was the second taping of the event I was at (but I couldn???t see myself or Marianna this time because they dimmed the lights on the audience because a lot of people left) so it was nice to watch this again and also interesting because of the new Jeff Hardy storyline. I was wondering why the WWE Champion wasn???t on this show in the arena and this is why.

I think this storyline has the potential to be good but the way they did it tonight definitely could have been better. I know they???re trying to make it reality based but it just seemed cheesy, especially with the bystander. The cop would have made that guy step back. He never would have gotten that close. Besides, what the hell is some innocent bystander doing out in a field at 2 in the morning in North Carolina?? Also, since WWE portrayed tonight??’s show as being ???live??? even though it was taped on 12/30, why wasn???t Jeff Hardy in New Jersey for the show? What was he doing partying when he knows he should be at the show early as the WWE Champion? Lots of plot holes in this one. Ok, I???m nitpicking, but it should have been thought out a little more. I think it would be completely awesome if they swerved everyone and the culprit of the hit and run wasn???t Christian but Matt Hardy!

I???m really surprised there was hardly anything with Edge tonight other than the short interview with Tazz. I???m surprised they didn???t mention once how Big Show walked out on Edge in the middle of their tag team match last week. What was that all about? That was completely forgotten!

Kudos to Triple H! That was a hell of performance he gave. It was really fun watching it live at the arena. The man may have certain things handed to him on a silver platter but there??’s no doubt that he loves wrestling and works his butt off every night he??’s out there. Triple H is the man.

Here??’s an interesting story about the Tables Match. They had to do the finish twice. Triple H flipped John Morrison off the top rope but he only grazed the table and it didn???t break. They moved the table out of the way (but if you tried you could see this table beside the announcer??’s table) and set up a new one which Triple H sent Morrison through again. I felt bad for the guy. When he grazed it the table left a big red welt on his back. It looked really painful but the welt didn???t make it to TV. It was still a really cool spot and definitely fun to watch live??? twice.

Here??’s another funny story from this taping. This one actually made it to Smackdown. During the VIP Lounge segment, Mr. Kennedy announced that his DVD was available everywhere so a small contingent of the audience started chanting ???It??’s not out yet! It??’s not out yet!??? I guess you had to be there.

Tonight??’s episode saw yet another slap in the face to the ECW brand. The only wrestlers Triple H beat tonight were ECW wrestlers. What does that say about the brand? Sorry, Dave.

Undertaker and Shelton Benjamin put on one hell of a match. It??’s been said before and I have no qualms about saying it again ??? Undertaker is simply amazing. He??’s not that young anymore (for an athlete) but he can still go with the very best of them and move just as well as he did when he debuted with the company in 1990. Undertaker rules!

Final Smackdown Rating: ** ??

As always I???d love to hear from those who loved the column and even those who didn???t. If you also attended this Smackdown as I did e-mail me and share your stories. What did you think of it? Even if you didn???t attend the Smackdown I???d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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