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By: Mitch Passero
May 14, 2010

Results courtesy of WWE.com

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Despite a hard-fought victory over Christian, Kofi Kingston was denied the Intercontinental Championship and Drew McIntyre was re-instated on the roster and declared still the champion – by order of Mr. McMahon.

Also, Layla pinned Beth Phoenix to claim the Women’s Championship – thanks to a surprise 2-on-1 Handicap Match orchestrated by new Raw General Manager and Official SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero.

Rey Mysterio def. CM Punk by Disqualification
Despite CM Punk’s specific instructions that his Straight Edge followers not get involved in his match with Rey Mysterio, they disobeyed their savior. Luke Gallows, Serena and a mysterious hooded person all entered the fray. Ultimately, their involvement earned The Second City Saint a disqualification. But in the end, Mysterio suffered a brutal Gallows Pole capped off with a devastating Go to Sleep from Punk. When they meet again, it will be in a Hair vs. S.E.S. Pledge Match at Over the Limit. (Preview)

Kane def. Chavo Guerrero
Just like he did when he welcomed Chavo Guerrero to SmackDown after the 2010 WWE Draft, Kane dispatched the self-proclaimed “Mexican Warrior” with a devastating chokeslam.

Layla & Michelle McCool def. Beth Phoenix in a Women’s Championship 2-on-1 Handicap Match
At the start, Beth Phoenix thought she was to face Rosa Mendes. However, Raw’s newest GM, Vickie Guerrero, informed The Glamazon that she would have to defend the Women’s Championship against Team Lay-Cool, as Michelle decided to invoke her automatic rematch clause. Despite an impressive effort – including hoisting both of her opponents on her shoulders at one time – the double-Diva assault was too much for Beth to bear. After a collision between Beth and Michelle left both Divas reeling, Layla capitalized and covered Beth to become the new Women’s Champion.

Big Show destroyed World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger’s memorabilia
As a braggadocios Jack Swagger relived his glory days surrounded by his many trophies and memorabilia, the WWE Universe grew agitated with the self-proclaimed “Scrabble champion.” Soon enough, Big Show also grew weary of hearing the self-aggrandizing champion and joined him in the ring. But when Swagger attempted to attack The World’s Largest Athlete, he was ousted from the ring. Next, Big Show went on the war path, obliterating all of Swagger’s precious possessions. After the dust settled, Big Show held Swagger’s title high, while the champion seethed with anger outside of the ring. Is it a sign of things to come for their match at Over the Limit?

MVP & JTG def. The Dude Busters
Despite displaying formidable tag team acumen, The Dude Busters were sent packing when MVP downed Trent Barreta with The Play of the Day.

Shad def. local competitor
Shad proved too much for a local competitor, who felt the full force of a STO from the nearly 300-pounder who is on a determined quest for his time in the spotlight.

Kofi Kingston def. Christian in an Intercontinental Championship Tournament Finals Match; Drew McIntyre reinstated as Intercontinental Champion
In a highly competitive match featuring multiple near pinfalls, Kofi Kingston emerged victorious over Christian with Trouble in Paradise to claim the vacated Intercontinental Title.

Or so he thought.

Moments after basking in the glory, “former” champion Drew McIntyre entered the ring and hand-delivered a letter to SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long. After reading the contents of the letter, the GM requested Kofi return the coveted title to him. After much hesitation, Kofi reluctantly complied with the GM, who then handed over the title to McIntyre. The “former” champion appeared to become the new champion.

After the match, SmackDown announcer Matt Striker clarified the situation by revealing the author of the letter was none other than Mr. McMahon himself. Striker read the letter, in which The Chairman overruled Long’s decision to fire and strip McIntyre of the title last week. Mr. McMahon firmly declared that McIntyre be officially reinstated to the active roster and stated that he remains the reigning Intercontinental Champion.

Later in the night, Long asserted the power he did wield by informing McIntyre that he would face The World’s Largest Athlete next week on SmackDown!

Kofi Kingston vs. Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre announced
Following SmackDown, WWE.com learned Kofi Kingston will have a second chance for the Intercontinental Title when he faces reigning champ Drew McIntyre at Over the Limit.

Quick results
Kofi Kingston def. Christian (Intercontinental Championship Tournament Finals Match)
Shad def. local competitor
MVP & JTG def. The Dude Busters
Layla & Michelle McCool def. Beth Phoenix in Women’s Championship 2-on-1 Handicap Match (Layla wins Women’s Championship)
Kane def. Chavo Guerrero
Rey Mysterio def. CM Punk (Disqualification)