Throwing out the rules
By: Mitch Passero
July 30, 2010

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Things got wet and wild when Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio both found themselves swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. And in a shocking revelation, Kane said The Undertaker told him it was Rey Mysterio who attacked him!

Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger No Disqualification Match ended in a No Contest
As Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger’s battle waged on, they found themselves tangling along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Although no winner was determined, it was Swagger who found himself gasping for air after Mysterio tossed him in the water. But the night wasn’t over yet, as Kane emerged from the darkness and tossed his alleged brother’s assailant into the salty brine.

“Self-professed” Co-Women’s Champion Michelle McCool def. Tiffany in a Women’s Championship Match
In a match that was supposed to feature Women’s Champion Layla, Official SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero shook things up by having the “Self-professed” Co-Women’s Champion Michelle McCool defend the title. With a hard-hitting Faithbreaker, Michelle stopped Tiffany cold. But just as things were looking peachy keen for Team Lay-Cool, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long threw a wrench in things.

Long made it crystal clear. “There’s only one Women’s Championship. And you two need to make up your mind who is going to wear the title. Because if you don’t decide, then next week, I will,” he said.

Dolph Ziggler def. Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston by Disqualification in a Non-Title Match
As Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston mounted an aggressive assault on Dolph Ziggler, things went a little too far for the ref. After being disqualified, an enraged Kingston assaulted Ziggler without mercy, showing a rare side of the champion. The chaos finally ended when the wound-up champion was subdued by WWE officials. Despite the beating Ziggler received, he claimed his second win in a row over Kingston and earned himself an Intercontinental Champion Match against the Kingston next week.

Big Show def. Luke Gallows by Disqualification
Like a pack of ravenous predators, The Straight Edge Society’s CM Punk and Joey Mercury intervened in a match between Big Show and Luke Gallows. With Gallows joining in, the trio viciously assaulted The World’s Largest Athlete by smashing him into the steel ring steps and repeatedly grinding and stomping on his hand. Serena even entered the fray, driving her heels into Big Show’s hand.

Christian def. Drew McIntyre
Despite a brutal offense from Drew McIntyre – combined with Christian battling an injured shoulder – it was the veteran who claimed victory by locking up the Scotsman with an inside cradle small package.

Kane revealed Rey Mysterio attacked The Undertaker (PHOTOS)
Kane revealed that The Undertaker is finally showing signs of recovery by talking for the first time in two months. In a bedside discussion, Kane said his brother told him it was Rey Mysterio who attacked him.

After the stunning news, The Big Red Monster recalled how Rey Mysterio won a SmackDown Battle Royal and qualified for the World Title Match at the Fatal 4-Way pay-per-view. Kane claimed it all made sense that it was Rey who wanted Undertaker out of the way, so that he could win the Battle Royal and advance to Fatal 4-Way.

Full of rage, Kane said Mysterio will cease to exist after he beats him at SummerSlam and stuffs him in a casket.

Quick Results
* Christian def. Drew McIntyre
* Big Show def. Luke Gallows (Disqualification)
* Dolph Ziggler def. Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston (Disqualification, Non-Title Match)
* Michelle McCool def. Tiffany (Women’s Championship Match)
* Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger (No Contest, No Disqualification Match)