WWE Smackdown
November 5, 2010
Bridgeport, CT
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

The Smackdown video plays and we’re brought into the arena with a huge pyrotechnics display. Todd Grisham, Matt Striker, and Michael Cole welcome us to the show. We’ll be opening the show with our main event of the evening: Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio!

Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio

Ricardo Rodriguez stands in the ring to announce Alberto Del Rio but Edge scares him out of the ring. Rodriguez then makes his ring announcement from the ring steps. The announcers made fun of his haircut, which is goofy for the record. They show highlights of the tremendous triple threat match from last week during Del Rio’s entrance.

Charles Robinson, my favorite referee ever, is the official of this match. They circle the ring and lock up. Del Rio gets a waist lock applied but Edge is able to counter out but running into the ropes, dumping Del Rio out of the ring in the process. Edge comes off the apron with a double axe handle to the spine. Edge drops him face first on the barricade and punches him around a bit. Edge puts him in the ring and stomps him. Edge taunts to try to get this crowd into it and elbows Del Rio. Edge applies an arm bar. Del Rio fights up but Edge punches right back at him. Edge punches and chokes him in the corner.

Edge sends Del Rio into the opposite corner and charges but Del Rio moves, causing Edge to shoulder the ring post. Del Rio pulls him out and sends him once again to the ring post. Edge falls to ringside as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Edge trapped in a wristlock. Edge fights up and punches out. Edge goes into the ropes and gets a sunset flip for a near fall. Del Rio quickly comes back and hits an arm breaker. Del Rio knees him in the arm a few times and stretches it out on the ropes. Edge rolls to the apron so Del Rio snaps the arm off the rope again, causing Edge to fall to the outside. Del Rio follows and kicks him in the arm a few times. Del Rio bashes the arm off the barricade and throws him back into the ring.

Del Rio quickly covers for a near fall. Del Rio applies an arm bar. Edge fights up and again punches out of it. Edge sends him into the ropes but Del Rio holds on and kicks him in the face. Del Rio leaps toward Edge but Edge ducks and he flies through the ropes, landing in a heap at ringside! Del Rio gets back on the apron and Edge dropkicks him off. Edge goes to him and throws him back in the ring. Edge goes to the top rope and Del Rio crotches him. Del Rio fights but eventually falls off. Edge hits a nice cross-body block for a near fall.

Edge has a whip reversed on him but he ducks a clothesline and hits a flying forearm. Edge hits a clothesline and a flapjack for a near fall. Edge goes for the Edgecution but Del Rio stops him. Del Rio also counters out of the Edge-O-Matic with a German Suplex for a near fall. Del Rio puts Edge on his shoulders but Edge elbows and hits the Edgecution for a near fall. The crowd is chanting for the Spear now. Edge goes to the top rope and Del Rio hits a step-up enzuigiri! Edge grabs the rope before the three is counted. Del Rio is frustrated and viciously punches away at him. Del Rio goes into the ropes and eats a big boot. Edge gets in the corner for the Spear and…

The Nexus, excluding John Cena and Wade Barrett, surrounds ringside. They then get in the ring and attack Edge and Del Rio. They kick them both out of the ring, effectively ending the match.

No Contest
Match Rating: **

David Otunga grabs the microphone and says last time they came to Smackdown they dominated. This time they’re taking over. “You’re either Nexus or you’re against us!”

Big Show’s music hits and he’s followed by Rey Mysterio and Kane. They go in the ring and Edge joins them, clearing the ring of the Nexus. They run up the ramp looking stunned. Smackdown stands tall in the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Smackdown’s General Manager Teddy Long comes out to the stage. He says tonight the Nexus will face the World Heavyweight Champion Kane, Alberto Del Rio, The Big Show, Edge, and Rey Mysterio! It’s the biggest ten-man tag team match in the history of Friday Night Smackdown.

Dolph Ziggler vs. JTG

As Dolph Ziggler comes out, they explain Vickie Guerrero’s absence by showing her catching Ziggler and Kaitlyn making out on NXT. Vickie then took a cake to the face. Not a good night to be in a relationship.

Ziggler quickly pounces JTG, kicking him down in the corner. JTG comes back with a punch and a double leg takedown. JTG is backed up and he runs right into a big boot. Ziggler hits a nice neckbreaker for a near fall. Ziggler rubs JTG’s face into the mat and gingerly kicks him in the head. JTG comes back with some punches and a dropkick. Ziggler quickly stops the comeback by sidestepping a splash. Ziggler hits the Zig-Zag and covers but lifts him up before three! Ziggler then applies the Sleeper Hold and the referee calls the match!

Winner by Referee’s Decision: Dolph Ziggler
Match Rating: 1/4 *

Kaitlyn runs down to the ring and goes to hug him but Ziggler rejects the advance. EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero charges out to the ring, asking whom Kaitlyn thinks she is. Vickie slaps her down and they’re separated.

Tonight we’ll see MVP vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Drew McIntyre with the winner becoming the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship. We’ll also see the big ten-man tag team match tonight.

-Commercial Break-

They show highlights of what happened after the Ziggler/JTG match.

Hornswoggle is backstage speaking gibberish with Teddy Long. Vickie Guerrero charges in and says she’s the Official Consultant of Smackdown and she will not be embarrassed. She can’t stand Kaitlyn and wants justice. Teddy Long books a match between Vickie Guerrero and Kaitlyn. Oh god…

Elsewhere backstage we see the Nexus beating down someone. They eventually separate and it’s revealed to be Rey Mysterio. It looks like he’s out of the main event.

-Commercial Break-

The Nexus is backstage gloating about taking down Rey Mysterio. Josh Mathews comes up and asks why the Nexus assaulted Rey Mysterio. Otunga says Wade Barrett left for the UK to hang out with some friends and they’ll join him soon. Otunga says they’re showing the world that Nexus isn’t just about John Cena and Wade Barrett. They attacked Mysterio because they can.

Winner Becomes the Number One Contender for the Intercontinental Title
MVP vs. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes vs. Drew McIntyre

It should be noted that MVP has some new music. It kind of sounds like his old music without any lyrics. They then show footage of The Dashing Ones breaking up last week.

McIntyre and Rhodes go face to face. Rhodes charges MVP and gets a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. MVP then punches McIntyre back to the corner before hitting a drop-toe-hold on Rhodes. MVP hits a running knee to the back of his head and holds McIntyre off. Rhodes and McIntyre conspire to take MVP out and then settle their differences “like men”. They double team MVP, taking him down and taking shots. MVP tries to comeback but Rhodes stops him. Rhodes goes into the ropes but McIntyre pulls the top rope down! McIntyre follows him outside the ring and body slams him on the ramp!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see McIntyre punching MVP down in the corner. McIntyre hits a short-arm clothesline and gets a two count. McIntyre applies a modified crossface chicken-wing. Rhodes is finally getting up at ringside. MVP fights up and punches him off. Rhodes goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick on McIntyre. Rhodes then drops a knee on MVP’s neck and gets a near fall. Rhodes hits a front suplex and drops another knee for a near fall. Rhodes applies a hammerlock/chin lock combo. MVP eventually fights up with Rhodes on his shoulders. MVP then hits the electric chair drop.

Rhodes knocks McIntyre off the apron and hits MVP with a Russian Leg Sweep for a near fall. Rhodes has a whip to the corner reversed but he ducks a big boot. Rhodes pulls MVP through the ropes and hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. MVP rolls out of the ring and is really selling a neck injury. Rhodes then attacks McIntyre at ringside and sends him into the barricade. Rhodes looks for a count-out but there aren’t any in a triple threat. Rhodes goes to the top rope but McIntyre crotches him.

McIntyre gets in the ring and wildly looks at Rhodes. McIntyre punches him hard in the face and clubs him on the top rope. McIntyre goes for a superplex but MVP comes from behind and back suplexes McIntyre, who in turn superplexes Rhodes! MVP tries to pin both but they both kick out. MVP punches away at McIntyre and clotheslines him a few times. MVP hits a T-Bone Suplex on McIntyre and a flapjack on Rhodes. MVP hits a face buster but runs into a kick from McIntyre. MVP counters him and sends him hard into the corner. MVP gets him in position and hits the BALLIN’ Elbow Drop! MVP goes for the Playmaker but McIntyre counters with a nasty clothesline!

McIntyre goes for the Future Shock DDT but Rhodes comes out of nowhere with the Beautiful Disaster. MVP throws Rhodes out of the ring and hits the Drive By Kick on McIntyre for the win! MVP will face Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship at Survivor Series!

Winner by Pinfall: MVP
Match Rating: **

They hype the Ten-Man Tag Team Main Event. The Nexus takes on “Team Smackdown”.

-Commercial Break-

Vickie Guerrero vs. Kaitlyn

The Goose, Mr. V’s favorite referee, will officiate this soon to be “classic”. Kaitlyn kicks Vickie and she goes right down. Kaitlyn hits some forearms and Vickie gets out of the ring screaming. Michael Cole is going nuts for Vickie. Vickie now imitates some football side steps until Kaitlyn jumps her. Kaitlyn throws her into the ring and stomps her in the stomach. Vickie thinks she’s going to vomit but that doesn’t stop Kaitlyn. She kicks away at Vickie in the corner and drops a leg for a near fall. Vickie comes back with a slap but falls during a scoop slam, giving Kaitlyn a near fall. Kaitlyn kicks her in the corner until Vickie takes her down and pins her with her feet on the ropes.

Winner by Pinfall: Vickie Guerrero
Match Rating: N/A

Vickie Guerrero tells Kaitlyn to get out of the ring. They then show a Stand Up for WWE video with B-List celebrities standing up for WWE.

They hype the Ten-Man Tag Team Main Event. Kofi Kingston is in there to replace Rey Mysterio. They didn’t even say a word about that.

-Commercial Break-

MVP is backstage walking with Kaval. All of a sudden The Nexus gang up on them and beat them down. That’s just what MVP and Kaval’s careers needed at this point.

Chris Masters vs. Tyler Reks

Charles Robinson is back again for this match. They lock up and Reks quickly gains the advantage. Masters ducks a short-arm clothesline and throws Reks out of the ring. Masters chops Reks and puts him in the ring. Reks stuns him on the apron and sends him back first into the ring post. Reks sends him into the ring and drops an elbow. Reks applies a modified surfboard stretch. Masters fights up and elbows out. Masters counters a back suplex into a pin for a near fall. Masters chops him, has a whip reversed, but comes back with a diving shoulder block. Masters hits some moves before sending him to the corner for a splash. Masters hits a spinebuster for a near fall.

Masters waits for the Masterlock but he can’t connect the fingers. Reks pulls him into the ropes and hits his Burning Hammer for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Tyler Reks
Match Rating: 1/2 *

The Main Event is coming up next. “Team Smackdown” will take on The Nexus.

-Commercial Break-

The Smack of the Night is The Nexus breaking up Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio earlier tonight. Big Show, Kane, and Rey Mysterio ran down to even the score.

Both sides make their entrances and the match will start after the break.

-Commercial Break-

The Nexus (David Otunga, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Michael McGillicutty, & Husky Harris) vs. Edge, Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, & Kane w/ Paul Bearer

Kofi Kingston will start the match against his former NXT Rookie Michael McGillicutty. McGillicutty kicks and punches him in the corner. I hate typing this guy’s last name. Kingston comes back and wildly punches him down. Kingston hits a dropkick and gets a two count. Big Show tags in and he punches him. Big Show chops the chest and talks trash to the rest of the Nexus. Big Show hits a nice body slam and talks more trash. Big Show steps on him and tags Edge in. Edge stomps him in the corner and taunts the Nexus. Paul Bearer is making hilarious faces at ringside. Edge sends McGillicutty into the corner and hits a shoulder block. McGillicutty comes back and tags in Justin Gabriel.

Gabriel punches Edge, flips over him, misses a roundhouse kick, and eats a rolling wheel kick from Edge. Edge gets a two count. Gabriel reverses a whip and takes him down for a two count. Gabriel chokes him on the ropes and tags in Husky Harris. Harris gets a two count. Harris puts him in the corner and punches him down. Harris sends him into the ropes and hit a nice forearm smash for a two count. Heath Slater is tagged in and he stomps him. Slater chokes Edge on the ropes and gets a one count. Slater applies a chin lock but Edge fights up. Slater goes into the ropes and takes a flapjack.

Big Show is tagged in and he clotheslines Slater before sending him to the corner. Big Show hits a splash and goes into the ropes for a clothesline. When Big Show went into the ropes he accidentally knocked Del Rio off the apron. Kingston is tagged in and Big Show whips him into Slater. Kingston punches and hits an uppercut. Slater gets out of the ring to recover. On the other side Del Rio leaves the ring. Del Rio is walking out on the match.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Slater kick and punch Kingston in the corner. Slater runs into the boots and takes a big cross-body block for a two count. Kingston hits a Superman punch and goes for the Boom Drop but Gabriel distracts him. Kingston knocks the rest of Nexus off the apron and back body drops Slater over the top rope on the rest of them. Kingston then hits a vaulting body splash on them all!

Kingston puts Slater in the ring and kicks Otunga in the face. Slater then knocks Kingston off the apron and into the announcer’s table. Justin Gabriel is tagged in and he rolls Kingston into the ring for a two count. Gabriel kicks away at him and tags Otunga in. Otunga kicks away at him and distracts the referee for McGillicutty to attack. Otunga bounces him off the apron and gets a near fall. Otunga applies a chin lock but Kingston fights up. Otunga stops any momentum by tagging in McGilli… ugh. Harris is tagged in and he kicks away at Kingston. Gabriel is tagged in and he kicks away. Gabriel hits a snapmare and keeps the chin lock on. Kingston fights up and punches out. Gabriel stops him from making the tag and gets Otunga in the match.

Otunga hits a body slam but Kingston soon comes back on him. Otunga hits another body slam and tags in Gabriel, who hits a slingshot body splash for a near fall. Slater is tagged in. Gabriel hits a body slam and Slater drops a knee for a near fall. Hennig is tagged in and he hits a nice dropkick for a near fall. Gabriel tags back in and he continues the assault. Kingston eventually finds an opening and hits a back suplex.

Kane tags in and goes face to face with Otunga. Otunga tries to talk himself out of it but Kane takes him down. Kane knocks the rest of Nexus off the apron and hits a few corner clotheslines on Otunga. Kane hits a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Kane hits a top rope lariat on Otunga and goes for a Chokeslam but the Nexus runs in. Big Show clotheslines two of them over the top rope and Kane Chokeslams Big Show! Edge tags himself in and hits the Edge-O-Matic on Otunga. Edge goes for the Spear but Kane grabs him by the throat. Edge counters the Chokeslam with a Spear and Spears Otunga for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Team Smackdown
Match Rating: ** 1/4

Edge and Kane stare each other down. Paul Bearer consoles Kane at ringside as Smackdown ends.

Quick Match Results

Edge NC Alberto Del Rio
Dolph Ziggler def. JTG via Referee’s Decision (non-title)
MVP def. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre*
Vickie Guerrero def. Kaitlyn
Tyler Reks def. Chris Masters
Team Smackdown def. The Nexus

Bump of the Night: McIntyre giving Rhodes a body slam on the ramp
Match of the Night: The Ten-Man Tag Team Main Event ** 1/4

Mike’s Thoughts

That was a real stinker of a Smackdown tonight. The show opened up well but two squash matches, one lackluster triple threat match, and one abomination of a match absolutely killed whatever excitement you could muster for the main event. If anyone lasted until the main event then that would have disappointe, too. It just wasn’t a good show.

Like I said the show opened up well in my opinion. The crowd never woke up from the NXT taping at any point tonight and that killed the show a bit, too, but Del Rio and Edge worked hard. Even though it was a non-finish it set up something that sounded really exciting for later in the night. Unfortunately you had to sit through the rest of the show to get to that main event and by the time you got there it just wasn’t as exciting. The reward was not worth the wait this time.

I’m glad to see MVP get a shot at the Intercontinental Title at Survivor Series. MVP has been trapped in Superstars limbo for a while and hasn’t been relevant at all. Unfortunately Survivor Series will take place in Miami, his hometown, so the odds of him winning are slim-to-none. But still, baby steps, baby steps…

The rest of the middle portion was nauseatingly bad. A squash match is fine for the Intercontinental Champion but Tyler Reks also getting a squash match of his own? That’s questionable. The squash matches went a little too long in my opinion, especially the second one. But I’d rather watch Tyler Reks take on Chris Masters in a 2-out-of-3 falls match than watch Kaitlyn vs. Vickie Guerrero ever again.

This is what I think happened tonight. The show was taped on Tuesday, which was Election Night. They must’ve been so preoccupied with that so they didn’t have time to put together a halfway decent show. I guess they thought NXT would hold the show up but they were wrong. This was painful.

Final Rating: * 3/4

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