Smackdown Results – 12/7/12

Friday Night Smackdown
December 7, 2012
Charleston, South Carolina
Report by: Mike Tedesco of

They show a quick highlight of Ryback’s attack on The Shield and CM Punk from this past Monday’s Raw. CM Punk partially tore his meniscus during the fight and had emergency surgery that was successful. Punk was pulled from WWE TLC, but Ryback will get a WWE Title shot in the future. At TLC, it will be The Shield taking on Ryback and Team Hell No in a TLC Match that can only be won by pinfall or submission.

Lilian Garcia’s voice is heard for the first time in months as she introduces Booker T, the Smackdown General Manager, who is in the ring for a contract signing. Booker says everyone has watched his career for years. When he has business to take care of, he takes care of it in the middle in the ring. If not there, he’ll take it to the back, to the street, or to the supermarket. He says that because he knows what it means to be in a highly contested feud as a superstar. Now he’s the General Manager, and it’s his responsibility to give a great show this week. That brings him to Big Show and Sheamus, and it’s personal. When things get personal, they get physical. Tonight, he has to make a drastic decision, and he’ll show why he has to make the decision. Footage rolls of Sheamus and Big Show having a brawl in the parking lot last month. They then show footage of Sheamus attacking Big Show with a chair at Survivor Series.

Booker says in nine days, Big Show and Sheamus will go one on one in a Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship at the TLC PPV, but that’s not going to happen. He’s afraid they’ll do something, so he made a stipulation of “no contact” until the PPV. Normally, he’d tell them in the back, but he wants to bring them out to sign the contract and make it official.

Big Show is introduced first, and the World Heavyweight Champion comes out to a chorus of boos. Sheamus soon follows to a great reception. Booker says if Sheamus wants to refuse and disobey his clause, then he should go ahead. If he does that, then he will lose his title shot at TLC. Big Show smiles, and Booker doesn’t know why. Booker knows that Big Show loves his title. If he wants to disobey the clause, then he’ll be stripped of the championship. Big Show is stunned.

Sheamus reads the contract a bit before picking up the microphone. Sheamus says since it’s the holiday season, waiting nine more days to kick his arse is like waiting nine more days for Christmas. Sheamus hated having to wait for presents, but it was worth it in the end. In nine days, his Christmas comes early when he gets to beat him from head to toe with a steel chair. In the end, he guarantees he’ll get the ultimate present: the World Heavyweight Championship. Sheamus then signs the contract.

Booker gives the contract to Big Show, who is laughing. Big Show says Christmas has come early for Sheamus. The purpose of this contract is that Sheamus will make it to TLC in one piece. That’s the present. He hit him thirty times with the chair at Survivor Series, and he still got up. What’s going to happen when a 7-foot, 500-pound giant swings a steel chair and destroys that Irish skin of Sheamus’? He only has to hit him once. The worst thing in the world he could have done was ask for this match. He should ask Booker to get out, but he’s stupid. Sheamus will never be the same. He’ll probably end his career. Big Show thinks things through and has experience. Sheamus is all about temper and fighting. Sheamus says Big Show looks ridiculous, and he mentions that he made Big Show relevant again with their fights. Sheamus doesn’t think Big Show has another left in him, and he says he’ll gladly end Big Show’s career at TLC! Big Show then takes the contract, knocks the table over onto Sheamus, and quickly signs the contract!

Booker holds Sheamus off on Big Show who laughs loudly and taunts him. Booker says he has someone for Sheamus to take his frustrations out on – Alberto Del Rio. Booker then turns to Big Show and says he’ll be in a match as well. It’ll be against the man who beat Big Show in 45-seconds. He’ll face Daniel Bryan, next!

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Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan

Charles Robinson, my favorite referee, is the official for this match. Bryan kicks at Big Show a few times before he takes a head-butt. Big Show clubs him down and chops the chest. Bryan tries to fight back, but Big Show clubs him down again. Big Show puts him in the corner, but misses a chop. Bryan kicks away at him and punches, but Big Show quickly grounds him. Big Show hits a body slam and shakes some feeling into his leg. Big Show head-butts him down, picks him up and repeats it. Big Show chops the chest, and Bryan chops back. Bryan kicks at him and chops away at him, but Big Show puts him in the corner. Big Show hits a running butt bump, hits the ropes, and Bryan dropkicks him in the knee. Big Show gets out of the ring to recover.

Bryan goes for a plancha, but Big Show catches him. Big Show’s weakened knee gives out, and Bryan kicks away at him. Big Show goes to throw him into the ring post, but Bryan counters it. Bryan goes for a running knee off the apron, but Big Show swats him out of mid-air.

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We come back from the break to see Big Show drop a nasty elbow on Bryan for a two count. Bryan gets to his feet, and Big Show elbows him in the arm. Big Show works on the left arm of Bryan. Bryan tries to fight back, but Big Show just swats him down. Big Show stands on the arm, and Bryan screams in pain. Big Show elbows at the limb. Bryan tries to mount some offense, but Big Show isn’t taking it. Finally, Big Show runs into the knees, and Bryan gets him with a few running dropkicks in the corner. Bryan kicks him down to his knees and kicks at the chest. Big Show blocks a big kick and goes for the Chokeslam, but Bryan counters into a DDT for a near fall!

Bryan finishes Big Show off with a huge kick to the head, and Big Show is out on the mat. Bryan heads to the top rope just as cameras catch members of The Shield coming in through the crowd. Big Show Chokeslams Bryan off the top rope and picks up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Big Show
Match Rating: *

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins surround the ring. Big Show leaves, and they stand over Bryan. They circle around him before triple-teaming him. Kane’s pyro explodes, and he makes his way to the ring to help. Kane makes a valiant effort, but they eventually overwhelm him. They take apart the announce table and powerbomb him through it!

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Damien Sandow is in the middle of the ring. He orders them to silence his music. As the intellectual savior, he has attempted to raise the cerebral bar in WWE for far too long. This event has proven itself to be a fruitless endeavor. However, he will give someone in the crowd the opportunity to be his apprentice this evening. Sandow asks who can do it, and he tells them to settle down because they’re acting like ignoramuses. Sandow has security bring in a man from the crowd. Sandow tells him not to stand so close. Sandow says he has to answer three questions correctly.

First question: 5+5 is 10. The second question is who is the current President? The man correctly answers Barack Obama. The man goes for a high five, but Sandow says his palms are sweaty and its back form. The third question is what seventeenth century genre of art, emanating from the Netherlands, focused on still life paintings depicting mortality and transience? The man doesn’t know. Sandow says the answer is vanitas and says the man has failed everyone. Sandow says, “You’re welcome.”

The Miz’ music hits, and he makes his way to the ring in a suit. Miz wants a question answered: “What twenty-first century WWE superstar wears his daddy’s robe and buys his pink trunk from Victoria’s Secret?” Damien Sandow! Miz says, “You’re welcome,” and leaves!

They recap how John Cena will face Dolph Ziggler at TLC for Ziggler’s Money in the Bank briefcase.

Brodus Clay makes his way to the ring with Jimmy and Jey Uso. They’ll all be in action, next.

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Brodus Clay, Jimmy and Jey Uso vs. 3MB

Jey will start out against Heath Slater. They lock up, and Slater gets a side headlock applied. Slater hits a shoulder block. Jey ducks a clothesline, and he hits one of his own. Jimmy is tagged in, and he head-butts Slater for a two count. Drew McIntyre tags in, and he beats Jimmy down. Jimmy tries to come back, but McIntyre kicks him down. Jimmy counters a body slam, and he tags in Brodus. Brodus clears the apron of the 3MB, and he splashes McIntyre in the corner. Brodus hits a suplex and tags in Jey. Jimmy helps Brodus when 3MB attacks. Jey is on the top rope, and McIntyre knocks him off. McIntyre hits the Future Shock for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: 3MB
Match Rating: 1/4 *

Randy Orton will take on Wade Barrett, next. Later tonight, we’ll see Sheamus take on Alberto Del Rio.

Wade Barrett is backstage with Matt Striker. Striker asks about Orton and The Shield, but Barrett says Orton should be concerned with him. He put Orton out of action around this time last year. The only thing Orton needs to concern himself with this evening is his bull hammer.

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Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

They show Randy Orton beating Brad Maddox and then being attacked by the Shield immediately after on Raw. Kofi Kingston is on commentary for this match. He’ll be scouting his opponent at TLC, Wade Barrett.

They lock up, and Orton applies a side headlock. Barrett whips him off, and Orton hits a shoulder block. Barrett gets to his feet, and they lock up again. Barrett applies a waistlock, and Orton turns it on him. Barrett backs him to the corner, and he elbows Orton in the face. Barrett punches him down, sends him to the corner, and Orton explodes with a clothesline. Orton hits a head-butt and sends him to the corner. Orton runs into a boot, and Barrett kicks him in the ribs. Barrett punches him and goes for a knee drop, but Orton moves. Orton throws him out of the ring. Barrett blocks a shot into the steel steps, and Orton blocks Barrett’s attempt. Orton then puts him into the stairs. Orton throws him into the barricade before sending him back into the ring. Barrett quickly rolls out again, and he surprises Orton with an elbow. Barrett then sends him into the steel steps.

Barrett throws him into the ring, and Orton kicks him a few times before going for the hanging DDT. Barrett drops him to the apron. Barrett kicks him off the apron and taunts the crowd. Barrett turns his attention to Kofi Kingston at the commentary table as we go to break.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Orton trapped in a chin lock. Orton fights out, kicks him in the face, and runs into a big boot. Barrett picks up a near fall. Barrett chokes him on the ropes a few times. Barrett then boots him to the floor. Barrett taunts Kingston at ringside. Barrett drives Orton into the apron and sends him into the ring for a near fall. Barrett drops a knee and stomps him. Barrett goes to the second rope, and Orton moves out of the way of the diving elbow drop.

Orton hits a pair of clotheslines, ducks one, and hits a nice powerslam. Orton hits the hanging DDT, and he drops to the mat for an RKO. Barrett counters it and goes to remove the turnbuckle pad. Kingston stops him, and Barrett turns into an RKO for the loss.

Winner by Pinfall: Randy Orton
Match Rating: * 3/4

The Great Khali is walking backstage with Natalya. He finds Hornswoggle, and they all walk together. They’ll be in action, next.

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The Great Khali and Hornswoggle vs. Primo and Epico

Charles Robinson is back for another match. Primo punches at Khali, but he doesn’t move. He clubs Primo down and puts him in the corner. Khali chops the chest, and Rosa Mendes yells at him. Mendes does a dance, and Hornswoggle trips her. Mendes chases him, and Natalya takes her down with a clothesline at ringside. Khali chops Primo again in the ring. Khali sends him to his corner, but Primo avoids a big boot. Khali falls to the outside. Primo grabs Hornswoggle and throws him. Epico is tagged in, and they tease Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle pumps up like the Ultimate Warrior, and Khali takes them both down. Khali tags Hornswoggle in officially, and he hits the Tadpole Splash for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Great Khali and Hornswoggle
Match Rating: N/A

The Raw Rebound airs with CM Punk going through a lie detector test with The Miz. The Shield attacked, and Ryback destroyed Punk in the end.

They air a kind of nWo-ish promo with The Shield. They reiterate that they don’t work for anybody, and they call out the guys they’ve attacked so far.

-Commercial Break-

Antonio Cesaro is in the ring. He says he’s learned a lot about America as the United States Champion. He’s learned that America is weak. America used to be a superpower and have an “American Dream.” Cesaro says that’s a lie. None of the people in the arena will amount to anything. They used to pursue the American Dream, and now they look like him. He then shows an unflattering picture of Dusty Rhodes. They don’t know what hard work and sacrifice is anymore. He loses all hope when he sees America. Their children and grandchildren will be more pathetic than they are.

R-Truth’s music hits, and he comes out to the stage. R-Truth says Cesaro needs a dose of the truth. He realizes Cesaro isn’t from around here. Around here, the truth shall set you free. When he looks across America, he sees a bunch of good, hard working people rising up in the face of hard times. He sees people busting their butts to make ends meet. When the time is right, those same good people will kick trouble in its “Little Jimmy.” It sounds like Cesaro is picking a fight with America. When you do that, America fights back. The crowd chants “USA.” Cesaro tells them to shut up, and he says that R-Truth is everything that’s wrong with America. He talks trash and can’t back it up. Cesaro says he’s a miserable failure, and that’s the truth.

R-Truth takes exception to Cesaro stealing his line, and he attacks him. Cesaro quickly bails from the ring. R-Truth does a break dance move and yells at him.

Sheamus will take on Alberto Del Rio, next.

-Commercial Break-

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus

They lock up, and they tussle to the corner. Sheamus applies a side headlock and takes him down. Sheamus punches him down and kicks him out of the ring. Del Rio backs away from the ring to recover. Del Rio gets in, and Sheamus puts him in the corner. Del Rio knees him and kicks him down in the corner. Del Rio runs into the boots, and Sheamus hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Sheamus knees away at him and chokes him. Del Rio quickly comes back, and he works on the left arm. Sheamus knees away at him, sends him to the ropes, and Del Rio kicks him in the mouth. Sheamus quickly comes back with a back elbow, and Del Rio gets out of the ring to recover again. Sheamus bounces him off the announce table and throws him into the ring. Sheamus goes to suplex him outside the ring, but Del Rio dropkicks him off the apron. Big Show makes his way to the stage to watch the remainder of the match.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Sheamus trapped in an arm bar. Sheamus fights out with a knee, but Del Rio kicks him down. Del Rio stomps him down, and he hits a body slam. Del Rio hits a moonsault (!) for a near fall. Del Rio hits a snap suplex for a two count. Del Rio goes back to work on the arm, but Sheamus fights out. Sheamus puts him on the top rope, and Del Rio surprises him with an arm bar while Sheamus is tied up in the ropes. Del Rio goes to the top rope, and jumps into an Irish hammer!

They trade punches with Sheamus coming out on top with a couple of Irish hammers. Sheamus shoulder him in the corner and hits a knee lift. Del Rio gets out of a powerslam and goes to splash him on the ropes, but Sheamus moves. Sheamus clubs away at the chest and goes to the top rope. Sheamus hits a diving shoulder block for a near fall. Sheamus goes for the Irish Curse, but Del Rio counters into a backbreaker for a near fall. Del Rio goes for his Cross Arm Breaker, but Sheamus counters into a White Noise attempt. Del Rio gets out and avoids the Brogue Kick. Del Rio kicks him in the head for a near fall.

Del Rio kicks Sheamus in the back and goes to the top rope. Del Rio goes for another moonsault, but Sheamus moves. Del Rio lands on his feet and runs into an Irish Curse. Sheamus immediately locks on the Cloverleaf for the submission victory!

Winner by Submission: Sheamus
Match Rating: **

Big Show gets in the ring and tries to provoke Sheamus into hitting him. If Sheamus does that, he’ll lose his title shot. Sheamus says he’s going to do it. Big Show closes his eyes, and Sheamus throws Ricardo Rodriguez head first into Big Show’s crotch. Sheamus laughs at Big Show as the show ends.

Quick Match Results

Big Show def. Daniel Bryan (non-title)
3MB def. Brodus Clay, Jimmy and Jey Uso
Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett
The Great Khali and Hornswoggle def. Primo and Epico
Sheamus def. Alberto Del Rio via Submission

Bump of the Night: Kane being powerslammed through the table
Match of the Night: Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio **

Mike’s Thoughts

First and foremost, it’s great to have Lilian Garcia back on the show. From what I’ve heard, she had a hell of a recovery after being hit by a car a few months back. I’m so happy she’s back and healthy. I enjoyed the opening segment. These guys have had a great and physical feud so far. This is really the only way to put a little more tension into this feud that’ll soon be coming to an end. The way they talked in this segment about ending one another’s careers makes me think one of them will be taking some time off after this match. It could be a hint or just some more promotion for the match. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them took a break. Both guys go hard in the ring and a little break over the holidays and before the Royal Rumble is a fine time to do it. Didn’t Randy Orton do that last year?

Big Show and Daniel Bryan had an ok match. The arm work by Big Show felt completely random, and it didn’t play into the match other than to just waste time. Also, if Booker wanted to punish Big Show and Kane was backstage, why didn’t he just book that instead? Big Show handled Bryan easily in their handicap match a few weeks ago. The attack by the Shield afterward was well done. I’m looking forward to that match at TLC. It’s still a glorified no-DQ match, but it’ll still be good.

The Damien Sandow segment was pretty good. I looked up that vanitas thing that was the answer to the third question, and that’s some pretty messed up stuff. The Miz was good in this, and I’m looking forward to the little feud they’re likely to embark on now.

The six-man tag with the 3MB going over was what it was. I thought JBL was supposed to be the heel commentator? Shouldn’t he be all over 3MB instead of constantly calling them horrible?

Randy Orton and Wade Barrett was a decent match, but it never really kicked it into the next gear for me. They hit all their spots, but it just never felt truly exciting. Maybe it was Kingston’s commentary that was making me sleepy. JBL asked him direct questions like, “What’s your strategy?” or “How has the wildcat changed you?” and Kingston could only answer with, “I can really tell you, bro.” Lots of usage of the word bro and zero information given. Why was he on commentary?

I have no words for The Great Khali and Hornswoggle. The promo with The Shield was great. All the guys delivered their lines well, and it had a really cool look to it. It reminded me of the old nWo videos, but with a more modern (and younger) look.

Oh my god – please end the feud with R-Truth and Antonio Cesaro. Please!

That was a good match with Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. They’ve had enough practice through the year, so it should be at least decent. Del Rio pulling out a moonsault surprised me. When, if ever, has he done that in WWE? I can’t remember one instance, though I do suffer from wrestling fan Alzheimer’s at times. I got a kick out of Ricardo Rodriguez being thrown into Big Show’s crotch. I love this guy, and I rediscovered just how much I loved him while watching WWE Inbox this week on YouTube. It was something like, “What’s the funniest prank another superstar has pulled on you?” Rodriguez’ answer is priceless.

Final Rating: ** 1/4

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