WWE Smackdown Results for 7/5/13

WWE Smackdown Results
July 5, 2013
Topeka, Kansas
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

CM Punk’s music hits, and he makes his way out to the stage to a great reception. The Money in the Bank briefcase is seen hanging above the ring. Punk will be in the Money in the Bank All-Stars match. Footage is shown of Curtis Axel stealing a victory from CM Punk in their tag team match on RAW. Punk argued with Paul Heyman after.

The crowd chants Punk’s name as he stands in the middle of the ring. Punk says if he were John Cena, he’d come out here and give a very heartfelt speech about the Fourth of July and what it means to him. He’d talk about how America was founded on Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect. Fortunately for the crowd, he is not John Cena. He is CM Punk, and he has a drastically different point of view on things than John Cena. What Fourth of July means to him is simple: independence. It’s about a time when a group of like-minded individuals got together and decided they weren’t going to conform to someone else’s rules. They were going to make their own rules, and they would die to see that happen. That’s a concept he can get behind.

Independence is something very important to him. He’s fiercely independent, sometimes to a fault. When someone tells him he has to follow a set of rules, his first instinct is to break every one of those rules. If someone tells him he has to do something, even if it’s a good idea, every bone in his body wants to run in the opposite direction. When he was told he was going to be the hottest thing after WrestleMania, he walked away. When he was told that his greatest asset at ringside was Paul Heyman, he told him to stay in the back. When he heard people whisper that his chances of winning the Money in the Bank All-Stars match were against him, he decided to come out here, line up those people, tell them off, and prove them wrong. Punk says he’s a simple guy with simple needs. He has two simple goals. One of them is to get his hands on Brock Lesnar. He’ll hold him accountable for the F-5 he gave him on Monday Night RAW. His second goal is to win the Money in the Bank All-Stars Ladder Match and become the WWE Champion again. His name is CM Punk, and those are his two basic goals.

Alberto Del Rio’s music hits, and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring. Del Rio says he was expecting more from Punk. Punk says he was expecting a cool car instead of Del Rio’s cheap suit. Punk asks what he wants. Del Rio says it’s not what he wants; it’s what he is. He is the World Heavyweight Champion, and this is his show. Del Rio gets in the ring. Punk says Del Rio is the World Heavyweight Champion, but title or no title, this has never been Del Rio’s show. They air on Mun2, and it’s not even his show. Punk asks what he wants again. Del Rio asks if Punk knows how the people celebrate their holiday. They sit in their backyards stuffing their faces with hamburgers, hotdogs, and french fries. They celebrate their freedom, but do you know what they do with that freedom? They sit and watch TV all day, play with the Internet, and get fatter, fatter, and fatter everyday. Then they come to Smackdown and cheer a filthy little pig like Dolph Ziggler. He’s a filthy pig who disrespected the Mexican culture by ruining his Fiesta. Then they go and chant USA. The crowd does so. They chant that because they’re nothing but a bunch of sheep.

Punk asks if Del Rio is the same guy who came out a couple of weeks ago and championed how awesome America was. Del Rio would start USA chants by talking about how America is a fantastic land of opportunity. Now he’s going to criticize them because they saw through his “Born in Mexico, made in America” garbage. They saw through him. They chant USA and boo him not because he’s from Mexico. It’s because he tried to put on this facade and be a big, phony American. They saw through him, and they him now for the phony he is.

Del Rio says Punk is always barking, but he’s just a little chihuahua that needs to be taught some manners. He’s not funny. He is the World Heavyweight Champion. Punk congratulates him on that, but that just means he’s the number one contender to his title: Best in the World. He doesn’t chase Del Rio. Del Rio chases him. Del Rio came out and interrupted him, not the other way around. Del Rio tells him not to be stupid. This is not his world. It’s his. This is his show and ring. He orders Punk to leave this place right now. Punk says it sounds painfully like Del Rio is telling him to do something. Punk says it may be smart, but every bone in his body is telling him to stay in the ring until he makes him get out of it.

Teddy Long’s music hits, and he makes his way out to the stage. Long says we had fireworks for the Fourth of July, but thanks to them they’ll have fireworks in the main event. Alberto Del Rio will go one-on-one with CM Punk tonight!

Later tonight, we’ll see Christian take on Randy Orton.

-Commercial Break-

CM Punk is stretching out when Paul Heyman walks in. Heyman says he knows Punk told him to stay out of his business, and he honored that request. Heyman asks if he can say something as his best friend. Punk says as his friend and not client. Heyman says the match against Alberto Del Rio makes no sense. Punk is nine days away from Money in the Bank. Punk has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Heyman offers to get him out of the match. Punk says he’s going to fight him anyway. Heyman respects that because he’s the Best in the World. As for Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Punk will need eyes in the back of his head so he offers to be at ringside just one more time. Punk says he appreciates his concern, but as a friend he asks him to please stay out of it. Heyman says OK, and he wishes him luck.

The Usos vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Before the match begins, Damien Sandow cuts a promo. Sandow asks for silence and attention from the slack-jawed mouth breathers of the WWE Universe. They are about to witness a new era in WWE. In a little over one week, Team Rhodes Scholars will find themselves in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a World Championship contract. For all of the people wagging their oversized tongues in anticipation at the decimation of Team Rhodes Scholars, they could not be more mistaken. Cody Rhodes takes the microphone, and he says, “May the best man win.” Sandow agrees, and they shake hands. Sandow then says, “You’re welcome.”

Jimmy Uso will start the match against Cody Rhodes. They lock up, and Rhodes quickly wrenches the arm. Rhodes puts him in the corner, and Jimmy punches out. Jey Uso is tagged in, and Jimmy whips Rhodes into a clothesline by Jey for a near fall. Rhodes takes him down with a dropkick before tagging Sandow in. Sandow punches away at him before kicking away at him. Sandow hits a side leg sweep before dropping the Cubito Aequet for a near fall. Rhodes is tagged back in, and he hits Jey with a front suplex. Rhodes drops a knee before tagging Sandow back in. They go for a double back suplex, but Jey flips through. Rhodes charges, but Jey back body drops him to the apron. Jimmy superkicks him off, and Jey superkicks Sandow. Jimmy is tagged in, and they climb opposite turnbuckles. They then hit Sandow in the middle of the ring with stereo Superfly Splashes for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Usos
Match Rating: 3/4 *

The Shield appears on screen. Seth Rollins says The Usos have managed to combine “unlimited potential and talent” with a string of luck. In fact, they slipped one by on The Shield with old man Christian. They probably think that bothers them, but they’re more focused and stronger than they’ve ever been. They’re the number one contenders for their Tag Team Titles, so maybe they’re not so lucky after all. Roman Reigns says they better bring more than luck to Money in the Bank or they’ll be put back in their place. Dean Ambrose says that’s what he told Christian. One out of a hundred times he might get him. Monday night was one of ninety-nine times he’ll beat him. This is what dominance looks like in 2013. Ambrose tells the WWE Universe to prepare for a world where Dean Ambrose is lurking in the shadows with a Money in the Bank briefcase because he’ll win it on July 14 in Philadelphia. He’ll win it and be the United States Champion as well as the World Heavyweight Champion. Ambrose tells them to believe that and believe in The Shield.

CM Punk will take on Alberto Del Rio later tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Vickie Guerrero’s job evaluation will happen next week on Monday Night RAW.

Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn w/ Layla

They show footage from RAW with Kaitlyn defeating Alicia Fox. Then AJ Lee came out to the stage with Big E Langston, and she showed some photoshopped pictures of Kaitlyn as being a plus sized model.

They lock up, and Alicia wrenches the arm before kicking away at her. Alicia shoulders her in the corner before hitting a northern lights suplex for a two count. Alicia hits a face-buster for another two count. Alicia applies a chin lock, and she powers Kaitlyn down as she tries to get up. Alicia bounces her off the corner a few times before reapplying a chin lock. Kaitlyn fights up and gets out with a snapmare. Kaitlyn hits a back elbow and some forearms. Kaitlyn hits a clothesline, and AJ Lee’s music hits.

AJ Lee skips around the ring as Kaitlyn hits a pair of shoulder tackles. Kaitlyn looks over at AJ, and Alicia kicks Kaitlyn in the head. Alicia sends her into the ropes, but she lowers her head and eats a kick. Kaitlyn stares at AJ before knocking Alicia down again. AJ gets on the apron, and Kaitlyn knocks her off. Alicia then rolls up Kaitlyn for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Alicia Fox
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Kaitlyn is not happy about this result. She locks eyes with AJ Lee, and she chases her to the back.

CM Punk will take on Alberto Del Rio in tonight’s main event.

-Commercial Break-

AJ Lee is seen walking fearfully around backstage with her Divas Championship. She runs into the Bella Twins. They say they don’t care about her. They only care about the Divas Championship. AJ tries to get away, but they keep her there. AJ soon walks off, and she bumps into Big E. AJ says she’s managed to outrun Kaitlyn because her giant man arms slow her down. AJ wants to leave, and Big E asks about Dolph Ziggler. AJ says she’ll text him in the car. Big E laughs, and she screams to get the car. He allows it, and he starts to walk. AJ says he’s not running, and he begins to power walk.

Footage is shown of Kane defeating Randy Orton with Daniel Bryan as the guest referee. Bryan fast counted Orton’s shoulders down. Kane went to Chokeslam Bryan, but he thought better of it and left. Orton then gave Bryan an RKO.

Renee Young is backstage with Christian and Randy Orton. Young says they’ve had a storied rivalry, and they can continue it next. Christian says he’s already beat Orton in the past for the World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight, he’ll put everyone on notice when he does it again. He’ll then go on to win the Money in the Bank All-Stars match and win the WWE Title contract. Orton says Christian will find out first hand why he’s the man everyone should be worried about at Money in the Bank. He’ll find out tonight when he beats Christian in “one more match.”

A video is aired that hypes up the debut of the Wyatt Family. They’ll debut next week on Monday Night RAW.

-Commercial Break-

Randy Orton vs. Christian

They take a few moments after the bell rings to take in some cheers from the crowd. Christian looks up to the briefcase before they go for a lock up. Christian gets a waistlock, but Orton turns it on him and takes him down. Orton applies a side headlock, but Christian whips him off. Orton shoulder blocks him down, and Christian gets to his feet. They lock up, and Orton applies a side headlock. Christian whips him off and takes him down with a back elbow. Christian slaps him in the face before whipping him to the corner. Orton explodes out with a clothesline for a near fall. Christian pulls him into the ropes and stands on his throat. Christian slingshots over for an uppercut, but Orton avoids it. Orton pulls him up to the apron and kicks away at him before going for a hanging DDT. Christian counters out with a back body drop over the top rope.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Orton miss a knee drop. Christian stands on his face before signaling that he’ll become the champion. Christian kicks away at him, but Orton comes back with some right hands. Christian answers right back before hitting the ropes. Orton then takes him down with a Thesz Press and some right hands. Christian rolls to the apron, and he snaps Orton off the top rope. Christian goes to the top rope and connects with a cross-body block for a near fall. Christian applies a chin lock. Orton soon fights up and head-butts out. Orton then whips him chest-first into the turnbuckle.

They trade punches from their knees. Christian comes out on top before hitting the ropes. Orton then dropkicks him down. Orton gets the crowd into it before hitting a pair of clotheslines. Christian stopped as Orton executed a powerslam to the air. Christian then kicks him in the ribs. Christian goes for the ten punches in the corner, but Orton turns it on him and does it himself. Orton whips him to the corner, but he runs into a pendulum kick. Christian charges into a kick, and Orton hits his patented over-the-shoulder neckbreaker for a near fall. Christian goes for a springboard sunset flip, and he stops as Orton waits for an RKO. That’s how Christian lost the World Heavyweight Championship in May 2011. Christian jumps over him, and Orton executes a sloppy rollup for a near fall. Christian slaps him, and he runs into a powerslam for a near fall. Orton can’t believe it.

Both men are being counted down, but Orton gets up. Christian goes for the Killswitch, but Orton counters out. Christian then counters an RKO into a back suplex. Christian sits in the corner and signals for a spear. Christian connects with it for a near fall. Christian is not happy about that. Christian signals for the Killswitch again, but Orton tosses him to the apron and hits a hanging DDT. Orton gets the crowd rocking before dropping down for an RKO. Orton goes to it, but Christian slams him down. Christian goes to the top rope, but Orton ducks his attack. Orton then connects with the RKO for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Randy Orton
Match Rating: ** 1/4

Teddy Long is talking to someone on the phone, but a rapping on the door interrupts him. Paul Heyman walks in, and he came because people told him that Long was looking for him. Long says he was. Long tells him that Heyman will join Michael Cole and JBL on commentary for the main event. Heyman refuses. Heyman says he promised his best friend that he would not get involved in his match. Long says he’s not asking him to get involved. Long says Heyman knows Punk better than anyone, so he can provide some provocative insight into the main event. Punk said earlier tonight that he doesn’t listen to anyone. Long says since he’s in charge, Heyman will be out there just because Punk told him not to be.

CM Punk will take on Alberto Del Rio in tonight’s main event.

A video hypes up the return of Rob Van Dam at WWE Money in the Bank.

-Commercial Break-

A video from the WWE App is shown. Dolph Ziggler was not happy about what AJ Lee did to Kaitlyn on RAW. He said she’s better than that. When he wins back the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, they’ll run this place.

Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring. Ziggler says to say the past few months have been a blur would be an understatement. There is one memory that he’ll never forget. It was the biggest night of his career. It was the night he beat Alberto Del Rio and became the World Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately things get blurry after that. He just came back from a concussion, and he had a giant target on his head. Del Rio took full advantage, and it cost him the title. Ziggler doesn’t remember much after that. He’s not complaining since they don’t do ballet. What he does remember is Del Rio coming out with a big cheesy grin plastered on his face and his arms flailing around. All of a sudden he loved America and the people, but he couldn’t do the impossible. He couldn’t convince them that he was somehow likable.

The thing about Del Rio is he’s full of crap. He may be a lot of things, but he’s never claimed to be something he’s not. He may have a chip on his shoulder and be cocky, but he delivers every single night. At Money in the Bank, he’s taking back what is rightfully his: the World Heavyweight Championship. Show off!

Drew McIntyre comes out with 3MB. He’ll face Dolph Ziggler, next.

-Commercial Break-

Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre w/ 3MB

McIntyre backs him to the corner and goes to punch him, but Ziggler gets away. Ziggler punches him before rolling him up for a one count. Ziggler shows off a bit, and McIntyre isn’t happy. McIntyre punches and clubs him down. Ziggler avoids a flapjack, but he’s soon powerbombed into the corner for a near fall. McIntyre throws him to the corner and kicks away at him. McIntyre hits a snap suplex for a one count. McIntyre applies a grounded abdominal stretch. Ziggler fights up, but McIntyre punches away at him. McIntyre sends him into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Ziggler then runs into a pair of backbreakers for a near fall.

Ziggler tries to go to the apron, but McIntyre grabs him. Ziggler kicks him away, and they both go to the apron. McIntyre charges, but Ziggler flies through the ropes, causing McIntyre to hit the ring post. Ziggler soon dropkicks him down for a near fall. McIntyre sends him to the ropes and goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Ziggler counters into the Zig-Zag for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Dolph Ziggler
Match Rating: *

3MB tries to attack him, but Ziggler escapes. Heath Slater talks some trash, so Ziggler gets in the ring. Ziggler gets 3MB to fall over one another before getting out of the ring again. Ziggler laughs at them before leaving the ring.

A video highlights the feud between Mark Henry and WWE Champion John Cena. They’ll fight with the title on the line at WWE Money in the Bank.

Fandango is backstage with Summer Rae. He’ll be in action, next.

-Commercial Break-

Fandango w/ Summer Rae vs. Justin Gabriel

They circle the ring, and Fandango quickly hits the ropes as Gabriel attempts a roundhouse kick. Gabriel applies a waistlock, but Fandango wiggles out. Fandango applies a side headlock, but he’s whipped off. Fandango hits a shoulder block before dancing. Fandango cartwheels over Gabriel and dances. Fandango blocks a kick before flipping him. Gabriel hits a big boot before dancing and throwing him to the apron. Fandango leapfrogs him, but Gabriel pulls him off the apron. Gabriel goes for a suicide dive, but Fandango kicks him in the face. Fandango then goes to the top rope and drops a leg for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Fandango
Match Rating: 1/4 *

Fandango pronounces his name correctly before pointing up to the Money in the Bank Briefcase.

CM Punk will take on Alberto Del Rio, next. Paul Heyman will be on commentary for this match.

-Commercial Break-

Paul Heyman at the commentary table. Michael Cole asks why Heyman wants to be involved with CM Punk after he told him not to be. Heyman says he was turned down, and he took it like a man.

CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

The bell rings, and they circle the ring. They lock up, and Punk backs Del Rio to the corner. Punk gives a clean break and challenges him to come at him. They circle the ring, and Del Rio kicks him. Del Rio kicks him down in the corner before Punk turns him and hits some shoulder blocks. Punk hits a low dropkick to the back of the head before wrenching the arm and elbowing him. Punk punches him in the corner, but Del Rio turns him and kicks him down. Del Rio sends him to the corner, but Punk avoids an avalanche. Punk hits a high knee followed by a short-arm clothesline. Punk goes to the top rope, but Del Rio rolls out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Del Rio hits a step-up enzuigiri. Del Rio takes him down with an arm bar, but Punk whips him off. During the break, Punk hit a suicide dive on him. Punk runs into a knee, and Del Rio kicks him in the face for a near fall. Del Rio stretches his arm against the rope before punching away at it. Del Rio reapplies an arm bar, but Punk gets to his feet. Punk goes for the GTS, but Del Rio slides off and hits a double knee armbreaker for a near fall. Del Rio smiles at the crowd as Punk struggles to get to his feet. Del Rio kicks him in the face for a near fall. Del Rio goes back to the arm bar again, and Punk once more gets to his feet. Punk punches Del Rio before hitting a body slam. Punk quickly clutches at his arm.

Punk goes to the top rope, but Del Rio kicks him in the head for a near fall. Del Rio continues to kick him in the head. Punk counters out of a Cross Arm Breaker attempt, and he punches and kicks away at Del Rio. Punk hits a clothesline before running into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio then baseball slides him out of the ring.

Del Rio follows him outside, and Punk tries to surprise him with a GTS. Del Rio slides off and sends him shoulder first into the barricade. Del Rio kicks him in the shoulder before sending him into the commentary table. Del Rio takes the top off the table before turning his attention to Paul Heyman. Del Rio punches Heyman down, and Punk is livid. Punk leaps off the table and attacks Del Rio after what he did to his friend. Punk punches away at him and sends him into the barricade as the bell rings.

Double Count-Out
Match Rating: **

Punk rolls Del Rio into the ring before dropping him with a GTS. Punk then helps Heyman up at ringside. Heyman is apologizing profusely for what happened. Punk puts his arm around him as Smackdown ends.


Quick Match Results

The Usos def. Team Rhodes Scholars
Alicia Fox def. Kaitlyn
Randy Orton def. Christian
Dolph Ziggler def. Drew McIntyre
Fandango def. Justin Gabriel
CM Punk NC Alberto Del Rio (DCO) (non-title)

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