WWE Smackdown Results – 12/20/13 (3-on-2 Handicap)

WWE Smackdown Results for 12/20/13

WWE Smackdown Results
December 20, 2013
San Antonio, Texas
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video kicks off the show with a replay of Randy Orton gloating about winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the beginning of Monday Night RAW. John Cena interrupted him, and he challenged Randy Orton to face Daniel Bryan. Orton didn’t want to face him, but The Authority ruled that he would. Later in the night, Bryan looked like he had Orton beat until Orton punched him in the groin to cause the disqualification. Cena ran down after, and he beat up Orton. As Cena was checking on Bryan, Orton hit him with an RKO and stood over both men.

Lilian Garcia asks the crowd to welcome the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton. Orton comes out to a chorus of boos as Michael Cole and JBL explain what happened at WWE TLC pertaining to the said championship. Orton says at TLC he cemented his legacy in the most monumental match in the history of the WWE. He beat John Cena and became the first ever WWE World Heavyweight Champion. What did The Authority do to reward him? Nothing. Instead, they put him in a match the following night on Monday Night RAW with an undeserving little troll named Daniel Bryan. A big “YES!” chant breaks out. Orton says he beat Bryan. When Bryan’s buddy John Cena came running down to help him, he left him lying face down in the ring right next to Bryan. He’s the Champion of Champions, and he just doesn’t give a damn.

John Cena’s music hits, and he quickly makes his way to the ring looking none too happy. Cena gets in the ring, and Orton says he can feel the jealousy oozing through Cena’s pores. Orton says it’s pathetic. Orton says he is standing where he belongs, but it used to be Cena’s spotlight. Cena needs to recognize that this is his spotlight now. Cena tells him to relax because he’s not out here for that. Cena is out here to stop him from looking like a damn fool. That match at TLC was historic because of those two championships. Those championships are now unified, which means that is the richest prize in the WWE. Everyone should want to be in Orton’s shoes because if you’re a WWE superstar who doesn’t want to be a champion, then they can find the door and get the hell out.

Cena has to hit Orton with some truth, though. Orton got his wish: he is the center of the WWE. Orton is the champion. The thing he fails to realize is that everybody around the world is watching Orton. Everyone is watching everything Orton does. He can’t get away with anything anymore. This is how Orton will be remembered. Cena says he’s out here to give him a second to ask, “How do you want to be remembered?” Does Orton want to be remembered as the Champion of Champions or as a giant coward like on Monday night? Orton says he did what he had to do to win on Monday. Cena says that Orton didn’t win – Daniel Bryan won by disqualification. Cena says he came out here for weeks telling everyone that Orton always makes excuses all the while crossing his fingers that Orton would show up at TLC and compete as a real man. Orton did, and he won. Cena congratulates him on being a real man for less than one day. The next night he had himself in hot water, he took the easy way out. Orton says he sees what Cena is trying to do, but he won’t allow it. Daniel Bryan is not getting another rematch. Bryan doesn’t deserve it, and neither do the people. Cena doesn’t even deserve to be in the same ring as him.

Daniel Bryan’s music hits, and he comes out to a tremendous reception from the San Antonio crowd. Bryan smiles at the reception he’s getting from the crowd. Bryan says he gets it. He gets why Orton did what he did on Monday, and he gets why Orton won’t give him a rematch. It’s because Randy Orton is afraid. Orton is afraid that when he finally beats him, it’s going to tear down all the little myths he was told as a little kid that he’s better than everyone else. Orton is not better than him. If Orton wants to talk about people deserving stuff, there is one thing he knows. Orton doesn’t deserve to call himself the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Bryan has made peace with that because when John Cena finally gets his rematch, Cena is going to beat Orton. When he does, he knows that Cena is a man of his word, and he will get a fair shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Orton says what they both fail to realize is that it will never happen. Orton won’t let them fight for the title, and neither will The Authority. After Monday night on RAW, The Authority recognizes his superiority. They recognize the fact that he is the only one true face of the WWE. Bryan asks if Orton really is the face of the WWE. Bryan asks the crowd, and they respond with a big “NO!” chant. Bryan says the people can say it louder than he can, and the answer is, “NO!” Another big “NO!” chant breaks out, and Orton begins to pace the ring.

The Shield’s music hits, and they come to the ring through the crowd. Orton quietly slips out of the ring, leaving Cena and Bryan alone. The Shield gets to the barricade when CM Punk’s music hits. Punk quickly runs down to the ring to a great reception, and he stands in the ring with Cena and Bryan. Punk challenges The Shield to get in the ring, but they stay behind the barricade.

EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero, the Smackdown General Manager, comes out to the stage to a very loud, negative reaction. The Authority asked her to come out and announce tonight’s main event. Later on tonight, all three members of The Shield will face CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena!

Later tonight, we’ll see Cody Rhodes and Goldust face Luke Harper and Erick Rowan of The Wyatt Family in a non-title match.

-Commercial Break-

The Real Americans are standing in the ring with Zeb Colter. Colter is holding up a picket sign that reads, “Deport Santa Claus!” Colter then goes to sit down at the commentary table. The sign now reads, “Santa Claus is an Illegal Immigrant!”

Jack Swagger w/ Antonio Cesaro vs. Big E Langston w/ Mark Henry

They lock up, and they tussle around the ring looking for an advantage. Langston blocks a pair of punches before head-butting him in the chest a few times. Langston sends him into the ropes, but Swagger hangs on. Langston then charges into a back elbow. Swagger hits the ropes and misses a clothesline, but he comes right back with a chop block to the knee. Swagger then DDTs the leg. Swagger puts him in the corner and knees away at him. Swagger pulls him into a short-arm clothesline for a two count. Swagger applies a front face lock, but Langston fights up. Swagger then applies a bear hug. Langston counters out with a belly-to-belly side suplex.

Langston catches Swagger with a pair of clotheslines before hitting a running shoulder thrust in the corner. Langston then hits a big splash for a near fall. Antonio Cesaro gets on the apron, and Langston scares him off. Mark Henry then runs Cesaro over with a clothesline outside. In the ring, Langston ducks a clothesline and lays Swagger out with one of his own. Langston pulls the straps down, and he hits Swagger with the Big Ending for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Big E Langston
Match Rating: 3/4 *

Later tonight, we’ll see John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk take on The Shield.

AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka are seen walking backstage. Tamina will be in action, next.

-Commercial Break-

AJ Lee will be on commentary for the next match. They replay footage of Tamina Snuka kicking Nikki Bella in the mouth on Monday Night RAW. AJ then hit her with the Shining Wizard to pick up the win.

Tamina Snuka vs. Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella

Tamina goes for a lockup, but Brie kicks her down before hitting a running cross-body block for a one count. Brie then sidesteps her and throws her out of the ring. Brie then baseball slides her down again. Tamina gets in the ring, and she blocks a kick from Brie. Brie then slaps her in the face. Brie ducks a clothesline and goes for a cross-body block, but Tamina catches her and body slams her down. Tamina kicks away at her before viciously pulling her out of the ring. Tamina slams her into the ring apron before pulling her back into the ring by the hair for a one count. Tamina drops a knee for another one count. Tamina applies a chin lock before choking her with her knee. Brie kicks her in the head a few times, but Tamina comes back with some forearms. Brie then flips through a back suplex and gives her a drop-toe-hold into the ropes. Brie then hits her with a running knee to the face.

Brie hits a pair of dropkicks before being pushed to the corner. Tamina runs into a boot, and Brie takes her down with a missile dropkick for a near fall. Tamina pushes her into the ropes, and she lays her out with a superkick for a near fall. Tamina cannot believe it. Tamina goes to the top rope, and Brie gets her knees up for the Superfly Splash. Brie then cradles her for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Brie Bella
Match Rating: *

Brie Bella immediately gets out of the ring, and she shoves AJ Lee down from her seat. AJ flips out as Tamina runs to help her. The Bella Twins stand tall in the ring and challenge them to get in.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust will face Luke Harper and Erick Rowan of the Wyatt Family later tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Drew McIntyre w/ Jinder Mahal vs. Sin Cara

The bell rings, and McIntyre immediately begins to kick away at him. McIntyre sends him into the ropes, but Cara holds on. McIntyre charges at him, but Cara sends him over the top rope. Cara then lays him out with an over the top rope senton bomb! Cara kicks him in the ribs and throws him into the ring. Cara hits a springboard cross-body for a two count. McIntyre quickly kicks him in the knee and gives him a front suplex on the top rope. McIntyre stomps his face a few times before talking some trash. McIntyre sends him into the corner, but he runs into a back elbow. Cara kicks him in the corner and catches him with a modified springboard arm drag. McIntyre then misses a clothesline, and Cara lays him out with a head-scissor takeover. McIntyre then reverses a whip, but Cara comes back with a springboard back elbow for a near fall. Cara gets back body dropped to the ring apron, but he comes back with a kick to the skull. Cara then hits him with a Falling Star for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Sin Cara
Match Rating: * 1/4

John Cena will team with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk to take on The Shield in the main event.

-Commercial Break-

Brodus Clay vs. Tensai

Charles Robinson, my favorite referee of all time, is the official for this gargantuan encounter. The bell rings, and Tensai immediately begins punching away at Clay. Tensai puts him in the corner and shoulder him a few times. Tensai then head-butts him a bunch of times before punching away at him. Tensai elbows him in the head a few times before hitting him with an uppercut. Tensai clotheslines him before going for a senton splash, but Clay moves. Clay splashes him in the corner, backs up, and does it again before knocking him down with a running head-butt. Clay hits a big splash for a near fall. Clay hits a second big splash before taunting him with some mock dance moves.

Clay goes for a third big splash, but his music hits. The Funkadactyls come out to the stage dancing. Xavier Woods then comes out to the stage dancing. Tensai then rolls Clay up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Tensai
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Clay flips out and begins to punch away at Tensai. Woods runs down to the ring, ducks a clothesline, and he hangs on to the ropes. Tensai then punches Clay down. Woods then hits him with the Honor Roll, and Clay leaves the ring. The Funkadactyls get in the ring, and they dance with Woods and Tensai as Clay looks on angrily.

John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk will take on The Shield.

-Commercial Break-

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan w/ Bray Wyatt

Goldust will start the match against Erick Rowan. Rowan does not take the lamb mask off. Goldust approaches Rowan with a perplexed look on his face. Goldust does his deep breath taunt, but Rowan doesn’t flinch. Goldust then uppercuts the mask off his face and punches away at him. Rowan quickly knees him in the midsection and sends him into the ropes for a shoulder block. Rowan powers him to his corner and forearms him in the chest before kicking him. Rowan forearms him again before sending him into the ropes. Goldust ducks a clothesline and punches him in the face. Goldust knees him in the face a few times before putting him in the corner. Rowan reverses a whip to the opposite corner, and he clubs him before tagging in Luke Harper. Harper punches him in the ribs before shoving him to the ropes. Goldust then drops to his knee and uppercuts Harper.

Cody Rhodes is tagged in, and he punches Harper in the ribs. Harper powers him to the corner, but Rhodes comes back with a side headlock. Harper whips him off, and Rhodes goes for a shoulder block, but Harper doesn’t go down. Harper then does his, “Yeah, yeah, yeah” taunt. They trade punches until Harper knees him in the midsection. Harper hits the ropes, but Rhodes follows, and he clotheslines Harper down. Goldust is tagged in, and he punches Harper in the face. Harper quickly punches him in the ribs and uppercuts him down. Harper picks him up and continues to punch him in the corner. Goldust comes back, and they trade punches until Harper punches him back to the corner. Goldust quickly turns him in the corner and chops the chest. Harper quickly shoves him to his corner and tags in Rowan. Rowan punches him before head-butting him down. Rowan looks menacingly toward Rhodes before standing on Goldust’s neck. Rowan goes for a powerslam, but Goldust slides off and punches him. Rowan quickly stops him from making a tag, and he knees him in the ribs. Rowan hits him with a straight right hand to the face before stretching him out between the ropes. Goldust comes back with some kicks and punches. Rowan elbows him in the face and tags Harper in. Harper slaps the chest and uppercuts him down for a two count. Goldust hits a punch, but Harper comes back with a slap. Harper sends him into the ropes, but he misses a pair of clotheslines. Goldust goes for a running cross-body, but Harper sidesteps him. Goldust flies out of the ring and lands in front of Bray Wyatt and his rocking chair.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Harper doing the gator roll on Goldust. Harper then transitions to a side headlock. During the commercial, Rowan was jamming both of his fists into Goldust’s temples. Back to live action, Goldust begins to fight up and punch out, but Harper uppercuts him. Rowan is tagged in, and he hits a massive body slam. Rowan punches him down in the corner, and Harper taunts Goldust. Rowan then applies a Claw before throwing him across the ring. Rowan then goes for an avalanche in the corner, but Goldust sidesteps him. Goldust goes to tag in his brother, but Rowan quickly stops him. Rowan sends him to the corner, but Goldust stumbles out with a back elbow. Goldust crawls over to his brother, but Harper is tagged in, and he punches Rhodes off the apron. Goldust then catches Harper with the Final Cut.

Rhodes is tagged in, and he ducks a punch from Harper and follows up with a high knee to the jaw. Rhodes punches away at him before being pushed into the ropes. Rhodes boots him in the face and uppercuts him. Rhodes goes to the apron, and he hits him with a springboard missile dropkick. Harper reverses a whip to the corner, but Rhodes catches him with a rollup for a near fall. Rowan enters the ring, but Rhodes quickly punches him back out. Rhodes then ducks a clothesline from Harper and hits the Disaster Kick. Rhodes gets the crowd fired up before hitting a moonsault block, but Rowan breaks up the pinfall.

Goldust runs in and punches Rowan a few times. Rhodes and Goldust go for a double-team suplex, but Rowan pushes them off. Rhodes and Goldust duck a clothesline, and they clothesline Rowan out of the ring. Rhodes charges Harper, but he gives him a back body drop over the top rope to the floor. Harper then charges at Goldust, but he pulls the top rope down and sends him out of the ring. Goldust then gets on the apron, and he floors Rowan with a rolling senton splash! Goldust then turns into a big boot from Harper! On the other side of the ring, Bray Wyatt sends Rhodes face first into the ring post. Harper brings Rhodes into the ring, and he floors him with a Discus Clothesline for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Luke Harper and Erick Rowan
Match Rating: ** 1/4

Bray Wyatt gets in the ring, and Harper and Rowan picks Rhodes up. Wyatt arches in the corner and screams at him. All of a sudden, Daniel Bryan’s music hits, and he runs down to the ring with a steel chair. Harper meets him halfway down the ramp, and Bryan hits him in the midsection with the chair. Bryan then hits Rowan in the leg with the chair. Bryan gets in the ring, but Harper rips the chair out of his hands. Bryan then kicks him in the head. Bryan then takes Wyatt down and punches away at him. Wyatt escapes, and Bryan dropkicks Rowan off the apron. The audience explodes with a huge “YES!” chant!

John Cena, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan will take on The Shield in tonight’s main event.

-Commercial Break-

Damien Sandow is standing in the ring. Sandow says he is subject to the half-witted hoopla that is Christmas. Corrupt adults asking for junk that they don’t need and ungrateful children asking for things they have not earned. Peoples’ filthy houses decorated with disgusting ornaments. Sandow asks for silence as he’s not finished. The crowd boos, and Sandow says the crowd has proven his point. None of them deserve Christmas. That is why this Monday on RAW, he is going to personally cancel Christmas.

The Miz’ music hits, and he asks if Sandow is really canceling Christmas. The Miz says he knows Santa Claus as he was in his corner on WWE Main Event. Where The Miz comes from, they celebrate the holidays and Santa Claus. As for Sandow, he isn’t Santa Claus. Sandow couldn’t carry Santa’s sack.

Damien Sandow vs. The Miz

The bell rings, and Sandow kicks and punches Miz down. Sandow goes for a back suplex, but Miz flips through. Sandow runs into a back elbow, and Miz takes him down before punching away at him. Miz hits a pair of clotheslines before hitting the Reality Check. Miz charges him and blocks a kick. Miz then kicks him in the hamstring before locking on the Figure Four Leglock. Sandow screams in pain, but he gets to the bottom rope. Miz tries to pull Sandow into the ring, but Sandow kicks him in the head. Sandow then schoolboys him with a handful of tights for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Damien Sandow
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Fandango is seen walking backstage with Summer Rae. He’ll face Kofi Kingston, next.

-Commercial Break-

Kofi Kingston vs. Fandango w/ Summer Rae

They lock up, and Fandango applies a side headlock. Kingston ships him off, but Fandango takes him down with a shoulder lock. Fandango hits the ropes and goes over Kingston a few times, but he hangs onto the ropes to avoid a back elbow. Fandango applies a waistlock, but Kingston quickly applies one of his own. Fandango pushes him to the corner, but Kingston springboards off the turnbuckle to hit a dropkick for a one count. Kingston goes for a monkey flip, but Fandango counters into a slam. Fandango then hits a clothesline for a two count. Fandango elbows him in the collarbone a few times before taunting the crowd. Fandango punches him in the corner until the referee backs him up. Kingston punches back, but Fandango stops him with a right hand. Fandango then clotheslines him down for a two count. Fandango applies a chin lock, and the crowd gets behind Kingston. Kingston fights up, but Fandango slams him down. Fandango goes to the second rope for a diving knee drop, but Kingston moves out of the way.

Kingston sidesteps a splash in the corner, and he some chops. Kingston then takes him down with a dropkick before hitting a high clothesline. Kingston hits the Boom Drop before signaling for the end. Fandango ducks Trouble in Paradise. Fandango misses a clothesline, and Kingston dropkicks him down. Fandango rolls out of the ring to recover. Kingston springboards to the apron, and Fandango sweeps his feet out. Fandango goes to the top rope, and he hits his Diving Leg Drop for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Fandango
Match Rating: *

Daniel Bryan is seen walking backstage when Renee Young interrupts him. She goes to ask him a question, but she stops and walks off scared. Bryan turns, and Luke Harper is behind him. Bryan turns in the opposite direction, and there is Erick Rowan. Bray Wyatt calls Bryan’s name as Harper and Rowan attack him. Wyatt says they could have been friends. Wyatt kneels in front of the camera as Harper and Rowan slam Bryan off the loading bay onto concrete! Wyatt says, “Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.”

-Commercial Break-

Referees and doctors surround Daniel Bryan backstage as Renee Young looks on from the loading bay.

Before the match begins, Vickie Guerrero excuses herself. Vickie says what happened to Daniel Bryan was unfortunate, but the show must go on. This match will now be a two-on-three handicap match. The Shield smiles about this development.

The Shield vs. CM Punk and John Cena

CM Punk will start the match against Dean Ambrose. Punk talks a little trash to him before locking up. Punk applies a side headlock before wrenching the arm. Punk punches him in the ribs a bunch of times before tagging in John Cena. They send Ambrose into the ropes, and Cena hits him with a dropkick for a two count. Cena punches him before sending him to the corner and hitting a face-buster. Punk is tagged in, and they hit a double-team suplex. Punk hits a body slam before going to the second rope for a falling forearm smash for a two count.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Roman Reigns reverse a whip on Cena to the corner. Cena hits the turnbuckle sternum first. Reigns stomps away at Cena before tagging in Seth Rollins. Rollins punches Cena in the ribs before stomping him. Rollins puts him in his corner and tags in Ambrose. Ambrose hits a pair of head-butts before choking him on the ropes. Ambrose drops an elbow for a two count. Ambrose applies a hammerlock and a chin lock. Cena fights up and hits a back suplex. Reigns is quickly tagged in, and he hits a big stomp on Cena. Reigns viciously head-butts him down before punching him. Reigns punches the mat before hitting a nice Superman punch. Rollins is tagged in, and they hit Cena with a double-team wishbone split. Rollins punches him to the corner and hits a running forearm shiver. Rollins pulls him to the middle of the ring for a two count. Rollins complains to the referee about the count. Rollins waits for Cena to get up. Rollins goes for an avalanche, and Cena sidesteps him. Ambrose is tagged in, and he quickly grabs Cena and stomps his hand. Ambrose punches Cena down and punches him on the ropes. Ambrose gets a head of steam and dropkicks him for a near fall. Rollins is tagged back in, and he clubs Cena’s back. Rollins applies a front face lock, but Cena soon gets to his feet. Rollins clubs Cena and knocks Punk off the apron. Punk tries to get in the ring, but the referee stops him. Rollins punches Cena in the corner as Punk gets the crowd fired up. Cena tries to come back with an AA, but Rollins slides off and hits an enzuigiri. Rollins puts Cena on the top rope and chops the chest. Rollins goes for a superplex, but Cena powers out and head-butts him. Ambrose is tagged in, and Cena catches him with a tornado DDT!

Punk and Rollins are tagged in. Rollins ducks a springboard clothesline, but Punk comes back with a kick. Punk sends him into the ropes and hits a jumping calf kick. Punk follows up with a clothesline, and he clubs Reigns off the apron. Punk hits Rollins with another clothesline before sending him into the ropes. Rollins hangs on to the ropes, and Punk catches him with a high knee to the face. Rollins falls out of the ring, and Punk catches him with a wild suicide dive. Punk puts him in the ring and connects with a springboard clothesline. Punk catches him with a high knee in the corner followed by a short-arm clothesline. Punk goes to the top rope, points to the sky, and hits a diving elbow drop. Punk signals for the GTS. Punk picks Rollins up, but he drops him to cut Ambrose off. Punk goes for a neckbreaker on Ambrose, but he grabs Rollins as well to hit a neckbreaker/DDT combo. Punk covers, but Reigns breaks it up. All three members of The Shield begin to attack Punk, and the referee has no choice but to throw the match out.

Winners by Disqualification: CM Punk and John Cena
Match Rating: **

The Shield continues to stomp away at Punk until John Cena runs in and clotheslines Reigns out of the ring. Cena then sends Reigns into the barricade. Cena runs in, and he begins to punch away at Ambrose. Cena then turns into a massive Spear from Reigns! The Shield turns their attention back to Punk, and the kick him out of the ring. The Shield looks toward Cena, and they pick him up. The Shield then hits Cena with the Triple Powerbomb! Punk runs in to try to take one of them out, but they quickly overpower him. Reigns holds Punk down while Ambrose and Rollins stomp away at him. The Shield signals for a Triple Powerbomb until…

Big E Langston’s music hits, and he charges down to the ring. Langston throws Reigns out of the ring before clotheslining Ambrose and Rollins. Langston clotheslines Ambrose out of the ring, and he hits a running shoulder thrust to Rollins in the corner. Reigns gets back in the ring, and Langston pulls the straps down. Punk comes up from behind with a steel chair to keep Reigns away. Ambrose and Rollins pull Reigns away, and The Shield retreats. Langston and Punk stand tall in the ring to end the show.


Quick Match Results

Big E Langston def. Jack Swagger (non-title)
Brie Bella def. Tamina Snuka
Sin Cara def. Drew McIntyre
Tensai def. Brodus Clay
Luke Harper and Erick Rowan def. Cody Rhodes and Goldust (non-title)
Damien Sandow def. The Miz
Fandango def. Kofi Kingston
CM Punk and John Cena def. The Shield via DQ

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