WWE Smackdown Results – 1/17/14 (Kane attacks CM Punk)

WWE Smackdown Results for 1/17/14

WWE Smackdown Results
January 17, 2014
Worcester, Massachusetts
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

Dedicated to the memory of Johnnie Mae Young: 1923-2014.

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to the show as the New Age Outlaws make their way to the ring for a non-title match against Cody Rhodes and Goldust. The Miz joins Cole and JBL on commentary this week.

As the New Age Outlaws come to the ring, footage is shown from this past Monday’s RAW where the New Age Outlaws walked off on CM Punk during a six-man tag match against The Shield. Punk was then defeated and given a Triple Powerbomb. In the ring, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn do the trademark New Age Outlaws pre-match speech, which was well received by the crowd.

The New Age Outlaws vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Goldust will start the match against the “Road Dogg” Jesse James. They circle the ring before locking up. Road Dogg powers him to the corner, but Goldust ducks a right hand. Goldust then punches him down. Goldust backs up to allow Road Dogg to get back to his feet. Road Dogg offers a handshake, but then kicks him in the midsection. Road Dogg goes for Shake, Rattle, and Roll, but Goldust ducks the final right hand. Goldust kicks him in the midsection and uppercuts him before putting him in the corner for some punches. Road Dogg pushes him off and sends him to the corner, but Goldust springboards off the second rope with a back elbow. Road Dogg crawls over to his corner and tags in Billy Gunn. Gunn cuts Goldust off before he can tag his brother in. Gunn sends him into the ropes, but Goldust holds on. Gunn then charges him, and Goldust back body drops him over the top rope. Gunn quickly rolls back in and tags in Road Dogg. Road Dogg goes to knock Cody Rhodes off the apron, but he blocks the punch and hits one of his own. Road Dogg then stumbles into a powerslam from Goldust.

Rhodes and Gunn are tagged in, and Rhodes takes him down with a pair of clotheslines. Rhodes kicks him before dropping down to the mat for an uppercut. Gunn reverses a whip to the corner, but Rhodes surprises him with a rollup. Gunn rolls through and goes for a clothesline, but Rhodes ducks it and takes him down with a high knee to the face. Road Dogg runs in, but Rhodes ducks a clothesline and kicks him in the midsection. Rhodes then goes to the apron and takes down the New Age Outlaws with a springboard missile dropkick. Rhodes covers Gunn, but Road Dogg breaks up the pinfall. Goldust runs in and takes both himself and Road Dogg out with a clothesline over the top rope. In the ring, Rhodes runs into a boot from Gunn. Gunn goes for a Famouser, but Rhodes avoids it. Rhodes then goes for Cross Rhodes, but Gunn pushes him off and takes him down with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam for a near fall. Gunn kicks him in the midsection and goes for the Famouser, but Rhodes moves out of the way and lays himself out with the Disaster Kick!

EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero comes out to the stage. She apologizes for interrupting. She says she is here to remind everybody that in nine days, they will be having the Royal Rumble. Friend versus friend, foe versus foe, friend versus for, and even brother against brother. Gunn then rolls Rhodes up with a handful of tights for the win. Vickie looks satisfied with herself at the top of the stage.

Winners by Pinfall: The New Age Outlaws
Match Rating: * 1/2

Renee Young is backstage with CM Punk. Renee asks him to address the rumors that he is planning on calling out all three members of The Shield. Punk confirms the rumor and walks off.

Paul Heyman is seen backstage. He’ll be out to talk about his client Brock Lesnar, next.

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Paul Heyman talks about his client Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos from the Worcester crowd. Heyman says his name for those who are uninformed, and he says he is here before the crowd as the advocate for the beast incarnate, the obvious number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Brock Lesnar. Heyman says it’s a shame that he has to drag himself to Smackdown, but he is constrained to address this smear campaign regarding the Big Show tossing his client clear across the ring. Heyman says it is demonstrative of the conspiracies his client has been subjected to since day one. His client got into a fight with the World’s Strongest Man, an Olympian, Mark Henry. After fulfilling the mantra of “Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Repeat,” his client was attacked by the Big Show. The Big Show gave the misleading impression that he can be physically dominant over Brock Lesnar. Heyman says Big Show is 7 feet tall and 430 pounds, but make no mistake about it, at the Royal Rumble PPV, Brock Lesnar will conquer him.

Heyman says he has been through many wars, and all of them with Brock Lesnar by his side. Yea, though he walks through the valley of the giants, he fears no evil because Brock Lesnar walks next to him. Big Show may try that with Zeb Colter, but he will never try that with him. He’s just an advocate. It all has to do with whom he is with. Heyman then says Brock Lesnar will be on Monday Night RAW.

Big Show’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring looking confused. Heyman yells at him to stop where he is. Heyman says Big Show better not do anything to him. Big Show charges the ring, and Heyman immediately scrambles out of the ring through the crowd. Big Show asks where Heyman is going. Big Show says he knows Heyman and his client are afraid. Big Show reminds Heyman why he and Lesnar should hide in fear. Footage is then shown from Old School RAW when Big Show threw Lesnar across the ring. Big Show says Heyman forgets that he knows him. He was a “Heyman Guy” before it was cool to be one. Big Show knows Heyman is scared, and he knows that he’s lying right through his yellow teeth. Big Show has a message for Heyman to give to Lesnar: at the Royal Rumble, he’s knocking Brock Lesnar out.

Eva Marie says in a video that we’ll see Alberto Del Rio take on Rey Mysterio coming up next.

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Footage is shown from RAW when Alberto Del Rio defeated Rey Mysterio with the Cross Arm Breaker. Del Rio then called out Batista after the match.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio

Before the match begins, Rey Mysterio takes the microphone. Mysterio says Del Rio got the best of him last Monday, but he can see it in his eyes that he is worried about Batista returning on Monday Night RAW. Del Rio should be worried about him tonight.

The bell rings, and Del Rio immediately takes him down with punches and kicks. Del Rio wraps the arm around the second rope and stretches it until the referee makes him break it. Del Rio then charges at him, but Mysterio moves, and he flies out of the ring. Mysterio takes him out with a springboard baseball slide before sliding out of the ring with a body splash. Mysterio throws him back into the ring. As Mysterio gets on the apron, Del Rio charges, but Mysterio shoulders him in the midsection. Mysterio punches him down and goes to the top rope, but Del Rio chops him in the knee. Mysterio is hung up in the Tree of Woe, and Del Rio catches him with a step-up kick to the ribs.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Del Rio DDT Mysterio’s leg before applying a chin lock to him. Mysterio fights up, but Del Rio quickly pushes him to the corner and kicks him. Del Rio puts him on the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Mysterio hangs on. Mysterio fights him off, and Del Rio falls to the mat. Mysterio then takes him out with a flying seated senton. Mysterio then ducks a clothesline and hits a head-scissor takeover into the second rope. Mysterio goes for a 619, but Del Rio catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Del Rio head-butts him and goes for a sunset flip, but Mysterio rolls through and kicks him in the head for a near fall. Mysterio goes to the top rope, but Del Rio catches him with a step-up enzuigiri for a near fall. Del Rio cannot believe it, and he expresses his displeasure for the call.

Del Rio looks at the crowd and signals for the Cross Arm Breaker. Mysterio avoids getting locked in it, and he catches Del Rio with a boot to the face. Mysterio then takes him down with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Mysterio gets the crowd into it by pounding down on the mat. Del Rio surprises him with a double knee armbreaker. Del Rio goes for the Cross Arm Breaker, but Mysterio rolls through it. Mysterio then takes him down with a wheelbarrow arm drag into the ropes. Mysterio then hits him with the 619 before going to the top rope for a body splash, but Del Rio gets his knees up. Del Rio goes for a running kick to the skull, but Mysterio avoids it and rolls him up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Rey Mysterio
Match Rating: **

Del Rio quickly dropkicks Mysterio down before punching away at him. Del Rio then applies the Cross Arm Breaker. Mysterio is tapping, but it doesn’t matter. The referee tries to break Del Rio off Mysterio, but he is unable. Del Rio finally releases the hold and leaves the ring.

CM Punk will call out The Shield later tonight.

-Commercial Break-

The RAW Rebound airs, and it showcases Daniel Bryan beating up Bray Wyatt in a steel cage at the end of Monday Night RAW. The Boston crowd was red hot for that.

“We’re here.”

The lights in the arena go out. When they come back on, Bray Wyatt is seated in his rocking chair at ringside, and Luke Harper and Erick Rowan flank him. Wyatt takes his hat off, and he gets into the ring. The crowd chants for Daniel Bryan as Wyatt looks around. Wyatt says as a child he wanted nothing more in life than to be powerful like his father. He did his best to appease him. He tried to be just like him, but it was never good enough. He was never there for him. Wyatt calls the crowd “sheep.” Instead of his father entrusting him with his kingdom, he betrayed and deceived him. His father cast him out to walk amongst the sheep as one of them. Wyatt always knew that he was destined for greater things. As he laid there in the black hole, gasping for air, she saved him. Abigail saved him. She gave him hope, and she sang to him the sweetest songs that he had ever heard.

Wyatt became enthralled with her beauty and obsessed with her power. She told him that on his path to righteousness and purity, he would be deceived again. Wyatt laughs. He says as he laid down there on Monday a beaten and battered mess, he looked into his eyes and saw it. This was the moment she was talking about. He knew he had to sacrifice himself so that he may be resurrected into the creature he was born to be. Wyatt laughs before asking if Bryan really thought he could hurt him. Wyatt says he is already dead. It’s foolish to attempt to stab him in the back. He does not bleed like others. Daniel Bryan was given every chance to walk with the reapers, but now he will burn with the saints. Wyatt kneels down and extends his arms while saying, “Follow the buzzards” with a trance-like look on his face.

Renee Young is backstage with CM Punk once again. She said that earlier tonight, Punk said he planned on calling out The Shield. Now she hears that he wants to call out the New Age Outlaws. Punk says he’s going to call out all five superstars: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Billy Gunn, and the Road Dogg. Renee asks if that is career suicide. Punk says it’s a gift. He’s giving The Authority the opportunity to try and shut him up. He’s just giving them what they want. Someday, he’s going to get what he wants.

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Footage is shown from Monday Night RAW when AJ Lee defeated Cameron. She then attacked Cameron along with Tamina Snuka, but Naomi made the save.

Naomi w/ Cameron vs. Tamina Snuka w/ AJ Lee

Naomi starts the match off with some forearms to the face. Tamina fights back by lifting her, placing her on the top rope, and pushing her to the floor. Tamina throws her back into the ring and stomps the back. Tamina sends her into the ropes and gives her a scary looking flapjack for a one count. Tamina then applies a chin lock. Cameron at ringside gets the fans fired up. Tamina releases the hold and gives her a guillotine catapult into the middle rope. Tamina sends her into the corner and pulls her out for a slam. Naomi manages to kick her in the head, and she hits some kicks. Naomi ducks a clothesline and hits a jumping calf kick.

AJ gets on the apron to distract the referee as Naomi hits Tamina with a full nelson bomb. Naomi turns her attention to AJ, and she quickly gets off the apron. Cameron quickly attacks AJ with a Thesz Press. Tamina grabs Cameron by the hair, and Naomi surprises her with a roll up for a two count. Naomi kicks her in the back of the head and hits a split-legged moonsault for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Naomi
Match Rating: *

A tribute video plays for the incomparable Johnnie Mae Young: 1923-2014.

-Commercial Break-

The Bella Twins welcome us back to the show and announce that Big E Langston will take on Fandango, next.

Big E Langston vs. Fandango w/ Summer Rae

Fandango starts the match off with a knee to the midsection and a punch. Fandango goes to whip him into the ropes, but Langston doesn’t budge. Langston sends him into the ropes, and he hits him with a backbreaker. Fandango quickly gets out of the ring to recover. Summer Rae gives him a pep talk before he gets in the ring. Fandango counters a slam, and he punches him down to a knee. Fandango kicks him, and they go back and forth in the ropes before Langston takes him down with a shoulder block. Langston then hits a running shoulder thrust in the corner. Langston goes for another, but Fandango gets his knees up. Langston rolls out of the ring to recover, so Fandango follows and pulls him into the ring post. Fandango then sends him into the barricade. Fandango rolls him into the ring and kicks him before dropping some knees on his arm. Fandango punches away at him before applying an arm bar. Langston fights up and whips him off, but Fandango quickly comes back with a dropkick for a one count. Fandango catches him with a short-arm clothesline before applying another arm bar. Langston fights up and whips him out of the ring.

Fandango gets on the apron, and Langston knocks him off. Fandango rolls back into the ring, and Langston hits some clotheslines before hitting a belly-to-belly side suplex. Langston jumps over him a few times before hitting a big splash. Langston waits for him to get up and goes for a Big Ending, but Fandango slides off. Fandango quickly hits the injured arm and jumps off the second rope into a punch to the midsection. Langston then runs him over with a clothesline before pulling down the straps. Langston then hits the Big Ending for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Big E Langston
Match Rating: 3/4 *

The Ultimate Warrior will be the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2014.

CM Punk will call out The Shield and the New Age Outlaws later tonight.

-Commercial Break-

A video highlighting Batista’s career airs. He’ll return to WWE this Monday on RAW. He will also be a participant in the Royal Rumble.

Renee Young is backstage with The Shield. She asks if they have a plan to remain a cohesive unit in the Royal Rumble. Dean Ambrose says The Shield is a finely crafted machine that cannot be broken down. The real question is how the other 27 superstars will compete against them. Ambrose says they are on the same page. Renee asks if Ambrose would throw any of his partners over the top rope to go to WrestleMania. Ambrose asks if he doesn’t look like a trustworthy person. These are his best friends, and he couldn’t do something like that. Seth Rollins says that is nice of Ambrose to say, but Ambrose couldn’t throw him over the top rope if his life depended on it. Rollins says he would do it in a second. Ambrose says he was only kidding and Rollins would go sailing. Roman Reigns stands between them. Reigns says they’re talking about headlining WrestleMania. He’d throw them both over the top rope. Regardless, one of them will win the Royal Rumble, and they’ll still be united. They’ll still be The Shield. They put their fists together.

Aksana says we’ll see The Usos take on the Real Americans, next.

-Commercial Break-

Footage is shown of Kofi Kingston defeating Randy Orton in a non-title match on RAW. Orton then attacked John Cena’s dad at ringside. Michael Cole says John Cena’s father has a fractured orbital socket. He also has a dislocated jaw.

The Real Americans make their way to the ring with Zeb Colter, who is in a wheelchair and wearing a neck brace. They accidentally let him roll down the ramp. Footage is then shown of Big Show knocking out Zeb Colter on Monday Night RAW. Colter says this is not funny because he is hurting and in pain. This is all thanks to a big bully by the name of the Big Show who saw fit to attack a defenseless, war veteran. Colter hopes Brock Lesnar treats Big Show the way he treated him. Colter then asks for all Real Americans to say “We the people!”

The Real Americans w/ Zeb Colter vs. Jimmy and Jey Uso

Jimmy Uso, whose ribs are heavily taped, will start the match against Jack Swagger. They lock up, and Jimmy wrenches the arm. Jimmy blocks a right hand and chops the chest a few times. Swagger knees him in the midsection before sending him to the corner. Swagger punches him before tagging in Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro hits a running shoulder thrust in the corner. Swagger is tagged back in, and he knees Jimmy in the midsection a few times before tagging Cesaro back in. Cesaro kicks him, and Swagger is tagged back in. Jimmy hits some right hands and goes to tag in his brother, but Swagger stops him. Cesaro is tagged in, and Swagger throws him into Jimmy. Cesaro covers for a near fall. Cesaro punches away at him in the corner before kicking him in the injured ribs.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Jimmy trapped in a bear hug from Cesaro. Jimmy fights up and elbows out before rolling him up for a two count. Cesaro blocks Jimmy from tagging his brother before slamming him down. Cesaro then does the Cesaro Swing with ten revolutions. Swagger is tagged in, and he hits Jimmy with a belly-to-belly side suplex for a near fall. Swagger applies a front face lock, but Jimmy soon fights up and punches out. Swagger sends him to the corner, but Jimmy fights him off as well as Cesaro. Jimmy then hits a corkscrew senton off the top rope.

Jey Uso is tagged in, and he drops Swagger with a pair of clotheslines before hitting a kick to the midsection and an uppercut. Swagger reverses a whip, but Jey catches him with a shoulder block. Jey then hits a running butt bump to the face in the corner for a near fall. Swagger blocks a kick, but Jey counters into a Samoan Drop. Cesaro breaks up the pinfall attempt. Jimmy tries to get into the ring, but Cesaro kicks him away. Jey then throws Cesaro out of the ring. Jey then turns into the Patriot Lock. Jimmy gets in the ring and superkicks him. Jimmy then punches Cesaro out of the ring. Cesaro runs away and uses Colter as a shield. Cesaro then sends him into the commentary table. Jimmy then reverses a whip into the barricade. Jimmy looks toward Colter, and he rolls him into Cesaro! In the ring, Jey gets Swagger on his shoulder and hits an electric chair drop. Jimmy is tagged in, and he hits a Superfly Splash for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Jimmy and Jey Uso
Match Rating: * 3/4

The Real Americans check on the status of Zeb Colter as the Usos celebrate in the ring.

CM Punk will call out The Shield and the New Age Outlaws, next.

-Commercial Break-

CM Punk calls out The Shield and the New Age Outlaws

CM Punk comes out to a tremendous reception from the Worcester crowd. Punk gets in the ring, and the crowd chants his name. Punk says he’s not out here because he’s a masochist. He’s out here because, unlike The Authority, he is not a coward. He does not need to hide behind an army or send multiple people to fight his battles. He’s also not an idiot, but maybe he is since he’s about to call out five tough SOBs, and he’s surely going to get slaughtered. He’d rather just get it over with because he knows if he calls out The Shield, the Outlaws, the in-laws, the Ultimate Warrior, the Dingo Warrior, and the Road Warriors – it doesn’t matter. No matter what he does, The Authority will do whatever they can to shut him up. When he talks, he tells the truth and people listen. That is real power. The crowd cheers him.

Punk wants to clear the air. When he says “The Authority,” he means Triple H. He’s somebody who lucked into his position of power and uses his position to firmly press down his oppressive boot heel on any superstar he sees fit to feed his ego and satisfy his personal agenda. Triple H hides behind his wife. The Shield’s music hits, and Punk says Triple H hides behind The Shield.

The Shield comes out to the ring through the crowd. They surround the ring, and the New Age Outlaws’ music hits. They make their way to the ring as well. All five men surround the ring before getting on the apron. Punk stands in the ring vulnerable, but ready for a fight.

Kane’s pyro explodes on the stage, and he demands that all five men stand down. They get off the apron. The Director of Operations gets in the ring with CM Punk. Kane says The Authority doesn’t want it this way. Kane says there has clearly been a misunderstanding here. Punk’s anger is misplaced, and his paranoia is getting the better of him. The Authority is not against him. They never have been. They want him to main event WrestleMania. That’s the reason they entered him into the Royal Rumble match. In fact, The Authority has said that his top directive is to make sure that Punk is treated justly and with the respect he deserves. That’s exactly what is going to happen. Punk has his word as Director of Operations. Kane then gets out of the ring.

Punk asks if he really has Kane’s word. Punk says that used to mean something, but now it means nothing coming from a 7-foot suck-up. Kane turns and looks at him as the crowd chants, “You sold out!” Kane then orders the five men to “get him.” Punk prepares to fight them, but he turns around to see Kane in the ring. Kane then gives Punk a massive Chokeslam. Kane stands over Punk as the show ends.


Quick Match Results

The New Age Outlaws def. Cody Rhodes and Goldust (non-title)
Rey Mysterio def. Alberto Del Rio
Naomi def. Tamina Snuka
Big E Langston def. Fandango (non-title)
Jimmy and Jey Uso def. The Real Americans

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