WWE Smackdown Results – 2/28/14 (Six Man Tag Match)

WWE Smackdown Results for 2/28/14

WWE Smackdown Results
February 28, 2014
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

Dedicated to the memory of Nelson “Big Daddy V” Frasier, Jr.: 1971-2014.

The Smackdown video plays, and we’re brought into the arena. Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to the show. Tonight’s main event will see Daniel Bryan and The Usos taking on Kane and The New Age Outlaws. AJ Lee will also defend her WWE Divas Championship against Cameron in an Elimination Chamber rematch.

Batista’s music hits, and he makes his way out to the stage to jeers from the WWE Universe in Milwaukee. Footage is shown from this past Monday’s RAW when Randy Orton caused Batista to become distracted and lose to Alberto Del Rio. Orton admitted to that being one of the funniest things he’s ever seen. Orton also ran down Batista for not being able to get the fans on his side. Batista then said if they cheer him, fine. If they boo him, he’ll boo them back. It’s called being real. He’s the next champion. Deal with it!

Batista wants to start by stating that he loves this business and this company. He also wants to state that he did not come back to be liked. He did not come back to please the fans. He came to back to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. They don’t have to support him, but they’re going to have to deal with it.

Batista says it is a fact that he can destroy anyone that they put in front of him. He is the best representative for the WWE, including Hulk Hogan and, most definitely, The Rock. Batista doesn’t get it – what the hell has happened to this business? Where are the real men? What happened to the attitude? They chant the name of 195-pound wannabes and scream “YES,” but the truth is, “NO! NO! NO!” It will never him. That’s the truth – deal with it! Batista asks the crowd if they honestly think their heroes are better than him. A “YES!” chant breaks out, and Batista takes his tank top off. Batista says everything about him screams “WWE World Heavyweight Champion.” A “NO!” chant breaks out. Batista says he can sympathize with them. They look at their heroes and think, “Oh, he looks just like me! If he can be a champion, then so can I!” They’re living in a fantasy. Batista tells them to go back to their jobs at Hot Topic. Get out of their fantasy worlds and his. From this point on, he will be systematically destroying every one of their heroes on the way to the main event of WrestleMania to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Batista’s music hits, and he celebrates on the turnbuckle.

Dolph Ziggler’s music hits, and he comes out to a nice reception from the crowd. Ziggler gets in the ring and looks Batista in the eye. Ziggler says he knows Batista has been away for a long time, but you don’t come out here and tell the people who to cheer for. You don’t tell them who they get behind. They get behind who they want. Ziggler has news for Batista: he’s a dinosaur and sooner or later, dinosaurs become extinct. Batista is looking for attitude and real men, but there is one standing in front of him. Ziggler says he wants a match with Batista, tonight. Batista pretends like he’s doubling over with laughter. Batista then takes the microphone and says, “You want it? You got it.” Ziggler then dropkicks him down and gets out of the ring! Batista flips out and screams at Ziggler as he backs up the ramp.

Big E and Mark Henry are seen walking backstage. On split screen, the Real Americans are seen walking. They’ll be in action, next.

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On the WWE App, Vickie Guerrero officially booked Dolph Ziggler vs. Batista for later tonight.

The Real Americans w/ Zeb Colter vs. Big E and Mark Henry

Before the match begins, they show footage of Jack Swagger costing Cesaro a match against Big E on Monday Night RAW.

Jack Swagger will start the match against his Elimination Chamber opponent, Big E. They lock up and tussle around the ring for position. Swagger turns him in the corner, and the referee backs him up. Big E blocks a kick and gives him a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Big E hits a running shoulder in the corner before tagging in Mark Henry. Big E avalanches Swagger in the corner before Henry head-butts him. Henry whips him sternum first into the corner. Henry charges into a boot and stumbles to the center of the ring. Swagger then runs into a powerslam. Henry powers Swagger to the corner and tags in Big E. They double whip Swagger into the corner. Big E then picks Swagger up and hits a trio of backbreakers for a one count. Swagger quickly kicks Big E in the midsection and tags in Cesaro.

Cesaro charges at Big E, and Big E immediately military presses him. Cesaro wiggles out and throws Big E to the apron. Big E fights him off, but Cesaro kicks him in the chest and sends him to the ring post. Cesaro then gives him a superplex while Big E was on the apron! Big E looks to have nearly landed on his head. Cesaro covers, but Swagger had tagged himself in. Cesaro is not happy about that. Swagger knees Big E in the midsection and sends him to the corner for a Swagger Bomb for a two count. Swagger punches away at him in the corner, and Cesaro is tagged in. Swagger then catapults Cesaro into Big E. Cesaro then gives Big E a short-arm clothesline for a two count. Cesaro applies a chin lock. Big E fights him, so Cesaro pushes him to his corner. Big E fights off Cesaro and Swagger before giving Cesaro a back body drop.

Henry and Swagger are tagged in. Henry hits a trio of clotheslines before hitting a running powerslam. Henry goes for the World’s Strongest Slam, but a big boot from Cesaro takes him out. Big E knocks Cesaro out of the ring, and they brawl at ringside. Cesaro then sends Big E into the ring post. In the ring, Swagger takes Henry out with a chop block before applying the Patriot Lock. Cesaro tags himself in and orders Swagger out of the ring. Cesaro then gives Henry an impressive Neutralizer for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: The Real Americans
Match Rating: * 3/4

Alberto Del Rio walks up to Vickie Guerrero and says she never congratulated him on his victory over Batista on Monday. Vickie says she hasn’t congratulated Batista on beating Del Rio at Elimination Chamber. They’re tied. Del Rio says he came to ask for the rubber match, but Vickie already put Batista in a match against Dolph Ziggler. Del Rio says in that case, he has a hot mamacita, so he’s going to take the night off if she doesn’t mind. By the way, Vickie’s hair looks lovely. Sheamus walks up, and he says he’s always up for a great fight. Sheamus says how about him and Del Rio have a go for old time’s sake. If Vickie makes the match, it’ll be like a night off for him. Sheamus tells Del Rio that his hair looks lovely, fella. Vickie says the match is next.

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As Sheamus comes to the ring, replays are shown of his problems with Christian over the past few weeks. They show Christian knocking Sheamus out of the ring at the end of last week’s Smackdown. They then talk about how Christian eliminated Sheamus from the Elimination Chamber and the match they had on RAW the next night.

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

Sheamus’ ribs have black athletic tape attached to them. They lock up, and Sheamus powers him to the corner. The referee backs them up, and Del Rio punches and kicks him in the ribs. Sheamus blocks a kick, pushes him against the ropes, and pushes him over the top rope with one hand. Sheamus gets on the apron and comes off with a battering ram shoulder block. Sheamus bounces him off the commentary table before throwing him back into the ring and dropping some knees on his head. Sheamus uppercuts him before sending him into the ropes. Del Rio hangs on to the ropes and tries to back body drop him out of the ring, but Sheamus hangs on to the apron. Del Rio goes for a shoulder thrust, but Sheamus avoids it and gives him a knee lift to the face. Sheamus goes for the Beats of the Bodhrán, but Del Rio counters him by giving him a hot shot off the top rope. Del Rio then hits the ropes and dropkicks Sheamus off the apron. Christian’s music hits, and he comes out to the ring wearing a dark suit and sunglasses.

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We come back from the break to see Del Rio punching away at Sheamus. Del Rio double stomps the injured ribs. Christian is on commentary for the match now. Sheamus attacks Del Rio as he climbs to the second rope. Sheamus gets him on his shoulders and hits an electric chair drop. Christian talks about how he doesn’t have a new attitude. He’s just feeling desperate. Sheamus hits a pair of Irish hammers followed by a running shoulder thrust in the corner. Sheamus then hits a knee lift before hitting a powerslam for a near fall. Del Rio ducks a short-arm clothesline and a Brogue Kick before hitting a backstabber for a near fall. Sheamus avoids a kick from Del Rio before avoiding a splash against the ropes. Sheamus then executes the Beats of the Bodhrán. Sheamus goes for White Noise, but Del Rio fights out, pushes him into the turnbuckle, and kicks him in the ribs. Del Rio hits a running kick to the jaw for a near fall. Del Rio cannot believe he kicked out.

Del Rio waits for Sheamus to get to his feet. Sheamus counters a step-up enzuigiri and locks on the Cloverleaf. Christian then gets off commentary and attacks Sheamus from behind to cause the disqualification.

Winner by Disqualification: Sheamus
Match Rating: * 1/2

Christian goes to attack Sheamus some more, but Sheamus punches him and throws him out of the ring. Del Rio kicks Sheamus in the ribs and sets up for the Cross Arm Breaker, but Sheamus pushes him off and hits the Brogue Kick. Christian then runs in from behind and hits him with the Killswitch. Christian kneels next to Sheamus and talks trash to him before leaving the ring.

Michael Cole and JBL talk about how Daniel Bryan got screwed at Elimination Chamber. They then show footage from RAW where Daniel Bryan first challenged Triple H in the garage before beating Kane in a match.

Daniel Bryan and The Usos will take on The New Age Outlaws and Kane in tonight’s main event.

We’ll take a look at the return of Hulk Hogan to WWE, next.

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A highlight video shows all the media and press that has come from Hulk Hogan’s return to WWE. Hogan is the official host of WrestleMania XXX. They then show footage of him on The Today Show. Willie Geist is a huge Hulkamaniac.

Alexander Rusev appears before the live crowd

Lana comes out to the stage speaking in a different language. She then asks the people of America to rise for the Bulgarian Brute, the Superathlete Alexander Rusev. Rusev stands atop some steps and speaks in his native tongue. Rusev raises his arms above his head, and that’s it.

Footage is shown from RAW of Dean Ambrose arguing about his whereabouts at the end of The Shield’s match versus The Wyatt Family at Elimination Chamber. Ambrose then walked off on them. Later in the night, as Roman Reigns was about to beat Bray Wyatt in singles competition, the rest of the Wyatt Family looked poised to assault him. Dean Ambrose then ran out to make the save for him.

The Shield is backstage in the shadows. Roman Reigns asks if Dean Ambrose has himself together or is he going rogue again tonight. Dean Ambrose tells Reigns to relax and not be mad about the DQ thing. Reigns says a DQ is a loss. Reigns says he suffered two losses in under a year and a half. Now, he’s lost twice in one week because of Ambrose. Seth Rollins says Reigns lost, but he’s a grown man. Reigns can pick himself up. Rollins tells Reigns to move on, like Bray Wyatt, who thinks he’s moving on to John Cena. Wyatt think they’re ashes in the wake. In case they don’t remember, they were left for dead at Elimination Chamber. Rollins says they need to show Bray Wyatt that it’s not that easy to get rid of The Shield. They are not three lone wolves. They are the Hounds of Justice, and they run together. They need to show Bray Wyatt that when you provoke the hounds, you get the teeth. Reigns tells them strap up. It’s time to hunt some Wyatts.

Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring. He’ll face Batista, who will be competing in his first Smackdown match in four years, next.

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Dolph Ziggler vs. Batista

Charles Robinson, my favorite referee of all time, is the official for this match. The bell rings, and Ziggler unleashes some right hands on Batista. Batista quickly scurries out of the ring and kicks the steps out of frustration. Ziggler challenges him to get back in the ring. Batista gets back in the ring, and Ziggler punches away at him before dropkicking him down. Batista rolls out of the ring again as Ziggler taunts him. Batista then pulls Ziggler out of the ring and sends him into the barricade. Batista then slams him into the ring apron, one of the hardest parts of the ring. Batista goes to throw him into the ring post, but Ziggler slides off his shoulder and sends him into the ring post instead. Ziggler approaches him, and Batista kicks him in the knee. Ziggler immediately hits the floor. Batista throws him into the ring, and he pulls him to the ring post. Batista then slams Ziggler’s knee off the ring post. Batista puts him back into the ring and gives him a suplex for a near fall. Batista whips him hard into the corner before stomping him and stretching the knee out on the bottom rope. Batista gives him some shoulder thrusts in the corner, but Ziggler comes back with a knee to the face. Ziggler then sidesteps a shoulder thrust, and Batista hits the ring post with his shoulder.

Ziggler pulls himself up on the ropes before going for the ten punches. Batista pushes him off the first time, but Ziggler comes right back. Batista counters with a Batista Bomb attempt, but Ziggler gets out and kicks him in the knee. Ziggler kicks his knee a bunch of times before hitting a famouser for a near fall. Ziggler jumps on his back with a sleeper hold, but Batista fights him off. Batista then catches him with a massive spinebuster. The crowd is loudly booing him. Batista picks him up and hits a second spinebuster. Batista picks him up and hits a third spinebuster before signaling for the end. Batista then kills Ziggler with the Batista Bomb for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Batista
Match Rating: * 1/2

Footage is shown of The Wyatt Family attacking John Cena on Monday Night RAW. Cena had to leave the arena in an ambulance.

The Wyatt’s will have a message for John Cena, next.

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The Wyatt Family sends a message to John Cena

“Milwaukee… we’re here.”

Bray Wyatt makes his way to the ring flanked by Luke Harper and Erick Rowan illuminated by a single lantern. Wyatt gets in the ring, and he says everything you think you know about your own lives is based on lies. Men wake up every morning, go to work, and break their backs just trying to earn themselves a little cash so they can buy fancy suits, sports cars, and impress the women. Women wake up every morning, look at themselves in the mirror, and coat makeup all over their beautiful faces. They’re wearing the masks that society demands they wear and didn’t even realize it. It’s a bottomless pit of lies. They plaster your hopes and dreams up on a billboard, and who is the man on the billboard? He’s the man that hides behind the plastic smile and plays the role of hero better than everyone. He’s the man who tells you everything you think you need to hear. Wyatt then sings a line from “What a Wonderful World.” This is the same society that intends to vilify a man like him. It’s because he says and does everything they’re afraid to say and do. Wyatt promises that he will slay the mighty dragon with the sword of his tongue. He will stand over his body and whisper in his ear, “John Cena, it’s time to end this lie. Follow the buzzards!”

The Shield’s music hits, and they make their way to the ring through the crowd! They stand on the apron and face the Wyatts. Triple H’s music hits, and he comes out to the stage. Triple H tells them to stop because this is not going to happen now. He has too much time and money invested in all six of them to let this war happen again right here and now… at least not without some promotion. This war can take place this Monday on RAW. The Wyatt Family can take on The Shield. Until that time, Triple H orders The Shield to stand down. The crowd boos this. Wyatt and his family get out of the ring. Wyatt is left standing on the apron. Wyatt tells them to get off. They heard their “daddy.” The Shield then gets in the ring and faces Bray Wyatt, who is also back in the ring. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins hit stereo suicide dives on Erick Rowan and Luke Harper as Roman Reigns stares at Wyatt. The Shield then gets back in the ring and the three stare down Wyatt. Wyatt slowly leaves the ring and keeps his family back. They stand at the foot of the ramp and just stare at The Shield.

Daniel Bryan and The Usos will take on Kane and The New Age Outlaws in the main event of the evening. AJ Lee will defend her WWE Divas Championship against Cameron, next.

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WWE Divas Championship
AJ Lee (c) w/ Tamina Snuka vs. Cameron

They show a long video package of all of Cameron’s highlights on “Total Divas.” Lilian Garcia then does some “big match” introductions for this match.

The bell rings, and AJ immediately takes Cameron down with some punches. AJ puts her in the corner before whipping her back hard and giving her a clothesline for a one count. AJ then applies a chin lock. Cameron fights up and gets out with a jawbreaker. Cameron hits some clotheslines before hitting a face-buster for a two count. Cameron screams in frustration. Cameron sends her to the corner before going for an avalanche. Tamina pushed AJ out of the way. The referee then ejects Tamina from ringside. Cameron takes AJ out with a cross-body block for a two count. AJ kicks Cameron in the midsection before kicking her in the face. AJ then applies the Black Widow for the win.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee
Match Rating: 1/2 *

We’ll take a look at Undertaker accepting Brock Lesnar’s WrestleMania XXX challenge on Monday Night RAW, next.

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The RAW Rebound highlights the return of the Undertaker to WWE to accept Brock Lesnar’s challenge. Undertaker stabbed Lesnar in the hand with a pen before Chokeslamming Lesnar through a table. They played the song they used in the promo package for Triple H vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVII. Brock Lesnar will respond this Monday.

They show the WWE Network Backstage Pass panel of Josh Mathews, Booker T, Alex Riley, and Big Show. They talk about Lesnar vs. Undertaker and give predictions.

The Usos make their way to the ring. Daniel Bryan, who comes out to an incredible reaction, follows them. They’ll be in action against Kane and The New Age Outlaws in the main event, next.

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The Usos and Daniel Bryan vs. Kane and The New Age Outlaws

Daniel Bryan will start the match against Billy Gunn. The crowd starts a huge “Daniel Bryan” chant. They lock up, and Gunn applies a side headlock. Bryan whips him off, and Gunn hits a shoulder block. They hit the ropes, and Bryan hits him with a knee to the midsection. Bryan kicks away at Gunn before tagging in Jey Uso, who comes off the top with a club to the arm. Gunn powers him to the corner, and Kane tags in. Kane punches Jey down before whipping him into the corner hard. Kane uppercuts him down before tagging in Road Dogg. Road Dogg goes for Shake, Rattle, and Roll, but Jey avoids it and takes him down. Jimmy Uso is tagged in, and they hit a double-team back elbow/elbow drop combo for a two count. Road Dogg then avoids a superkick. The New Age Outlaws regroup at ringside.

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We come back from the break to see Gunn whip Jimmy to the corner, but miss a splash and take a hip toss. Jimmy hits some arm drags and a chop. Gunn reverses a whip, so Jimmy slides out of the ring and pulls Road Dogg off the apron. Jimmy then gets in the ring and runs into a tilt-a-whirl powerslam. Gunn picks up a two count. Kane is tagged in, and he hits a running boot to the chest. Kane sends him to the corner and hits a clothesline. Kane repeats the move and throws him to the mat for a two count. Kane puts him in the corner and uppercuts him. Road Dogg is tagged in, and he punches Jimmy for a one count. Kane is tagged back in, and he uppercuts him down. Kane sends him to the corner and hits a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Kane then applies a chin lock. Jimmy fights up and hits a jawbreaker. Kane big boots Bryan off the apron and clotheslines Jimmy down. Road Dogg is tagged in, and he chokes Jimmy on the ropes. Road Dogg then splashes him on the ropes and dances. He then knocks Jey off the apron. Road Dogg blocks a kick and spins him, but Jimmy comes back with a wheel kick.

Bryan and Gunn are tagged in. Bryan ducks a clothesline and dropkicks Kane off the apron. Bryan kicks away at Gunn in the corner before back flipping over him, ducking a clothesline, and hitting a flying elbow to the chest. Bryan kicks away at Gunn before throwing Road Dogg out of the ring. Gunn kicks Bryan, and Bryan dropkicks him out of the ring. Bryan goes for a suicide dive, but Kane clotheslines him down. Kane then grabs the Usos by the throats, but they get out and kick him away. The Usos then hit planchas on Road Dogg and Kane. In the ring, Gunn hits a Famouser on Bryan for a near fall. Gunn then goes for a back suplex, but Bryan flips out and lands on his feet. Gunn runs into a boot, and Bryan takes him out with the Busaiku Knee Kick for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: The Usos and Daniel Bryan
Match Rating: **

Daniel Bryan and The Usos celebrate with the wild crowd in Milwaukee as the show ends.


Quick Match Results

The Real Americans def. Big E and Mark Henry
Sheamus def. Alberto Del Rio via DQ
Batista def. Dolph Ziggler
AJ Lee def. Cameron via Submission to retain the WWE Divas Title
The Usos and Daniel Bryan def. Kane and The New Age Outlaws

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