WWE Smackdown Results – 5/23/14 (Usos vs. The Wyatt’s)

WWE Smackdown Results for 5/23/14

WWE Smackdown Results
May 23, 2014
London, England
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Tony Chimel introduces “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, who is already in the ring with his trademark megaphone. Hart tells the crowd to welcome back for the first time in London in twenty years, Hulk Hogan. Hogan comes out to a great reception, and Michael Cole and JBL give him a standing ovation. Hogan takes his time doing his crowd interactions. Each section gives him a great ovation. The crowd chants his name before he says, “Well let me tell you something, brother!” Hogan says it feels awesome to be across the pond, rockin’ and rollin’ in London just like the old days. Speaking of the “old days,” Jimmy Hart hasn’t been the same since he’s been in the Legends’ House. Hogan talks about how that is WWE’s version of a reality show, exclusively on the WWE Network. Hogan runs down the list of people on Legends’ House before saying tonight is about looking toward the future. Hogan says the future looks really bright for his British Hulkamaniacs. The WWE keeps getting bigger and stronger. Hogan then says the British will have the WWE Network soon.

Hogan says we just finished WrestleMania, and we’re already on the road to next year’s WrestleMania. Hogan has one question to ask: “Whatcha gonna do, UK-Hulkamaniacs, when the Legends’ House, the WWE Network, and Hulkamania run wild on you, brother?” Hogan’s music plays, and he plays with the crowd some more before heading to the back.

John Cena will accompany Jimmy and Jey Uso as they face Luke Harper and Erick Rowan with Bray Wyatt in their corner later tonight. Coming up next, we’ll see Dolph Ziggler take on Batista in a No Disqualification match.

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Michael Cole and JBL talk about the most watched shows on the WWE Network.

No Disqualification
Dolph Ziggler vs. Batista

Before the match begins, they show footage of Batista losing his match against Dolph Ziggler last week by disqualification after giving him a low blow. Batista then viciously beat Ziggler down, and it culminated in a Batista Bomb on the barricade.

They bell rings, and Batista powers him to the corner. Ziggler quickly punches out and takes him down with a dropkick for a one count. Ziggler gets him to his feet and punches him down before stomping him. Ziggler then chokes him with his boot. Ziggler has a whip into the ropes reversed on him, and Batista hits him with a spinebuster for a two count. Batista gets out of the ring and grabs a chair. Batista gets in the ring with the chair, and Ziggler grabs it out of his hand. Ziggler keeps him away from the ring until Batista pulls him out of the ring and slams him off the commentary table. Batista then drives him into the ring apron. Batista drops him on the barricade before going for a spear, but Ziggler sidesteps him. Batista hits the barricade headfirst. Ziggler waits for Batista to get to his feet, and he clotheslines him over the barricade.

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We come back from the break to see Batista swing a chair at Ziggler, but Ziggler moves, and Batista hits the ring post with the chair. Ziggler grabs the chair and hits him on the back with it before hitting him with the edge. Ziggler slams the chair off the commentary table before smacking it off Batista’s back. Ziggler hits him two more times for good measure before throwing the chair away. Batista crawls around in pain before Ziggler powers him back into the ring, but Batista rolls back out immediately. Ziggler follows him out and knocks him over with a running elbow to the back of the head. Ziggler then sends him into the steel steps. Ziggler rolls him into the ring and splashes him in the corner before hitting some rapid punches. Ziggler then pulls him out of the corner and hits a neckbreaker. Batista soon gets to his feet, and Ziggler lays him out with a big snap DDT for a near fall.

Ziggler goes for a famouser, but Batista counters into a Batista Bomb attempt. Ziggler fights out of it and hits him with the famouser for a near fall. Batista rolls out of the ring to recover, and Ziggler baseball slides him into the commentary table, and Batista goes over it. Ziggler gets on top of the table and tackles Batista. In the process, they knock Michael Cole over. Batista is pinning down Cole as Ziggler punches away at him. Ziggler gets him to his feet, but he has a whip into the steel steps reversed on him. Cole returns to commentary, and JBL teases him about not doing his job. Cole complains that he just had 500-pounds of men on top of him. Batista slams his face off the steps before doing the same on the commentary table. Batista takes the bottom part of the stairs and positions it. Batista goes for a Batista Bomb on the steps, but Ziggler drops to his knees and delivers a low blow. Ziggler gets on the apron and goes for a flying famouser, but Batista sidesteps him. Ziggler hits the steps hard and grabs his knee in pain. Batista throws Ziggler into the ring and spears him down for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Batista
Match Rating: **

Batista begins to roll out of the ring, but he starts smiling and gets back in. Batista grabs Ziggler and delivers a Batista Bomb. Batista then leaves the ring and talks some trash to the fans.

Jimmy and Jey Uso with John Cena in their corner will take on Erick Rowan and Luke Harper with Bray Wyatt in their corner later tonight.

A Bo Dallas vignette plays. He will debut later tonight on Smackdown.

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Nikki Bella and Eva Marie vs. The Funkadactyls
Special Referee: Summer Rae

Before the match begins, footage is shown of Summer Rae returning on Monday Night RAW and kissing Fandango in front of Layla. Summer Rae then took Layla down, and they had a pull apart brawl.

Summer Rae calls for the bell, and Naomi will start the match against Nikki Bella. They lock up, and Nikki hits a fireman’s carry takeover before applying an arm bar. Naomi kips up, twists the arm, but she has a whip to the corner reversed on her. Nikki charges, and Naomi catches her with the rump shaker in the corner. Naomi kicks her away and applies a full nelson. Nikki breaks out of it and hits a face-buster. Nikki covers, but Summer Rae won’t count the pinfall. Nikki takes exception to that. Naomi rolls her up, but Nikki immediately kicks out. Cameron is tagged in, and they hit a double suplex. They dance a bit before doing stereo splitting leg drops. Cameron hits a Codebreaker before trying to pump the crowd up. Cameron runs into a back elbow, and Nikki hits a dropkick. Eva Marie is tagged in, and she kicks Cameron down before covering, but Summer Rae won’t count that pinfall either. Eva Marie argues with her before Cameron catches her with an inside cradle. Summer Rae fast counts, and The Funkadactyls pick up the victory.

Winners by Pinfall: The Funkadactyls
Match Rating: 1/4 *

All the divas in the ring are upset by these events, and Summer Rae quickly gets out of the ring to avoid any confrontation. Summer Rae taunts them as she goes up the ramp.

We’ll take a look from RAW when Stephanie McMahon gave a “State of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Address” later tonight. Coming up next, Bo Dallas will debut.

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Bo Dallas makes his debut on Friday Night Smackdown, and he comes out under really bright lights with inspirational-sounding music playing him down. Dallas kneels in the ring and smiles widely. Dallas says his name before saying that he is living proof that dreams do come true. The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or heard, but they can be felt with your heart. All you have to do is Bolieve!

Bo Dallas vs. Sin Cara

They circle the ring and lock up. Dallas applies a side headlock before taking him down with an arm drag and celebrating wildly. Dallas yells for people to not stop Bolieving. Dallas wrenches the arm, but Cara comes back with a hammerlock. Dallas hits a fireman’s carry takeover before applying an arm bar. Cara punches out and sends him into the ropes. Dallas comes back with a forearm smash before putting him in the corner. Dallas hits a suplex and drops a pair of knees before pausing. Dallas smiles at the crowd before hitting a delayed knee drop. Dallas pulls him to the middle of the ring, and Cara catches him with a jackknife pin for a two count. Cara rolls him up for a one count before reversing a whip to the corner. Dallas runs into a chop. Cara gets put on the apron, but he punches Dallas away and hits a springboard flying head-butt. Cara hits a springboard cross-body before hitting a handspring back elbow off the ropes for a two count. Cara shoulders him in the midsection before kicking him in the face. Cara goes for the Falling Star, but Dallas moves. Dallas follows up with a big clothesline before hitting a springboard bulldog for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bo Dallas
Match Rating: 3/4 *

Bo Dallas runs around ringside with his thumbs up, and he yells, “I did it!” Dallas then gets in the ring and shakes hands with Sin Cara. Dallas tells him that he did a good job and to not stop Bolieving so he can one day be like him.

Bray Wyatt will be out next to talk about how the Cenation is in his hands.

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Bray Wyatt address his attack on John Cena this past Monday

Bray Wyatt is in his rocking chair in the center of the ring. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan stand to the side of him. Seemingly everyone in the crowd has their cellphones out to add to the atmosphere. Wyatt says he has seen the ups and downs of our world. He has seen poverty and disease, and every time he closes his eyes, he can feel us calling out to him. Fortunately, for most of us, we don’t have to see the horrible things that occur in this world. We only see it from the confines of our homes while we eat cereal, but he assures that evil is a very real thing. Wyatt says we live inside a bubble that’s designed to make us feel safe and secure. We have become prisoners to our society, and that is exactly what they want from us. Wyatt laughs and says as soon as an eyebrow is raised, they send in someone like John Cena. They send him in to be the ray of hope. Cena tells everyone that this isn’t a prison; it’s our home. Wyatt says we’ve let that monster lie to our children long enough. That reason is exactly why he has been put here. A video then replays the vicious assault The Wyatt Family perpetrated on John Cena from this past Monday’s RAW. Wyatt laid out Cena with Sister Abigail on the stage before singing while Luke Harper slowly counted to ten.

Wyatt says the Cenation has infected our world like the plague. All it will take is a simple ten count to eradicate John Cena and everything he stands for. Wyatt knows that Cena is feeling the pressure, which is why he recruited The Usos to be his new pawns. Cena forgot to tell them that he was just going to throw them onto the front lines so they can fall while he rides his horse and doesn’t get his crown dirty. Wyatt says his brothers will teach that the bond of cause can never be broken. You cannot tame a beast that does not fear. The Usos walked so blindly into this deadly alliance, and tonight, they will learn that there are worse things than dying. When the city burned and the plague came, he was there. When John Cena falls and the Cenation crumbles, he’ll be standing there. Wyatt yells in French before dropping to the mat. Wyatt then begins to sing, “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands,” and the crowd sings along with him.

The Usos will take on Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. John Cena and Bray Wyatt will be at ringside for that match. Sheamus will take on Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match, next.

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Paul Heyman and his client Cesaro will be on commentary for the next match.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus

The bell sounds, and Cesaro immediately gets off commentary and starts shouting at Sheamus. Sheamus turns in Cesaro’s direction, and Cesaro says he’ll shake Sheamus’ hand now. Del Rio capitalizes on the distraction with a kick to the ribs. Del Rio punches away at him before putting him in the corner and kicking him. Sheamus punches back and beats him up in the corner. Del Rio kicks him away and hits a snapmare followed by a quick low dropkick to the face for a one count. Sheamus kicks and clubs him down before ripping at his face. Sheamus hits a snapmare before going to the second rope for a diving leg drop for a two count. Sheamus punches and clubs him some more. The crowd starts singing Adam Rose’s theme song. Sheamus sends Del Rio into the corner, but he soon runs into an elbow. Del Rio then runs into a rolling fireman’s carry. Sheamus then clotheslines him over the top rope. Sheamus follows him out of the ring, but Del Rio shoves him into the ring apron. Del Rio then connects with a step-up enzuigiri.

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We come back from the break to see Del Rio kick Sheamus in the face before being dropped to the apron. Del Rio then snaps him off the top rope. Sheamus comes back with a pair of Irish Hammers before shouldering him in the corner, hitting a high knee lift, and running into a boot. Del Rio then lays him out with a backstabber for a near fall. Del Rio sets up for a big kick, but Sheamus avoids it and rolls him up for a two count. Sheamus quickly hits an Irish Curse Backbreaker for another two count. Sheamus sets up for White Noise, but Del Rio elbows out. Del Rio goes for the Cross Arm Breaker, but Sheamus shoves him off. Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick, but Del Rio sidesteps him, and he hits the ropes. Sheamus falls to the apron, but he’s able to keep Del Rio away from him. Del Rio kicks him in the face as he reenters the ring and picks up a near fall on Sheamus.

Del Rio punches and slaps Sheamus before going for a senton on the ropes, but Sheamus sidesteps him. Sheamus then catches him with the 10 Beats of the Bodhrán. Sheamus tries to bring him into the ring, but Del Rio holds on to the ropes. Del Rio then applies the Cross Arm Breaker. Sheamus wiggles his way over to the ropes, and he gets the break by getting his feet on the bottom rope. Cesaro jumps on the apron, and Sheamus punches him down. Paul Heyman yells that it was a cheap shot. Sheamus then hits Del Rio with a powerslam. Cesaro then pulls Sheamus out of the ring and sends him into the ring steps. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification: Sheamus
Match Rating: * 1/2

Cesaro picks Sheamus up and gives him the Neutralizer on the floor! Paul Heyman says Cesaro did that because he can. Cesaro turns the unconscious Sheamus over and shakes his limp hand. Cesaro sarcastically tells him this is his handshake he wanted.

Replays are shown of what just transpired between Sheamus and Cesaro.

Michael Cole talks about how things are starting to look up for Daniel Bryan post-surgery. They then throw it to the RAW Rebound, where Stephanie McMahon said she wants Daniel Bryan to come to RAW next week to surrender the title because “it’s what’s best for business.”

Vickie Guerrero is seen walking backstage. She’ll be out, next.

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Vickie Guerrero tries to party with Adam Rose and his entourage

EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero is in the center of the ring. Vickie says the crowd only knows one side of her. They all know that she’s intelligent and has an award-winning personality. She has great personal skills and is straight up gorgeous. The one side that they don’t know is that she can party with the best of them. She can party all the time. Vickie then welcomes Adam Rose.

Adam Rose comes out with his eclectically dressed entourage. As Rose makes his entrance, Vickie snaps her fingers to the beat of his song. Vickie welcomes him to Friday Night Smackdown. Rose thanks her before doing his “party time all the time” line with the crowd. Rose asks if Vickie is a lemon or a rosebud. Rose asks the crowd what they think Vickie is, and they say that she’s a lemon. Vickie screams that she is not a lemon. Vickie says that Rose has thirty seconds to get out of her ring. Vickie gets on the apron as Rose offers her his lollipop, but she refuses it. Rose does it a few more times until she falls backward into the entourage. They then crowd surf her around the ringside area as she screams angrily to get off her. They carry her to the back.

Renee Young is backstage with The Usos. Renee asks about facing The Wyatt Family. Jimmy Uso first talks about all the people in Adam Rose’s party. Jey Uso then says The Wyatt Family calls themselves a family, but they know family. Since 1985, little Usos have been kicking ass in sandboxes. The Wyatts are big and ugly, but they don’t have the WWE Tag Team Championships. They’re real family. They then introduce their brother from another mother, John Cena. Cena imitates Road Warrior Hawk’s “WELLL” before saying something about putting dinner to bed and hunting for babies. The Usos don’t think he knows what he’s talking about, but he thinks he does. Cena says talk is cheap. Any fool can run his mouth. These guys have championships, and The Wyatt Family will find out why tonight because actions speak louder than words. They then imitate the chest pounding song from “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

The Usos will take on Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, next.

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Jimmy and Jey Uso w/ John Cena vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan w/ Bray Wyatt

Luke Harper will start the match against Jey Uso. Harper just stares at him, so Jey screams his last name in his face. Harper snaps to attention and quickly mauls him into the ropes. Harper punches away at him before rubbing his forearm on his face. Jey is sent to the corner, but he’s able to boot Harper in the face and roll him up for a one count. Harper punches him before sending him into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Jimmy Uso blind tags in, and he punches Harper. Jey kicks Harper in the face, and Jimmy hits a sunset flip for a two count. Harper quickly punches him down before tagging in Erick Rowan. They chop Jimmy’s chest before punching him in the corner. Rowan sends him to the corner, but Jimmy sidesteps a splash. Jimmy punches and chops him, but Rowan pushes him away. Rowan runs into a boot, and Jey is tagged back in. Jey splashes him in the corner, and Jimmy tags back in. Jimmy punches him before ducking a clothesline. Jimmy then hits a running cross-body over the top rope. Jimmy gets in the ring with his brother as The Wyatt Family regroups.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Jimmy dropkick Rowan down. Rowan quickly comes back with a forearm to the face before tagging in Harper. Jimmy punches him, but Harper knees him in the midsection. Harper misses a pair of back elbows, and Jimmy kicks him in the midsection. Jimmy charges at him, but Harper simply viciously whips him throat first into the ropes. Harper uppercuts him before tagging in Rowan. Rowan body slams him down before hitting a diving shoulder thrust to the spine. Rowan then digs his fists into Jimmy’s temples. The crowd is singing, “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands,” and Wyatt conducts them from his rocking chair. Harper tags in, and he drops an elbow for a two count. Harper picks him up by the hair, and he kicks him down as Jimmy tries for an enzuigiri. Jey runs in to drag his brother closer to the corner. Harper puts Jimmy in the corner, and he shoulders him in the spine a few times. Harper sets him up on the top rope, but Jimmy kicks him away and hits a corkscrew senton.

Jey and Rowan are tagged in. Jey hits a cross-body block followed by a right hand. Rowan reverses a whip, but Jey comes back with a flying clothesline. Jey uppercuts him and hits a Samoan Drop. Jey ducks a clothesline from Harper, and he connects with a running hip bump on Rowan. Jey then runs into a big boot from Harper. Jimmy comes in, and he kicks Harper out of the ring. Jimmy then takes him out with a suicide dive. Jey gets to his feet, and he avoids Rowan charging him. Rowan hits the ring post shoulder first and falls to the outside. Jey then catapults over the corner turnbuckle with a plancha on Rowan! Jey gets to his feet quickly and clotheslines Harper at ringside. Jey sends Rowan into the barricade before throwing him into the ring. Jey goes to the top rope, and Bray Wyatt pushes him off to the floor. The referee calls for the disqualification.

Winner by Disqualification: Jimmy and Jey Uso
Match Rating: **

John Cena runs into the ring and hits Rowan with an Attitude Adjustment. Cena takes his shirt off and stares at Wyatt. Cena challenges Wyatt to get into the ring. Wyatt gets on the apron, but he soon laughs and gets off. Wyatt goes up the ramp as Cena stares at him.


Quick Match Results

Batista def. Dolph Ziggler in a No DQ match
The Funkadactyls def. Nikki Bella and Eva Marie
Bo Dallas def. Sin Cara
Sheamus def. Alberto Del Rio via DQ (non-title)
Jimmy and Jey Uso def. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan via DQ (non-title)

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