WWE Smackdown Results – 9/19/14 (Reigns vs. Rusev)

WWE Smackdown Results 9/19/14

WWE Smackdown Results
September 19, 2014
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Smackdown opens up with a rare pyrotechnics display. Todd Philips, Michael Cole, and JBL welcome us to the show. Tonight’s main event will see Roman Reigns take on Rusev.

Jimmy Uso w/ Jey Uso vs. Stardust w/ Goldust

Footage is shown of Goldust and Stardust attacking the injured knee of Jey Uso three weeks ago on RAW following a match. Then we see footage from two weeks ago when The Usos made a comeback and hit Stardust with a crutch. A pre-taped promo is shown with Goldust and Stardust. Stardust says it doesn’t matter who they hurt. They will harness the power of a supernova and retrieve the cosmic key. Goldust says they will say, “U-so-long” to the Tag Team Titles.

They lock up, and Stardust quickly powers him to the corner. Jimmy punches him away and chops the chest. Stardust kicks him before whipping him, but Jimmy puts the brakes on and clotheslines him. Jimmy gets a waistlock applied, but Stardust head-butts him to get out. Stardust misses a clothesline, and Jimmy kicks and punches him. Stardust counters a body slam and hits a neckbreaker. Stardust kicks away at him before stomping the midsection. Stardust chokes him with his boot before smashing him into the corner. Jimmy punches him, but Stardust drops down and kicks him in the temple. Stardust sizes him up in the corner, but he runs into a boot. Jimmy misses a superkick, but he blocks a kick from Stardust and spins him, but Stardust blocks the kick again. Stardust pushes him into the ropes, but Jimmy quickly comes back with a superkick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Jimmy Uso
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Goldust runs into the ring, but The Usos take him out with a double-team superkick. The Usos celebrate in the ring with their WWE Tag Team Championships.

We’ll see a Night of Champions preview featuring the confrontation between John Cena and Brock Lesnar from this past Monday’s RAW. Big Show and Los Matadores will take on The Wyatt Family later tonight. Dolph Ziggler is walking backstage with Sheamus and R-Ziggler. Ziggler and Sheamus team up, next.

-Commercial Break-

The Night of Champions Kickoff show will be a special one-hour show. Christian will host “The Peep Show” with Chris Jericho as his special guest.

The Miz and Cesaro w/ Damien Sandow vs. Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus w/ R-Truth

Damien Sandow and R-Truth are still dressed as the stunt doubles of Miz and Ziggler respectively. Dolph Ziggler will start the match against Cesaro. They lock up, and Cesaro quickly takes him down. Ziggler slides away, and he goes for a takedown on Cesaro. Cesaro doesn’t go down and applies a side headlock. Cesaro hits a takeover, but Ziggler quickly gets a head-scissor applied. Cesaro rolls out of it and reapplies the side headlock. Ziggler whips him off, but Cesaro takes him down with a shoulder block. Cesaro wiggles his hips as The Miz, still in sunglasses, claps from the apron. Cesaro hits another headlock takeover, but Ziggler soon fights up and whips him off. Ziggler leapfrogs him and goes for a hip toss, but Cesaro blocks it. Ziggler attempts a sunset flip, but Cesaro picks him up and military presses him. Ziggler slides out, lands on his feet, and dropkicks him. The Miz quickly provides a distraction, but he escapes before Ziggler can hit him. Ziggler then leaps at Cesaro, but Cesaro counters into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near fall. The Miz is tagged in, and he kicks Ziggler in the face while still wearing sunglasses. Miz finally removes them and tosses them to Sandow. Miz hits another kick to Ziggler’s face, but he’s only able to pick up a near fall. Miz punches and stomps him before attempting a suplex. Ziggler counters into an inside cradle for a two count. Ziggler quickly pops up and hits a neckbreaker. Ziggler goes for a famouser, but Miz counters into the Reality Check for a near fall.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Miz hit Ziggler with his trademark corner clothesline. Miz goes to the top rope and hits a diving axe handle for a near fall. Miz rips at Ziggler’s nose before applying a chin lock. During the commercial break, Cesaro big booted Sheamus off the apron before hitting a deadlift gutwrench suplex to Ziggler. Back to live action, Ziggler fights up from Miz’ chin lock and hits a jawbreaker to counter out. Both men are down, but Miz makes the tag to Cesaro first. Cesaro quickly tries to knock Sheamus off the apron, but Sheamus punches him back. Ziggler then gives Cesaro a back body drop. Cesaro tries to stop him from tagging Sheamus, but he eats a back elbow. Cesaro soon lifts him and tosses him in the air for A Very European Uppercut, but Ziggler counters into a big DDT.

Sheamus and Miz are tagged in. Sheamus hits a pair of Irish hammers before giving him a shoulder block in the corner. Sheamus knocks Cesaro off the apron before putting Miz on the apron and delivering the 10 Beats of the Bodhrán. Sheamus gives him 15 blows before hitting a rolling fireman’s carry slam for a near fall. Sheamus quickly sends him into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Miz hits the ropes, and he runs into an Irish Curse Backbreaker. Cesaro breaks up the pinfall. Ziggler quickly runs in and gives Cesaro a back body drop over the top rope. Cesaro lands awkwardly and immediately grabs his knee. Miz then knocks Ziggler out of the ring. Sheamus then catches Miz with a powerslam. Sandow gets on the apron, so Sheamus grabs him. Sandow escapes, but R-Truth clotheslines him at ringside. Miz quickly rolls him up for a two count. Miz immediately gets up and kicks him in the knee before hitting a DDT for a near fall. Miz waits for him to get up, but R-Truth gets on the apron. This distracts Miz, which allows Ziggler to superkick him. Miz then stumbles into a Brogue Kick, and Sheamus picks up the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus
Match Rating: **

Replays are shown from the final moments of the match. Ziggler, Sheamus, and R-Truth celebrate in the ring and raise their arms.

Roman Reigns will take on Rusev in tonight’s main event.

-Commercial Break-

Heath Slater w/ Titus O’Neil vs. Adam Rose

Replays are shown of the troubles Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil have had with the bunny from Rose’s entourage. They circle the ring, and Slater quickly punches him down in the corner. Slater sends him to the opposite corner, but he runs into the boots. Rose hits a cross-body block for a two count. Rose quickly hits a headlock takeover, but Slater quickly fights up and hits a back suplex. Slater drops an elbow and punches away at him. Slater kicks him in the back before punching him in the head again. Slater picks up another two count. Slater kicks and chokes him in the corner. Slater hits a body slam before taunting the crowd. Slater goes to the second rope and leaps, but Rose gets his boots up. Rose then catches him with an inside cradle for a two count. Rose avoids an avalanche and hits a pair of running forearms. Rose hits a spinebuster before hitting a corner clothesline. Rose punches away at him before ripping Slater’s shirt off. Rose hits the ropes, but O’Neil trips him. Slater hits a high crescent kick for a near fall.

The Damn Bunny hops into the ring, and he hits O’Neil with a plancha! Slater is in disbelief. Slater then turns into Party Foul, and Rose picks up the win as the Bunny hops into the ring.

Winner by Pinfall: Adam Rose
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Adam Rose celebrates with the Bunny and the rest of the Exotic Express. Michael Cole is talking about “Bunny Power” and “Bunnymania.”

Footage is shown from Monday Night RAW when Mark Henry attempted to rally America behind him as he heads into his match against Rusev this Sunday at Night of Champions. Rusev attacked him, but Henry got the better of him.

Renee Young is backstage with Rusev and Lana. Renee asks Lana about Rusev facing Roman Reigns. Lana speaks in her native tongue before turning it to Rusev. Rusev also speaks in his native tongue. Lana then gets in Renee’s face and says, “Rusev CRUSH!”

Big Show and Los Matadores will fight The Wyatt Family, next.

-Commercial Break-

The commentators plug the WWE Network and mention that you can watch Night of Champions there this Sunday for only, you guessed it, $9.99.

The Big Show played the part of El Torito during the entrance of Los Matadores. That was pretty humorous. Replays are shown of Big Show facing Bray Wyatt on Monday Night RAW. Big Show beat him by disqualification when Harper and Rowan interfered. Big Show then gave them a double-chokeslam.

“We’re here.”

The Wyatt Family make their entrance to the ring. Big Show and Erick Rowan seem ready to start the match when a commercial break hits.

-Commercial Break-

Los Matadores and Big Show vs. The Wyatt Family

We join the match in progress as Fernando chops Rowan. Rowan reverses a whip, but he misses a pair of clotheslines. Fernando keeps him back and goes for a pin, but Rowan doesn’t go down. Rowan then hits him with a fall-away slam. Bray Wyatt is tagged in, and he stomps Fernando before hitting a snap suplex. Wyatt immediately follows up with a senton splash. Luke Harper is tagged in, and he drops an elbow before dropping a fist for a one count. Harper hits an uppercut, but Fernando comes back with a punch. Fernando goes for a sunset flip, but Harper kicks out at one. Harper quickly takes him down with an elbow strike for a two count. Harper hits some straight right hands before stepping on his throat. Rowan is tagged in, and he drops a knee. Rowan then digs his fists into the temples. Fernando fights up, but Rowan knees him. Rowan goes for a back suplex, but Fernando lands on his feet and rolls to Big Show.

Big Show hits a pair of clotheslines before sending him to the corner for a running butt bump. Big Show hits the ropes, but Rowan chop blocks him. Wyatt is tagged in, and he kicks away at Big Show. Wyatt clubs away at him before hitting a DDT for a two count. Harper is tagged in, and he stomps Big Show. Harper then does the gator roll to the Big Show. Big Show soon fights up and punches out. Big Show hits the ropes, but Harper dropkicks him down. Rowan is tagged in, and he picks up a two count. Rowan stomps him, and Big Show leaves the ring to recover. Wyatt is tagged in, and he punches Big Show at ringside. Big Show head-butts him and gets in the ring. Wyatt stops him from making a tag before tagging in Harper, who stomps Big Show. Harper then applies a chin lock. Big Show fights up and counters out with a back suplex. Big Show then goes to the second rope, but Harper avoids the Vader Bomb. Harper knocks Los Matadores off the apron before tagging Wyatt in. Wyatt kicks Big Show before applying a chin lock. Big Show powers up and gets out with a back suplex, again.

Diego is tagged in, and he hits Wyatt with a top rope chop. Diego hits a pair of flying back elbows before punching him. Wyatt reverses a whip, but Diego back flips over him before giving him a drop-toe-hold into the ropes. Diego hits the ropes, but Wyatt takes him out with a flying forearm smash. Outside the ring, Rowan misses a clothesline on Fernando. Harper then big boots Fernando down. Big Show quickly pushes Rowan into the barricade. Harper then sends Big Show into the ring post. Wyatt sends Diego into the ropes, and he hits Harper with a suicide dive. Diego snaps Wyatt off the top rope and goes to the top rope, but he jumps over Wyatt. Wyatt then catches him with Sister Abigail for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Wyatt Family
Match Rating: * 3/4

Footage is shown of the Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins match that is still going to happen on Night of Champions that was stupidly given away for free on RAW. Reigns picked up a decisive win, so where is the intrigue to see the rematch?

Renee Young is backstage with Roman Reigns. She asks how he feels going into a match with Rusev. Reigns says he doesn’t care if his opponents are Russian, American, or little green Martians. He doesn’t discriminate because it’s one versus all. Tonight, he brings the fight to Rusev. On Sunday, he brings the fight to Seth Rollins, again. Reigns holds up his fist and says, “Believe that.”

We’ll see a Night of Champions preview for John Cena versus Brock Lesnar later tonight.

-Commercial Break-

AJ Lee is on commentary for the next match.

Paige vs. Nikki Bella

Paige shoves her, and Nikki shoves her back. Paige tackles her, and they roll around the mat exchanging punches. Paige throws her into the corner, but she runs into a back elbow. Nikki hits a springboard kick for a one count. Paige rolls to the apron, but Nikki pulls her hair. Nikki then knocks her off the apron. Nikki throws her back into the ring, and Paige kicks her off the apron. Paige throws her into the ring and applies a sleeper hold with a body scissor. Nikki fights up, but Paige clubs her down. Nikki punches back at her, but Paige soon takes her down with a kick. Paige sends her into the ropes, but she misses a clothesline. Nikki hits a clothesline and a dropkick before hitting a back body drop. Nikki hits a face-buster for a two count. Paige quickly comes back with a kick to the jaw before hitting the Paige Turner for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Paige
Match Rating: 1/2 *

AJ Lee grabs the WWE Divas Championship and gets in the ring with it. AJ holds it like a baby and rocks it. Paige begs her to give it back to her. AJ hands it over, but she doesn’t let it go. Nikki then comes between then and rips it out of both their hands. Nikki then takes them out with the title. Nikki holds the title up before dropping it and leaving the ring.

Jack Swagger will face Bo Dallas in a rematch from Monday Night RAW, next.

-Commercial Break-

Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter vs. Bo Dallas

They lock up at the sound of the bell, and Swagger quickly powers him to the corner. Swagger gives a clean break, and they lock up again. Swagger powers him into the ropes and gives another clean break. Dallas slaps him in the face and gets out of the ring. Dallas runs away from him, but Swagger eventually clotheslines him at ringside. Swagger does his “We the people” taunt before bouncing him off the commentary table. Swagger throws him into the ring. Dallas kicks him as he comes into the ring and hits a neckbreaker. Dallas hits him in the corner before hitting a clothesline for a one count. Dallas then applies a chin lock, but Swagger quickly gets out. Dallas punches him, but he has a whip to the corner reversed. Dallas then stumbles into a big boot. Swagger hits a Swagger Bomb before going for a slam, but Dallas slides off and leaves the ring. Swagger chases him and grabs him before he can leave the ring again. Dallas quickly snaps his arm off the top rope and hits a Running Bo-Dog for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bo Dallas
Match Rating: *

Dallas does a victory lap around ringside before saying it looks like he’s lost his swagger. Dallas says Swagger will wind up like Zeb Colter, a haggard old senior citizen. A waitress told him that Colter stole sugar packets and is a bad tipper. Dallas says it’s obvious that Swagger is slow, but he can succeed if he just Bolieves. Swagger quickly kicks the microphone into Dallas’ mouth. Dallas scurries away to the back as Swagger’s music plays.

Roman Reigns will face Rusev in the main event. Coming up next, we’ll see a preview for the Cena/Lesnar match at Night of Champions.

-Commercial Break-

A video recaps the big brawl John Cena and Brock Lesnar had on Monday Night RAW. They’re hyping up that Cena is different. A clip is then shown from Michael Cole’s WWE.com interview with Brock Lesnar. Lesnar says he’s a prizefighter that only shows up on RAW to promote fights. Lesnar says he’s fired up to give Cena another ass beating on Sunday.

Renee Young is backstage with Mark Henry. She asks how he’s feeling after the rally and confrontation with Rusev. Henry says he feels good about it. In 1992 at the Olympics, a Russian defeated him. In 1996, even though he had to bow out due to injury, a Russian beat him. This Sunday, he has the opportunity to not only win for himself, but for the fans and country. Henry says, “Mark Henry crush Rusev.”

Roman Reigns makes his entrance through the crowd. He’ll face Rusev in the main event, next.

-Commercial Break-

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev w/ Lana

They lock up, but neither man can get an advantage due to being equal in power. They eventually fall out of the ring. Rusev kicks him in the leg and talks some trash. Reigns punches him before putting him in the ring. Rusev hits the ropes, and Reigns hits him with a back elbow. Rusev shoves him away and kicks him in the midsection. Rusev clubs and kicks him as Lana smiles. Rusev shoves him to the corner and punches him. Rusev continues to punch him before applying a bear hug. Reigns fights out and puts him in the corner. Reigns goes to the second rope and hits a flying clothesline. Reigns hits a shoulder block before hitting the ropes again, but Rusev takes him out with a spinning wheel kick.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Reigns trapped in a bear hug. The commentators are talking about how Rusev is dominating Reigns in the match. Reigns begins to fight up with no look of pain on his face before head-butting out. Rusev knees him in the midsection before sending him to the corner and hitting a running shoulder thrust. Rusev tries again, but he runs into a boot. Reigns then sidesteps him. Rusev sidesteps him as well, but Reigns comes back with a clothesline. Reigns hits a clothesline before having a whip reversed. Rusev knees him in the midsection and hits the ropes, but Reigns hits a Samoan Drop before punching away at him. Reigns avalanches him in the corner before ducking a clothesline and hitting a jumping clothesline for a one count. Reigns clotheslines him in the corner and punches him. Reigns goes outside and hits a running dropkick while landing on the apron.

Reigns sets up for the Superman Punch, but Seth Rollins runs down for the distraction. Rusev hits a thrust kick to the jaw. Rusev stomps the spine before going for the Accolade, but Reigns slides out and hits a back suplex powerbomb. Rollins goes to the top rope with his Money in the Bank briefcase. Rollins jumps to hit Reigns with the briefcase, but Reigns sidesteps him and connects with Rusev instead.

Winner by Disqualification: Rusev
Match Rating: *

Reigns quickly clotheslines Rollins out of the ring before hitting Rusev with a Superman Punch. Rollins pulls Reigns out of the ring and punches him. Reigns then tackles him over the commentary table. Reigns then throws him into the crowd. They fight through the crowd and to the back.

Lilian Garcia announces Rusev as the winner by disqualification. Mark Henry’s music then hits, and he makes his way to the ring. A USA chant breaks out. Henry points to the ceiling, and a giant American flag unfurls above the ring. Rusev and Lana are stunned. “The Stars and Stripes Forever” plays as Henry gets in the ring. Rusev attacks him with kicks and punches as he gets in. The crowd continues to chant USA. Henry shakes it off and begins to not feel the punches. Henry shoves him back, and they both scream. Rusev then runs into the World’s Strongest Slam. Henry celebrates as the crowd cheers.


Quick Match Results

Jimmy Uso def. Stardust
Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus def. The Miz and Cesaro
Adam Rose def. Heath Slater
The Wyatt Family def. Los Matadores and Big Show
Paige def. Nikki Bella (non-title)
Bo Dallas def. Jack Swagger
Rusev def. Roman Reigns via DQ

Mike’s Quick Thoughts

* There wasn’t much to the opening match of the evening. It kind of just happened and then we moved on. The rivalry with The Usos and the Dust Brothers just hasn’t gotten on track for me. I struggle to find any interest in it whatsoever. It’s so crazy how much steam both teams have lost since really being on fire at this time last year. I’m not sure why Goldust and Stardust/Cody Rhodes fizzled out. I thought they were still having great matches, but the reactions weren’t there. As for The Usos, they do their big spots in seemingly every single match they’re in. They don’t know how to space things out and save their bullets for a big show. I feel like we’ve seen all their tricks already on free TV.

* After a RAW that was so atrociously booked that I had to go off on a tangent moments after it ended, I see that the bad booking has made it’s way to Smackdown. How did this tag match not open the show? Why would you open the show with a lame match featuring a lame feud no one is interested in, and then follow it up with this great tag match featuring the two PPV matchups for the mid-card titles? I just don’t get the logic behind that one. Don’t you want the show to open with a bang to, you know, keep people interested? You stick the lame three-minute matches in the in-between time between the next top of the hour, not to kick off your show. There are a few people in Stanford that may need to have their head reexamined. There is something in the drinking water this week.

* Sorry people, but the Adam Rose gimmick is not getting over with me. I thought it was worth a chuckle or two when he came in months ago, but the luster has since vanished and it’s not coming back. The Bunny thing is funny, but that was also done out on RAW weeks ago. The character just isn’t set up for a long run. Unfortunately for him, his short run seems like it’s already over as well. Thus far, this show would be an ok episode of WWE Main Event.

* The six-man tag with The Wyatt Family against Los Matadores and Big Show was just ok. Honestly, it didn’t make any sense for Los Matadores to be in there with The Wyatt Family, and it hurt the match. There isn’t even a hint of a rivalry involving Los Matadores. They were just put out there and not a single person in the crowd (the sparse crowd since you can clearly see on TV that the entire – not just some sections, but the entire thing – upper deck is closed off. Los Matadores were given a lot of offense, but no one got into it because you already knew the result. It was too predictable. Sometimes being predictable is ok if you have good characters in there. This isn’t the case. I forgot Los Matadores was on the damn roster. Also, is it just me or are WAY too many people using the suicide dive? Rollins, Harper, Ambrose, Bryan, and now Diego? I’m sure I’m forgetting one or two more guys. Come on, people. Can anybody just have a moveset that is unique to them? In the old days, that would be gimmick infringement.

* The promo material they give to Roman Reigns continues to be brutal. If they keep feeding him garbage like they did again tonight, he’s not going to make it to November with any real fan reaction.

* I liked the Paige/Nikki Bella match for the simple fact that it gave some good final build to the Divas Championship match this Sunday. They didn’t really get the good build on RAW in that short, bizarre tag match. This should have been what happened on RAW.

* Well I guess this series with Swagger and Dallas is even now and there needs to be a rubber match. My gut says that’ll happen on the one-hour Night of Champions Kickoff show. It can’t just be The Peep Show and tons and tons of hype. That being said, there wasn’t anything to this match. Hopefully the rubber match will be somewhat decent.

* I enjoyed the brawling that happened after the match with Rusev and Henry going at it while Reigns and Rollins fought through the crowd. The match itself was a stinker. Reigns was pretty damn bad with his selling. Shaking your head around to get the crowd into it doesn’t do it. With high definition cameras on your face all the time, you have to emote for the audience at home as well. He’s fighting up from a bear hug and has a look on his face like someone just told him a sleazy joke. I haven’t noticed it before, but now I’ll be looking to see how he emotes. Hopefully he was just having an off night. I know it seems like I’m being hard on him, but I’m just pointing out the facts. I hope he works out and is a great top talent for years to come that helps the business. I just don’t think the way they’re going about getting him there is the right way to go. They may want him to be ready, but I want to be a millionaire and my lottery numbers never come up. If he needs another year then he needs another year.

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