WWE Smackdown Results – 6/18/15 (Tag Team Main Event)

WWE Smackdown Results 6/18/15

WWE Smackdown Results
June 18, 2015
Buffalo, New York
Report by: Dustin Holland of Wrestleview.com

WWE: Then. Now. Forever.

We see a tribute screen to Dusty Rhodes as Smackdown begins.

Jerry Lawler, Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips are on commentary.

Sheamus’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase. We are shown stills from MITB where Roman Reigns is knocked off the ladder by Bray Wyatt giving Sheamus the opportunity to climb the ladder to win the briefcase. Sheamus brings up the “You look stupid” chants he got for his updated look. Raised his MITB briefcase and asked, “How stupid do I look now?” He says he is one step away from becoming World Heavyweight Champion. He then cues footage of what happened to Randy Orton on Monday Night Raw. We see a huge Brogue Kick by Sheamus to Orton giving Kane the victory Monday night. Sheamus says Orton became a problem and he eliminated him. He says nobody will stand in his way to returning to the top and promises that we will all be entertained.

Dean Ambrose’s music hits and The Lunatic Fringe said Roman Reigns would have won MITB if Bray Wyatt had not interfered. Sheamus says that Ambrose was a loser who has to steal things since he could never win the big one on his own. Sheamus laid down the briefcase and told Ambrose to come in and get it.  Kane’s music hits. He says that he and Sheamus will give Ambrose a good old fashioned “arse whoopin.” Kane makes a handicap match teaming with Sheamus vs. Ambrose. Kane declares that the match begins now and yells for a referee from the back.

Kane and Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose

Sheamus goes after Ambrose and Ambrose ducks out of the ring. Sheamus out to get him and Ambrose eludes sliding back in. Ambrose off the ropes misses with a series of attempted clotheslines before he is grabbed at the throat by Kane.  Ambrose counters and runs across the ropes ducking Kane. Kane is sent to the outside as Sheamus enters the opposite side of the ring. Ambrose takes it to Sheamus and turns his attention to Kane once again as he flies through the second rope taking Kane down on the outside. Ambrose goes to the top rope where Sheamus meets him there. Sheamus pulls him down from the ropes and Kane and Sheamus double team Ambrose in the corner, kicking him while he is down. Roman Reigns music hits and Sheamus looks toward the crowd, waiting for him to come down the steps. Reigns sneaks in from the outside of the ring and attacks Kane. Kane and Sheamus are both sent out of the ring as Reigns and Ambrose take the upper hand. Kane and Sheamus retreat up the ramp as Reigns and Ambrose look poised for another fight inside the ring.

Winners: Kane and Sheamus via DQ

We see stills from the match between Ambrose and Rollins at MITB where both men fell with the belt and Rollins held on as they hit the mat. We are reminded of what transpired Monday night on Raw where the Authority announced that Brock Lesnar had been reinstated and would face Rollins at Battleground in 5 weeks. The Beast is Back as we go to break.

Breaking development as we are told tonight’s main event will now be Kane and Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

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Back from break we see Reigns and Ambrose walking in the back. Renee Young asks for a response to tonight’s main event announcement. Reigns goes on a rant about Bray Wyatt and says that he will find Wyatt before Wyatt finds him. He stomps off like a man on a mission.

We see Paige in the ring as Brie Bella makes her way down the ramp and into the ring. We see footage of Monday Night Raw where Paige tries to rally the other Divas against the Bellas to no avail. We also see the Bellas defeating Paige on Raw that same night.

Brie Bella vs. Paige

The match begins with Brie and Paige locking up. Brie forces Paige to the corner. Brie hits a Bulldog and pins Paige for a two count. Paige counters and sends Brie into the corner. Paige takes it to Brie. They battle on the turnbuckle back and forth exchanging punches. They ready themselves for a move off the ropes. Brie flips over the top and takes Paige to the mat with a Power Bomb. She pins Paige for a two count.

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Back from commercial Brie is sticking it to Paige with knees and kicks to her back. Brie pins for a two count. Brie hits a swinging Neck Breaker and locks Paige up in a submission maneuver. Paige is up but quickly sent to the corner. They battle again in the corner exchanging blows. Brie is sent to the center of the mat and Paige connects with a Super kick sending Brie out of the ring. Paige declares “this is my House” and goes out to Brie on the floor hitting a rolling Sinton off the mat. Brie is sent back in the ring. Paige to the top rope where she is attacked from behind by Alicia Fox allowing Brie to take Paige down for the 1…2….3.

Winner: Brie Bella

Alicia Fox watches as Brie celebrates in the ring. The Bellas and Fox gloat at the entrance ramp.

We see stills of Cena vs. Owens at MITB. We are shown footage of Monday Night Raw where Kevin Owens slams Machine Gun Kelly off the entrance platform. We then see Kevin Owens apology on Twitter. Kevin Owens is backstage being interviewed by Renee Young. Owens blames John Cena for not being at Raw to prevent him from beating up Machine Gun Kelly. Owens also claims that MGK started it by “touching” him first. Owens says there would be no NXT Championship open challenge match tonight on Smackdown. Cesaro shows up and challenged Owens to a match later in the show. And to show Owens he was serious, Cesaro “touched” Owens and dared him to do something about it.

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Back from break we see Dolph Ziggler enter with Lana. Time to Bo-Lieve…as Bo Dallas’ music hits. Bo says that Lana is on the rebound and that Rusev’s heart is breaking and so is his soul. He calls her despicable and says of all the people to rebound with Dolph Ziggler could be the worst decision of all. He tells her that the right man is out there somewhere and she just needs to “BO-LIEVE”!

Bo Dallas vs. Dolph Ziggler

The match begins with Ziggler and Dallas exchanging a series of blows. Dallas gains the offensive and takes down Ziggler with a huge clothesline. Dallas covers Ziggler and he kicks out. Dallas wrenches down on the neck of Ziggler. Ziggler counters but Dallas takes him down to the mat. We see Rusev looking on from the back watching on a monitor. Dallas is dancing around the ring. He goes to pick up Ziggler who quickly counters hitting Dallas with the Zig Zag. He gets the pin fall 1…2….3.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler and Lana celebrate in the ring with a kiss. We see Rusev going crazy backstage as Lana and Ziggler walk up the ramp in celebration.

Later tonight: The main event with Reigns and Ambrose taking on Kane and Sheamus.

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Tough Enough returns to USA this Tuesday.

Back from the break, New Day is in the ring.  Neville’s music hits and The Man that Gravity Forgot makes his way down to the ring.

Xavier Woods vs. Neville

The match starts with a lockup and Xavier Woods takes Neville down. He stomps on Neville uncontrollably. He covers Neville and a kick out. Woods locks Neville up. Neville counters and tosses Woods out of the ring. Neville off the ropes leaps over and connects with a spinning dive to the outside taking Woods out. Neville looks as The New Day stalks him on the outside. Just when it looks bad for Neville, The WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players show up to back up Neville. The New Day retreats as PTP says “Bring it”.  Neville back in the ring now but quickly Woods tries to roll him up. Neville counters and puts Woods on the mat. He looks to go to the top rope. Neville is distracted by Kofi and Woods pulls him down. PTP and New Day battle outside the ring. Woods takes out Darren Young of PTP and while he is distracted Neville hits him with a swift kick to the face. Neville goes up top and hits the Red Arrow spinning his way on to Woods for the pin fall. 1…2…3

Winner: Neville

Neville celebrates in the ring with The Primetime Players as they mock the New Day outside. New Day retreats to the back defeated.

Up next: Seth Rollins addresses us about the return of Brock Lesnar.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, WWE Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. We see footage of this past Monday on Raw where The Authority informs Seth Rollins that Brock Lesnar is back and he is the number one contender. We see Triple H making the analogy about being tested by pressure and figuring out if Rollins will stay a lump of coal or become the diamond that Triple H thinks he could be.  We then see Brock Lesnar face off with Rollins in the ring on Raw with Seth Rollins looking like he just saw a ghost. Rollins backs away as Lesnar comes towards him. He escapes from the ring and goes to the back.
Lesnar and Rollins will face off at WWE Battleground in St. Louis, Mo (My Hometown) in 5 weeks. Seth Rollins then cuts a promo about being the best the WWE has to offer. Rollins says he never gets a thank you or a pat on the back but gets disrespected instead. Rollins says he is shocked at Brock Lesnar’s return and points out that once Brock got in the ring, he did “NOTHING”! Rollins then goes on to say that he needs to beat Brock to cement his legacy and at Battleground, he will become the “diamond” that Triple H challenged him to be. 

We see footage of Roman Reigns confronting Bray Wyatt this past Monday night on Raw. We see Bray Wyatt showing a picture of Reigns with his daughter.

We then see Reigns and Ambrose in the locker room. Ambrose is spewing on and Reigns looks like he is in la la land. Wyatt has Reigns fired up.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, we see Owens in the ring waiting for Cesaro. Cesaro’s sirens hit and he makes his way out to start the match.

Cesaro vs. NXT Champion Kevin Owens

The match begins with a lock up and a quick roll up by Cesaro. Owens counters and hits a shoulder off the rope. He covers Cesaro and a kick out. Owens hits a clothesline but Cesaro Counters and sends Owens out of the ring. Cesaro flies through the second rope and takes Owens down to the floor. He then hits a running uppercut on Owens. Owens back in the ring gaining momentum but Cesaro counters. Owens takes control and sends Cesaro into the turnbuckle.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break we see Owens with Cesaro in a headlock. Cesaro comes out of it and hits another flying uppercut. Cesaro tries to gain the upper hand but Owens hits a DDT off the ropes and covers Cesaro. Cesaro recovers going for Cesaro swing. Owens wiggles away. Cesaro then hits a back body drop on Owens and covers him for a two count. Cesaro in control now taking it to Owens in the corner. Another pin by Cesaro and a kick out by Owens. Owens up now hits a suplex on Cesaro. Then he rolls Cesaro to the corner where he hits the Cannonball roll to Cesaro. Owens pins and Cesaro kicks out. Owens to the top rope is caught by Cesaro and hit with multiple uppercuts. He then hits a dropkick on Owens as he sat on the top rope. Cesaro slams Owens headfirst into the turnbuckle. Owens takes Cesaro back to the middle of the ring and sends him running to the ropes. Owens catches Cesaro and hits the Pop Up Power Bomb for the 1..2..3.

Winner: Kevin Owens

-Commercial Break-

The Dusty Rhodes tribute aired. The crowd chanted Dusty’s name.

Roman Reigns makes his way down through the crowd. Ambrose is out next.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, Kane and Mr. Money in the Bank Sheamus make their way down to the ring.

Sheamus and Kane vs. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

Sheamus and Ambrose start the match. Sheamus kicks Ambrose and takes him in to the corner. Ambrose counters and the two battle back and forth. Sheamus rubs the face of Ambrose in to the ropes and Ambrose counters with chops and punches in the corner. Sheamus counters and connects with a huge clothesline. Roman reigns comes in and takes out Kane. All four men battle as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial Sheamus pulls Ambrose out of the ring and slams him on to the announce table. Ambrose is rolled back in and Sheamus continues to have the upper hand hitting knees to Ambrose and covering for a two count. Kane is tagged in. Kane stomps on Ambrose. Ambrose fights back but it’s not enough, Kane takes him to his corner and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus applies a submission maneuver to Ambrose exposing his knee. Ambrose counters and rolls Sheamus out of the ring. Sheamus takes out the knee of Ambrose as Kane comes back in. Kane applies the boot to the face of Ambrose and Ambrose looks winded. Kane continues to punch Ambrose as he is trapped in the corner. Ambrose fights his way out and limps to the top rope. He hits the flying elbow off the top rope taking Kane down. He is looking to tag Reigns and gets there. Reigns comes in and takes out Sheamus. Kane tries to interfere but is sent out of the ring. Roman Reigns goes for a Super Man punch and runs into a choke slam hold of Kane. Ambrose is grabbed by the other hand. They kick out and everyone hits their finishers in succession when all of a sudden Bray Wyatt appears on the screen and Sheamus takes advantage hitting a Brogue Kick on Reigns and getting the 1…2…3.

Winners: Kane and Sheamus

We then see Bray Wyatt laughing and wishing Roman Reigns a Happy Father’s Day! Reigns is in the ring holding a picture of him and his daughter having a tea party as we go to black.


* Kane and Sheamus def. Dean Ambrose via DQ (Interference by Roman Reigns)
*Brie Bella def. Paige
*Dolph Ziggler def. Bo Dallas
*Neville def. Xavier Woods
*Kevin Owens def. Cesaro
*Kane and Sheamus def. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed the show. Check back tomorrow for my review of WWE Smackdown right here on Wrestleview.com.

Have a Happy Father’s Day on Sunday!

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