WWE Smackdown Results 7/9/15

WWE Smackdown Results
July 23, 2015
Lincoln, Nebraska
Report by: Dustin Holland of Wrestleview.com

WWE: Then. Now. Forever.

Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips and Jimmy Uso on Commentary

The show opens with Dean Ambrose making his way to the ring.

We are shown footage from RAW where Bray Wyatt attacks Roman Reigns during his match with Luke Harper. Dean Ambrose made the save evening the score and taking sown the Wyatt Family.

Sheamus’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Sheamus cuts a promo on the way to the ring and calls Ambrose a coward. He says tonight there is nowhere to hide from him. He raises the Money in the bank contract and says he will be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Ambrose grabs the mic and is interrupted by the fans chant of “You Look Stupid!” directed at Sheamus. Ambrose says he has been thinking and they are right “You do look stupid!”

Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus

The match begins with a lock up. They roll around on the mat and Sheamus scurries to the outside. Sheamus back in now and they go to lock up. Sheamus fakes and hits a series of kicks to Ambrose. Ambrose counters and hits a kick off the ropes. He hits the ropes again and clotheslines Sheamus out of the ring. Ambrose hits the ropes to dive through to the outside but is met with a forearm from Sheamus. Sheamus and Ambrose battle on the mat. Ambrose hits a DDT off the apron.

–Commercial Break—

Back from the break we see Ambrose on the top rope being punched by Sheamus. Sheamus goes for a suplex but Ambrose fights back. Sheamus kicks the turnbuckle and down goes Ambrose. Sheamus slams Ambrose to the mat where he hits his legs on the bottom rope. Sheamus applies a submission maneuver to Ambrose targeting that leg. Ambrose crawls his way out of the hold but Sheamus hits a Powerbomb. Sheamus covers and gets the two count. He goes for another Submission maneuver but it’s blocked by Ambrose. Sheamus and Ambrose have a series of back and forths. Ambrose rolls him up for a two count. Sheamus up and goes for a Brogue kick but Ambrose ducks and Sheamus goes over the top rope. Ambrose then hits the ropes and dives to the outside sending Sheamus into the announce table. Ambrose rolls him back into the ring. Ambrose hits the flying elbow off the top rope but lands funny on that injured knee. The screen cuts away and Bray Wyatt’s video is shown.

Ambrose makes his way out to the ring lantern in hand. He blows out the flame and the lights come back on. Luke Harper is seen stalking Dean Ambrose as Ambrose is looking up the ramp to Wyatt. Luke Harper taunts Ambrose forcing him to go after him at ringside. When Ambrose hits the floor Sheamus hits him with a Brogue kick out of nowhere. Sheamus rolls him back into the ring as the Wyatt Family looks on. Sheamus hits another Brogue kick and covers for the victory.

WINNER: Sheamus

We are shown footage of Neville and Stardust in their match last week on Smackdown. The Superhero theme is really being played up during the montage.

Neville is interviewed backstage. He says that Stardust is unlike anything he has ever seen before. He calls Stardust a coward and says he will take care of him in their match up next.

The TV monitor backstage goes fuzzy and we see Stardust laughing like a villain.

–Commercial Break—

Back from the break, Adam Rose is in the ring.

Neville’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Adam Rose vs Neville

The match begins with a series of lockups and reversals. Rose has the upper hand early as he pounds Neville in the corner. Rose hits a suplex and covers for a one count. He puts Neville in a headlock. Neville fights out but Rose hits a hurricanrana on Neville. Neville rolls out of the ring. Rose hits the ropes and goes to dive outside but is met by the fist of Neville. Neville flips over the top of Rose to get back in the ring and then hits a series of devastating kicks to the midsection of Rose. Neville hits a big kick to Rose sending him out of the ring. Neville springboards off the ropes hitting Rose on the floor. He rolls Rose back into the ring. Neville goes up top. He hits the Red Arrow and pins Rose for the victory.

WINNER: Neville

Stardust appears on the screen and cuts a promo saying some weird things about being a superhero and it not mattering what color arrow you are. Basically he is leading into the upcoming match at Summerslam with Arrow star Stephen Amell as Neville looks confused in the ring.

–Commercial Break—

Back from the break King Barrett cuts a promo saying that he has been overlooked since he has been King of the Ring. He puts the roster on notice and says the King’s crowning moment is yet to come.

—Commercial Break—

Back from the break Kevin Owens music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Footage is shown of Owens vs Cena at Battleground where Owens tapped out to Cena.

We are shown footage from RAW where Owens turns on Rusev during their tag match vs John Cena and Randy Orton.

Owens then cuts a promo saying he is going to live to fight another day. He says he tapped because he wasn’t going to let John Cena injure him because he has a family to worry about and he doesn’t care what people think. He calls out Rusev.

Rusev storms towards the ring and the match begins suddenly.

Kevin Owens vs Rusev

Rusev kicks Owens in the midsection to start the match. Rusev takes it to Owens with a series of punches to the head. Owens rolls out of the ring and we go to break.

–Commercial Break—

Back from the break Owens takes the offensive. Both superstars look to hit suplexes but block eachother multiple times. Rusev sends Owens off the ropes and hits a back body drop. Rusev goes for Owens in the corner but Owens rolls away. Owens hits a super kick sending Rusev to the corner. Owens comes running from across the ring and hits a Cannonball. Owens covers but Rusev kicks out. Owens hits a clothesline and covers for a one count. Owens puts a headlock on Rusev in the center of the ring. Owens breaks the hold and hits Rusev with a series of punches. Rusev comes back and sends Owens down with a back body drop. Rusev hits a spinning heel kick on Owens. Rusev hits a big kick to the face of Kevin Owens. Rusev sets him up for the Accolade but Owens rolls out of the ring. The ref starts the count. Owens walks away and is counted out.

WINNER: Rusev via count out

Owens leaves as Rusev is upset in the ring.

We go backstage where Cesaro is interviewed. The Swiss Superman says he loves this business and says wants to prove that hard work pays off and that he wants to prove that The American Dream is possible and he will succeed tonight as he beats WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Cesaro is interrupted by Kevin Owens who is seen mocking Cesaro. Owens says no one cares what he has gone through to get where he is. He says that he will enjoy seeing Cesaro lose tonight as he has accomplished more in one night than Cesaro has in his whole time in WWE. Cesaro says that Owens needs to do what he does best and walk away. He mocks Owens and says he needs to “Walk Owens Walk”. Owens wishes Cesaro luck.

Team BAD Naomi and Sasha Banks music hits and they make their way to the ring accompanied by Tamina.

–Commercial Break—

Back from the break The Bella’s make their way to the ring with Alicia Fox.

Bella Twins vs Team BAD (Naomi and Sasha Banks)

Nikki and Naomi start the match with a lock up. Nikki slams her and locks an armbar on Naomi. Naomi counters and hits a clothesline. Nikki tags in Brie and they double team Naomi. Brie with the pin but Naomi kicks out. Sasha Banks is tagged in. Brie takes her down and tags Nikki back in. Nikki off the ropes and connects with a drop kick. She covers Banks but she kicks out. Nikki applies a scissor lock on Banks. Banks counters out. Nikki gets momentum back though and tags in Brie. Brie off the ropes with a flying drop kick sends Banks to the mat. She covers for a two count. Banks rollout of the ring. Nikki has the ref distracted and Tamina kicks Brie outside the ring. Banks takes it to Brie on the floor as we go to break.

–Commercial Break—

Back from the break, Naomi and Brie are going back and forth. Naomi hits a big leg drop and covers Brie for a two count. Sasha tags in and attacks Brie in the corner. She hits a double knee stomp and covers for two. Naomi tags in and suplexes Brie. Naomi and Sasha double team Brie and Sasha covers again for a two count. Banks ties up Brie with a submission maneuver in the center of the ring. Brie counters but can’t make the tag. Banks forces her to the corner where Naomi tags in again. Naomi hits a knee to the face of Brie and covers for a two count. Naomi continues to take it to Brie. Naomi goes to take out Brie in the corner but she ducks and hits a dropkick on Naomi sending her to the floor. Brie finally makes the tag to Nikki. Nikki comes in and takes it to Naomi. She heads to the corner and punches Sasha Banks to the floor. Nikki hits an Alabama slam to Naomi and covers for a two count. Banks comes in to interfere but Brie takes her to the outside. Tamina, Alicia Fox, Brie and Banks are fighting outside the ring. Naomi rolls up Nikki for a two count. Nikki back up and hits the Rack Attack on Naomi. She covers for the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Bella Twins

–Commercial Break—

Back from the break we see footage from RAW where the Undertaker says that streaks are made to be broken and he will take Brock Lesnar out of commission. The hype is built for a match at Summerslam between the two. We then see what happens when Lesnar showed up and the two battled from the ring to the backstage area fighting off security and other superstars.

Seth Rollins music hits and he makes his way out to the ring.

–Commercial Break—

Back from the break we see footage from RAW where Rollins and Cena are facing off in the ring where Cena wants to go at it. Rollins walks away.

Cesaro’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Main Event: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs Cesaro

The match begins with a series of lock ups and reversals. Cesaro covers Rollins but he kicks out. Cesaro then takes Rollins up bench press style over his head and throws him to the mat. Cesaro goes for a kick in the corner but Seth rolls away. Rollins hits the ropes and knees Cesaro out of the ring. Rollins dives through the middle rope sending Cesaro to the concrete.

–Commercial Break—

Back from the break Rollins has Cesaro in a sleeper hold. Cesaro counters but Rollins comes right back hitting a clothesline and covering Cesaro for two. Rollins throws a headlock on Cesaro. Rollins breaks the hold and Cesaro sends him outside the ring. Rollin quickly goes up top but misses of the top rope and Cesaro connects with a belly to belly suplex. Cesaro hits nine huge uppercuts to Rollins alternating corners. He goes to raise up Seth but he counters. Cesaro quickly back up hits a suplex to Rollins and covers for a two count. Cesaro goes up top and hits a cross body to Rollins but Rollins rolls through and gets a cover and a two count. Rollins hits a super kick to Cesaro and covers but he kicks out. Rollins is hit with a flying kick from Cesaro and he covers for a two count. Rollins up now and takes Cesaro setting him up for a Pedigree. Cesaro counters and puts a Sharpshooter on Rollins. He rolls it into a cross face. Rollins fights for the ropes and Cesaro breaks the hold. Rollins hits a spinning kick to Cesaro and goes off the ropes toward Cesaro. Cesaro stops him and sends him flying down into a huge uppercut. Cesaro covers for two. Rollins rolls out of the ring and grabs his belt looking to leave as he has had enough. Cesaro comes flying around the outside and hits Seth with a huge uppercut next to the barricade outside. He rolls Rollins back into the ring. He looks to set up the Cesaro Swing but Seth counters throwing him to the corner. Rollins catches Cesaro and hits a Pedigree to get the pinfall victory.

WINNER: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins makes his way up the ramp. Kevin Owens storms right past him and goes to the ring where he attacks Cesaro. He hits a Pop Up Powerbomb to Cesaro as we go off the air.


* Sheamus def. Dean Ambrose
* Neville def. Adam Rose
* Rusev def. Kevin Owens via Count Out
*Bella Twins def. Team BAD (Naomi and Sasha Banks)
* WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins def. Cesaro

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