WWE Smackdown Results 10/8/15

WWE Smackdown Results
October 8, 2015
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Report by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.” Smackdown opening montage, before we go into the arena in Philadelphia, as Rich Brennan welcomes us to SmackDown. He hypes up the main event, as Roman Reigns and Randy Orton take on Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman.

We hear Big E speak up: “OHHHH PHILLY! DON’T YOU DARE BE SOUR! CLAP FOR YOUR TWO TIME TAG TEAM CHAMPS AND FEEL THE POWAH!” As New Day make their way to the ring, we go back to Monday night where New Day beat up Dolph Ziggler before looking for another shot at the United States title. Big E makes a valiant effort, but Cena puts him away with the AA for the win. New Day get involved, but are stopped by Dolph Ziggler and Dudley Boyz…but it all led to New Day getting the upper hand. Xavier asks, “Did you see that? WOW…” Kofi points out that what we saw was the New Day being outnumbered, four to three…but even John Cena, Dolph Ziggler and the Dudleys combined could not stop the power of positivity! Big E says that “the New Day stood tall…and dropped them all!” They all say that has never happened…not by the Shield, not by the Wyatts, not by the Corre, not by the Nexus, not by Los Boricuas, not by the Dungeon of Doom…not by the nWo…NOBODY dominated like the New Day on RAW, and that is why they are your two time Tag Team Champions! Xavier says Philly knows nothing about being champions; in fact, the head coach of their football team, Chip Kelly, called them and asked for advice on how to get their team more positive because they had lost to the Redskins! “It’s like Drake vs Meek Mill…and y’all were Meek Mill!” The New Day has come up with a chant to help them out: E-A-G-L-E-S…BOOTY! But on a serious note, the Dudley Boyz have politicked, conned their way into another chance at the New Day’s tag titles at the Hell in a Cell PPV. Big E says the New Day are here to make the WWE great again…and to beat those foul, nasty, filthy, disgusting, table-poaching Dudley Boyz…because “New Day Rocks!”

They start chanting until Dolph Ziggler comes out to interrupt. Dolph says what a surprised, the Three Stooges of WWE are out here and they got jokes. Normally he’d be out there, one-upping each of them without trying, but after they “showed him the power of positivity” at RAW, they cost him a chance to face his friend John Cena for the United States Championship. Tonight, the Authority has given Dolph an opportunity, a chance at retribution not for the last ten years but for this past Monday. He asked for a match against the man who stole away his opportunity, the man whom he probably taught how to steal away opportunities, he wanted a match against Big E. Xavier tells Big E good luck, and assures Dolph it’ll be a fair fight. Dolph agrees, as the Dudley Boyz come out to even the odds. Dolph and the Dudleys approach the ring, and New Day immediately head out to avoid them. Dolph gets in the ring as Bubba Ray approaches the New Day, accosting them for their recent actions. Big E enters the ring, and we are underway with tonight’s opening contest!

Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E

The bell rings and Dolph starts things off with a dropkick that brings Big E down hard! He follows with a big DDT, prompting Big E to roll out of the ring to regroup. Dolph calls for Big E to get back in as New Day attend to their comrade. Bubba Ray approaches them to “encourage” New Day to stand down, as we head to commercial.


Back from commercial, Big E is now in control as he whips Dolph into the ropes, hitting a big shoulder block on the rebound. He follows up with a knee to the back of Dolph’s head on the ropes and a kick to the midsection. Xavier plays the trombone at ringside as Big E gets Dolph up into an abdominal stretch. Dolph fights out of it, but is dropped with another shoulder block as Big E goes for the cover and gets a nearfall. Big E goes right back to work with another knee to the back of Dolph’s head as New Day taunts Dolph at ringside pretending to commentate on the match. They stop because the Dudleys start to approach them, as Dolph starts fighting back. He goes for a cross body, but Big E stops with a backbreaker into the cover for another nearfall. Xavier taunts Dolph at ringside again, playing Dolph’s theme on trombone and making it a point to tell everyone he learned it as D’Von approaches New Day again. Meanwhile, Big E picks Dolph up and punches him right in the gut. He follows up with a sleeper hold as Bubba is forced to just watch on from ringside. Dolph starts to fight out of the sleeper hold, but Big E just locks him into a bearhug instead. Dolph finally fights his way out of the hold, and starts to come back against the big man they call Big E. He gets in a kick to the face, ducks a swing by Big E and rolls him up for a nearfall. He looks to follow up but is caught by Big E, who drops him into the corner and charges at him…but Dolph escapes, sending Big E’s shoulder right into the steel ring post! Dolph plants Big E with the Famouser and gets the cover…but Big E kicks out! Dolph goes for a superkick, but Big E catches him with a belly to belly slam and a big splash! Big E gets the cover and another close nearfall. Big E taunts Dolph to get up, then picks him up for the Big Ending…but Dolph gets out, and hits a big superkick! Dolph goes for the cover and another really close nearfall as Kofi gets up on the ring apron. Bubba Ray pulls him off the apron, but misses a kick to the head against the steel steps as Kofi gets away, chased after by D’Von. Xavier gets up on the apron to distract the ref as Kofi is up on the opposite side, dropping Dolph on the head on the top rope! Big E goes for the cover, D’Von pulls Xavier off the apron, Kofi holds Dolph’s foot as Big E gets the pin!

Winner via pinfall: Big E

New Day regroups on the ramp as we get a replay of what happened in the finish. New Day continue to celebrate as we’re reminded that New Day defend the titles at HIAC against the Dudleys. We then go back to last Saturday in Madison Square Garden, with shots from the Big Show/Brock Lesnar match in which Brock ultimately won…and took Big Show to Suplex City in the process! Up next, we’ll see what happened on RAW in the fallout from that match!


Back from commercial, commentary talks about the big live event from Madison Square Garden, available to watch only on the WWE Network. We then go back to Monday night, as Paul Heyman hypes up the HIAC match between Brock Lesnar and Undertaker. One of these men walks out the winner of the history between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker…and the other will not walk out at all. The Beast, who will extinguish the light that has signified your goodness all these years, BRRROOOOCK LESSNARRR…Big Show comes out, looking to shake hands with Brock who just laughs it off and walks out the ring. Big Show says he hopes Brock faces Undertaker and loses…again. This makes Brock quite angry, as the Beast delivers a belly to belly suplex on Big Show before dropping the giant with an F5! We are reminded that Brock Lesnar is set to take on The Undertaker at the HIAC in the namesake match, before switching gears to what happened between Rusev and Summer Rae on Monday night: Summer proposed to Rusev, who responded with “Yes, but not yet…I need to have WWE gold around my waist, and then you will have gold around gold around your finger!” Backstage, Summer talks with her hair and makeup assistants about what to wear at the wedding (“Lederhousen? Leaderhousen?”) when we see Rusev, who asks the other women to leave. Rusev wants to know why Summer is running around telling everyone about their engagement. They had a plan, a rule: Rusev gets WWE gold around his waist and then Summer gets her wedding. Summer knows this, so she was proactive: she got Rusev a match against Ryback, and if he beats the #1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship, he’s bound to be first in line for a future title opportunity…and then they’ll both get the gold they want.

We cut back to the arena as Team Bella make their way to the ring. We go back to two weeks ago, when Charlotte accidentally bumped into Paige, which prompted her to leave the match…and then stop Natayla from helping Charlotte and Becky out. Speaking of, the Divas Champion and her friend make their way out, followed by Natalya. Team NBC (my term initially, later coined by Rich) is in full force tonight!

Six Diva Tag Team Match
Team Bella vs. Charlotte, Becky Lynch & Natalya

The match starts with Becky and Alicia, who exchange holds until Alicia starts wrenching the arm of Becky, who gets a counter into a roll up for a brief nearfall. Alicia goes for a swing, but Becky drops her with an arm drag. She follows with another arm drag, holding Alicia’s arm as Charlotte tags herself in. She and Becky double team Alicia with a whip and a double elbow drop, before Charlotte gets the cover for a nearfall. She keeps Alicia in a front facelock as Natalya tags in. They double team Alicia before Natalya hits a running stomp on the back and a dropkick to the face, and goes for the cover for a nearfall. Alicia turns things around with a slap to the face and tags in Nikki, who goes up for a double axe handle from the second rope. She wrenches the arm of Natalya, who does her best to get out. Natalya reverses, hitting an arm drag on Nikki into the corner before tagging in Becky. We see Paige watching from backstage as Natalya hits a Northern Lights Suplex, and Becky goes for the cover for a nearfall. She whips Nikki against the ropes, but Nikki gives her a swift kick to turn things around again as she tags in Brie. Nikki hits a knee to Becky’s face as Brie goes up, hitting a missile dropkick from the second rope! That only gets a nearfall, clearly frustrating Brie as she goes back to work on Becky before we head to commercial.


Back from commercial, Team Bella is still in control as Nikki keeps Becky in the corner while tagging in Alicia Fox, who hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall. Fox puts a sleeper hold on Becky, before hitting a dropkick for a cover and the nearfall. We see that Paige is still watching from backstage, as Brie is tagged back in. She gets a swing on Becky for a cover and the nearfall. Becky fights her way up, but is dropped back down by Brie, who locks in a submission hold on the ropes before breaking it at the ref’s request. She goes right back to a hold, and the ref backs her up away from Becky as Nikki gets a kick to the head in for good measure while Brie argues with the ref. Brie gets a couple kicks in, and taunts Charlotte before charging at Becky…who gets out of the way in the nick of time! She inches her way to the corner, but is stopped by Nikki who gets the tag in, and knocks Charlotte off the apron! She puts a front facelock on Becky, still trying to keep her away from a tag. Becky fights out of it, but is stopped by a block from Nikki. She whips Becky into the corner, but Becky gets out and drops Nikki onto a turnbuckle before getting the tag to Charlotte! Charlotte lays into Nikki with some chops and a neckbreaker with a boot to Nikki. Nikki turns things back around with a kick to the Divas Champion before getting a nearfall. She knocks Becky and Natalya off the apron, but gets dropped with a Spear by Charlotte! She goes for the Figure Eight but is stopped by Brie. Natalya brings Brie down and knocks both her and Alicia Fox out as Becky dropkicks Nikki. Charlotte gets the Figure Eight locked in, and Nikki has no choice but to tap out!

Winners via submission: Charlotte, Becky Lynch & Natalya

Backstage, Renee Young asks Paige how she feels about Team NBC getting the win tonight. Paige says there’s no Team NBC, it’s Team PCB and Natalya is just trying to horn in on her territory, and her girls. She doesn’t like it, and she doesn’t like her.

Back at the ring, Team NBC celebrate as commentary hypes up the tag team main event as Roman and Randy team against Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman. Rusev makes his way out to the ring for his match against Ryback, when we come back!


Back from commercial, we see that Kevin Owens has made his way to ringside to join commentary as Rich brings up Kevin’s defense in two weeks against Ryback, who makes his way to the ring at this point. We get an inset promo from Ryback, who promises Rusev that “tonight…it’s FEEDING TIME!”

Ryback vs. Rusev

Ryback gets right into it, charging into Rusev in the corner and stomping the boot on him. He brings him into another corner, continuing the beatdown on the Bulgarian Brute until Rusev gets some punches in. He tries to get things going for him but is stopped by Ryback. Rusev finally gets some momentum as the fight goes to the outside. Rusev slams Ryback’s face on the announce table, the ring apron, and his hand onto the steel steps before Ryback gets back into the ring. Rusev goes for a cover but a brief nearfall. Rusev goes to work on Ryback’s arm on the ropes, until Ryback comes back with some chops. He charges at Rusev, but runs right into the steel post. Rusev keeps working on the arm, taunting Ryback. Ryback fights back, but runs into a block by Rusev for another nearfall. Rusev works even harder on the arm, and then gives a headbutt before arguing with the ref. He walks right into a belly to belly slam by Ryback, who gets back into it with a big shoulder tackle. Rusev reverses the whip, but is met with a scoop slam by Ryback for a nearfall. Ryback goes for a powerbomb, but Rusev reverses into an Alabama (by way of Bulgaria) Slam! Rusev goes for a suplex, but is reversed by Ryback…Rusev gets out and locks in the sleeper hold on Ryback! Ryback is starting to fade, but soon gets up delivering a backpack stunner to get out! He gets the cover, and a nearfall as he looks to finish Rusev with the Shell Shock! Rusev gets out, getting a hard kick on Ryback who gets a foot on the bottom rope. Summer moves the foot off the rope, but the ref catches it and stops the count! He goes for another kick, but is stopped by Ryback with a Meat Hook followed by the Shell Shock for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Ryback

Ryback celebrates in the ring, as Owens just stares him down before we are reminded of the main event tonight as Roman and Randy face off against Bray and Braun. Up next, we see what happened between Kane and Seth Rollins as their issue continues!


We come back from commercial as commentary talks about the Madison Square Garden last Saturday, as Kane stopped Rollins from winning the US Title back! We go to Monday night, as Kane becomes Seth’s tag partner against the Dudley Boyz. Steph comes out to settle the issue by making the match between Seth Rollins and the Demon Kane for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! If the Demon Kane cannot win the title, Corporate Kane will be relieved of his duties as Director of Operations. During the match, Rollins tries to handcuff Kane to the ring to keep him from leaving, but he finally does…and Demon Kane comes out to attack Seth Rollins! The Dudleys bring him down with a 3D to pay him back for what he did to them on Thursday. Seth brings a table into the ring and taunts Kane, who grabs Seth by the throat! Seth blocks him, but is caught into a chokeslam through the table!

Back to commentary, as they hype that match up and the Hell in a Cell match between Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt. We cut to a Bray Wyatt promo: “Oh what tangled webs we weave, when we start to believe.” Bray asks Roman if Bray will be locked inside with Roman, or will Roman be trapped inside with him? Either way, it makes no difference because the result will stay the same: he is going to put Roman down! Tonight, he and Randy Orton will face Bray’s judgement and the wrath of the Black Sheep. Braun appears, talking about how he used to catch rabbits and squeeze them tight and help them “cross over.” Run little rabbits, run.

Back in the arena, King Barrett makes his way to the ring with crown in hand. We get an up close look at King Barrett, with highlights as he promises to rule with an iron fist…and a Bullhammer! Neville makes his way out next.

King Barrett vs. Neville

The match starts with a lockup by both men, who exchange holds until Neville hits an arm drag on the 2015 King of the Ring. Neville goes right back to work, but Barrett pushes him into the corner and whips him. Neville counters and gets a nearfall. Neville keeps at it, but is stopped by Barrett with a boot to the face and a nearfall. Barrett plays to the crowd as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Barrett is still in control as he gets another nearfall on the Man That Gravity Forgot. He goes to work on Neville in the corner, playing to the crowd before hitting a big kick to the midsection for another nearfall. He follows with another boot to the face and a cover for the nearfall, following with another kick and the nearfall. Neville fights back, and avoids to boot to the face in the corner by the king. He kicks Barrett down before hitting a moonsault off the top to the outside! Both men are down as the ref counts, Neville brings Barrett back into the ring and hits him hard before getting the deadlift German suplex for a nearfall. Barrett gets a clothesline, but Neville hits back for another nearfall. Barrett goes for Wasteland, but Neville counters into a DDT. Neville goes up but Barrett gets out of the way. Neville charges right into a Bullhammer by Barrett for the win!

Winner via pinfall: King Barrett

We get a replay as Barrett celebrates in the ring. We cut to Stardust cutting a promo about Neville. We must “listen to the cards”…will it be a King? Not today. Will it be a maiden fair? No white wedding today! Who will be next? It’s “written in the stars” as Stardust laughs maniacally before we go back to the ring to talk about the Susan G. Koman Foundation, before Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. Roman makes his way through the crowd to the ring next as we go to an inset where Roman Reigns says tonight can be called purgatory…believe that! Bray and Braun make their way out next, with Luke Harper nowhere to be found as we go to commercial.


Main Event: Tag Team Match
Roman Reigns & Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt & Braun Strowman

Randy and Bray start the match, exchanging offense before Randy tries to tag in Roman. Bray stops him, but Randy reverses looking for a DDT from the rope but Bray escapes. On the outside now, Randy hits a clothesline on Bray before bringing him back into the ring. He looks at Braun, realizing it’s a bad idea to go into the corner as Bray tags in Braun. Randy tries to get some offense in, but is stopped hard by the Black Sheep. Roman tags himself in, looking to get some licks in on the big man. They stare each other down before locking up, and Braun just throws Roman aside. He charges at him in the corner, but Roman stops him…before being dropped by Braun with a big block!, He whips Roman who gets a couple hits in as Randy tags himself in. They double team Braun, but both are stopped by a shoulder block that lays them both out! Braun looks to manhandle Randy, who fight backs before eating a big boot to the face. Braun brings him to the corner and tags Bray in, who goes to work on Orton with some heavy offense of his own. He charges into Orton, bringing the Viper down hard as he mocks Randy before laying a boot into him. Orton turns things around with a neckbreaker, but Braun is tagged in and charges at Orton…who gets out of the way and tags in Reigns! Reigns gives it his best, and goes for a Samoan Drop but Braun hits him with a heavy elbow that brings Roman out of the ring. Roman slides into the ring, getting some heavy hits on Braun but Strowman is still not down. Roman hits the Superman Punch, bringing Braun off the apron…but Strowman is still on his feet! Roman stares down Bray, who lures Roman to the outside as Reigns beats him up. He turns his attention to Braun, but is knocked down by a steel chair to the midsection causing the ref to call for a DQ!

Winners via disqualification: Roman Reigns & Randy Orton

Bray continues the assault on Roman, bringing him into the ring and taunting Roman…until Randy Orton stops him! Strowman stops Orton with a submission hold, but Roman manages to get Braun out of the ring. Orton goes for an RKO on Bray, who gets out of it only to be hit with a Spear by Roman Reigns! Braun gets Bray out of the ring to regroup as Roman’s music plays. Bray and Braun head to the back as we get a good look at Roman to close the show.