WWE Smackdown Results 11/19/15

WWE Smackdown Results
November 19, 2015
Knoxville, Tennessee
Results by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

The show opens with a graphic in remembrance of Nick Bockwinkel (RIP).

“Then. Now. Forever.”

The SmackDown opening take us into the crowd at University of Tennessee for another edition of “Thursday Night SmackDown.” Commentary hypes the semifinals set for Survivor Series, as all four men are set for tag team action tonight!

Miz TV

We hear The Miz’s music, which means it’s time for Miz TV! Miz welcomes us, saying this Sunday at Survivor Series history will be made when one man survives a grueling tournament and becomes the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion! My guests tonight are four men who have earned their way into the semifinals, so without further ado, please welcome–the music of Kevin Owens interrupts The Miz as the Intercontinental Champion makes his way down. Miz is none too pleased about being interrupted: “I know you’re new to all this, but on Miz TV guests usually wait until I introduce them.” Kevin declares that he is turning this into the Kevin Owens Show, getting into a disagreement with Miz. After I have the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on my right shoulder, no one will be able to deny that I am, how would Triple H say it…the man. Miz thinks his next guest has a different vision–as Albert Del Rio’s music cuts him off, during which the United States Champion makes his way to the ring, followed by Zeb Colter. Zeb grabs the microphone, saying Miz is not fooling anyone, because Zeb knows what he is…a hater. We’re not gonna fall for your “gotcha” questioning, because that’s what the media does, so I’ve got some advice for you on behalf of Alberto Del Rrrrio, myself, and the soon to be great nation of MexAmerica, we will not be participating in this charade. Miz says this is Miz TV, but Zeb says you can call it whatever you want; you can call it Blue’s Clues, you can call it Sesame Street, anything, but the content is–pardon my French–crap. He asks what Kevin Owens is laughing about, if that is his real name. You’re a hater too, and even worse, you’re from Canada…and my question is, how did you get into this country in the first place? How did you sneak across the border? Did you ice skate across Lake Michigan one night? ADR enters the ring, telling Kevin not to worry because once he becomes the WWE World Heavyweight MexAmerica Champion, there will always be a place for people like you. Cause at the end of the day, we always need someone to clean our swimming pools in MexAmerica. Kevin laughs it off, asking if ADR knows who missed him while he was gone…nobody. Kevin gets up, staring down ADR as Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring before Miz can even introduce him.

Miz points out that ADR and Kevin Owens were ready to fight, and fighting equals ratings. Dean says he was trying to help Miz, he was honored and humbled to be on Miz TV. These guys are not respecting the system. Miz thanks him for understanding, and Dean tells him to sit down and let him handle this. Alberto Del Rio, you’re a great champion…why you’ve got Yosemite Sam talking for you, no one knows. If I gotta go through you this Sunday, I will. Kevin Owens, you delivered a beating like very few people in WWE can…fortunately, I can take a beating like no one else can…so take your best shot, KO, because I’m walking out of Survivor Series with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Miz thinks there’s one other person that might have something to say about–here comes Roman Reigns to finish out everyone interrupting the Miz. Roman is all smiles as he gets into the ring. Miz welcomes Reigns, but tells him there’s a system: I introduce you, and–Roman interrupts, saying he knows the system: Miz runs his mouth until we shut it up. Do you wanna keep running your mouth? That’s what I thought. Suddenly, R-Truth’s music hits (for some reason) as he gets into the ring. “University of Tennessee…WHAT’S UP!?” I’ll tell you what’s up…you lookin’ at the underdog. My whole life, I’ve been the underdog, but I survived. I’m a survivor. At Survivor Series I’m gonna cut through each of these Superstars like a hot knife through butter, and I will become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion! Miz informs R-Truth that he’s not even in the tournament; it’s been going on two weeks now, and you’ve never been in it. R-Truth simply replies, “My bad,” wishing Dean and Roman the best of luck as he leaves the ring and heads to the back. Miz is furious that his show has basically been ruined before going over the fact the finals of the tournament could pit friend vs friend or champion vs champion, how you all will put it on the line for the richest prize in the business, and it’s going to be the most dramatic Survivor Series of all time, and it’s all thanks to The Miz. Roman tells Miz to chill out; you’re from Hollywood, you know how this works. You’re the director now, tell us what to do. How do they say it? Action. Miz corrects him, saying it’s “and…ACTION!” This prompts Dean to punch Miz’s lights out, Roman laughing as ADR and Owens leave the ring. We see Miz still laid out in the ring as commentary hypes a message from The Wyatt Family for the Brothers of Destruction, set to come up later tonight as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Miz is in the ring still feeling the effects of that Ambrose punch and holding a mic. How disrespectful, this is an outrage! I can’t possibly be asked to have a match right now…as a matter of fact, I want my match cancelled! I’m an A-Lister, and I can make that happen because I’m The Miz, and I’m…interrupted once again, this time by Cesaro’s music as the Swiss Superman makes his way to the ring for tonight’s opening match!

The Miz vs. Cesaro

Cesaro goes after Miz, who hides in the corner before sneak attacking Cesaro with some right hands and kicks. He continues the assault until he gets elbowed in the face by Cesaro, who follows up with a headscissors into a crossface, forcing Miz to tap out immediately!

Winner via submission: Cesaro

Cesaro celebrates in the ring, but as he makes his way up the ramp Stardust makes his way out, followed by The Ascension. They cross paths with Cesaro before heading to the ring for their match against Neville and The Dudley Boyz, coming up next!


Back from commercial, Neville makes his way out to the ring followed by the Dudley Boyz, and this six man tag match gets underway!

Six Man Tag Match
Stardust & The Ascension vs. Neville & The Dudley Boyz

We start with Neville and Viktor, who lock up into a series of arm wrenches. Stardust tags in, going to work on Neville before Neville evades, running the ropes until Konnor pulls a rope down to send the former NXT Champion flying out the ring! Stardust comes out of the ring, slamming Neville’s head into the announce table before getting back in the ring as the ref continues the count. Tag to Konnor, who gets a kick into Neville as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Viktor is now working on Neville who powers his way out of it for a roll up and the nearfall. Viktor drags Neville to his corner as Stardust comes in, stomping hard on Neville and mocking the Dudleyz. Neville evades a charge by Stardust, and manages to get the tag to Bubba Ray! Bubba hits a flurry of offense on Viktor, before hitting a Bionic Dream in honor of the American Dream onto Stardust! He drops Konnor, setting him up for the Whazzup Headbutt! Bubba calls for the tables, but Stardust drops Bubba before getting hit by Neville. Viktor takes Neville out, but is met with a 3D by the Dudleyz for the win!

Winners via pinfall: Neville & The Dudley Boyz

They celebrate in the ring as we go to a video package hyping up the situation with Bray Wyatt and The Brothers of Destruction. Bray looks to end 25 years of dominance, and it’s time for a new army of darkness to emerge…his army! Bray promises there is no turning back, and that he has harvested the power of The Undertaker and Kane. He summons the thunder, he summons the lightning…for he is Bray Wyatt, and it is well within his power to take our world and burn it straight to Hell! The Undertaker and Kane have responded, saying vengeance awaits Bray Wyatt. No man can tame the power of the Dark Side. With that, we go to the match graphic as we wonder who will represent the Wyatt Family against the Brothers of Destruction. With that, we go back to ringside as Tyler Breeze makes his way to the ring to make his Smackdown in-ring debut, coming up next!


Back from commercial, Zack Ryder (#WWWYKI) is in the ring as Tyler gets a mic at ringside. Zack Ryder, I don’t know if anyone told you…bro…but your fashion sense is a little 1980 never! You do actually remind me of another “ugh” though, Dolph Ziggler. Lemme let you in on the world’s best kept secret: Summer Rae dumped Dolph because she wanted an upgrade…and she and the world wanted something new, something…gorgeous. This right here is exactly what everyone was clamoring for. Prince Pretty’s here, and I never go out of style. Dolph Ziggler on the other hand can do what he’s been doing his whole career…Summer cuts in to say “come up short.” Suddenly, Dolph Ziggler’s music hits as the Showoff makes his way to ringside to watch from Breeze’s VIP Lounge as the match begins!

Tyler Breeze vs. Zack Ryder

Tyler with a kick to the Internet Champion as Summer yells at Dolph, saying he is not a VIP. Dolph starts trashing the lounge as Zack gets a nearfall on Breeze, before locking in an armbar. Breeze quickly gets the upper hand, stomping into Ryder in the corner. Ryder drops Breeze to the mat, but Breeze blocks a dropkick before hitting the Beauty Shot for a quick win!

Winner via pinfall: Tyler Breeze

Dolph jumps Breeze right after the match, hitting a superkick on Prince Pretty outside the ring to the horror of Summer Rae as Dolph’s music plays. Dolph makes his way up the ramp as commentary hypes what happened at the contract signing on RAW, but up next the Wyatt Family will send a message to the Brothers of Destruction.


Back from commercial, we hear the chant of the Druids as the lights fade out. Blue lights fill the arena as the Druids come out to the stage, all wearing sheep masks as they did on RAW. They walk down the ramp as the chants continue, before making a path for The Wyatt Family. The four men make their way to the ring, were Bray begins to speak. Let it be said that the words trembling from my lips are the words of an honest man. The Demon and the Dead Man may have started walking upright, but there are still pieces of them that belong to me! Last Monday night, I showed that the followers of darkness have now seen the light. I showed them what no one other entity could: happiness, salvation, and peace. At Survivor Series, the Brothers of Destruction will be give a chance to redeem themselves. Of course, they will fail…but how will they fail? That’s the question we should be asking. Will the Brothers fall at the hands of Erick Rowan, a man shunned by society, tossed aside like unwanted garbage, fueled by rage and vengeance. Or will it be Luke Harper, whose moral code affords him the ability to inflict pain and suffering without the slightest bit of remorse? Or of course, it could be the Black Sheep himself, Braun Strowman. Braun takes his mask off to say that he dreamt of making great men fall, and tearing apart legacies. Kane and Undertaker are monuments of a bygone era, and he will shatter their bones to dust and feel their bodies crumble in his embrace. I will bring the Apocalypse for Bray Wyatt! Bray poses in front of his Family until the bell tolls, the lights cut out and we hear thunder in the arena as Undertaker’s music hits. The Wyatt Family stand off in the ring, but we see Undertaker on the TitanTron as he begins to speak: Bray Wyatt, you think you hold all the cards, but you’ll soon find out you’ve got nothing but a dead man’s hand. At Survivor Series, perilous times will come, and the Brothers of Destruction will reclaim what is ours. Kane appears next to him with a burning sheep mask: “Ashes to ashes, they all fall down.” We go back to Undertaker, who simply replies “and they all…REST IN PEACE!” Back at ringside, we see all the Druids are laid out beside the ring as the crowd chants “REST IN PEACE” but Bray is simply laughing at what he sees, before we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go back to last Monday night at the Charlotte/Paige contract signing, as Paige drops a rather distasteful remark that starts a big brawl between Divas Champion and the challenge. Back at ringside, Brie Bella is in the ring as Charlotte makes her way to the ring for a non-title match!

Non-Title Match
WWE Divas Champion Charlotte vs. Brie Bella

The match starts with both women locking up, and Charlotte getting a roll up and a nearfall. Brie quickly gets a headlock, bringing the Divas Champion down and getting a couple nearfalls in the process. Charlotte gets out, hitting a block for a nearfall of her own. Charlotte gets a headscissors on Brie, rolling her around before whipping her into the corner. Brie gets out of the way and rolls her up for a nearfall and a back elbow before driving Charlotte into the ropes. She stomps away and then runs into Charlotte with a knee before going for a cover for the nearfall. Brie starts getting some hard kicks into Charlotte, but misses one last one for a nearfall by Charlotte! They take each other down with a clothesline, but do manage to get back up before exchanging offense before Charlotte takes control. She hits a big boot on Brie and covers for another nearfall. She goes for a knee drop, but Brie gets out of the way. Brie walks right into a spear by Charlotte, who locks in the Figure Eight to make Brie tap out!

Winner via submission: Charlotte

Charlotte celebrates in the ring as we get a replay of some highlights from the match. Backstage, Renee is with an annoyed Paige. Paige is not impressed with Renee’s question about how she handled herself this Monday, saying Charlotte can turn into the Incredible Hulk all she wants but a true champion won’t fall under pressure. When it comes winning back MY championship, there isn’t a line I won’t cross because that’s what a true champion does. Paige walks off as we hype the big tag match between all four semifinalists later tonight!


Back from commercial we hype the theme for Survivor Series before…


The New Day come out to the ring, Xavier ready to speak first. The New Day have been a part of a huge conspiracy! Why weren’t any of us included in the World Title tournament? I mean, who better than the New Day to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Kofi asks who, Ryback? That bald headed Sasquatch isn’t even fit to hold their unicorn horns. Big E says that Kalisto…where he at, doe? Kofi joins in the mocking of Kalisto, as Xavier turns around with a mask on his face pretending to be Kalisto. Kofi says that’s what lucha means in English, mask. What do you think this is, WWE Junior? Big E is going to show Kalisto that size really does matter because New…Day Rocks! New…Day Rocks! Kalisto’s music interrupts as he makes his way to the ring, accompanied by his fellow Lucha Dragon Sin Cara.

WWE Tag Team Champion Big E vs. Kalisto

The match starts as Big E shoves Kalisto, but Kalisto catches E off guard! He lands some hard kicks, and then dropkicks E in the knee before hitting a spike rana. Sin Cara stops Xavier and gets hit by Kofi, who gets dropped as Kalisto comes flying out of the ring! Kalisto on the apron, fighting with Big E before getting distracted by Xavier. Big E drops him, landing a Big Splash for the victory!

Winner via pinfall: Big E

Big E celebrates with New Day before Kofi and Xavier hold Kalisto down, allowing E to hit another Big Splash! They enjoy themselves until Ryback’s music hits, as the Big Guy comes running to the aid of Kalisto. He brings down Xavier and Kofi, before dealing with E in the ring. Ryback hits a Big Splash of his own on E, drawing a “FEED ME MORE” chant from the crowd as E rolls out of the ring. Sin Cara rolls into the ring, and Ryback stand with the Lucha Dragons as New Day regroups on the ramp. Commentary hypes the main event for tonight as Ambrose/Reigns takes on Owens/Del Rio as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we get a bit from E! News with Maria Menounos talking with The Miz and Paige about Santa’s Little Helper. Paige brings up the time Maria tried to be a Diva, calling it “cute.” The interview gets kinda awkward as they start arguing, and Paige starts going on about the Divas division before walking off. Commentary joke about the movie before hyping a newly announced match as Dolph Ziggler takes on Tyler Breeze at Survivor Series! They run down the rest of the matches so far, including the semifinals as Dean Ambrose takes on Kevin Owens and Roman Reign faces Alberto Del Rio. Backstage, Roman meets up with Dean to see how he’s feeling going into tonight’s main event. Dean’s feeling good, ready to beat down Del Rio and Owens. Roman points out that if it goes down like that at Survivor Series, it could be the two of them going at it for the title. I’m telling you now, if I get that close enough again, I gotta treat you like everybody else. Dean would expect nothing less, that’s how we roll. If our paths cross…we’ll jump that bridge together if the time comes. Back at ringside, Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Alberto Del Rio has just come to the ring when Dean Ambrose makes his way out followed by Roman, who takes the scenic route through the crowd to get ready for this main event!

Tag Team Match
Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens & WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio

The match starts with Owens and Ambrose, who exchange holds until Ambrose takes Owens down with a headlock. Back to a standstill as Reigns tags in, bringing Owens down as Del Rio comes in now. Ambrose takes ADR over the ring, and the champs regroup outside the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, ADR is in control as he beats down on Reigns. He charges, but Reigns tsp out and tags in Ambrose. Ambrose unloads on ADR before hitting a shoulder block followed by a running bulldog for a nearfall. He knocks Owens off the apron before getting caught by a running enziguri, as ADR throws him into the barricade. ADR brings him back in the ring for a nearfall before tagging Owens back in, who hits a running sexton for a nearfall. Owens locks in a sleeper hold as the crowd wills Ambrose back to his feet. Owens hits a block on Ambrose, tagging in ADR who kicks Ambrose in the gut before a dropkick to the head and knocks Reigns off the apron and a DDT to Ambrose for the nearfall. He tags in Owens, who goes to work on Ambrose before calling Rich an idiot and tagging in ADR. ADR continues the assault, hitting an enziguri in the corner for a nearfall. ADR with a sleeper hold now, but Ambrose powers out…only for ADR to hit a backstabber! ADR gets the cover, but only a nearfall! ADR goes for a kick, but Dean rolls him up for a nearfall before hitting the whirlybird lariat and tagging in Reigns! Owens tags in and both men put in work before Roman hits a drive by dropkick on the apron. He brings it to Owens in the corner before hitting the big boot. Reigns sets up, but ADR distracts him as Owens walks into a side slam for a nearfall broken up by ADR. ADR gets thrown out of the ring, but Owens hits Reigns before Dean brings him out of the ring. Reigns hits a Superman Punch on Owens but ADR throws him into the steel steps as the ref counts to ten, calling for the ring!

Winners: Double Count Out (No Contest)

It’s chaos now as all four men brawl in the ring, before Reigns hits a spear on Owens to calm things down. Dean leaves the ring to look at the WWE Title at ringside, and is joined by Reigns. They both look at the title, and then each other with the future uncertain until this Sunday as the show comes to a close.