WWE Smackdown Results – 1/28/16 (Six Man Tag Match)

WWE Smackdown Results 1/28/16

WWE Smackdown Results
January 28, 2016
Tampa, Florida
Report by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

We get a recap of the Royal Rumble match from Sunday, as Roman Reigns defends the WWE World Heavyweight Champion against 29 other men. We see the League of Nations taking out Reigns, who manages to come back just as Sheamus is entering the match. Triple H enters the match at #30; Reigns eliminates Sheamus, only to be eliminated by Triple H; and Triple H eliminates Dean Ambrose last to win the Royal Rumble and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion! The next night on RAW, Stephanie McMahon announces the main event of Fast Lane: a triple threat to determine who faces Triple H at Wrestlemania, between Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns…and Brock Lesnar! The Smackdown intro brings us into the packed arena in Tampa for another exciting edition of Smackdown. Commentary hypes the Highlight Reel with special guests Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, along with a United States Championship match as Kalisto defends the belt he won back at Royal Rumble against Neville!


The New Day make their way out to the ring as we go back to Monday night, where The Rock was interrupted by the WWE World Tag Team Champions. A war of words between the Great One and New Day ensued, before The Usos got in the mix. Back in the ring, Big E says The Rock should be ashamed of himself! Shame him, shame! Kofi says the only thing we were trying to do was enlighten The Rock. We wanted to show him that despite all his success and accolades in Hollywood, he still does not have what we have…and Xavier says that would be gold. Big E asks what did The People’s Booty do? Xavier says he sullied our good name by referring to our unicorn horns as a part of a llama that you are not allowed to say on television. This is a PG show, Rocky! Big E knows what The Rock is cooking…a big bowl of doo-doo, you doo-doo mouth! Suddenly, The Miz makes his way out onto the stage with mic in hand as he walks down the ramp. He feels their pain, because he too was insulted The Rock on Monday Night RAW. And to think that he would disrespected one of his vaulted contemporaries of the silver screens, but we all know that The Miz does not get upstaged! I am an A-lister, I am a movie star, I main evented Wrestlemania, I deserve respect! The Usos come out to interrupt The Miz, saying “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” Miz, are you mad? I’m mad you’re still out here talking about Wrestlemania! Maybe that’s how you made all that money to buy that pretty little dress you have there. Xavier says you don’t talk to The Miz like that. He main evented Wrestlemania, and he has the best mouth in the business! And you two must be real comfortable riding your cousin’s coattails. Big E says it’s a real shame that there’s a gold allergy that runs in The Rock’s family! Kofi says look at you two now. You’re outnumbered, two to four! The Usos say they have more usos to even things up! Out first is Titus O’Neil, followed by Dolph Ziggler. All four men run into the ring, and chaos between all eight man ensues as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we see pictures of Titus O’Neil visiting some schools in Tampa, before coming to the ring to see the match already started!

Eight Man Tag Match
The Usos, Dolph Ziggler & Titus O’Neil vs. The New Day & The Miz

Match starts with Jey Uso and Xavier Woods, who immediately tags in The Miz. They lock up and Jey has Miz in a headlock, but Miz gets Jey on the ropes, and Jey gets a shoulder block on Miz. Jey blocks a hip toss, knocking down Miz with a clothesline. In the corner is Miz, as Jey shows off a little. Miz runs right into a right hand and a cover by Jey for the nearfall. Jimmy tags in, and The Usos double team as Jimmy gets a nearfall. Miz tags in Kofi, who takes a hip toss by Jimmy who tags in Titus O’Neil. Titus hits a hard chop on Kofi, who walks out of the corner but is put right back in for another chop by Titus! Titus has Kofi on the top rope as he lays into Kofi with another chop before tagging in Ziggler, who hits a dropkick and a cover for the nearfall. Kofi in the corner now, dropkicks Ziggler before tagging in Woods, who delivers a dropkick on Ziggler for the nearfall. Woods tags in Big E, who hits a belly to belly slam on Ziggler to the mat for a nearfall. Big E taunts Ziggler, picking him up but Ziggler kicks him in the face and goes for a DDT. That is blocked, but Ziggler tags in Jimmy Uso, who hits Big E with a right hand and a Samoan drop! Jimmy in the corner, slamming into Big E before dropping the rest of the other team off the apron and running right into a belly to belly suplex into the corner by Big E! New Day taunting Jimmy on the outside as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, New Day start a tag carousel taking turns to beat up on Jimmy. Miz tags in, and he hits a big clothesline in the corner! Miz and New Day celebrate in the corner as Kofi goes to work on Jimmy, who blocks a right hand with one of his own followed by an enziguri. Kofi tags in Woods, who gets launched into the middle rope as Jimmy finally gets the tag to Titus as Miz gets tagged in. Titus cleans house, dropping Big E and Miz before catching Kofi into a backbreaker. He whips Miz in the corner before hitting an avalanche for a nearfall before Big E breaks the pin up. New Day come in, only to take a double superkick from the Usos before they hit a dive to the outside! Ziggler hits a Zig Zag on Kofi, blocking a Skull Crushing Finale and superkicking Miz into a Clash of the Titus for the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Usos, Dolph Ziggler & Titus O’Neil

They celebrate in the ring as we get a replay of highlights of the match. Titus in the crowd, celebrating with the school kids he invited to Smackdown as commentary hypes up Kalisto against Neville for the US title, up next!


Back from commercial, WWE boasts its social media dominance for RAW before going to the ring as Neville makes his way down followed by Kalisto, and we get pictures from the US title match at the Royal Rumble. Ring introductions for challenger and champion, and this match is underway!

WWE United States Championship
Kalisto vs. Neville

Neville goes for a punch, and Kalisto dodges before going for a monkey flip that Neville gets out of. Neville with a takedown and high flying antics ensue as Kalisto hits a headscissors takedown on Neville. Kalisto goes for a hurricanrana, but Neville turns it into a powerbomb…but Kalisto hits the hurricanrana after all, sending Neville right into the barricade! The ref starts the count as Neville gets back into the ring, followed closely by Kalisto as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Kalisto goes for a springboard seated senton…but Neville counters into a powerbomb for the nearfall! Kalisto in the corner and Neville charges at him before hitting a big boot on the head of the champion. Kalisto trying to figt back, but Neville hits him with an elbow to the face! Neville takes Kalisto into the corner, and on the apron he picks up the champ onto his shoulders. Kalisto fighting back with forearms to the back of Neville, and hits a HUGE hurricanrana off the top rope that drives Neville into the mat! Kalisto with the cover and a nearfall. Both men are slow to get up, but the champ is up going for the Salida Del Sol…but ends up taking an enziguri from Neville! Neville follows with some hard kicks to the champ now, going for a deadlift German suplex that is reversed into a nearfall by Kalisto! Neville kicks the champ in the head and goes for the suplex again, but Kalisto reverses into Salida Del Sol for the win!

Winner via pinfall and still WWE United States Champion: Kalisto

Kalisto celebrates in the ring as we get a replay of highlights from the match. Neville extends a hand, and Kalisto shakes hands out of respect as commentary hypes up the Highlight Reel before we go to commercial.


The Highlight Reel with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

Back from commercial, Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring and gets a mic. Welcome to Thursday Night Jericho! What a week it’s been in the WWE, starting off with one of the greatest Royal Rumble matches in history. I might’ve lasted 51 minutes, but Triple H came out on top and is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. And then on Monday Night RAW, the one on one debut of the Phenomenal One AJ Styles, and if you didn’t see the match, AJ vs Y2J was one for the ages. More importantly, the main event of Fast Lane is a triple threat to determine who will face Triple H at Wrestlemania for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! The opponents, starting with Brock Lesnar and including my guest, the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose! Dean makes his way to the ring holding a basket of flowers. Jericho introduces his otter guest, the other opponent in the triple threat match, Roman Reigns! Reigns makes his way through the crowd to the ring. Dean says he brought Jericho a gift; I don’t know if it’s budget cuts, but your set could use a little jazzing up. Roman brings Jericho a stool, and Dean puts the flowers on the stool. Jericho recounts how friendly Dean and Roman have been, but says they’re now best friends with an opportunity to headline Wrestlemania. Is that going to cause any animosity between you two? Roman says they’re not jealous people. We traveled all over the world talking about this. Dean says friends fight over all kinds of things: money, spotlight, stupid stuff, but we never fight about that kind of stuff. Chris asks what happens to that friendship at Fast Lane when the bell rings? Dean says he’s gonna punch Roman right in the mouth. Roman says he just gave his strategy away, so he’s gonna lower his forehead two inches and break his hands. Dean asks if he gave his strategy away, or is he tricking Roman? Is Roman tricking Dean? Dean might kick him in the ribs, or do both. Jericho wants to talk about Brock Lesnar; we know exactly what Brock is capable of, referring to himself and Roman, but Dean doesn’t. Dean says Brock is the single most destructive force in WWE, but he’s indestructible. Brock Lesnar is a monster, he’ll probably beat me to a pulp, but I’m the Iron Man of WWE. When a shot at the WWE WOrld Heavyweight Championship and the main event of Wrestlemania is on the line, I ain’t got no time to be scared of Brock Lesnar. Roman says this for real. I’ve been in the ring with him, he beat the hell out of me. He’s different from anyone you’ve competed against. He IS a beast. Dean says technically, he doesn’t have to beat Brock Lesnar…I just gotta beat you. Roman says it’d be the first time, because you never have before. Roman and Dean stare each other down when suddenly Bray Wyatt and his Family appear on the stage. Bray says we made a promise to the world, that we would bring forth the Apocalypse. At the Royal Rumble, the Wyatt Family slayed the Beast, Brock Lesnar. Now we ride, trampling over any of those who would wander the pastures of hubris! Roman says he’s doing it again, no one knows what you’re talking about. You came halfway, why not come down all the way to the ring and we’ll talk with a fist? Bray tells Roman to have patience, that patience is a virtue, and if you are ever to succeed on your quest you’ll need to engulf the heart of a good man. Tonight I aim to put that heart to the test, as well as the heart of Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose. Me and two of my brothers are going to put all three of you down forever. Beware, the Apocalypse is upon you…run! We cut to black, before commentary hypes up the Smackdown debut of AJ Styles up next!


Back from commercial, commentary hypes the six man tag match for later tonight as the Social Outcasts are in the ring and Heath Slater has a mic in hand. After Monday Night RAW, Social Outcasts should’ve been the hottest thing trending. Curtis Axel says instead, everyone on Twitter is talking about AJ Styles. Adam Rose says that one phenomenal anomaly has the entire world freaking out! Bo Dallas says his best friend’s year long run in the Royal Rumble finally came to an end. Curtis talks about his 364 days, 3 minutes, and 23 seconds before AJ Styles eliminated him. What kind of a man does that? He calls him out, saying the Ax Man will rip him apart. AJ Styles makes his way down to the ring as we get highlights from AJ’s debut on Monday Night RAW against Chris Jericho. Back in the ring, AJ looks ready for his first match on Smackdown!

Curtis Axel vs. AJ Styles

AJ with a waist lock on Axel, who gets out only to take a dropkick by AJ. Styles with a knee to the face, and gets Axel who is trying to squirm out of the ring. Axel surprises him with a clothesline and takes him to the corner with some hard mud stomping. He follows with a dropkick and a backbreaker as Axel climbs up for an elbow drop…but AJ gets out of the way! AJ turning things around and hits a lariat in the corner, but Axel gets him back in the corner before AJ hits a Pele kick from the corner for a nearfall! Social Outcasts trying to distract AJ on the outside, but to no avail as AJ dives onto Bo Dallas and Heath Slater! AJ up on the rope, but is blocked with a kick by Axel, who ends up taking another Pele Kick by Styles. AJ grabs Curtis Axel, hitting the Styles Clash for the win!

Winner via pinfall: AJ Styles

AJ avoids the Social Outcasts and gets to the ramp as we get a replay of the match. Backstage we see Charlotte and Ric Flair as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Charlotte makes her way to the ring accompanied by Ric Flair. Natalya makes her way out next, as we get a promo from Natalya saying you can’t keep a Hart down. Get ready, ladies, because the Queen of Harts is back!

Divas Match (Non-Title)
Charlotte vs. Natalya

Both women lock up, and Charlotte gets a headscissors on the mat on Natalya. They exchange holds now, before Natalya rolls up Charlotte for a nearfall. Charlotte goes for a kick to the gut, but ends up taking a snapmare by Natalya, who runs right over Charlotte before hitting a basement dropkick on the Divas Champion. On the ropes now, and Charlotte with a big boot on Natalya for a nearfall. She slams the head of Natalya into the mat hard, applying an abdominal stretch as Natalya reverses into one of her own! Charlotte powers out, but Natalya goes for a backslide until Charlotte hits a dropkick before laying into Natalya with some cops. Natalya with some hard hits of her own and a German suplex on Charlotte, who rolls out of the ring. Natalya throws Charlotte into the ring, but gets distracted by Ric on the outside before Charlotte hits a hard chop block! Charlotte drags Natalya to the middle of the ring, applying the Figure Eight on Natalya who has no choice but to tap out!

Winner via submission: Charlotte

After the match, Charlotte puts on a Figure Four for good measure until Becky Lynch runs in to make the save. Charlotte and Ric regroup on the ramp as commentary hypes up the six man tag match for later tonight before we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we get an update on Nikki Bella before going to earlier tonight, when R-Truth is joined by Goldust for what appears to be a run. Goldust says he’s sweating his golden globes off! Why don’t we run around this thing like six times? Truth says he has to stretch, and Goldust offers to stretch with him. Did you think about what I said on Monday night? Truth says he doesn’t swing that way, but Goldust is talking about forming a tag team. Golden Truth, it’s written in the stars! Goldust is stuck, and needs help but Truth just walks off before we go back to the ring where The Wyatt Family make their way to the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring and this match is underway!

Six Man Tag Match
The Wyatt Family vs. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Chris Jericho

Braun drops to the floor, indicating it’s the classic Wyatt Family wrestling tonight. Match starts with Jericho and Rowan, who immediately gets on the attack on Jericho. Jericho fights back, tagging in Ambrose who hits hard with a kick to the midsection before tagging in Reigns. Reigns gives Rowan a headbutt and lays into Rowan in the corner before tagging in Jericho. Jericho runs into a shoulderblock by Rowan, who throws Jericho in the corner before tagging in Harper. Harper with some hard right hands before raking the eyes of Jericho. Harper with a palm strike and a kick to the gut, whipping Jericho but Jericho counters! Jericho turning things around before going for the Walls of Jericho. Jericho with an enziguri for the nearfall. Jericho charges into Harper in the corner, and lays into him with right hands before Harper lifts him up and over for a suplex and the nearfall as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Bray Wyatt is in control as he tags in Rowan. Rowan grinding his fists into Jericho’s head as Jericho finally powers out, but Rowan hits a pumphandle backbreaker for a nearfall. He tags in Harper, who grinds his boot into the face of Jericho before locking legs to cause further pain. Jericho trying to get out, starts laying into Harper with a couple chops before the hold is finally broken. Harper locks in a sleeper hold, but Jericho slowly powers out before going for a cross body but is dropped by a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall! Harper with a big boot to Roman on the apron, but misses a big splash on Jericho who hits a Codebreaker to get enough time to tag in Ambrose! Rowan is tagged in as well and Ambrose with a flurry of offense into a running bulldog! Ambrose climbs up, dropping the elbow on Rowan for a nearfall Bray comes into the ring, but Ambrose drops him and sends Rowan over too before diving on both of them. Ambrose up to the top again, but Rowan hits a spinning heel kick for a nearfall. Rowan tags in Bray, who hits a senton on Ambrose before going for a Sister Abigail…but Ambrose rolls him up, getting a nearfall! Ambrose gets a whirlybird lariat on Bray, who tags in Harper as Ambrose tags in Reigns. Reigns with a forearm on Harper, and laying into him in the corner before hitting a big boot for a nearfall as Rowan breaks up the pin. Ambrose sends Rowan out of the ring, and Jericho hits a springboard dropkick on Bray before the two of them hit planchas on Rowan and Harper. Reigns looking for the Superman Punch, but is distracted by Strowman as Harper gets a rollup and a nearfall. Reigns back up, and hits Harper with a Superman Punch! He goes for the cover, but Strowman drags him out of the ring and starts beating him up as the ref calls for the bell!

Winners via disqualification: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Chris Jericho

After the match, the Wyatt Family continue the attack on Reigns while beating up Ambrose and Jericho. They bring Roman into the ring, and look to do more damage until the Big Show shows up to make the save! He goes through the rest of the Family on the way to the ring, where Bray sends Strowman to face off against Show, who gets attacked from behind by Harper and Rowan as the Wyatts now focus their attack on the biggest man in sports entertainment. Reigns comes in, but is stopped by Strowman, who in turn is taken out of the ring by Big Show. Bray goes for Sister Abigail on Reigns, but it’s reversed into a Superman Punch! Ambrose and Jericho clear the ring of Rowan, and Reigns hits a giant spear on Harper! The Wyatt Family regroups on the ramp as the show comes to a close.