WWE Smackdown Results – 2/4/16 (Tag Team Main Event)

WWE Smackdown Results 2/4/16

WWE Smackdown Results
February 4, 2016
Memphis, Tennessee
Report by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

The Smackdown intro brings us into a packed arena in Memphis as Mauro welcomes us to a new episode of Smackdown. Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring through the crowd for the opening match of the night. We go back to the Royal Rumble, when Rusev dived onto Roman, sending him through the French announce table! Back at ringside, Roman has entered the ring as commentary hypes up the triple threat match at Fast Lane between Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Brock Lesnar for a shot at Triple H and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania! Rusev makes his way to the ring now, accompanied by King Barrett and Alberto Del Rio. We go back to RAW two weeks ago, when Dean and Reigns put Rusev through the announce table. Back at ringside, the ref calls for the bell as our opening contest is underway!

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev

Things start off with both men locking up, each looking for the advantage. They get to the ropes, forcing a break. Roman with a big right hand on Rusev, and he leaves the ring to deal with Alberto Del Rio who distracts him long enough to be attacked by Rusev, who throws him into the steel steps! Rusev throws Reigns back in the ring and gets a nearfall. Rusev stomping Reigns in the back now, whips Reigns into the ropes for a shoulderblock and another nearfall. Rusev going to work on the back of Reigns, following with a right hand and a charge into the corner…which Reigns dodges, before catching Rusev on the top rope. He scares off the League of Nations and hits a dropkick on the head of Rusev. Rusev charges at Reigns again, but to no avail as Reigns is in control with some clotheslines in the corner on the Bulgarian Brute before dropping Rusev with a right hand. He sets up for the Superman Punch but Barrett grabs him. ADR follows suit, and the ref calls for the bell!

Winner via disqualification: Roman Reigns

The League of Nations continues their beatdown as Dean Ambrose comes down to make the save! He takes down Rusev with some right hands, throwing him out of the ring before coming after ADR and Barrett…who get out of the way, forcing Ambrose to fall onto Reigns instead! Barrett grabs Ambrose, allowing ADR to hit a superkick on the Intercontinental Champion. They bring Ambrose into the ring, and Rusev locks Ambrose into the Accolade until Roman comes in with a steel chair! The League of Nations regroup on the ramp as Roman and Dean stare them down. Commentary hypes up AJ Styles taking on The Miz later tonight, and we see Kalisto and Kevin Owens in a split screen as they’re walking backstage. Their match is up next!


Back from commercial, commentary hypes up a tag match for later tonight as Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose take on Rusev and Alberto Del Rio! Backstage, Renee Young is with Dean Ambrose asking if what we saw moments ago is a preview of their match at Fast Lane. Dean says it was an accident. He gets a little too revved up, a little out of control…but that was an accident. Trust me, when I come after Roman he’ll know it. Renee asks if that will happen when they tag together later tonight. Dean says they have an understanding: there are times when we hit each other, and there are times when we hit other people. I got my wires crossed earlier, but later tonight we’re going to hit other people…and those are the good times! He walks off as we go back to ringside, where Kalisto makes his way to the ring for a big non-title match against Kevin Owens. We get an inset promo from Kalisto, saying all his life he’s fought those who underestimated him. He’s fighting for himself, the legacy of the title, and the honor of the fight. Translation: LUCHA, LUCHA…commentary hypes the US Title match between Kalisto and Alberto Del Rio, before bringing up their guest at commentary, Dolph Ziggler. Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring, talking smack to Dolph at ringside as we get ready for this match!

Non-Title Match
WWE United States Champion Kalisto vs. Kevin Owens

Owens gets on the attack early, driving the boot into the US Champion before laying into him with a chop and a right hand to the back. He goes for a suplex but Kalisto gets out, going for a waistlock but it’s reversed by Owens, Kalisto powers out and hits a springboard roundhouse kick to the head! Owens out of the ring now, and Kalisto hits a big dive on Owens! Both men are back in the ring now, and Owens blocks Salida Del Sol, shoving Kalisto into the corner before hitting a big German suplex to get control as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Owens is still in control as he hits a front suplex on Kalisto, driving him into the top rope before laying into him with a boot to the midsection before hitting a running senton for a nearfall. Owens brings Kalisto to his feet, hitting a gutbuster on the champion for another nearfall. Owens with a snapmare, hitting another boot on Owens before Kalisto fights his way out. Owens with another senton but Kalisto rolls out of the way before kicking Owens in the head, getting momentum before hitting a corkscrew shoulderblock! He hits a spiked rana for a nearfall. Owens getting back into control, but Kalisto hits a hard DDT on Owens for a nearfall! Outside the ring, Owens launches Kalisto right onto the barricade before tearing apart the announce table. He sets up Kalisto for a powerbomb…right onto Dolph Ziggler! Ziggler back up and Owens drops him back down with a superkick! He throws Kalisto back into the ring, but is distracted by Dolph trying to get into the ring and gets rolled up by Kalisto for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Kalisto

Owens is in shock at what just happened, immediately attacking Kalisto and getting out of the ring before Ziggler can get to him. He yells at Ziggler for costing him the match before retreating up the ramp. We get a replay of what happened as Ziggler raises the hand of Kalisto. We go back to Monday night when The Miz hosted Miz TV with AJ Styles, insulting the Phenomenal One and claiming AJ doesn’t belong in the WWE. AJ responds by attacking Miz, leading into the one on one match tonight on Smackdown! Backstage, JoJo is with The Miz. JoJo starts talking, but Miz keeps interrupting to voice his displeasure at what happened on Monday. AJ claims I kept interrupting him, but I would never interrupt anyone. Then he blindsided me after I tried to give him some A-list advice. If anyone should be offended, it should be me; first the Academy snubs Santa’s Little Helper, then I get snubbed for Grease Live, and now this southern fried rookie wants to snub my support. The same support I gave Daniel Bryan, who main evented Wrestlemania just like his mentor. I’m gonna give him a more forceful critique and show him to make it in the WWE, it’s gonna take more than a Pele Kick. He walks off as we go back to ringside, where Ryback makes his way to the ring for his match, up next!


Back from commercial, WWE celebrates Black History Month with a quote from Halle Berry before we go to ringside as Erick Rowan makes his way to the ring accompanied by Braun Strowman as we go back to Monday night, when Big Show stood up to Braun Strowman only to be attacked by the Wyatt Family. They drive him into the steel steps as we go back to the ring, were both Rowan and Strowman unmask. Strowman leaves the ring as the match gets underway!

Ryback vs. Erick Rowan

Both men lock up, and Rowan drives Ryback into the corner. Ryback out, and eventually hits a cross body before laying into him with some right hands! Rowan slides out to the apron, catching Ryback on the top rope and entering the ring to hit a big block on Ryback. He follows with some hard right hands, walking right over Ryback before the Big Guy gets back to his feet. In the corner, Rowan lays into Ryback with a chop and drives his forearm into the back of Ryback. Rowan still on the attack, as Braun looks on from ringside. Rowan locks in a vicegrip with his fists on Ryback’s temples, as Ryback struggles back up to a vertical base. Rowan sets him up on the turnbuckle, hitting some hard right hands. Ryback gets out, blocking a charge before hitting a missile dropkick from the second rope! In the other corner, Ryback hits a clothesline and a step-up knee to the face! Ryback drops Rowan with a big spinebuster, setting up before Braun gets up on the apron. Ryback throws Rowan into Braun before hitting the Meat Hook for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Ryback

Strowman comes right into the ring, attacking Ryback before the Big Guy gets out of the ring. He stares the Wyatt Family down from the ramp as we get a replay of the finish. Ryback looks quite happy as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we see members of the Memphis Grizzlies at ringside before we go backstage, where Renee Young is with Becky Lynch. We go back to Monday night, where we see Sasha Banks being beat up by Team BAD before Becky helps Banks out. Renee asks Becky why she’d help a woman who’s after the same prize as her, to which Becky responds saying we’re far from friends but…Sasha Banks interrupts, deciding to turn this interview into an episode of Table for Three. Unlike Sasha, Becky is willing to help someone out. This begins an argument between the two about whether or not Sasha. They agree to disagree, deciding to help each other out to deal with Team BAD before each woman goes for the Divas Title. A lot of confusion left as we go to ringside, where Chris Jericho makes his way out to take a close look at the next match, between AJ Styles and The Miz. Jericho joins the commentary table as The Miz makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, commentary hypes Brock Lesnar’s appearance at RAW this coming Monday before going back to the ring as AJ Styles makes his way to the ring as we go back to RAW two weeks ago, in AJ’s debut on RAW against Chris Jericho. Back in the ring, this match gets ready to start!

The Miz vs. AJ Styles

Miz goes for the attack but AJ ducks, delivering right hands on the former WWE Champion. Miz with an elbow, but AJ answers with a dropkick and a snap suplex! AJ on the attack in the corner, but Miz counters…only to get some ground and pound from AJ! Miz rolls out of the ring, but AJ dives with a flying elbow on Miz! He throws Miz back in the ring, and ducks when Miz comes charging at him again. Miz turning the table, throwing Styles into the barricade, before throwing him back in the ring for a nearfall. Miz continuing to go to work on Styles, locking in a sleeper hold until AJ drops him on his jaw. Miz hits a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Miz still on Styles, hanging him up on the ropes before kicking him in the head for a nearfall. Miz has Styles by the arms, working the back of the international star, who slowly makes his way back up and powers out before hitting Miz with a chop. Miz with a reversal on the whip, hitting a knee and then a boot on AJ for a nearfall. Miz looks smug as he taunts AJ, hitting a boot to the head. AJ gets some hits in, but Miz responds with a lariat for a nearfall. Miz continues to taunt AJ as he hits another boot to the face, twice over. Miz goes for one more, but AJ ducks it and rolls him up for a nearfall. AJ now hitting a flurry of offense on The Miz, but Miz gets out of the way of a springboard move by AJ before both men bring each other down to the mat as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, AJ with a clubbing clothesline and a knee to the back of Miz for a nearfall. Miz surprises him with a DDT for a nearfall, looking to end things but AJ blocks the Skull Crushing Finale to hit a Pele Kick for a nearfall. AJ looks to hit the Styles Clash, but Miz shoves him into the corner. AJ evades Miz, hitting a springboard forearm on Miz and kips up. AJ looks for the Styles Clash again, but turns it into a sunset flip of sorts as Miz goes for a pin…AJ counters rolling him onto his shoulders like he did to Jericho on RAW two weeks ago…but Miz kicks out! AJ rolls out of a move by Miz, turning it into the Calf Crusher and Miz has no choice but to tap out!

Winner via submission: AJ Styles

Jericho grabs a mic at ringside, giving AJ props as he gets in the ring. AJ is proving himself to the world, but we know how good he is. You wouldn’t have won three matches in three nights if you weren’t good, and you wouldn’t have beat me. We know you’re good, but are you great? Do you have what it takes to be WWE Champion? To reach legendary status, and be worthy of your own WWE Network special? Do you have what it takes to beat me twice? I’ve been lying awake at night about it, and I have a proposal: why don’t we have a rematch next week on Smackdown? You think you’re great? Prove it! Are you in? Jericho extends a hand, and AJ reluctantly shakes hands with Jericho. They stare each other down as AJ tells Jericho “I’m phenomenal, and you’re gonna find out again!” Jericho leaves the ring as AJ stares him down as we go backstage, where JoJo is with Roman Reigns. She talks about the miscommunication earlier tonight, and asks if that will affect tonight’s tag match against Del Rio and Rusev. Roman says we’re not on the same page. We may be in the same book, but definitely not on the same page. He’s crazy, and that’s what I dig about him. We’re on the road to Wrestlemania, accidents happen, but what happens between them and Brock at Fast Lane won’t be. Tonight, though, we fight together and we win together. Believe that! He walks off as we go back to ringside.


The New Day make their way to the ring as we get ready for six man tag action as The New Day take on The Social Outcasts up next!


Back from commercial, New Day has mics at the ready. Xavier says they’d like to talk about something very important…and no, it’s not the fact they kicked off Ride Along, available only on the WWE Network. It’s the fact they have something everyone wants, but only a select few can have…gold! Kofi says it’s the feeling you get when you have that first spoonful of that Booty-O’s cereal! It’s what separates us from the pack, like a big golden butterfly soaring high in the sky above a nest of nasty, dirty, disgusting no-title having caterpillars! Xavier clarifies they’re referring to the fans, as Big E says this gold isn’t like the participation trophies you give to your Little Leaguers just for showing up. If you ain’t first, you’re last! As Ricky Bobby once famously said: “New…Day Rocks! New Day Rocks!”

The Social Outcasts make their way out next, Slater with a mic in hand. He says that Bo Rida isn’t with us because he’s still in the studio, laying tracks for that gold albums. Gold, says Adam Rose, unlike those championships, which are obviously bronze! And we are gonna take those bronze titles from around your waists! The New Day insists they are not gonna touch their waists, until Curtis Axel points out their horns, saying they think they’re rhinos. The New Day are not rhinos, they’re unicorns! Heath Slater says they’re about to get extinct, because now trending…Social Outcasts! They slide into the ring, and this match is underway!

Six Man Tag Match
The New Day vs. The Social Outcasts

Slater starts things off with Woods, throwing him out of the ring and both men are out in the process! A standoff between the Outcasts and New Day brings us to commercial.


Back from commercial, Slater is still in control as he tags in Adam Rose, both men double teaming Woods. Rose charges at Woods in the corner, but Woods dodges and tags in Big E who slams Rose to the mat with a belly to belly suplex before stomping away at him in the corner. The “unicorn stampede” ensues into an assisted dropkick into Rose. Kofi with a boot to the face and a nearfall, tagging in Woods who hits a tornado DDT for a nearfall of his own. Rose catches Woods with a big spinebuster as he tags in Axel, and Woods tags in Kofi. Kofi hits a kick, but Axel blocks and dodges the Trouble in Paradise and brings Kofi down for a nearfall before Woods breaks the count. Chaos ensues, leading into a Trouble in Paradise on Rose, before Kofi is rolled up by Axel who gets his feet on the rope…Woods takes his foot off the ropes to break the count! Kofi does the same moments later, getting the win for New Day!

Winners via pinfall: The New Day

New Day celebrate on the ramp as commentary hypes up the big tag match later tonight as Ambrose and Reigns take on Rusev and Del Rio. Backstage, Ric Flair and Charlotte are on their way to the ring, and we get a quote from Shonda Rimes to celebrate Black History Month as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to Monday Night RAW when Ric inadvertently cost Charlotte the match against Brie Bella. At ringside, we see Charlotte is set to take on Alicia Fox as the match begins!

Divas Match (Non-Title)
WWE Divas Champion Charlotte vs. Alicia Fox

Match starts with Charlotte in control, getting Fox into a headlock before Fox drops her with a shoulderblock. Charlotte with a boot to the midsection, whips Fox into the corner and takes a shoulder by Fox before hitting a neckbreaker off the second rope. Fox on the apron and Charlotte hits a baseball slide before taking her back into the ring. Fox with some forearms now, but Charlotte dodges. Fox with a sunset flip and a nearfall on the Divas Champion. Charlotte gets a cover and the nearfall, before going to work on the neck of Fox. A headscissors on Fox leads to Alicia getting Charlotte on her shoulders for a nearfall. Both women kick each other down with a boot, before Fox hits a knee on Charlotte and a dropkick twice over. Tilt a whirl backbreaker by Fox for a nearfall. Charlotte hits a forearm, but Fox hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall. Charlotte evades Fox and hits a chop block before locking in the Figure Eight, forcing Fox to tap out!

Winner via submission: Charlotte

Charlotte celebrates in the ring before leaving to join Ric at ringside as Brie checks on Fox. Ric and Charlotte walk up the ramp as Alicia Fox is losing her cool in the ring now. We go back to earlier today, where we see R-Truth dealing with an issue at his hotel when Goldust approaches from behind to talk to him about being tag team partners. Truth refuses, but Goldust offers to help with his bag. They fight over the issue, and the bag rips open revealing all of Truth’s clothing. Truth gathers his clothing and leaves, but Goldust still has a pair of his underwear which Truth grabs and walks off again. We go back to ringside, where Dean Ambrose is making his way to the ring as we go back to earlier tonight when Roman was attacked by the League of Nations before Ambrose came to the rescue. Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring next as we go commercial.


Back from commercial, ADR and Rusev are accompanied to the ring by King Barrett as we get set for tonight’s main event!

Tag Team Match
Roman Reigns & WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose vs. The League of Nations (Rusev & Alberto Del Rio)

Rusev and Ambrose start things off, and Ambrose with a waistlock and a headlock takedown on Rusev. Rusev hits a shoulderblock on Ambrose to break things up, but Ambrose hits a drop toehold before tagging in Reigns. Rusev reverses a whip, and both men exchange right hands until Rusev nails Reigns with a roundhouse kick to the head for a nearfall. Rusev tags in ADR, who gets a headlock on the former WWE Champion. Reigns powers out, hitting some right hands on ADR who catches Reigns with a boot to the face and a clothesline for the nearfall. Tag to Rusev, who stomps away at Reigns and knocks Ambrose off the apron. Rusev with a big suplex on Reigns for the nearfall. Rusev hangs Reigns up on the ropes, distracting the ref so ADR can do the same. Rusev distracted by Ambrose, and walks right into a Samoan drop by Reigns! Reigns gets the tag to Ambrose, who unleashes fury on Rusev and hits a bulldog! Up on top, and Ambrose hits a missile dropkick on Rusev! Rusev to the outside now, and Ambrose hits a big dive on him! He brings Rusev back in the ring, but gets caught by Rusev before rolling him up for the nearfall. Rusev with a big kick to the head, but Ambrose hits a whirlybird lariat to bring the Bulgarian Brute down! Tag to Reigns now, who hits a dropkick on Rusev and knocks ADR off the apron. Reigns looking for the Superman Punch, but Barrett distracts him. Reigns dodges Rusev, hitting the Superman Punch on Rusev but ADR breaks up the count that happens right after. ADR brings Reigns out of the ring, laying into him before Ambrose dives on them! Reigns catches Ambrose, asking him what he’s doing before he hits another Superman Punch on Rusev! Back in the ring now, Reigns hits the spear on Rusev for the win!

Winners via pinfall: Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

The rest of the League of Nations are on the ramp as we get a replay of the finish. Reigns and Ambrose talk about things in the ring as commentary hypes up AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho next week on Smackdown! Reigns and Ambrose are still chatting as the show comes to a close.