WWE Smackdown Results – 3/10/16 (Eight Man Tag Match)

WWE Smackdown Results 3/10/16

WWE Smackdown Results
March 10, 2016
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

The Smackdown intro hits. We go to Milwaukee where Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the show as we are a few days away from WWE Roadblock this Saturday.

Later tonight, Dean Ambrose Dolph Ziggler and The Usos take on The Wyatt Family.

The Miz is already in the ring ready for MizTV.

MizTV with special guests Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Miz welcomes everyone to MizTV. He talks about his first guest making a dramatic rescue preventing Kevin Owens from powerbombing Neville on the floor. We see footage from RAW of Owens attacking Neville and going for a powerbomb when Sami Zayn interrupts.

Sami Zayn is out first. Milwaukee starts an “OLE” chant. Miz talks about Sami’s journey to WWE and how it would make a great movie. He said the WWE Universe wants to know who is Sami Zayn. Sami talks about doing this for 14 years when Miz cuts him off. He wants Sami to fast forward to his conflict with Kevin Owens. Sami said it goes back 13 years in Montreal taking it “all over the world” because they relied on each other. He said their names have been linked together since day one and how he was the best man at his wedding. Miz said now they are enemies and wants to know what happened. Sami isn’t sure and talks about signing with WWE a few years before him. He brings up Owens making his NXT debut the same night he won the NXT Championship. Sami blames Owens for his shoulder issues, attacking him on NXT after he won the title. Miz thanks him and said every story has two sides. He introduces Kevin Owens.

The WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens walks out next with a mic in hand. Owens said Sami is fully aware of why he did what he did in NXT because it was “best for business” and the best for his career. He said it wasn’t personal and it was the best thing to do for him. Owens brings up Sami getting signed by WWE two years before he did and he still made his WWE debut a full year before Sami. He said what Sami did to him at the Royal Rumble was personal and what he did on RAW on Monday night was also personal. Owens said he is the victim. Sami disagrees and says he is here to stay. He said the first thing he’s going to do is beat Owens for the Intercontinental Championship and do it at WrestleMania. Owens said that challenge is laughable and that this is the Kevin Owens Show, not NXT. He said Sami is nothing on this show. Sami knocks over the chairs and invites Owens to get inside the ring right now.

Owens laughs and calls Sami delusional. He drops the mic and says he is done here. Owens walks off when Neville walks out to interrupt. Neville tells Owens not so quick and says they have some unfinished business. He said that Intercontinental Championship would like “mighty fine” around his waist. Miz quickly cuts off Neville saying this is his show and that he wasn’t an approved guest. He brings up how you can’t just walk into WWE and get a shot at the Intercontinental Championship bringing up how he’s a five-time champion and he main evented WrestleMania while those guys main evented bingo halls. Sami tells Miz this has nothing to do with him and that his days of main eventing WrestleMania is “far, far” behind him. Miz attacks Sami. Sami with elbows fighting back. Miz holds the ropes and bails out. Neville continues to stare down Owens walking farther down the ramp as we head to a break.

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WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens & The Miz vs. Neville & Sami Zayn

We return from the break and we now have an official tag team match. We start with Sami Zayn and The Miz. Zayn and Miz lock up. Miz works over the left arm of Zayn. Zayn counters working over Miz’s left arm. Tag to Neville who drops a shot over the left shoulder of Miz. Quick tag back to Zayn who comes off the second rope with a double axe handle to the left shoulder of Miz. Tag back to Neville who comes off the top with a stomp over the arm of Miz. Miz pushes Neville to the corner and Owens gets the tag. Owens with a side headlock on Neville. Neville with a forearm after taking a shoulder block from Owens. Neville with a huricanrana takedown on Owens and Zayn tags himself in. Owens quickly runs to the corner and tags in Miz. Miz eats a deep arm drag from Zayn. Zayn with another arm drag on Miz. Zayn plants Miz down, tags in Neville and Neville with a moonsault off the back of Zayn over Miz! Neville gets dumped to the outside as Owens gets the tag working Neville over who was rolled back in. Neville with body kicks to Owens. Miz pulls the top rope down and Neville goes over.

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We return as we see Owens working over Neville as Miz gets the tag. Miz with kicks to Neville and chokes him over the second rope. Owens gets in a cheap shot on Neville. Miz pulls Neville down by his hair preventing a tag to Zayn. Miz with a big kick to the face of Neville. Zayn fires up the crowd. Miz with a neckbreaker on Neville for a two count. Neville with a roll up for two avoiding a kick to the face. Miz plants Neville with a clothesline. Neville counters tossing Miz through the ropes to the outside. Miz prevents a hot tag grabbing the foot of Neville. Neville jumps and Zayn gets the hot tag. Zayn with a huge clothesline on Miz and Owens jumps down avoiding a shot from Zayn in the corner. Zayn springboards off the top rope with a cross body on Miz. Zayn with rights and lefts to Miz in the corner. Zayn with a chest chop and a springboard tornado DDT on Miz. Zayn wants Owens to get the tag. Owens jumps down and grabs his title at ringside. Miz with a roll up for two on Zayn. Owens is walking to the back with his title. Miz is wondering what is going on. Zayn with his suplex into the corner on Miz. Zayn with a running big boot to Miz in the corner and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Sami Zayn & Neville

After the match, we see Kevin Owens staring down Sami Zayn with his title over his shoulder.

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Backstage, we see Goldust in a bathroom stall asking for toilet paper. “Can someone help a brother out, please?” R-Truth walks up asking if Goldust needs a helping hand. Goldust said he doesn’t need a helping hand and needs toilet paper. Truth said Goldust dropped the kids off at the pool and he was here when he was in need. Goldust takes the toilet paper and says his answer is still no.

We see highlights from RAW on Monday with Dean Ambrose saying he plans to hijack the WWE Network and WrestleMania by beating Triple H to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. “You will respect me because I will be the face of your company,” said Ambrose.

Brie Bella is out next.

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Brie Bella vs. Summer Rae

Lana is on commentary sitting on the announce table. We see footage from RAW on Monday with Lana distracting Brie allowing Summer to get a pinfall victory. Lana then attacked Brie after the match with a facebuster.

The bell rings and both Brie and Summer lock up. Summer with kicks to Brie and tosses her outside of the ring. Summer tosses Brie back first into the ring barricade. Summer tosses Brie back in and only gets a one count during a pinfall attempt. Summer with knees to Brie and tosses her to the corner. Summer with some quick stomps. Brie kicks Summer away and connects with a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle. Brie with Yes kicks to Summer and follows with a dropkick. Brie misses a knee. Summer with a mount and Brie kicks out. Brie gets the Yes Lock applied. Summer taps out.

Winner: Brie Bella

After the match, Brie Bella starts up a “Yes” chant and does it toward Lana. Lana joins in mocking Brie. Brie gets in a shot on Summer who tries to attack her again. Brie fights off Summer. Lana jumps in and gives Brie another facebuster. Lana starts doing a “Yes” chant.

A video package airs looking at Shane McMahon’s crazy moments in WWE during matches.

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Chris Jericho explains his actions on Monday night

We are back from break and Chris Jericho walks out. We see footage of Jericho getting pinned by Big E on RAW to lose the WWE Tag Team Championships match. We then see Jericho attacking AJ Styles after the match with repeated Codebreakers.

We return with Jericho holding a Y2AJ t-shirt and hanging it over a trash can. The fans in Milwaukee boo Jericho. Jericho said he isn’t surprised because when they had the chance to chant his name before, they decided to chant for AJ Styles instead. He talks about the WWE Universe disrespecting him since he returned and he talks about being the best in the world. Jericho talks about inventing the Money in the Bank and he’s never been hurt during his WWE career. “And yet you still chant for AJ Styles,” adds Jericho. He tells the WWE Universe to go to hell. Jericho said Styles can’t excel at his level. “I’m not the next big thing in WWE…I’m the only thing.” He talks about Styles only being here for six weeks and now he’s going to stand here to watch AJ’s WWE career burn out and fade away. He calls Styles a bum as he pours lighter fluid inside the trash can. Jericho puts the Y2AJ shirt in the trash can saying Styles and the fans ruined it. He said it was his own fault to let a newcomer and “rookie” be his partner. Jericho starts the shirt on fire and throws it inside the trash can. “Y2AJ is officially over…and that’s your fault Styles.” He said AJ’s career will now go up in flames and he’s the one who started the fire. Jericho starts an “AJ STYLES” chant.

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A video package airs focusing on The Big Boss Man heading to the WWE Hall of Fame.

The Lucha Dragons vs. Sheamus & King Barrett w/ Rusev

We start with Kalisto and Sheamus. Sheamus pushes Kalisto away. Kalisto with body kicks and Sheamus cuts him off with a big forearm. Kalisto with a springboard huricanrana to Sheamus. Tag to Sin Cara who eats an elbow from Sheamus. Sin Cara with a low dropkick and tag back to Kalisto. Sin Cara monkey flips Kalisto over Sheamus into a splash. Sheamus quick rolls out of the ring. The Lucha Dragons start a “Lucha” chant up as we see Ryback watching from the back. Kalisto with body kicks to Sheamus. Sheamus with a right hand to cut him off, eats a boot in the corner and knocks Kalisto to the outside off a distraction from Barrett.

-Commercial Break-

We are back as King Barrett has the tag working over Kalisto with forearms in the corner. Kalisto with kicks to Barrett. Barrett with a big kick to the gut of Kalisto and gets a two count. Sheamus gets the tag as Sheamus and Barrett both kick Kalisto at the same time. Sheamus with a knee lift to the body of Kalisto. Sheamus plants Kalisto with a big powerslam resulting in a two count. Tag to Barrett who gets in knees to the back of Kalisto. Barrett with a snap suplex and tag to Sheamus. Sheamus with a right hand to the body of Kalisto. Sheamus hits his shoulder on the steel ring post. Tags to Sin Cara and Barrett. Sin Cara with a flying forearm and then a springboard cross body on Barrett. Sin Cara with a springboard back elbow on Barrett and dropkicks away Rusev who tried to get involved. Sin Cara dumps Barrett over the top rope, hits the ropes and suicide dive takes out Barrett. Sin Cara with a springboard moonsault catching Barrett back inside the ring. Sheamus breaks up the pinfall. Sin Cara dumps Sheamus out and Kalisto comes flying over the top rope taking out Sheamus. Sin Cara with a kick to Barrett. Sin Cara goes up top and Rusev knocks Sin Cara off the top turnbuckle with the referee distracted. Bull Hammer to Sin Cara for the win.

Winners: Sheamus & King Barrett

After the match, Sheamus, King Barrett and Sheamus all celebrate.

Backstage, JoJo is with Ryback who was watching the match. Ryback says two little men can’t beat two big men. He said The Lucha Dragons put up a good fight. Ryback said he just feels sorry for them from because not all men are created equal.

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WrestleMania 32 is 25 days away featuring an appearance by The Rock.

Highlights from RAW on Monday is shown involving Vince and Shane McMahon.

Backstage, Renee Young is with The Usos talking about tonight’s eight man tag team match main event and she asks why The Dudley Boyz have been attacking them. They talk about looking up to the Dudley’s as kids and having no respect for them now. Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose walk up. Ambrose said they are going Wyatt hunting tonight and he said this Saturday he dies trying to take the title away from Triple H.

The Wyatt Family is out next.

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Eight Man Tag Team Match
The Wyatt Family vs. Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler & The Usos

We start with Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper. Ambrose works over the left arm of Harper. Harper with a shoulder block cutting off Ambrose. Deep arm drag from Ambrose on Harper. Tag to Dolph Ziggler who connects with a double axe handle shot on Harper’s left arm and follows with a big standing dropkick. Tag to Jimmy Uso who comes off the top with an elbow on Harper. Tag to Jey Uso who connects with a flying forearm to Harper in the corner. Harper with a right hand that drops Jey and he bails to the outside. The Wyatt Family regroups at ringside as we head to a break.

-Commercial Break-

We are back as Harper is putting the boots to Jey in the corner. Harper with chops to Jey in the corner. Ziggler gets a tag connecting with a dropkick and splash to Harper in the corner. Erick Rowan with a running clothesline on Ziggler from the ring apron with the referee distracted. Bray Wyatt gets the tag working over Ziggler with right hands. Wyatt sends Ziggler with force to the corner. Tag to Braun Strowman who pushes Ziggler hard into the corner. Strowman with a big forearm to the chest of Ziggler and tags in Harper who gets a two count off a pinfall attempt. Harper keeps Ziggler grounded. Harper blocks a dropkick attempt by Ziggler and catapults him into the bottom rope. Ziggler barely gets back inside the ring by the 9 count from the referee. Harper with an uppercut to Ziggler. Ziggler attempts a Fameasser and counters that into a sunset flip. Ziggler with a quick DDT on Harper. Hot tag to Jey who clotheslines Harper, shot on Rowan, kick to Harper and a big uppercut. Jey drops Harper with a samoan drop. Rowan cuts off a splash int he corner by Jey. Jimmy with a superkick to Rowan. The Usos both splash Harper and Rowan. The Usos then take out Harper and Rowan on the outside. Harper rolls back in. Jey comes off the top and Harper gets his knees up. Hot tag to Ambrose who tackles Rowan with rights. Ambrose with an elbow and running bulldog on Rowan. Ambrose jumps over Rowan, rolls through and connects with a swinging neckbreaker on Rowan. Ambrose catches Rowan with an elbow off the top rope and Harper breaks it up. Jimmy kicks Harper in the head. Wyatt plants Jimmy. Superkick by Ziggler to Wyatt. Two superkicks by Ziggler on Strowman. Strowman stays up and tackles Ziggler. Strowman has Jey up. Ambrose breaks it up. Strowman hits the corner. Roll up by Rowan on Ambrose for a two count. Rowan has Ambrose setup for a powerbomb. Ambrose counters, Rowan attempts a kick, Ambrose ducks and connects with Dirty Deeds on Rowan. Ambrose gets the pinfall.

Winners: Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler & The Usos

After the match, Ambrose, Ziggler and The Usos celebrate as the show comes to a close.


Quick Match Results

* Sami Zayn & Neville def. Kevin Owens & The Miz
* Brie Bella def. Summer Rae
* Sheamus & King Barrett def. The Lucha Dragons
* Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler & The Usos def. The Wyatt Family

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