WWE Smackdown Results – 7/7/16 (Chris Jericho vs. Sami Zayn, Lesnar’s SummerSlam opponent set)

WWE Smackdown Results

WWE Smackdown Results 7/7/16

WWE Smackdown Results
July 7, 2016
Toledo, Ohio
Results by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

We open with shots from earlier today: The Club talking inaudibly, Chris Jericho assuring us Sami Zayn is going to get…IT, and Sami Zayn saying Jericho will have to settle for being second best. We also see Seth Rollins walking into the arena when he bumps into Jey Uso and talking trash about the family: it’s not my fault your cousin’s a cheater, it’s not my fault your old man’s famous for a move called the Stink Face. Jey challenges Seth to a one on one match for tonight, which Seth accepts before walking off as we go to the Smackdown intro. We’re inside a packed arena as Jojo is interrupted by the WWE Champion, Dean Ambrose. He makes his way to the ring as commentary hypes the WWE Draft on Smackdown Live in a couple weeks. Ambrose apologies to Jojo for interrupting, but he’s always dreamed of being a ring announcer like Howard Finkel…but taller, and with more hair. With that he introduces himself as the special guest ring announcer for tonight’s opening match. Jey Uso is introduced first, followed by Seth “Scumbag” Rollins! We go back to Monday Night RAW when things got heated between Ambrose and Rollins before Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds on Rollins into the announce table! Back at ringside, Ambrose leaves the ring as this match is underway!

Seth Rollins vs. Jey Uso

Rollins with a headlock on Jey, who gets out only to be dropped with a shoulder tackle. Jey with a couple arm drags on the former WWE Champion, who fights back into the corner with boots into the midsection of Jey. Jey with a back suplex on Rollins, who retreats to the corner before hitting a boot and a pendulum backbreaker for a nearfall. At ringside, Ambrose speaks up on the mic reminding fans to go to the WWE stands at the concourse for new Dean Ambrose t-shirts and Seth Rollins ice cream bars…but I must warn you, they taste like crap! Seth mouths off with Ambrose before being rolled up for a nearfall by Jey. Seth goes outside to talk to Ambrose before Jey brings him back in the ring, going up top to hit a crossbody for a nearfall. Jey dumps Seth out of the ring, taking a dive on Rollins as Ambrose informs us that five minutes have elapsed in this match. Rollins, this might be a good time for us to take a commercial break…and sure enough, we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Jey hits a chop on Seth taking him into the corner. Whip to the opposite corner, but Seth drives Jey’s head into the turnbuckle before sending him out of the ring. Rollins with an elbow to the outside before he goes to Ambrose to argue some more, bringing Jey back in the ring and arguing with the ref as well. Rollins with a nearfall before he locks in a chinlock on the former WWE Tag Team Champion. Rollins with a neckbreaker now, climbing up top as Ambrose informs the driver of a ’97 Ford pickup truck that they are parked in the fire lane and will be towed. The distraction is enough for Jey to get back some momentum, but Seth blocks a Samoan drop to hit an enziguri…only for Jey to hit a Samoan drop for the nearfall! Seth in the ring now, blocking Jey to go for the Pedigree, but a set of rollups goes into a superkick by Jey Uso. Jey climbs up top for a big splash but Seth gets the knees up, before hitting the Pedigree for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Seth Rollins

We get replays from the match as Rollins is demanding Ambrose announce him as the winner of the match. Ambrose gets up onto the announce table, announcing the winner of this match: the human equivalent of a root canal, and STILL a jackass, “Slimy” Seth Rollins! Ambrose says we need to do this right, let me get a little closer…but Rollins hightails it out of the ring as Ambrose decides to just raise his WWE Championship, just like he will at Battleground! Ambrose’s music hits as Rollins retreats up the ramp. Commentary takes us back to Monday night when the Highlight Reel with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn went south for Jericho as he took a double kick to the face. Commentary hypes the match between Jericho and Zayn for later tonight before your American hero and mine, Zack Ryder, makes his way to the ring for the next match as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Sheamus makes his way to the ring to avenge being eliminated by Ryder on Monday night. We go back to Monday night, when Sheamus was shoved by Big Show right into a Rough Ryder by Zack for a big win for Team USA! Back at ringside, this match is underway!

Zack Ryder (#WWWYKI) vs. Sheamus

Sheamus is on the attack early, driving his knee into Ryder before hitting a couple clotheslines on the former Intercontinental Champion. Sheamus sets Ryder up on the ropes, hitting Beats of the Bohdran. Ryder fights back, sending Sheamus out of the ring…only to take a bodyslam onto the apron by the Celtic Warrior! Ryder is in trouble now as Sheamus gets back in the ring, but the Broski continues to fight back until Sheamus hits the Irish Curse Backbreaker. Sheamus sets Ryder up on the top turnbuckle, but Ryder fights back before sending Sheamus to the canvas. Ryder hits the El-Bro on Sheamus to pick up a HUGE victory tonight!

Winner via pinfall: Zack Ryder (#WWWYKI)

Tom Phillips interviews Ryder up on the stage, asking what’s next after these couple victories. What’s next is Advil, ice packs, and getting my back adjusted. Also, I’m going to attempt to regain the United States Champion, because being the champion means you’re the very best! The current champion doesn’t respect America, so I am going to challenge Rusev for the United States Championship! Sheamus approaches, and Ryder leaves as Sheamus yells at Tom. Backstage we see Becky Lynch, who is in action up next!


Back from commercial, we get a video package featuring Baron Corbin and his path of victory and destruction since Wrestlemania. His arrival signals the End of Days for anyone who stands in his way! Backstage we catch up with Rusev, who can’t stand Ryder’s challenge from afar. If Ryder can challenge Rusev face to face this Monday night on RAW, he might prove that not all Americans are cowards…but then again, Rusev will prove that all Americans are LOSERS! We go to ringside where Becky Lynch gets ready for a submission match…but Natalya runs up behind her, attacking the Lass Kicker from pillar to post! Natalya locks Becky into the Sharpshooter as officials go to pull her off. Natalya breaks the hold, staring her down before walking back up the ramp. Commentary hypes Battleground, as well as the feud that’s been brewing between New Day and the Wyatt Family. We go back to Monday night, where Woods talks about the New Day not being able to survive if they can’t take this seriously. Woods spoke up about this earlier this week on WWE.com, saying the compound is the Wyatt Family’s ring and they’re facing the unknown. He admits he isn’t happy about the decision his brothers have made, but he will stand by them. Up next we’re going to see what happened involving Enzo and Cass working with John Cena!


Back from commercial, Enzo and Cass make their way out to the ring. Enzo reminds us that his name is Enzo Amore, and he is a certified G and a bonafide stud…and you can’t teach that! This right here is Big Cass, and he’s seven foot tall…and you can’t teach that! Bada boom, realest guys in the room! How you doin’? They enter the ring, and Cass speaks up saying what happened on Monday night was not about us saving John Cena…it wasn’t about some personal issue that we had with The Club…it was about sending a message! If The Club thinks they can come out here week after week to beat down Cena, what’s to stop them from doing that to anyone else? What’s stopping them from doing that to me and Enzo? The music of AJ Styles hits as The Club comes out to interrupt. They were doing their favorite thing…BEAT UP JOHN CENA! Since Cena isn’t here, why don’t we go beat up Enzo and Cass? They go over other things to do and then BEAT UP JOHN CENA! AJ speaks up again, asking why don’t I come down there and shut your mouth? Cass challenges him to try, but AJ was talking to Enzo. Enzo says Eskimo ‘Zo ain’t sweatin’ you, buddy, or The Club. You say you’re too sweet, but you need to come original because you’re not a good remix either. What you need to do is step through these ropes for one round with Sugar Ray Amore…and you’re gonna leave a diabetic! Cass says Enzo is gonna show The Club that there’s just ONE word to describe you, and I’m gonna spell it out for ya: S-A-W-F-T…SAWWWWFT! AJ gets ready for the match as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, the first ever singles matchup between AJ Styles and Enzo Amore is underway!

AJ Styles vs. Enzo Amore

AJ is laughing Enzo off as he hits a snapmare, saying this is his ring. Enzo responds with a rollup for a nearfall, mouthing off with AJ before sending the Phenomenal One out of the ring. Enzo takes a dive to the outside onto The Club, but can’t follow up as AJ sends him back into the ring. AJ with some hard chops on Enzo before hitting a backbreaker. Enzo gets sent to the outside, and Cass keeps The Club at bay while Enzo gets back in. Enzo hits a dropkick to get some momentum on his side, but AJ drives his head into the turnbuckle. AJ with a rear chinlock on Enzo, who struggles before getting back to his feet. AJ gets Enzo to the corner, but Enzo evades a forearm before rolling AJ up for a nearfall. Enzo climbs for a tornado DDT, but it’s reversed to a snap suplex into the turnbuckle by Styles! Enzo is propped on the top now, as AJ goes for a superplex…but Enzo blocks it! Karl grabs the leg of Enzo, but is stopped by Cass. Cass and Gallows hit a big boot on each other as AJ sets Enzo up for the Styles Clash for a big win!

Winner via pinfall: AJ Styles

We get replays of the match as The Club celebrates on the ramp. Backstage, Jericho is still looking for his blue scarf before he finds it on Kevin Owens. Owens likes it, thinking of buying one for his wife as Jericho berates him for ruining a $750 scarf. Jericho tells him to give him money, to which Owens obliges by pouring change into the hand of Y2J. He grabs a button that was in there, and Jericho tells him he’s short about twenty-five cents. All Owens has is a Jolly Rancher, which he puts into Jericho’s hand as well. Owens wishes Jericho the best of luck for later tonight, letting Y2J know he’ll be at ringside before walking off. At ringside, The Miz makes his way to the ring for the next match as commentary hypes the WWE Draft on July 19. We go to earlier today, where people are watching the food fight from Monday Night RAW when Miz berates them. This leads to a challenge between Miz and former US Champion Kalisto for tonight! Back at ringside, Kalisto comes to the ring before this match is underway!

The Miz vs. Kalisto

Both men lock up, and Kalisto hits a flurry of offense on the champion before climbing up top for an elevated arm drag that sends Miz out of the ring. Kalisto goes for a dive but Miz brings Maryse in front of him. Kalisto comes outside, but Miz kicks him into the steel steps before getting back in the ring as we cut to commercial.


Back from commercial, Miz is still in control with a backbreaker before driving a knee in Kalisto’s back in the corner. Miz taunts Kalisto before charging right into a boot to the face and a Tornado DDT by Kalisto! Kalisto with some kicks before going for a headscissors, but Miz reverses it into a springboard sitout powerbomb for a nearfall. Kalisto sets Miz up with a kick and a spiked rana for the nearfall. Kalisto misses a Salida Del Sol but gets a rollup for a nearfall, followed by another one. Miz blocks Kalisto before hitting the Skull Crushing Finale for the win!

Winner via pinfall: The Miz

We get replays from the match as Miz celebrates on the ramp. With that we go to another life lesson with Coach Backlund, who says you have to be problem-free. You have to make your problems submit to your will! Don’t be a chicken, be a master of the crossface chicken wing! Remember, it belongs to everybody who wants to fight for what they believe in, and I believe in Darren Young! We’re gonna make Darren Young great again!

Booker T and Corey Graves announce that Randy Orton will be returning at WWE SummerSlam on August 21.

Back at ringside, Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring for our main event. Kevin Owens makes his way out next to join us at commentary as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Golden Truth promotes the Sonic Boom Box in the goofiest way possible. (Side note, I could really go for a Sonic Boom Box right now.) Back at ringside, Owens is at the announce table as Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring for the main event of Smackdown. We go back to Monday night when Jericho took a double kick to the face by Zayn and Owens, who will face off once more at Battleground. Back at ringside, our main event is underway!

Main Event
Chris Jericho vs. Sami Zayn

Jericho is in control early on with an arm wrench, but Zayn turns things around with an arm drag thrice over on Y2J. Jericho responds with a springboard dropkick that sends Zayn off the apron and to the floor. A brawl on the outside leads to a moonsault off the barricade onto Jericho! Jericho back in the ring, and takes control again with some elbows and right hands as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Jericho is still in control with a knee to the back before taking Zayn to the corner. He stomps into Zayn, who responds with some forearms and elbows before taking a back elbow and a Lionsault from Y2J for a nearfall. Jericho with a chinlock, but Zayn is back to his feet. Jericho takes a breather on the outside, but is met with a clothesline by Zayn who brings Jericho back into the ring. Zayn climbs up top, hitting a crossbody for a nearfall! Jericho catches Zayn with a boot to the face and a jumping enziguri for the nearfall. Jericho mocks Zayn as he continues the attack, but Zayn turns things around with a rope walk into a Tornado DDT on Jericho! Zayn leaps outside, hitting a dive on Jericho! Owens mocks Zayn from ringside, splashing water onto the Underdog from the Underground…who throws Jericho into Owens! Zayn brings Jericho back in the ring, hitting an exploder suplex that sends Jericho into the turnbuckle. Zayn goes for the Helluva Kick, hitting Owens who has come up to the apron and Jericho takes advantage by rolling him up for a nearfall. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Zayn reverses it into a cover for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Sami Zayn

There’s no time for celebration as Jericho hits the Codebreaker on Zayn. Jericho stands over Zayn before leaving the ring, and Owens takes advantage of the situation by going in to beat up on Zayn before hitting a Pop-Up Powerbomb. Owens stands over Zayn, taunting him as the show comes to a close.