WWE Smackdown Results

WWE Smackdown Results 11/22/16
WWE Smackdown Live Results
November 22, 2016
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Canadian Tire Centre)
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, JBL, David Otunga, Tom Phillips
Results by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Video package opens the show looking at highlights from the Men’s RAW vs. Smackdown Live Survivor Series Elimination Match at Survivor Series.

Smackdown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon comes out to the ring. Shane says after Survivor Series, he feels like he has been in a car accident. Shane gives props to Team RAW, but is happy Smackdown Live won the Men’s Elimination Match. Shane thanks Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt, but is not happy with AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose comes out to the ring. Ambrose is surprised Shane is upset, Smackdown won the Elimination Match. Shane takes issue with Ambrose joining up with his former Shield stablemates to powerbomb Styles through the announce table. Ambrose wants to congratulate the MVP of Team Smackdown who helped eliminate Braun Strowman, James Ellsworth!

Ellsworth comes out, sporting a neck brace. Ambrose eggs on Shane to tell a surprise he had for Ellsworth, which Shane wanted to do in private. Ambrose eventually leaks out that Shane is offering to sign Ellsworth to a Smackdown Live contract. Shane does so, but then tells Ambrose he has the night off. Ambrose is fine with this, wanting to celebrate, but then Shane says Ambrose has to leave the arena. Ambrose leaves, but then AJ Styles comes out.

Styles complains about Ellsworth getting a contract, then says Ambrose should be off the Smackdown roster and not get his title shot against Styles at TLC. Styles says Ellsworth doesn’t deserve anything and his contract was given, not earned, unlike the contract I have. Styles proposes Ellsworth face him tonight to earn his contract in a Ladder Match as a warm-up for Styles for his TLC Match at TLC.

Shane declines Styles’ offer, but then Ellsworth says he agrees to Styles’ proposal because he already beat him twice. Ellsworth proposes that if he wins, he wants a future WWE World Title shot, all or nothing. Styles agrees to Ellsworth’s proposal and Shane makes it official for tonight’s main event. Ambrose comes back in, as Shane throws up his hands and leaves.

Backstage, Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan interrupts a photo shoot of The Miz and Maryse. Miz expects Bryan to congratulate him on retaining the WWE Intercontinental Title at Survivor Series, but Bryan instead says that Miz will defend the Intercontinental Title up next against Kalisto, causing Miz and Maryse to storm off.

– Commercial –

Backstage, Shane escorts Ambrose out of the arena.

In the ring, Kalisto is there for the opening match.

WWE Intercontinental Title: The Miz (c) w/Maryse vs. Kalisto

Chain wrestling early. Arm whip by Kalisto gets 1. Kalisto backflips to avoid a clothesline, roll-up gets 2. Inside cradle for another 2. Low bridge sends Miz outside. Tope suicida by Kalisto wipes out Miz outside.

– Commercial –

Miz works over Kalisto in the corner, mocking Daniel Bryan’s kicks and “YES” chant. Kalisto fights back, springboard seated senton, springboard corkscrew attack gets 2. Miz blocks the Spike Rana, Kalisto counters the Slingshot Powerbomb with a rana. Spike Rana this time hits for a close 2. Kalisto up top, but Baron Corbin runs out to distract him. Kalisto nails Corbin, but Miz with the Skull Crushing Finale to retain the title.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: The Miz by pinfall (Skull Crushing Finale)

End of Days by Corbin to Kalisto afterwards. Miz celebrates on the ramp, but Dolph Ziggler runs out and superkicks Miz.

Backstage, Bryan and Shane talk about what just happened. Bryan leaves to deal with Ziggler, when Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch come in and argue. Lynch says Bliss will get her rematch at TLC. Natalya comes in and says that the Smackdown women lost at Survivor Series because of Lynch because she is threatened by Bliss. Shane says all of the women are to blame for the loss. Shane says Natalya will face Lynch tonight. Natalya recites “My Heart will Go On” lyrics and Bliss storms off. Ambrose comes back in with pizza and Shane again asks Ambrose to leave. Ambrose leaves as Lynch makes a pizza pun to Shane.

Video package highlights the Wrestlemania 33 ticket on-sale party last week in Orlando.

– Commercial –

Backstage, Daniel Bryan runs into Baron Corbin and takes issue with his recent actions. Bryan says Corbin will face Kane tonight.

#1 Contenders Tag Team Turmoil: American Alpha vs. The Usos vs. The Hype Bros. vs. The Ascension vs. The Vaudevillains vs. Breezango

Hype Bros. and Ascension start. Ascension get the jump on the Hype Bros early. Mojo Rawley sent into the steps. Viktor sidesteps Zack Ryder, Ryder crashes outside. Ascension work over Ryder. Ryder counters a double suplex with a double neckbreaker. Hype Bros with the Hype Ryder on Viktor to eliminate the Ascension.

The Ascension have been eliminated.

Breezango out next. Hype Bros send them outside. Mojo backdrops Ryder onto Breezango, wiping them out.

– Commercial –

Hype Bros work over Tyler Breeze. Fandango helps Breeze avoids the Broski Boot. Breezango hit a catapult/elbow drop combo on Ryder to eliminate Hype Bros.

The Hype Bros. are eliminated.

American Alpha is out next. Breezango quickly get control on Chad Gable. Gable avoids the elbow drop combo and counters a Sunset Flip by Fandango to eliminate Breezango.

Breezango have been eliminated.

Vaudevillains out next. Alpha quickly overwhelm them and Jason Jordan pins Aiden English with a German.

The Vaudevillains are eliminated.

Usos are the last team and take their time getting in. Chain wrestling early.

– Commercial –

Usos work over Jordan. Jimmy Uso gets 2 off a corner running forearm. Jordan fights back and tags in Gable. Gable mounts a comeback, Alpha-Plex to Jimmy. Top Rope Clothesline to Jey. German to Jimmy for 2. Jimmy sends Gable into the ringpost outside. Usos with a backbreaker/splash combo on Gable for 2. Jordan with the blind tag, Alpha hit Jey with the Steiner Bulldog combo, Jimmy breaks up the pin. Jey with a superkick to Jordan. Jordan gets knees up on the Uso Splash, inside cradle gets 2. Jey chopblocks Jordan, Gable stops the superkick to the back of the leg. Grand Amplitude eliminates the Usos.

The Usos have been eliminated.

Winners: American Alpha

Wyatt Family sounder interrupts. Bray Wyatt says they haven’t faced all the teams. Randy Orton says you have to face a family. Bray says next week, Alpha faces me and Randy, run!

Backstage, Bryan talks to Ellsworth about his Ladder Match with Styles. Ambrose walks in wearing a Mountie outfit. Shane walks in and yells at Ambrose, demanding for him to leave. Bryan says Shane should leave and get rest. Shane agrees to go before he does something he regrets. Ambrose tells Bryan to tell Styles that the Mountie always gets his man and leaves.

– Commercial –

Natalya is in the ring, while Alexa Bliss is on commentary for the next match.

Non-Title Match: Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. Natalya

Chain wrestling early until we have a stalemate. Lynch with a series of shots, but Natalya knocks her off the ropes and brings her out of the corner with a sit-out powerbomb for 2.

– Commercial –

Natalya has Lynch in an Abdominal Stretch. Lynch fights out, but Natalya hits Nattie by Nature for 2. Michinoku Driver for another 2. Lynchy counters a snap suplex with an inside cradle for 2. Lynch makes a comeback, Flying Firearm, but Natalya counters Dis-Arm-Her with a roll-up for 2. Bex-Plex by Lynch, then counters the Sharpshooter into Dis-Arm-Her, Natalya taps.

Winner: Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Becky Lynch by submission (Dis-Arm-Her)

Bliss attacks Lynch after and lays her out with Seal It with a Bliss (DDT).

Segment where the Hype Bros. shill Black Friday gifts on WWEShop.com.

– Commercial –

Backstage, The Miz and Maryse interrupt Daniel Bryan on the phone, complaining about Dolph Ziggler attacking him earlier. Bryan makes The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Intercontinental Title at TLC in a Ladder Match in what will be their last battle. Miz says he will write the final chapter in their rivalry with a Skull Crushing Finale.

Nikki Bella interrupts Carmella on the phone, blaming her for taking Nikki out at Survivor Series. Carmella denies it and they argue. Nikki says she talked to Bryan and at TLC, they will face off in a No Disqualification Match. Carmella storms off.

– Commercial –

Kane vs. Baron Corbin

Corbin blocks a Chokeslam early, but Kane with a big boot. Corbin fights back and works over Kane in the corner. Kane makes a comeback, but Corbin begins playing cat and mouse with him. Kalisto runs in and nails Corbin with a springboard dropkick.

Winner: Baron Corbin by DQ

Corbin sends Kalisto outside after, Kane chokeslams Corbin and leaves. Kalisto grabs a chair and goes after Corbin, who flees the ring. Corbin runs back in and Kalisto throws the chair at Corbin, kicking it back in his face, sending him outside.

– Commercial –

James Ellsworth is in the ring for the main event.

Main Event in an All or Nothing Ladder Match: WWE World Champion AJ Styles vs. James Ellsworth

If Styles wins, Ellsworth will not get a Smackdown Live contract. If Ellsworth wins, he gets his Smackdown Live contract and a future WWE World Title shot.

Styles works over Ellsworth early. Ellsworth stops Styles from bringing in a ladder, but Styles shoos him off outside. Styles climbs the ladder, but Ellsworth stops him. Styles rips Ellsworth’s shirt, revealing a back brace. Backbreaker by Styles, then ties up Ellsworth in a Tree of Woe inside the ladder and kicks him. Styles places the ladder over top Ellsworth, then slaps him. Styles climbs the ladder and almost grabs the contract, but Dean Ambrose runs in, wearing an Ottawa Senators jersey and goes after Styles. Ambrose sends Styles outside and tells Ellsworth to climb the ladder. Styles lays out Ambrose with the Phenomenal Forearm. Styles climbs the ladder, but Ellsworth tips the ladder, sending Styles all the way outside. Styles goes to get back in, but Ellsworth nails him with No Chin Music, getting Styles caught in the ropes. Ellsworth climbs the ladder and pulls down the contract.

Winner, earning a Smackdown Live contract and a future WWE World Title shot: James Ellsworth

Ambrose and Ellsworth celebrate his win after as the show closes.


  1. OK this stupidity has got to stop or SmackDown loses whatever edge it has over Raw.. Not just Ellsworth, but the whacko constantly disobeying orders (who didn’t see it coming) without repercussions, ditto Maryse ruing a PPV match with an interference no one would buy. So Ellsworth is the new Hornswoggle; what else can they do with him. AJ can only carry him so far

  2. With all due respect to Ellsworth, I wish they would push guys like Bray, Luke Harper, Ziggler among many others they way they have pushing Ellsworth. Some people complain about part timers getting more exposure than some wrestlers in the current roster but this is to me is far worse. At least those part timers are/were great wrestlers/entertainers during their time and still provide quality entertainment.

  3. It looks like a set up of Ambrose v Shane feud, Ellsworth will turn on Ambrose and join up with Shane who inturn becomes heel.

  4. Seriously…..no one can match AJ……I’d never seen any1 like him…….his moves, promos, attitude…all awsumm……he carried Roman Reigns…..and then Dean Ambrose………and now this shitty Ellsworth………………and what the hell is wrong with ur creative team Vince…!!!

  5. Once again to clarify, I have no problem with the James Ellsworth character. I find him to be pretty funny and entertaining and JBL’s roasting of him is awesome. My main issue is that he has no business being involved anywhere near the world champion. AJ Styles and the credibility of the World Heavyweight championship has been diminished due to losing to this thing 3 times. Some cal it entertaining but we really need to get back to establishing AJ as a credible champion and get him into a serious feud.

  6. Ellsworth is an eighteen-year veteran and runs his own promotion on the side. And given how well he’s handled the spotlight in the wacky world of WWE, obviously he’s doing something right. Don’t worry, though; once Vince gets tired and moves onto a new pet project, Ellsworth will be joining to Jack Swagger on Main Event.

  7. The losses aren’t the important thing to take away from this; the reasons for the loss are. James Ellsworth didn’t beat Styles clean. He had help, massive, blatant help from someone trying to overthrow and demean Styles, and that’s the actual story. Ellsworth’s involvement could’ve just as easily been Ryder, Viktor, or Natalya.

  8. I have nothing against the guy and wish him all the best and he’s been entertaining so far but was given too much. He beat the WWE champion 3 times already and will have another shot at the title where others can only dream for such a shot. I agree that Vince will eventually get tired as he usually does and we might never hear from him again.

  9. That pretty much tells you how Smackdown is doing when James Ellsworth has been involved in main events in the last 3-4 weeks…sad. They need fresh talent and fast! I’ll stick with Raw for now.

  10. God yes how terrible. A situation like Ellsworth has never happened before with great success, right? Rock/Hurricane, anybody?

  11. My main issue is that the world title picture, the focal point of your show, has no business involving some prop character. He was funny for a little bit but now this feud is beginning to center more around than Ellsworth than the title. With or without help, having you world champion lose multiple times is never a good idea to building up a credible champion, especially to a prop character

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