WWE Smackdown Results

WWE Smackdown Results 2/28/17
WWE Smackdown Results
February 28, 2017
St. Paul, Minnesota
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, JBL, David Otunga, Tom Phillips

Results courtesy of WWE.com this week.

Matters on “Miz TV” get explosive between John Cena, The Miz, Maryse and Nikki Bella

Following the contentious events of last week’s SmackDown LIVE, John Cena journeyed to “Miz TV.”

Cena arrived, however The Miz immediately cut The Cenation Leader’s microphone and The A-Lister proceeded to go on a verbal tirade against the 16-time World Champion. When Miz finally granted Cena access to the mic, he responded with an impassioned speech on Miz’s character.

The situation intensified when a disgusted Maryse slapped John. However, the slaps would soon cease when an incensed Nikki Bella ran out to equal the odds. Miz & Maryse hightailed it out, putting a cap on the drama … for now.

Becky Lynch def. Mickie James in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

The instant-classic rivalry between Becky Lynch and Mickie James entered its next phase as the two world class Superstars tested their grappling wits in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match. The first fall went to Mickie when she hit a big DDT. However, Lynch bounced back, evening the score with a surprise rollup on the savvy veteran.

With the scoreboard reading 1-1, SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss came to ringside clearly attempting to help Mickie secure the victory, but it backfired, leading to Lynch locking in the Dis-arm-her to score her second fall and the win.

AJ Styles def. Luke Harper to become No. 1 Contender to WWE Champion Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania

Following the controversial conclusion to last week’s No. 1 Contender’s Battle Royal, where the referees were unable to conclusively determine whether Luke Harper or AJ Styles achieved victory, SmackDown LIVE General Manager Daniel Bryan made this match between the two Superstars where the winner would officially advance to the WWE Title Match against Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania.

There was a controversial moment when Styles landed The Phenomenal Forearm for the victory, but Harper got his foot on the rope and the referee did not see it. The official counted to three, but shortly after the bell rang, SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon came out and restarted the match.

At one point, Shane and Styles got into a heated debate and Harper, who was aiming for AJ’s head, accidentally struck Shane.

With the match restarted and it all on the line, it appeared The Backwoods’ Behemoth might get a chance to avenge his former master on The Grandest Stage of Them All, but, alas, it was not to be as The Phenomenal One finished off his opponent with a Springboard 450 Splash to become the No. 1 contender to the WWE Championship and headline WrestleMania.

Dean Ambrose vs. Curt Hawkins never occurred; Ambrose calls out Baron Corbin

Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose was scheduled to square off against Curt Hawkins, but instead immediately slid into the ring and had Hawkins “face the facts” of Dirty Deeds. The Lunatic Fringe then called out Baron Corbin and he got him … kind of. The Lone Wolf appeared on the TitanTron to respond to Ambrose’s cry for a fight. Corbin proclaimed that he would face off with Ambrose, but that it would be on his terms. This led Ambrose to be more than a bit annoyed.

Thickening plots.

Dolph Ziggler def. Apollo Crews in a Chairs Match

Following Dolph Ziggler’s brutal steel chair attack on Apollo Crews at Elimination Chamber, Crews returned to get a measure of retaliation in, appropriately, a Chairs Match. Crews wasted no time, attacking Ziggler during The Showoff’s entrance. He and Ziggler brutally swung at will, with both getting their licks in. Yet, in the end, it was Ziggler defeating Crews after The Showoff smashed Crews’ larynx on the edge of a chair and followed it up with brutally slamming his mid-section onto the chair as well for the win.

Randy Orton burns down The Wyatt Family Compound during Bray Wyatt’s Invocation

WWE Champion Bray Wyatt came before the WWE Universe to make it clear that he had given Randy Orton the “keys to the kingdom” after The Viper declared that he refused to challenge Wyatt for the title at WrestleMania as long as Wyatt was the master and he was the servant. Well, it turned out that “keys to the kingdom” was a literal statement. The Reaper of Souls sent his “brother” on a mission to follow the buzzards toward The Wyatt Family Compound.

The WWE Champion, from within the ring, began to wax poetic about how new No. 1 Contender AJ Styles had no chance against him at WrestleMania and was simply a sacrificial lamb. However, The New Face of Fear’s world instantly changed when The Apex Predator suddenly appeared on the TitanTron to shock the WWE Universe.

At first, it simply seemed as if Orton had completed his master’s wishes of arriving at the hallowed ground of the Compound. Orton went on to explain that underneath the ground he was standing on was where Sister Abigail laid. Orton then proclaimed that he was going to burn the spirit of Sister Abigail to death and watch Bray burn with her. The Viper then proclaimed that he would momentarily be the master and Bray the servant.

Orton declared that he was coming for Wyatt and his WWE Championship at WrestleMania. The New Face of Fear was engulfed with rage, but not as engulfed as the Compound itself, which Orton lit with gasoline and then set Sister Abigail’s resting place ablaze.

With Orton’s shocking betrayal comes many questions. The biggest now, however, is what becomes of the WWE Title Match picture now at WrestleMania?


  1. Everyone should be happy now. AJ is in the main event at WM33. Knowing what the rumors have been saying for awhile now, it might not last though.

  2. Yes they were. I’ve seen people moaning and groaning about it on several different websites, including this one. Mainly because 1) AJ wasn’t in the match and 2) Orton vs Wyatt has happened before, though not with these stakes.

  3. Okay, first off, yes, in an ideal world, I would’ve had AJ’s title reign extend to Mania and have THAT be where Cena wins #16. However, in terms of what they’re doing with Orton and Wyatt, I can’t really complain about that either, especially since, after all the shit Wyatt’s had to do for TV, it’s good to see him walking into Mania as top dog. And lastly…yeah, I don’t really think Shane should be wrestling anymore, but AJ’s a good opponent for him, and hey, at least this time, he wouldn’t be pulling anything as stupid as he did last year.

  4. It seems that they will be pushing for AJ vs. Shane at Mania which I’m not in favor of. I’m sure that Shane will come next week to declare that AJ is no longer the number 1 contender for the title since Orton is not going to face Bray for the title. This will infuriate AJ leading to their clash.
    I don’t see them having a triple threat match for the title but my only hope is that if they go with AJ vs. Shane match that it will be for the control of Smackdown and then AJ can really be the face that runs the place 🙂

  5. god-.ing-dammit… NO MORE SHANE MCMAHON MATCHES (at wrestlemania, or ANYWHERE, EVER)!!! furthermore… against aj styles… .ing hell, he shouldn’t have to stoop to that nonsense!

  6. what is wrong with the writer of this site.. he/she can explained every details whatever happened at 3 hrs RAW but in case of SD live results nothing is described properly !! stupid writer

  7. Stupid reader – seeing as you completely ignored THE FIRST SENTENCE. And how self entitled is it to complain and call names over something you don’t even pay to access?

  8. WWE is claiming Cena already got 16 and tied Flair at RR when he beat AJ in January. His next title win would be 17 breaking Flair’s Record.

  9. congratulation you just made it to the LIST ! the writer is totally biased towards RAW , Why ?? because SD Live is doing great in each week . it’s simple – just post a little summary of SD live result so the fans will not get interest about it anymore. but this trick will not work anymore ! RAW SUCKS & SD LIVE RULES ! & you caaan’t TEACH That

  10. It CLEARLY states at the top of the results, just as NJ Louch pointed out that the recap came from WWE.com not one of the wrestleview recappers.

  11. Are you a .ing idiot? You know this site has multiple writers and moreover this was written by neither!

  12. Don’t count on AJ being in the main event. It’s looking like with what Orton did at the end of the show, we’ll be back to Bray vs. Orton. The long-rumored Shane-O-Mac vs. Styles match will likely stem from Shane reinstating Orton’s title match and taking it away from Styles.

  13. WM33 matches…

    Big Show vs Big E vs Big Cass
    Shane McMahon vs Steph McMahon
    The Rock vs Stone Cold IV
    HHH vs Vince McMahon
    Undertaker vs John Cena
    Randy Orton vs Bray Whyatt
    Samoa Joe vs Braun Strowman
    Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles
    Baron Corbin vs Dean Ambrose
    Goldberg vs Golddust
    Charlotte Flair vs Ric Flair
    Finn Balor vs Hulk Hogan
    American Alpha vs Demolition
    The Uso’s vs Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins
    JoJo vs Kane
    Kevin Owens vs R truth
    Gallows & Anderson vs The authors of pain
    Bobby Roode vs Alexa Bliss
    Bayley vs Brock Lesnar

  14. Altho I’m glad that it’s gonna be Orton Vs Wyatt but I don’t wanna see Shane Vs Styles…
    Shane is not conditioned to wrestle and he is not young anymore.

  15. why you’re so B**t Hurt ? it looks like the writer is so close to you that you cant take any offense. if the writers have the right to write anything they want then i too have the right to use my freedom of Speech. i’m sure people like you (Neanderthal) have no idea what is freedom of speech !

  16. and it is my right to criticize the writer who ever wrote this.. i dont care how many writers this site has. but if one cant do his job properly then he should face the complain because he deserves it. and if you still want to argue with me I don’t care

  17. If you’re going to cite “Freedom of speech” then ensure you’re not attempting to apply an American constitutional statute against a privately operated website, where it holds no grounds whatsoever. Moreover, it may be worth not being so self-entitled to act like something is your “right” when you have no basis for such a comment – you actually hold no rights here and should the site admins wish, they have every right to withdraw their free service with as much discrimination as they wish.

    Save all your herp-derp comments for someone who gives a shit, because you can’t even grasp that THE ABOVE ARTICLE WAS NOT WRITTEN BY A WRESTLEVIEW STAFFER!

    I mean, you’d hate to come across as an uneducated, self-entitled, sanctimonious, illiterate neanderthal cunt, right?

  18. and i love to read the results from this site than other sites because this site describe everything in details. when i read the results in this site it feels like i’m not reading but actually seeing the whole show. & i’m big fan of Smack down since 1999 & i believed when this show became live it will Rock. so it really hurts me when i cant see the detailed result (like we read about RAW in this site) of SD Live.

  19. this is open platform & netizens can read anything from any country.. and dont try to teach me about your american constitution.. you people are already making America Hate again (thanks to your President).. the more you try to stop me the more you are humiliating yourself. talking about education.. huh.. first try to save your own children’s life who die in school from gun attack

  20. Wow, I’m literally arguing with a retard. You have absolutely no rights or entitlement on a privately operated website. And you assume that I am American because I can speak English correctly… What was that about education?

  21. If u want to know the full details then watch the .ing show… stop bitching and whining like a baby when u dun get the things u want

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  24. Are you unable to read English or are you just a retard? Still assuming I am American, and your tirades against that nation and then call me a racist? I’m not a racist, I just think you are an ignorant cunt.

  25. I knew right from the onset that a day like this will come. Randy Orton joining the Wyatts a scheme for him to gain his way and destroy the new face of fear. That was a brilliant move for the viper. Now its the new face of fear vs the viper at wrestlemania

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