Smackdown Results – 6/19/09

WWE Smackdown
June 19, 2009
Roanoke, VA
Report by: Mike Tedesco of

?Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event?? The WWE video leads us into the show. I suppose they?ll take the newly released Candice Michelle out of this next week.

The Smackdown video plays and we?re brought into the arena with a great pyro display. Jim Ross and Todd Grisham welcome us to the show. They announce our two big Main Events: Jeff Hardy is taking on Chris Jericho in a non-title match, and Rey Mysterio is taking on CM Punk in a non-title match.

Josh Matthews is in the ring. Matthews mentions that on Raw Smackdown’s General Manager Theodore Long announced a championship match. CM Punk will take on former World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy comes out to a tremendous pop. Todd Grisham correctly calls something, mentioning there are loud ovations and then there are Jeff Hardy ovations.

Jeff Hardy gets in the ring and Matthews mentions that two weeks ago he reached the top again, becoming World Heavyweight Champion again despite those who said he?d never make it there again. They now show clips of the Ladder Match, including the big ladder bump on the outside and the mid-air Twist of Fate. I believe that finish to the ladder match was one of the most creative I?ve seen.

Matthews mentions it must have been an amazing moment and can?t imagine how it must?ve felt to become a World Champion. With that said he can?t imagine how he must have felt when this happened. They now show CM Punk making his way out to the ring to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Hardy kicks out of one GTS but can?t kick out of a second one and CM Punk becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Matthews now mentions to make things even worse just when it looked like he was going to become World Heavyweight Champion again, this happens. They now show the ending of the match on Raw, where Jeff Hardy looked to have it won with the Swanton Bomb only for Punk to pull him out of the ring and steal the win for himself.

Matthews mentions that it seems like he can?t get a break and that the World Heavyweight Championship seems to elude him. Gee, way to rub it in guy. Hardy mentions it’s cool and he doesn?t live in the past ? he lives in and for the moment. At the Bash he has CM Punk one on one and he knows, along with each and every fan, that he will beat CM Punk. Matthews says we?ve heard Jeff’s point of view so it’s only fair we hear his opponent’s. Matthews now introduces World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk, who comes out to boos.

CM Punk gets in the ring and Matthews mentions that many people feel that he took advantage of a vulnerable Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules, and at this past Monday night’s Raw he stole another victory from Jeff Hardy. Punk says the only thing he took advantage of at Extreme Rules was an opportunity to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, which he did successfully and well within the rules. Hardy knows this, as does the fans, that no where in the contract does it say, ?Under no circumstances are you to cash in on Jeff Hardy.? As far as ‘stealing? the match on Monday, he takes offense to that. He’s never stolen anything in his life. He didn?t ask the medical staff to come to ringside; they were just doing their job. Hardy was doing his job, and he did his job by successfully defending the World Heavyweight Championship.

Punk says that Hardy knows this as well as he does ? when he’s in the ring he doesn?t need to be a guy’s best friend; he’s their competitor. Hardy says Punk is right, in the ring they?re not friends, and they couldn?t be more different. He lives his life they way he does and Punk lives his they way he does. Punk says that’s right ? he lives his life the way he does, and Hardy lives his life the way he? does. Punk stretched that out ? I like that! Hardy says their differences will collide at the Bash and he will take back what he earned at Extreme Rules ? the World Heavyweight Championship.

Josh Matthews thanks them and asks the audience to give it up for Jeff Hardy, and they pop. Matthews asks them to give it up for CM Punk, and they boo. After the break Jeff Hardy will take on Chris Jericho.

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Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho

This is a non-title match. The match starts and they circle the ring before locking up. Jericho quickly gets a headlock on and Hardy just as quickly whips him off but Jericho is able to shoulder block him down. Jericho taunts for a moment before going into the ropes, over Hardy, and right into a dropkick. Hardy whips Jericho into the corner and hits a corner clothesline. Hardy whips him to the opposite corner and hits a clothesline there as well. Hardy goes for his slingshot dropkick but Jericho moves and Hardy hits the mat hard.

Jericho hits a nice suplex on Hardy for a near fall. Jericho gets Hardy up and Hardy hits some punches. Hardy has a whip reversed on him and Jericho slaps on an abdominal stretch. Jericho holds it on for a bit but Hardy eventually counters out with a hip toss. Hardy comes back with a spinning lariat and an inverted atomic drop. Hardy connects with a double leg drop to the midsection and a low dropkick to the face for a two count. Jericho is in the corner and Hardy runs into his boot. Jericho comes out for a clothesline but Hardy ducks it and hits Whisper in the Wind out of nowhere for a near fall.

Hardy goes for a flipping mule kick but Jericho throws him off. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but Hardy powers out. Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate but Jericho counters with a back suplex. Jericho goes for a Lionsault but Hardy moves. Hardy hits his sit-out front suplex and goes for the Swanton Bomb but Jericho rolls out of the ring. Hardy is still on the top rope so he flies off to the outside but Jericho side steps him and Hardy smashes his face on the barricade.

Jericho throws Hardy into the barricade a couple of times before throwing him back in the ring. All of a sudden Jericho turns around and Rey Mysterio jumps off the barricade with a hurricanrana and Jericho smashes his face into the ring post! Mysterio goes back and sits with the fans. The ref didn?t see anything as he was tending to Jeff Hardy. The referee begins counting and counts Jericho out!

Winner by Count-Out: Jeff Hardy
Match Rating: * ?

Jericho tries to argue with the referee that it was Rey Mysterio but Chioda is having none of it. All of a sudden Jericho turns into a Twist of Fate and Hardy hits him with the Swanton Bomb. JR asks if CM Punk is watching because Hardy made a statement. Hardy leaves the fans happy as he goes up the ramp.

Backstage Layla and Eve are fighting over hairspray with Maria in the middle. Maria settles the argument and Dolph Ziggler walks up, telling them they don?t have to fight over him. Ziggler goes to introduce himself but Layla cuts him off and says she knows his name and it’s Zack Diggler. Maria says no and says it’s Don Zimmer. Eve then says he’s Dick Ziggler. They now start talking about how he looks like Marky Mark Walberg from Boogie Nights and Ziggler walks away. I would have too from that mindless conversation.

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Did you know that over the last five years, WWE Superstars have visited more than 200 military installations, forward operating bases, military hospitals, aircraft carriers, submarines, and the Pentagon? That’s really nice.

Hey, Dolph Ziggler has new music! They then show how Dolph Ziggler defeated Great Khali by Count-Out last week using Ranjin Singh as a distraction.

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Great Khali

This match again? I hope tonight is the blow off. My favorite referee Charles Robinson is refereeing this match. The match begins and Ziggler walks up to Khali and slaps him before running to the ropes. Ziggler wants the referee to hold Khali off but Khali brings him to the middle of the ring and clotheslines him down. Khali picks him up by his head and slaps his chest. Khali bounces his head off the turnbuckle and whips him into the ropes for a big boot. Khali slaps his chest hard and Ziggler screams in pain. Khali sends Ziggler into the corner and grabs him by the neck but Ziggler grabs the rope. Khali just drags him off gets some offense by kicking his kneecap and dropkicking it. Ziggler then goes into the ropes and chop blocks Khali down. Ziggler takes Khali down to the mat with a sloppy leg drop and pins Khali for a two and Khali powers him off.

Ziggler goes to expose the turnbuckle but Ranjin Singh stops him. Charles Robinson comes over to fix the turnbuckle so Ziggler runs outside and grabs a chair. Khali slaps it out of his hands and Ziggler plays dead ala the great Eddie Guerrero. Khali picks up the chair and Charles Robinson turns just in time to see Khali holding it so he disqualifies him.

Winner by Disqualification: Dolph Ziggler
Match Rating: ? *

Khali goes to hit Ziggler with the chair but Charles Robinson and Ranjin Singh stops him. Dolph Ziggler gets out of the ring selling his pretend injuries as Khali angrily looks on.

Still to come tonight is CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio in a non-title match.

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Todd Grisham thanks Aranda for the use of the song ?WHYYAWANNABRINGMEDOWN,? the official theme song for The Bash. Todd Grisham now mentions that JR was the voice of Raw for over a decade and asks if JR ever saw anything like we saw this past Monday at Raw. The guy lived through the Attitude Era ? that’s not even a real question. JR sells the Raw and we?re brought into the Raw Rebound. Why was Trump wearing so much makeup? His hands were completely white but his face looked like an Oompa Loompa. I have pretty mixed feelings on this past Monday’s Raw. Why couldn?t Miz have just gotten the rub by eliminating Cena? Whatever.

The WWE Women’s Champion Melina’s music hits and she makes her way to the ring. Melina vs. Michelle McCool for the Women’s Championship has been signed for The Bash.

Melina vs. Alicia Fox

The match begins and they lock up with Fox quickly getting the upper hand with a face buster. Melina no sells this and hits her with a forearm and bends under a clothesline with her Matrix move. Melina hits a pele kick and hits some more forearms before Fox counters with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a one count. Fox clubs her and locks on a body scissors. Fox then locks on a Full Nelson and pulls back like an inverted Camel Clutch. Fox bends her at a sickening angle. That looks really painful and could be a Bump of the Night contender. Fox releases the hold and pulls Melina’s hair while choking her on the top rope. Fox is forced to release it and goes for a clothesline but Melina ducks it. Melina hits a crucifix into her Sunset Flip Powerbomb for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Melina
Match Rating: *

After the match is over Michelle McCool big boots her down with her cowboy boot high heel. McCool throws her out of the ring and kicks her head into the announcer’s table! McCool grabs a mic and says she’s not just going to beat Melina at the Bash ? she’s going to absolutely humiliate her. McCool hopes she has her paparazzi there to capture the moment but they won?t be taking pictures of Melina, they?ll be taking pictures of her. At the Bash she’s going to make history once again. She’s going to be the first woman to ever be Diva’s Champion and Women’s Champion. McCool puts the mic into Melina hard and walks off.

Coming up next we?ll see John Morrison take on Edge.

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We come back from the break and Edge is already in the ring after having made his entrance. Edge grabs a microphone and says with all the hoopla of CM Punk winning the World Heavyweight Championship and Jeff Hardy facing him at the Bash for that title, a huge travesty has been overlooked. Edge has been robbed of his contractually mandated rematch. Edge says that the Triple Threat fiasco on Raw doesn?t count because Teddy Long put him in a match where the odds were stacked against him. So instead of being in the Main Event and having his World Heavyweight Championship around his waist what happens? He finds himself facing John Morrison. John Morrison isn?t fit to breathe the same air as him, let alone step foot in the same ring as him. Edge says that he feels pity for him but can?t finish the sentence as he’s cut off by John Morrison.

Morrison gets in the ring with a microphone and Edge says that here’s another kid who wants to be him but is failing miserably. Edge pokes fun at Morrison’s fur coat and Morrison laughs saying everyone wants to be Edge. Morrison says he’s got to hand it to him because that was entertaining and he can?t remember the last time Edge said anything entertaining. Edge goes to cut him off but Morrison cuts him off saying Edge used to be entertaining and innovative. Instead of standing out here and talking about stuff, Edge used to do stuff. Morrison says Edge has become so predictable that he just fast forwards him on his DVR. Morrison says it’s the same every week and lists Edge’s excuses like ?I didn?t get my rematch, eh,? and ?My ex-wife is a big fat pig.? Edge says enough because he’s the one around here who interrupts people. Morrison cuts him off and asks what he’s going to complain about next ? his goofy boots, bobble head, or bug eyes. After this match Edge will be complaining about how he got his face kicked in by the Friday Night Delight John Morrison!

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Edge vs. John Morrison

The match begins and they circle the ring before locking up. Edge and Morrison tussle to the corner and the referee wants a clean break but Edge pushes Morrison so Morrison pushes back and Edge winds up on his butt. Edge calls for the referee to keep Morrison off and they circle the ring again. They lock up and Edge quickly gets a waist lock on. Morrison gets out and locks on a hammerlock and Edge quickly gets to the ropes. Edge angrily turns around and looks at Morrison in disgust.

They lock up a third time and Edge wrenches the arm. Morrison counters out with a fireman’s carry takeover into an arm bar. Edge tries to get up but Morrison grounds him. Edge finally gets up and gets to the corner. Edge forearms Morrison in the abdomen before he gets away. Edge punches him down and whips Morrison into the corner. Edge charges but Morrison moves and Edge hits the turnbuckle before turning into an arm drag into an arm bar. Edge gets to his feet and whips Morrison off. Morrison ducks the clothesline but can?t avoid the knee into the midsection.

Edge takes a breather before kicking Morrison in the ribs. Edge now takes a little time to taunt the crowd. Edge begins stomping Morrison down until the referee makes him walk away. Edge clubs him and drives a few knees into his ribs before snapping Morrison’s neck off the top rope. Edge continues kicking Morrison in the ribs and clubbing him. Edge takes some time to taunt in between kicks and then Edge hits a hard Irish whip into the corner. Edge sets Morrison up on the second rope and chokes him for a few seconds before going into the ropes with a cross-body for a two count.

Edge whips Morrison into the corner and charges right into Morrison’s boot. Morrison clotheslines Edge down and hits a nice dropkick for a two count. Morrison goes to the top rope but Edge cuts him off and brings him off ribs first into the top rope and Morrison crashes on the outside. We?ll pick this back up after the break.

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We come back from the break to see Morrison locked in a waist lock. Morrison gets to his feet and elbows out but Edge pulls him down by his hair. Edge takes a few moments before kicking Morrison and taunting the crowd. Edge then locks the waist lock back on. Morrison gets to his feet and elbows out but blocks when Edge tries to pull him down by his hair again. Morrison hits some punches before whipping Edge into the ropes and hitting a jumping back heel kick but Morrison can?t follow up on that because of his ribs.

The referee begins counting them down but they?re up at four and Morrison hits a nice backbreaker. They get up and Edge hits a kick and whips Morrison into the ropes for a dropkick but Edge misses as Morrison holds on to the ropes. Morrison then knocks Edge out with a running knee which gets a near fall. Morrison has a whip reversed on him and Edge hits him with a big boot but now Edge is unable to connect quickly with something as he’s loopy from the knee. Edge goes to the top rope and Morrison cuts him off with a pele kick which sends Edge to the floor.

Morrison slides under the ropes with a head-scissors which sends Edge face first into the steel steps! Morrison puts Edge back in the ring and covers but it’s only a near fall. Morrison has a whip reversed but Morrison again holds on to the ropes. Edge runs into a back elbow and Morrison goes for the Flying Chuck but Edge ducks it. Edge hits a double leg takedown and locks on the Sharpshooter. Morrison is in pain but eventually gets to the ropes. Morrison gets on the apron and cuts Edge off with a forearm. Morrison slides under the rope and through Edge’s legs and gets a cradle for a near fall.

Morrison blocks a kick and hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Morrison goes for Starship Pain but Edge quickly gets up and crotches him on the top rope. Edge clubs him while on top and locks him in the Tree of Woe. Edge goes for a Spear but Morrison picks himself up and Edge hits the turnbuckle. Morrison rolls over Edge and rolls him up but Edge kicks out at two and a half and the force of the kick out sends Morrison shoulder first into the ring post.

Edge now waits for Morrison to turn around and goes for the Spear but Morrison leap frogs him. Morrison hits the Flying Chuck and covers for a very close near fall! Morrison goes for the Moonlight Drive but Edge counters into the Edgecution but Morrison kicks out at two and a half! They take a moment before Edge sends Morrison into the ropes and goes for a tilt-a-whirl but Morrison turns it into a DDT for another very close near fall! JR called this right ? we have three main events tonight. Morrison now goes for Starship Pain but Edge moves. Morrison is able to land on his feet but Edge quickly connects with a Spear for the win!!

Winner by Pinfall: Edge
Match Rating: ** ?

They played the whole match up like it could be the turning point for John Morrison’s career and it really could be. Edge looks like he’s been through a war. JR says Morrison will be a future World Champion and we could look back at this match and say this was the turning point. He could be right.

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We come back from the break and the team of Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, and Ricky Ortiz is in the ring. Ortiz is still failing with that rally towel.

Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas & Ricky Ortiz vs. R-Truth & Cryme Tyme

JTG will start the match off against Ricky Ortiz. They lock up and Ortiz quickly gets some knees in JTG’s midsection. Ortiz sends JTG into the ropes but has a clothesline ducked and JTG hits him with an uppercut from his knees. JTG ducks another clothesline before going into the ropes and hitting a flipping shoulder block for a one count. JTG gets him in a front face lock and tags in Shad. Shad clubs him and knees him in the face before going into the ropes and taking him down with a shoulder block for a two count. Ortiz cuts him off with a knee before taking a quick breather. Shad clubs him and elbows him in the face. Shad sends him into the ropes but Ortiz holds on to the ropes. Shad goes for a big boot but Ortiz moves and Shad is crotched on the top rope. Ortiz chop blocks the knee before kicking it a few times. While the referee is distracted Charlie Haas clubs him. Ortiz hits a back heel trip for a one count. Ortiz stretches the leg before tagging in Charlie Haas.

Haas kicks him in the knee before bringing him to the center of the ring and working on it some more. Haas shoves Shad into the corner and kicks him down. Haas wraps it around the middle rope and twists it before going into the ropes. Shad manages to get a back elbow in his face and makes a diving tag to R-Truth. Haas makes a tag to Shelton Benjamin at the same time and takes R-Truth down immediately with a Samoan Drop. Benjamin goes for Pay Dirt but R-Truth pushes him off. Benjamin gets a knee in the midsection but R-Truth knocks him loopy with a slap. R-Truth hits some punches and kicks but has a whip reversed on him. R-Truth goes for a wheelbarrow bulldog but Benjamin shoves him off and goes for a clothesline that R-Truth splits under. R-Truth hits a jumping roundhouse kick to the face and covers but Ortiz and Haas break it up.

Ortiz dropkicks Shad off the apron and works on him outside. JTG kicks Haas in the face and dropkicks him out of the ring. Benjamin comes off the top rope into R-Truth’s boot. R-Truth goes for his Scissors Kick but Benjamin leap frogs him but he can?t avoid that 360? Corkscrew Elbow Smash and R-Truth picks up the win!

Winners by Pinfall: R-Truth & Cryme Tyme
Match Rating: * ?

R-Truth and Cryme Tyme celebrate in the ring by dancing.

Coming up next is CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio. This should be a great match.

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Did you know last month over 100 million photos of WWE ringside action were viewed on

Rey Mysterio’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring to a tremendous applause. Mysterio gets in the ring and grabs a microphone. Mysterio says last month Jericho jumped him while wearing one of his masks and tonight he got some payback and it felt great. It’s not over yet, though. His revenge isn?t finished until he gets back the Intercontinental Championship. Mysterio issues another challenge to Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship at the Bash.

Chris Jericho’s music immediately hits and he comes out to the stage. Jericho says Mysterio just doesn?t get it ? he’s already had his obligatory rematch on Raw and he lost so he gets no more chances. Mysterio says he knows he lost but if it wasn?t for his obsession with taking off his mask then he?d be standing here with his Intercontinental Championship. Mysterio says everyone knows it and Jericho says the people know nothing and he knows what’s best for us. Jericho also knows what’s best for Mysteiro. Mysterio doesn?t understand that Jericho is trying to make him a better person by setting him free from the lies that he’s created but he’s too oblivious to all of that. Mysterio doesn?t understand that only Chris Jericho is his savior and can lead him to his salvation. Jericho calls him an addict and they do a horrible overdub of his lines saying his mask is his drug and all us parasites are his enablers.

Mysterio tells Jericho to shut up. Mysterio says if Jericho wants to come out and talk trash that’s fine but he can?t insult the fans. Mysterio says the reason he wears the mask is because of his heritage, for all his fans, and for himself. If there’s something that he’s ashamed of it’s that a disgrace like Jericho is walking around as Intercontinental Champion.

Jericho says if Mysterio is too blind to see that his mask is his downfall than he will open his eyes for him. Mysterio is going to take his mask off and he’s going to take it off forever. If Mysterio wants another chance at the IC Title he’s going to have to put up something that is very dear to him, defines who he is, and is the very essence of what Rey Mysterio is. At the Bash he?ll put up the Intercontinental Championship if Mysterio puts up the mask. If Mysterio wins then Jericho will hand him the title himself. If Jericho wins then Mysterio will unmask and reveal his true face and identity. Jericho asks him if he’s ready and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Mysterio thinks hard about it and takes a few moments before saying if putting his mask on the line against his Intercontinental Title is the only way to expose him as the self-centered, egotistical, hypocrite that he is than he gladly accepts! Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho in a Mask vs. Title Match is on for the Bash!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break and Chris Jericho has joined JR and Grisham on commentary. The match at the Bash has officially been sanctioned. Grisham says this must make him happy and Jericho says what makes him happy is that finally Mysterio will be exposed to the world. The fa?ade will end at the Bash.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

The bell rings and they shake hands which Jericho calls ‘shameless pandering.? They lock up and Punk quickly gets a headlock on. Punk holds it on for a while until Mysterio kicks him and sends him into the ropes but Punk is able to shoulder block him down. Punk goes into the ropes over and under Mysterio and Mysterio dropkicks him in the knee, which was injured on Monday. Mysterio goes to work on the knee with stiff kicks. Mysterio goes into the ropes for a wheelbarrow but Punk counters it by dropping him face first on the top turnbuckle. Punk kicks Mysterio before getting a near fall.

Punk clubs Mysterio before going for a powerbomb but Mysterio slides off and kicks him, putting Punk in position for the 619. Mysterio goes into the ropes but Punk escapes the ring and we go to commercial. I can?t really call the match and call Jericho’s commentary but he’s been brilliant so far.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Punk whipped into the corner. Mysterio charges but Punk side steps him and Mysterio hits the ring post with his shoulder. Punk rolls him up for a near fall. Punk now locks Mysterio in a hammerlock and elbows the shoulder joint. Jericho says he likes this match because the more damage is done to the shoulder the better it is for him. Now he knows what to work on. Mysterio fights up and kicks out. Mysterio kicks him in the knee and goes into the ropes but Punk hits him with a flapjack. Jericho hopes it broke his ribs as Punk gets a near fall.

Punk locks on an arm bar. Mysterio gets to his feet and elbows out but Punk cuts him off with a knee. Punk goes for a sunset flip but Mysterio rolls through and dropkicks him in the face. Punk and Mysterio trade kicks until Mysterio comes back with some forearms to the face. Mysterio goes into the ropes, ducks a clothesline, and hits a springboard cross-body for a near fall. Mysterio has a whip into the corner reversed on him but gets a foot up when Punk charges. Mysterio then comes out of the corner with a head-scissors takedown. Another whip is reversed but Punk lowers his head and gets kicked in the face. Punk kicks back and charges but Mysterio drop toe holds him into position. Mysterio goes for it but Punk catapults him on to the apron. Mysterio shoulders him and hits a springboard seated senton. Mysterio goes into the ropes and Punk quickly takes him down with a back heel kick and both men are down.

Mysterio gets up in the corner and Punk hits his high knee. Mysterio pushes him into position for the 619 when Punk goes for the bulldog but Punk ducks it and goes for the GTS but Mysterio elbows out. Mysterio grabs his hands and brings him head over heels and pins for a near fall. That was an impressive move. Mysterio goes for a springboard moonsault block but Punk gets him in GTS position. Mysterio grabs the ropes so Punk catapults him over the top rope to the outside. Chris Jericho quickly gets off commentary and smashes Mysterio’s face into the ring post! Jericho calls this an eye for an eye back on commentary.

The referee is counting Mysterio out and Jericho wants him counted out like he was but Mysterio gets back in. CM Punk quickly capitalizes on the situation and hits a GTS for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: CM Punk
Match Rating: ** ?

JR says he hopes Jericho is proud of himself and Jericho says he is. That was some great stuff. Jeff Hardy runs down to argue what just happened and Punk basically says ?Well what would you want me to do?? CM Punk then leaves with his World Heavyweight Championship to end the show.

Quick Match Results
Jeff Hardy def. Chris Jericho via Count-Out (non-title)
Dolph Ziggler def. The Great Khali via DQ
Melina def. Alicia Fox (non-title)
Edge def. John Morrison
R-Truth* & Cryme Tyme def. Shelton Benjamin*, Charlie Haas & Ricky Ortiz
CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio (non-title)

Bump of the Night: Jericho going face first into the ring post after a hurricanrana!

Match of the Night: Edge vs. John Morrison & CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio ** ?

Mike’s Thoughts

Another very good episode of Smackdown tonight! Finally we get some build for the Bash, which is good since we only have nine days left until it starts. The Smackdown matches should be excellent.

We had three great main events tonight. The Jericho vs. Hardy match was short but sweet and the Mysterio run in was very good. I really like the eye for an eye thing in their feud. It’s so good! Jeff Hardy looked good in this one. I really hope he signs a new contract to stay on at least through the summer. He’s just on fire right now.

CM Punk and Rey Mysterio had a great match tonight. Punk really looked like a champion. I don?t know what it was but he was just performing well tonight. I also liked the way he sold the knee tonight. That was some really great stuff. Jericho was also exceptional on commentary tonight. I?m really looking forward to the Mask vs. Title match at the Bash. From all ends I was thoroughly entertained by the main event tonight.

We opened up the show with a great segment where they really seem to be teasing a CM Punk heel turn at no fault of his but the fans. The fans get to be the heels in this one in my opinion. CM Punk made a good decision, just not the most popular one, and now he gets paid for it with boos. That will be a great and authentic way to turn someone heel. That was some really tremendous stuff.

Edge and John Morrison also had a great match. It was a lot of fun and they really built it up well on commentary. Morrison looked great in this one and was so close to winning and that’s what makes him so exciting. This guy is going to be a huge star one day and we?re in the process of watching a Main Eventer in the works. I just hope JR never calls him a ?blue chipper.?

The other matches were just ok with the six man tag being the only one of those that was very good. I can?t wait for the Dolph Ziggler vs. Khali feud to be over. It ran its course two weeks ago. Finally Michelle McCool and Melina will square off at the Bash. R-Truth is looking good lately. Those are my quick thoughts on the undercard.

Sorry to see Candice Michelle go. She was on fire in 2007 but was never back long enough to regain that steam. I guess we?ll never see what she could offer to Smackdown. Oh well.

No Teddy Long this week or Kane. Still waiting for him!

Final Rating: ** ?

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