WWE Super ShowDown Results – 6/7/19 (Undertaker vs. Goldberg, 50-Man Battle Royal)

WWE Super ShowDown Results

WWE Super ShowDown Results
June 7, 2019
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video welcomes us to the show live from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Tonight is about epic battles with a 50-Man Battle Royal, Triple H vs. Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Championship, Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon, Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin for the WWE Universal Championship, and The Undertaker vs. Goldberg.

We go into the stadium to see a big pyrotechnics display. Michael Cole enthusiastically welcomes us to the King Abdullah Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Renee Young is also on commentary along with Corey Graves. They introduce the Saudi commentary table. Graves says their names, and the one says he was worried Renee was going to butcher their names.

WWE Universal Championship
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Baron Corbin

Seth Rollins’ ribs are all taped up from the vicious attack by Brock Lesnar this past Monday on RAW. The crowd chants, “Let’s go Rollins.” They lock up, and Corbin powers him to the corner. Rollins fights back, but Corbin knees him in the injured ribs. Rollins quickly comes back with a dropkick. Corbin drops him on the apron, but Rollins punches him back. Rollins goes for a springboard, but Corbin sweeps the legs. Rollins lands on the top rope ribs-first. Corbin gives him a front suplex onto the top rope and starts working away at the ribs. Corbin punches the ribs and stands on him. Corbin attacks the back before giving him another front suplex onto the top rope for a two count. Rollins is slowly pulling himself up. Corbin punches him in the ribs before setting him up in the corner. Rollins blocks a punch and punches him back. Corbin quickly pushes him to the corner. Rollins sidesteps him, but Corbin hits an out and in clothesline for a near fall. Corbin takes exception with referee John Cone’s count. Corbin then applies a bear hug. Rollins fights up, but Corbin comes back with a side suplex. Rollins fights him off and hits a step-up enzuigiri.

Both men get to their feet, and Rollins punches him to the ropes. Corbin reveses a whip, but Rollins comes back with a spinning elbow. Corbin charges into a boot, and Rollins soon hits a Sling Blade. Corbin rolls out of the ring to recover. Rollins hits a suicide dive and gets him in the ring, but Corbin rolls back out. Rollins quickly connects with another suicide dive to take Corbin out. Rollins gets him in the ring and rolls him up for a two count. Rollins quickly follows up with a big kick to the head for another two count. Rollins sets up for a Stomp, but Corbin gets out of the ring. Corbin counters a suicide dive with a forearm before slamming him down for a near fall. Corbin again screams at the referee. Corbin avalanches Rollins in the corner twice before Rollins comes back with a running forearm. Rollins goes for a Stomp, but Corbin counters into the Deep Six for a near fall. Corbin screams at the referee a third time. Rollins flips through the end of days and elbows Corbin trying for an out and in clothesline.

Corbin gets out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. The referee stops Corbin and reminds him that he’ll be disqualified. Corbin gets in his face, and referee John Cone has had enough. Cone shoves him and yells back. Rollins then rolls Corbin up for the win.

Winner and still WWE Universal Champion: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins holds up his WWE Universal Championship, but Baron Corbin attacks from behind and lays him out with the End of Days.

Brock Lesnar’s music hits, and the holder of the 2019 Men’s Money in the Bank contract makes his way to the ring with a steel chair alongside Paul Heyman. Heyman trips coming into the ring, distracting Lesnar. Rollins quickly low blows Lesnar and grabs the steel chair. Rollins then unloads on Lesnar with chair shot after chair shot to the back. Lesnar grabs the Money in the Bank briefcase, but Rollins keeps attacking him with the chair. Rollins then gives Lesnar a Stomp onto the briefcase. Rollins celebrates and leaves the ring. The Money in the Bank contract was never cashed in.

An advertisement airs for WWE Stomping Grounds.

Brock Lesnar is seen leaving the ring. His elbow is causing him a lot of pain and has already turned black and blue from the chairshots.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Andrade vs. “The Demon” Finn Balor

The circle the ring and lock up, but Andrade elbows him in the face. Balor quickly takes him down for a one count. Balor applies a front facelock, but Andrade hits a jawbreaker and knees him in the jaw. Andrade goes for a Hammerlock DDT, but Balor gets out and takes him down. Balor hits a double stomp to the midsection. Andrade sidesteps him, but Balor drops him out of the ring. Balor hits a running baseball slide and sets up for a kick, but Andrade sweeps the feet. Andrade gets him in the ring and hits a springboard missile dropkick for a two count. Andrade goes for the Three Amigos, but Balor gets out of the third one. Andrade quickly stops him and hits the third suplex for a two count. Andrade applies a surfboard stretch, but Balor fights out. Andrade elbows him back before hitting a tornado reverse DDT for a near fall. Andrade applies a chin lock, but Balor soon fights up. Balor chops and punches Andrade before dropkicking him down.

Andrade blocks a double boot, and they try for clotheslines, but neither one goes down. Balor then clotheslines him over the top rope. Balor hits the ropes and hits a summersault senton. Balor gets him in the ring and kicks him a few times. Balor hits some running chops. The WWE Production Crew are having some rare glitches. They’re trying to show a replay of Balor’s summersault senton, but they keep messing it up. Balor hits a falling elbow drop before connecting with the 1916 for a near fall. Andrade avoids a Sling Blade, but Balor soon connects with it. Andrade kicks him, but Balor hulks up. Andrade hits him with a back elbow before hitting a handspring kick. Andrade hits double running knees in the corner for a near fall. Andrade goes for a moonsault, but Balor moves. Andrade lands on his feet and goes for a standing moonsault, but Balor gets the knees up. Balor punches Andrade from the apron, but Andrade fights back. Andrade goes for a sunset flip powerbomb, but Balor holds the ropes and double stomps him. Balor goes to the top rope and hits a double stomp to the neck for a near fall. Balor does a roll-up, but Andrade rolls through and dropkicks him in the face. Andrade then hits the Hammerlock DDT for a near fall. Andrade cannot believe it. Andrade goes for a powerbomb, but Balor gets out and powerbombs him. Balor hits a dropkick into the corner before going to the top rope. Andrade quickly cuts him off and springboards up to the top rope, but Balor counters into a super implant DDT! Balor immediately follows up with the Coup de Grace for the win!

Winner by Pinfall and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: “The Demon” Finn Balor

The Miz cuts a promo about how he is going to eliminate 49 people to create history and win the largest battle royal in WWE history.

Jinder Mahal says he will cement his legacy and become the winner of the largest battle royal in history. On the flight over to Jeddah, he lost his WWE 24/7 Championship. After he wins, he’ll reclaim his championship.

Video Package: Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon w/ Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns

Drew McIntyre quickly distracts Roman Reigns, and Shane McMahon quickly attacks. McMahon rakes Reigns’ eyes on the top rope. Reigns fights back and whips him hard into the corner. Reigns charges, but McMahon sidesteps him to send him into the ring post shoulder-first. McMahon stomps him before sending him shoulder-first into the ring post again. Reigns falls out of the ring. McIntyre gets a cheap shot in. McMahon gets him in the ring and chokes Reigns before forearming him in the face. McMahon hits a Russian Leg Sweep for a near fall. McMahon stomps the hand and jabs away at him. Reigns comes back with some uppercuts and clotheslines him twice. McMahon reverses a whip, avoids a leaping clothesline, and hits a spinning back elbow for a two count. McMahon cross-faces Reigns a few times before applying a chin lock. McMahon really cinches it in, and Reigns looks like he’s fading away. Reigns soon fights up and pushes him to the corner before hitting some shoulders. Reigns hits his 10 clubs in the corner before connecting with a big boot. Reigns stares at McIntyre standing at ringside and sets up for a Superman Punch. Reigns charges, but McMahon counters him with a chop block for a near fall. McMahon goes for a triangle choke and locks it in. Reigns soon fight up and powerbombs him down. McMahon rolls out of the ring to recover. Reigns puts him in the ring. McIntyre attacks from behind, but Reigns sends him into the steel steps. Reigns hits a Superman Punch on McIntyre before punching McMahon.

Reigns gets him in the ring, and McMahon kicks the middle rope into his groin while he enters the ring. McMahon quickly follows up with a Spear for a near fall. McMahon drops an elbow and sets up for Coast-to-Coast. Reigns quickly Superman Punches him off the top rope for a near fall. A “CM Punk” chant is picking up. Reigns sets up for a Spear, but McMahon kicks him in the face. McMahon quickly grazes the referee with a punch. McIntyre runs in and hits Reigns with a Claymore Kick. McMahon then covers Reigns for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Shane McMahon

The commentators talk about how it is actually 101 degrees inside the stadium.

We go backstage to see Goldberg’s dressing room.

Byron Saxton is backstage with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. Kingston walks up with Xavier Woods. Kingston says he will show what being a champion really means. Ghana was amazing for him. Dolph Ziggler has been obsessing over his career, but he’ll give him something else to obsess about when he doesn’t get the job done.

The Lucha House Party vs. Lars Sullivan

Sullivan powers Kalisto to the corner and shoulders him. Sullivan clubs him down and knocks him to the corner. Lince Dorado tags in, and Sullivan quickly swats him down. Dorado fights back, but Sullivan wildly sends him over the top rope. Sullivan gets him in the ring, lifts him up, and throws him over the top rope again. Sullivan is bleeding from the mouth. Gran Metalik fights him back. Kalisto tags in and leaps off the second turnbuckle, but Sullivan clotheslines him out of mid-air. Sullivan charges, but Kalisto pulls the top rope down to get him out of the ring. Sullivan gets in the ring and knocks Metalik off the apron. Sullivan viciously slams Kalisto down and cross-faces him. Sullivan goes to the top rope, but Dorado and Metalik crotch him on the top rope. They double-team him, and the referee disqualifies them.

Winner by Disqualification: Lars Sullivan

They triple-team Sullivan. Dorado hits a splash off the top rope before Metalik hits one. LHP goes to leave, but Sullivan pursues them. Sullivan hits Metalik with a nasty back body drop on the floor. Sullivan knocks Dorado down before slamming Kalisto on the ramp. Sullivan then goes after Dorado. Sullivan catches him trying a plancha and slams him on the apron.


Video Package: Triple H vs. Randy Orton

Randy Orton vs. Triple H

“NXT” chants fire up for Triple H. They go face-to-face before circling the ring and locking up. Orton powers him to the corner and lets go. They lock up again, and Triple H turns him in the corner before giving a clean break. They lock up, and Triple H wrenches the arm. Orton twists back and hits a headlock takeover, but Triple H grapevines the head. They both release and go to opposite corners. They circle the ring and lock up. Triple H quickly applies a hammerlock. Orton gets out and whips him off, but Triple H shoulder blocks him down. Triple H goes for a Pedigree, but Orton gets out and tries for an RKO. Triple H quickly shoves him off, and they smirk at each other. Triple H wrenches the arm, but Orton simply punches him down. Orton stomps him before Triple H sends him into the ring post shoulder-first. Triple H attacks the arm and brings him outside to slam the arm off the barricade a few times before hitting it off the steps. Triple H then pulls him into the ring post shoulder-first. Triple H knocks the arm off the apron and gets in the ring, but Orton rolls out. Orton catches his breath by the commentary table. Triple H goes up to him, but Orton gives him a back suplex onto the commentary table. Triple H writhes in pain. Orton sends him into the steel ring steps and gets him in the ring for a one count. Orton gets him in the ring and stomps away at Triple H. Orton applies a chin lock, but Triple H soon begins to fire up. Orton quickly grabs him by the beard and clotheslines him down. Orton catches his breath (it’s 101 degrees on the floor of the stadium) and reapplies the chin lock. Triple H gets out, and they exchange punches. Triple H quickly hits him with a high knee.

Triple H hits a clothesline in the corner before having a whip reversed, but he quickly comes back with his patented facebuster. Triple H goes for a Pedigree, but Orton counters into a catapult into the corner. Orton hits the ropes, but Triple H clotheslines him down for a near fall. Triple H tries for the Pedigree again, but Orton drops him on the apron. Orton tries for a hanging DDT, but Triple H fights it. Orton then dropkicks him down on the apron. Orton sets up for a superplex, but Triple H fights him off. Orton goes for an RKO, but Triple H gets out and slams him down. Triple H tells Orton to “suck it” and runs into a powerslam for a near fall. Orton gets to his feet and grabs Triple H, who is on the apron. Orton hits a hanging DDT, but he grabs his shoulder in pain from the earlier attack. Orton gets to his feet and signals for an RKO. Triple H shoves off an RKO attempt and hits a spinebuster for a near fall. After exchanging some pin attempts, Triple H applies a crossface submission. Orton feels around for the bottom rope and eventually gets there. Triple H grabs the arm and goes for a Pedigree, but Orton gets out with a back body drop. Triple H rolls through and gets to his feet, but Orton drops him with an RKO for a near fall. Orton frustratedly gets to his feet and sets up for a Punt. Triple H blocks the kick and connects with a Pedigree, but Orton kicks out.


The crowd is chanting, “This is awesome.” Orton rolls out of the ring and tries to surprise Triple H with a back suplex on the commentary table, but Triple H blocks it. Triple H then hits Orton with four back suplexes on the commentary table. Triple H puts Orton in the ring and poses. Triple H gets in the ring and charges, but Orton hits an RKO from out of nowhere for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Randy Orton

A recap is shown of R-Truth losing the WWE 24/7 Championship to Jinder Mahal on a tarmac before winning it back while Mahal was sleeping.

Backstage, Baron Corbin is furious the referee put his hands on him in his WWE Universal Championship match tonight.

Footage is shown of the Arm Wrestling Match with Braun Strowman beating Bobby Lashley this past Monday on RAW. Lashley then attacked Strowman.

Bobby Lashley vs. Braun Strowman

Bobby Lashley’s entrance includes him doing some poses on a platform. When Braun Strowman makes his entrance, he throws the platform off the stage.

They do the typical big man match stalemates before hitting the ropes. Strowman viciously takes him down and charges, but Lashley hits a Running Powerslam for a near fall. Lashley chokes him on the ropes. Lashley punches away at him before applying a chin lock. Strowman fights out and makes a comeback. Lashley rolls out of the ring, and Strowman runs him over with a shoulder block. Lashley soon sends Strowman into the barricade and hits a suplex on the ramp. Lashley gets him in the ring for a near fall. Lashley goes to the top rope, but Strowman slams him off. Strowman hits two Running Powerslams for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Braun Strowman

Ali is shown backstage. Ali says he is going to inspire people that look like him and have a name like him by winning WWE’s largest battle royal.

We then see Samoa Joe. Joe says despite the fact that he’s the United States Champion, no one was willing to step up to him. Tonight he has a different goal and will throw each man over the top rope.

Video Package: WWE Championship match

WWE Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston (c) w/ Xavier Woods

They lock up, and Ziggler powers him to the corner before giving a clean break. They hit the ropes, and Ziggler shoulder blocks him down. Kingston soon leapfrogs him and hits a jumping back elbow. Kingston splashes him in the corner, but Ziggler takes him down and rakes the face. Ziggler hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Ziggler jumps on the back with a chin lock, but Kingston fights up. Ziggler stomps him in the corner and chokes him. Ziggler then goes to the chin lock. Kingston fights up, but Ziggler kicks away at him. Kingston them sidesteps him in the corner. Ziggler goes for a Zig-Zag, but Kingston holds the ropes. Kingston hits a pair of chops before hitting a dropkick and a leaping clothesline. Kingston sets up, but Ziggler goes to the apron. Ziggler knocks him back and hits a big DDT for a near fall. Ziggler gets to his feet and sends him shoulder-first into the ring post. Ziggler attacks, and they exchange pins. Kingston then catches him with an SOS for a near fall. Kingston sends him out of the ring and hits a flying trust fall. Kingston grabs his back in pain. Ziggler sends him into the barricade and ring steps. Xavier Woods comes to check on him, but Ziggler superkicks him. Kingston gets angry and fights Ziggler. They get in the ring, and Woods distracts Ziggler. Kingston then hits Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winner by Pinfall and still WWE Champion: Kofi Kingston

Byron Saxton interviews Dolph Ziggler backstage. Ziggler says he was the better man, but Kingston had a friend watching his back. Ziggler challenges him to a Steel Cage Match.

Footage is shown from earlier in the event when Seth Rollins beat Baron Corbin. Brock Lesnar came out to try and cash in, but he was thwarted by an accidental distraction by Paul Heyman and Rollins unloading on Lesnar with chair shots.

50-Man Battle Royal
The Miz vs. Samoa Joe vs. Cesaro vs. Titus O’Neil vs. Elias vs. Ricochet vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Drew Gulak vs. Humberto Carrillo vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Buddy Murphy vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Ali vs. Erik vs. Ivar vs. Viktor vs. Sunil Singh vs. Samir Singh vs. Chad Gable vs. Curtis Axel vs. Bo Dallas vs. No Way Jose vs. Mike Kanellis vs. Akam vs. Rezar vs. Xavier Woods vs. Karl Anderson vs. Luke Gallows vs. Tucker vs. Otis vs. ECIII vs. Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Heath Slater vs. Robert Roode vs. Jimmy Uso vs. Jey Uso vs. The Brian Kendrick vs. Rowan vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dash Wilder vs. Scott Dawson vs. Zack Ryder vs. Curt Hawkins vs. Eric Young vs. Mojo Rawley vs. Sin Cara vs. Tony Nese vs. Apollo Crews vs. Rusev vs. Mansoor

Elias has a pre-celebratory song for the 49 soon to be losers in the ring. Elias sings that none of them have the talent that he has. Miz attacks Elias and put shim in the ring. A giant brawl breaks out with the 50 men. ECIII and The Singh Brothers get eliminated quickly, as does Anderson. Young and Carrillo are out next. Gallows and Slater are the next ones out. The B-Team are the next ones out. After a bunch of eliminations, Heavy Machinery, AOP, and The Viking Raiders start brawling. AOP wildly throw out Tucker. The Viking Raiders then eliminate AOP. O’Neil, who was hiding under the apron, gets in the ring and takes a bunch of people down. O’Neil eliminates The Viking Raiders single-handedly. O’Neil is then eliminated soon after. Joe then eliminates both the RAW Tag Team Champions. Ricochet manages to eliminate Mahal with a head-scissor. Nakamura grabs Ricochet, but he can’t do anything. A few moments later, Otis does the Caterpillar. Rowan then eliminates Otis. Rowan hits Woods with an Iron Claw Slam. The Usos then eliminate Rowan. The Revival then eliminate The Usos. Matt Hardy eliminates The Revival before Cesaro eliminates Hardy. Cesaro then does the Cesaro Swing to Alexander before throwing him out of the ring. Sin Cara unloads and eliminates Nakamura. Rusev eliminates Cara, and Miz eliminates Rusev. Miz eliminates Roode before doing the IT Kicks to Cesaro and Elias. Elias soon eliminates Miz. Ali and Ricochet eliminate Joe with a suplex. Cesaro then eliminates Ricochet and Ali. Mansoor then eliminates Cesaro. Elias attacks Mansoor from behind. Mansoor superkicks Elias and eliminates him.

Winner: Mansoor

Byron Saxton comes in and says that Mansoor was born in Riyadh. Mansoor says he doesn’t have the words to describe how important this moment is to him and Saudi Arabia. One year ago, he was a WWE prospect. He stood in this ring, but he was just a rookie with a dream to make it as a WWE Superstar. Tonight, his dream came true. Pyro then goes off for him.

The commentators run down the card for WWE Stomping Grounds in two weeks.

Goldberg vs. The Undertaker

They go face-to-face, and Goldberg does Undertaker’s throat slash taunt. Undertaker punches him, so Goldberg gives him a Spear. Goldberg sets up and connects with another Spear, but Undertaker kicks out. Undertaker then sits up. Undertaker soon grabs him by the throat, but Goldberg rolls out and applies a knee bar. Undertaker grabs the bottom rope while the crowd chants his name. Goldberg sends Undertaker to the corner and charges, but Undertaker moves. Goldberg is absolutely busted wide open! Undertaker punches Goldberg in the corner before wrenching the arm. Undertaker drives his shoulder into Goldberg before climbing to the top rope for Old School. Undertaker sets up for a Chokeslam, but Goldberg stumbles into the ropes. Undertaker then gives Goldberg a Chokeslam before signaling for the end. They awkwardly stand there for a moment as Goldberg isn’t sure how to go up for the Tombstone. Undertaker then grabs him, turns him upside down, and delivers a Tombstone Piledriver… but Goldberg kicks out. Undertaker punches Goldberg before they take each other out with dual clotheslines. They trade punches before Undertaker sends him to the corner for an avalanche. Undertaker hits him with snake eyes and goes for a big boot, but Goldberg surprises him with a Spear. Goldberg goes for a Jackhammer, but he basically drops Undertaker on his head. Goldberg then covers, but Undertaker kicks out. Goldberg goes for a Tombstone Piledriver. Undertaker tries to bridge out, but they both just fall to the mat. Undertaker then hits a hideous looking Chokeslam as Goldberg is too exhausted to get off his feet for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Undertaker

Undertaker poses to end the show while pyro and fireworks go off.

Quick Match Results

* Seth Rollins def. Baron Corbin to retain the WWE Universal Championship
* “The Demon” Finn Balor def. Andrade to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship
* Shane McMahon def. Roman Reigns
* Lars Sullivan def. The Lucha House Party via DQ
* Randy Orton def. Triple H
* Braun Strowman def. Bobby Lashley
* Mansoor won the 50-Man Battle Royal
* The Undertaker vs. Goldberg

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