Brodus Clay w/ Sweet T and The Funkadactyls vs. R-Truth w/ Xavier Woods

R-Truth with some quick right hands to Brodus Clay early on. Truth with a dropkick from the second rope catching Clay. Truth with an Axe Kick resulting in a two count. Clay with a sitdown splash over Truth in the corner. Clay with a series of elbow drops over Truth. Clay continues to dominate the offense tossing Truth around the ring. Clay with a big corner splash. Clay with a second corner splash and Truth falls down. Clay argues with Tensai at ringside. Tensai is yelling at Clay to cover him. Clay has Truth up in the tree of woe. Tensai jumps up telling Clay to quite fooling around and get the cover. Clay tells Tensai he is better than him. Tensai bails. The Funkadactyls argue with Clay and they bail. Truth catches Clay with a kick to the jaw and then covers Clay for the win.

Winner: R-Truth

After the match, Xavier Woods celebrates the win with Brodus Clay.

Backstage, Vince McMahon walks up to John Cena and shakes his hand. McMahon tells Cena quietly, “May the best man win.”

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