WWE Worlds Collide Results – 1/25/20 (NXT vs. NXT UK, Undisputed ERA vs. Imperium)

WWE Worlds Collide Results

WWE Worlds Collide Results
January 25, 2020
Houston, Texas (Toyota Center)
Results by: Doug Lackey of Wrestleview.com

“Then… Now… Forever…”

A clip reel of NXT & NXT UK Superstars runs while a 1940 speech by Winston Churchill plays in the background. It is followed by a more modern approach, with all those involved giving their opinions on how tonight will result.

Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas and “NXT: Worlds Collide”. Finn Balor’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring to kick us off… and Ilja Dragunov does as well for this very intriguing match.

Finn Balor v. Ilja Dragunov

The bell rings and here we go… lock up, Balor gets control of the arm, Ilja slips out. Headlock by Balor, Ilja stands him up for an Irish Whip try, nothing doing as Finn keeps hold. Headscissors from Ilja takes it off and now it’s Ilja with the headlock. Irish Whip sends Ilja to the ropes, Balor drops down, Ilja off the ropes, cross body! Ilja stands and poses…. Balor tries to pose with him and Ilja slaps the taste out of his mouth!

Ilja tries a sunset flip off the Balor Irish Whip, Balor slips away and returns the favor slapping Ilja. Ilja rolls to the outside and is met with a dropkick through the ropes from Balor.

Back in the ring, Balor chops Ilja in the corner and tries to whip him to the ropes. Ilja slips away, returns with a chop of his own and a high senton splash. The two fight into the corner and Balor ends up on the outside. Several feints and baits from the two lead to Ilja with a crossbody onto Balor on the outside. Ilja tries for another diving attack but misses and Balor is now on the offensive.

Balor rolls Ilja back into the ring, snapmare takedown, dropkick to the back of the neck, cover… kick out at 2. Balor with a headlock on Ilja to grind him down, Ilja gets back to a vertical base but Balor bodyslams him back down. Elbow drop to follow, cover… kick out at 2. Balor now has Ilja in the corner, raining stomps down with the bottom rope as a launching pad.

Balor chops Ilja in the corner, sends him to the opposite, running chop to follow. A cover… kick out at 2. Balor gets Ilja up looking for the 1916, Ilja reverses into a vertical suplex. Ilja charges into Balor in the corner with a knee. Off the ropes, massive clothesline. A charging clothesline into the corner where Balor tried to find reprieve. To the top rope, a diving knee on the prone Balor. Cover…. kick out at 2.


Ilja and Balor standing, but not for long as Ilja sends chop after chop to the side of Balor’s neck. Balor tries to fight back, grabbing Ilja’s leg but Ilja feeds him a rising knee strike instead. Cover… kick out at 2.

Fireman’s Carry with Balor on Ilja’s shoulders, looking for a running Death Valley Driver. Balor slips away, elbows Ilja down and sends a double foot stomp into Ilja’s sternum. The two slowly meet at the center of the ring to trade blow for blow, counter for counter, until Balor gives Ilja a Final Cut. Balor in the corner, Sling Blade. Balor to the opposite corner looking for another, Ilja dodges, catches Balor in a nasty high-angle Belly-to-Back suplex. Cover… kickout at 2.


Ilja feints through the ropes for a nasty clothesline to Balor sending him to the outside. Ilja climbs to the top rope, double axehandle! Balor crawling under the ropes, Ilja on the top again, coast-to-coast dropkick nearly breaks Balor’s nose!

Ilja’s climbing to the top again for a senton, Balor gets the knees up! Balor at his feet, dropkick sends Ilja flying into the corner. Balor to the top, Coup de Grace! Balor has Ilja up…. 1916! Cover… 1… 2… 3!


WINNER: Finn Balor via pinfall.

Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm are warming up in their respective locker rooms. Cathy Kelly is at front row where the Grizzled Young Veterans are at one side and the team of Matt Riddle & Pete Dunne are on the other. Kelly informs us that the winner of the Dusty Rhodes Classic Finals between these two teams will also determine the #1 Contenders for the NXT Tag Team Titles.


Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott is making his way to the ring… followed by Jordan Devlin, the Irish Ace…  ‘The Kiwi Buzzsaw’ Travis Banks… and the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Angel Garza rounds out the cast for this title match.

Fatal 4-Way WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Angel Garza (c) v. Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott v. Travis Banks v. Jordan Devlin

All four men begin to lock up simultaneously. Banks breaks away, Scott kicks Devlin, Scott misses a clothesline on Garza and eats a back elbow. Devlin kicks Garza’s knee but Garza sends him an elbow. Banks tries to interject, Garza sends a forearm his way. All 3 victims of Garza are up and ready to pounce… Garza asks them to hold off… he’s about to rip off the trousers… and all three pounce on him before he can make the females happy!

Devlin elbows Banks, kicks Scott. Scott sends Devlin to the ropes, Devlin springboard backflips from the middle rope, reverse headlock on Scott, Banks charging in, Devlin ducks with a torso to shoulder hold… Uranagi of Banks onto a prone Scott! Devlin follows with a moonsault on both! Garza joins the fray, takes a Hi-Jack Backbreaker from Devlin. Cover… kick out at 1.

Now Scott’s on the offensive… sending kicks to Banks and Devlin. Flatliner on Devlin… Dropkicks to Banks and Garza! Devlin sends Scott over the top but Scott flips onto his feet. Devlin leaping over but Scott catches him in a fireman’s carry… Death Valley Driver on the floor. Banks running along the apron delivers a PK to Scott. Garza off the running start with a soaring plancha onto Scott! Banks with a double stomp into Garza’s chest!

Banks continues the offense, striking everyone outside of the ring. Banks rolls Scott into the ring and continues the striking offensive. Garza rolls in but eats another kick from Banks. Banks giving both men kicks left and right, Scott throws a kick but hits Garza, Banks belly-to-belly’s Scott into the corner. Banks flies into the corner giving Garza a clothesline, Scott tries to charge but cannonballs into Garza with Banks dodging. Banks off the ropes, suicide dive into a slowly-rising Devlin on the outside. Banks brings Devlin into the ring but Devlin runs the ropes… Banks back bodydrops Devlin into the other two in the corner!

Jordan and Banks now exchanging blows, Banks sends Jordan into the corner, Jordan sends a charging Banks over the top and landing on the apron. Body blow by Devlin, Scott charging in but misses, and Devlin ends up giving Scott a Tornado DDT out of nowhere!


All 4 competitors on their knees striking each other back and forth. Garza finally with the upper hand and his pants off! Garza has Devlin in his hand for a slam, but Banks leaps onto Garza’s shoulders… Scott from the top rope sends everyone crashing down!

Garza and Scott trading strikes… Garza hoisted up, eats a Scott knee. Scott looking for the House Call but Devlin sends him down with a dropkick. Banks is up and Devlin rocks him with a headbutt. Devlin has Banks’ wrist and pulls him in, but Banks leaps over Devlin for a Destroyer!


Banks climbing the top rope, Garza sends him crashing down. Garza now looking to climb, but Scott meets him with a chop. Both men on the top rope trading chops, Devlin meets them up top as well. All three standing on the top rope… Devlin sends them both down with a Double Spanish Fly! Banks comes in… Slice of Heaven on Devlin! Kiwi Krusher follow!! Cover… 1… 2… Kick out!

Scott is now up chopping with Banks. Banks out of the corner, looking for a headscissor takedown but Scott sends him down with a Rubik’s Cube! Cover… kickout at 2!  Scott with Banks up in an Electric Chair… Garza off the top with a missile dropkick sends Banks huracanrana’ing Scott! Garza throws Banks out of the ring…. Wing Clipper on Scott! Cover… 1… 2… Devlin breaks it up and headbutts Garza into next week! Devlin with the Side Suplex Driver!! Cover…. 1… 2… 3!



‘Do you believe me now?!?!’ Jordan Devlin screams on the microphone to the Houston crowd after winning the WWE Cruiserweight Title and will now take it across the pond.


Undisputed Era is warming up in their locker room.
Keith Lee is showing off his new NXT North American Title front row with Mai Yim sitting next to him. Robert Stone and Chelsea Green make their way through the crowd and take their front row seats as well.

A video package plays hyping the histories of DIY and Moustache Mountain.

Trent Seven and Tyler Bate make their way to the ring…
Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa do as well…
Here we go!

Moustache Mountain v. DIY

Gargano and Bate to start it off. Gargano with control of Bate’s wrist and arm but Bate slips out. Gargano at it again but with a side headlock. Bate slips out and with a wristlock of his own. Gargano quickly slips out and for a front headlock on Bate. The ropes breaks the hold. And here we go! A flurry of counters and pinning attempts! But it ends with Bate catching Gargano’s foot from a kick… and he politely sets it back on the mat.

Gargano and Bate now tag in their respective partners. Ciampa and Seven in the ring pacing around and sizing up. Ciampa tries to form his moustache, Seven lightly grabs Ciampa’s hand and puts it down… and shows Ciampa how you form a moustache by working his own. Ciampa then flexes his muscles… leading to Seven shaking Ciampa’s hand in an act of gamesmanship. Ciampa and Seven trade off blows off the ropes but Bate tags in.

Ciampa begins to mock Bate’s height with a test of strength but soon regrets it as Bate sends him down. The two end up back to their feet and Ciampa breaks away from the wrist locks. Ciampa and Bate running the ropes, the two try to catch each other off-guard. Bate raising his hand hoping to bait Ciampa, Ciampa slugs him with a right! Ciampa then forearms Seven off the apron. Ciampa through the ropes to Bate… Gargano PK’s Seven from the apron… Ciampa sends Bate over the announcer’s table! Ciampa and Gargano celebrate their hardwork by slapping their backs sitting on the apron.


Now back in the ring Bate has been sent in by Ciampa. Ciampa has him in a headlock after a series of back elbows off the ropes. Bate slips out and tags in Seven! Flapjack to Ciampa… Gargano is eating chops for running in. He tries to dodge a third but gets a DDT. Ciampa tries to charge, Uranagi… Gargano is up in corner and get a BIG slap to the face! Powerbomb on Ciampa, cover… 1… 2… kick out! BIG lariat by Seven! Cover… 1… 2.. kick out.

Seven and Ciampa battling but it soon leads to Gargano and Bate tagged back in! After a series of counters, Gargano with a slingshot shoulder tackle. Cover… kick out at 2. Bate is on the outside, Gargano off the ropes for the charge but Seven has his feet from the outside. Ciampa baseball slides Seven, Gargano now with the suicide dive! Bate and Seven try to get back in… Widow’s Bell on Seven… Slingshot DDT from Gargano on Bate! Cover… kick out at 2!

Gargano tags in Ciampa with Bate in their corner. Gargano and Ciampa meet Bate at the corner with stereo kicks, Seven sends Gargano crashing to the floor! Bate and Ciampa trading strikes. Bate off the 2nd rope for a twisting European uppercut, Ciampa counters with a knee strike. Sets him up for Project Ciampa… Bate slips out… setting up for Tyler Driver ’97… Ciampa counters back bodydrop… Bate lands on his feet… runs the ropes… Ciampa misses the clothesline… Bate rebounds off… BIG clothesline! Sets Ciampa up! Tyler Driver ’97! Cover… 1… 2… Kick out!


Seven in the ring, chops Ciampa on the side of the neck leading to another Bate cover! Gargano superkicks Seven! Superkicks Bate to break the cover. Ciampa tags in Gargano. Trading counters again… Exploder Suplex by Bate. Follows with a Shooting Star Press but eats knees from Gargano. Rolling Capo kick from Bate… now has Gargano in an airplane spin…. but Garegano spins out into The Gargano Escape! Seven tries to break it, but Ciampa gets him in an inverted armbar! But the strength of Moustache Mountain is too much…. Seven and Bate give them airplane spins! Bate covering Gargano…. kick out at 2!

Tags in Seven. Seven has Gargano up for a rebounding clothesline from Bate but Gargano slips… Bate nails Seven! Gargano and Ciampa in the corners about to go stereo for old times’ sake! Seven crawls to Bate to shield him… Gargano and Ciampa rush in… Seven and Bate raise the right hand! Pop em with the left! Seven has Ciampa up… Bate to the top rope… Burning Hammer with the knee drop assist! Cover… 1… 2… kick out!


Both teams to their feet…. staring each other down… and now in the center of the ring exchanging strikes but DIY ends up on top! Seven on his knees in the center of the ring… meeting in the middle! Ciampa with the cover… 1… 2… 3!


WINNER: DIY via pinfall.

Dakota Kai is at ringside… and so is Tegan Nox…

A video highlighting Rhea Ripley’s NXT Title defense against Toni Storm plays.

Bianca Belair is at front row with a vested interest in the match, as she will face the NXT Champion at Takeover: Portland next month.

Toni Storm makes her way to the ring…
The champion does as well… here we go!

NXT Women’s Championship:
Rhea Ripley (c) v. Toni Storm

They lock up and Ripley muscle Storm into the corner. Ripley backs away in sportsmanship. Storm with a wristlock, Ripley powers out into one of her own. Storm slips out of the lock and strikes Ripley to one knee. Off the ropes with low dropkick. Ripley up to her feet and now Storm wants to exchange… not a smart move. Ripley beats her down and sends her into the corner with shoulders into the stomach. Ripley charges in but eats a kick from Storm. Storm turns her around and German Suplexes Ripley into the middle turnbuckle, torquing her neck!


Ripley rolls to the outside to get a breather, Storm meets her, rolls her back in. Storm with a standing suplex, cover, kickout at 1. Storm setting Ripley up… STF with both Ripley’s leg cuffed. Ripley muscles to the bottom rope. Ripley trying to battle to her feet, Storm helps her up only to chop her and DDT her back down. Cover…. kickout at 2. Storm with a headlock on Ripley to wear her down.

Ripley to her feet but Storm rains elbows down to the back of her neck. Storm now stomping away at Ripley’s neck. Ripley battling back to her feet, exchanging slaps and forearms. Ripley sends Storm down with a series of clotheslines. Snapmare take down… dropkick to follow by Ripley. Storm crawls to the corner, Ripley lifts Storm up for a belly-to-back but just plants her down facefirst. Ripley sets her up… Standing Cloverleaf! Storm flips down and sends Ripley into the ropes. Storm with a German? Ripley back elbows out… Ripley with the Riptide? Storm floats over to a pin… kick out at 2. Storm headbutt into the gut. Storm Zero? Ripley with a backdrop… Storm turns it into a sunset flip… Ripley out of it for a PK? Storm slides away and gives her that German Suplex! 1… 2… kick out.


Storm begins to stomp away on Ripley. Ripley sent to the ropes, nope… Ripley dropkicks Storm! Ripley off the ropes now… BIG headbutt from Storm. Storm climbs the top rope… nobody home for the Frog Splash! Ripley has Storm up… Riptide! 1… 2… 3!


Bianca Belair sees Ripley, telling her it’s 3 weeks until it’s mine.


We see backstage footage of a brawl happening between Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano, with Tomasso Ciampa and Moustache Mountain coming in to break it up along with NXT officials.

A video heralding the victories of Imperium and Undisputed Era plays.

Unidsputed Era makes their way to the ring… BOOM!
Imperium makes their way to the ring… *Dvorak no. 9 plays*
Let’s go!!

8-Man Tag Team Match: Undisputed Era v. Imperium

Aichner and O’Reilly start it off. Blow after blow… the fight in the corner. O’Reilly with forearm after forearm, sends Aichner into the opposite. O’Reilly charging in but Aichner gets him in a powerslam. Tag in to Barthel. Aichner sends O’Reilly into the ropes, flapjack into a European uppercut from Barthel. Cover… kick out at 1.

Barthel misses a PK, and the two begin to exchange. O’Reilly tags in Strong, Strong with a backbreaker and O’Reilly follows with a top rope knee drop. Cover… Kick out at 1.

Back to their feet, Barthel sends Strong into the Imperium corner. Wolfe tagged in, Wolfe props Strong up for a diving Euro uppercut from Barthel. Cover… kick out at 1.

Wolfe stomping and kicking away but Strong sends him into the UE corner. Tags in Fish for a Double Brainbuster! Wolfe on his knees, Strong and Fish with kicks behind and in front of his head! Cover… 1… 2… arm is under the ropes to break the cover. The ref is looking at Alexander Wolfe… and throws up the “x” with his arms. Fish’s kick clearly knocked out Wolfe and he is no condition to continue.

The referee allows a member of Imperium into the ring, Fish tags in Cole. Walter is there to meet him. Walter hip tosses Cole down, Cole gets up chops Walter. Walter tries to chop the soul of Cole, but Cole gets a headlock in. Walter sends him to the ropes, boot from Cole. He tries for a Superkick but is caught. Walter rears back for another chop attempt and Cole bolts for the corner. Cole calls Fish into the ring, Walter sends the distraction down but Cole sends him into the UE corner.

Cole tags in Strong, exchanges forearms. Strong off the ropes, leapfrog by the big man, Strong rebounds, boot to the face. Walter sends Strong to the UE corner, tags in Aichner, belly-to-back suplex. Aichner sends Strong back to the corner, Barthel tagged in, sends Strong to the parallel corner. Strong battles out, exchanging blows, Cole blind tags in from the ropes. Strong is up on Barthel’s shoulders for a powerbomb but Cole kicks out the knee sending Barthel crashing down.

Barthel now stranded in the UE corner as constant tags occur and stomps in the corner follow. Strong mocking Imperium’s pose after rocks Barthel with a chop! More tags from UE… ends with Cole delivering a neckbreaker. Cover… Kick out at 2.

Cole with a headlock on Barthel in the UE corner. Barthel battles out but takes a Backstabber. Cover… kick out at 2. Barthel dragged back to the UE corner, Cole tags in O’ Reilly and he pours knee and elbow strikes. O’ Reilly rushes in to strike Walter but he isn’t phased. O’ Reilly trash-talking Walter but takes a Barthel belly-to-back! Barthel tags in Walter!

Shoulder tackle on O’ Reilly… Fish sent out of the ring… Cole struck from the apron… Walter yells at O’ Reilly to bring your strikes! Forearm after forearm! O’Reilly tries for a kick, Walter traps it for a nasty German Suplex. O’Reilly with a clothesline, Walter doesn’t budge. Walter slaps O’Reilly’s chest sending him to his knees. Powerbomb by Walter? O’Reilly has him in a guillotine choke… Walter slips out. O’Reilly reaching for a tag, Strong tries to come in for an assist but Walter German Suplexes them both! Walter tags in Aichner… he tags Barthel…. Wheelbarrow setup on O’Reilly, Aichner leaps off the middle rope for a DDT. Barthel with a Jacknife Cover… kick out at 2!


Barthel sends O’Reilly to the ropes, back elbow. Cover… kick out at 2. Aichner tagged in, butterfly suplex. Cover… kick out at 2. Headlock applied for the grind down. O’Reilly battles up but Aichner sends him to the ropes and a knee to the stomach. Walter tagged in… and now hell begins. Walter with a bodyslam… seated senton off the ropes.

O’Reilly in the Imperium corner tries to battle out but his chest is caved in by a Walter chop! Cover… 1… 2… Kick out. Aichner tagged in, O’Reilly battles out sweeping Walter’s leg but can’t escape Aichner. Barthel tagged in, beats down O’Reilly. O’Reilly scratching to the UE corner, Barthel has him in an ankle lock pulling him back to his corner. Walter tags in but O’Reilly slips free tagging in Strong!


Strong forearms Walter, who stands motionless… Strong send Barthel and Aichner off the apron to the floor while rebound from sending forearm shots to Walter, who still stands. Strong brings the fight to Walter! Chop after chop! Walter resting on the ropes, Strong running forearms left and right… but gets a big lariat from the big man! Going for the powerbomb… Strong slips away, Aichner blind tags in… Strong off the ropes, dropkick to Walter sends him out of the ring. Aichner misses a clothesline, forearm shot… Tiger Bomb! Cover… 1… 2… Kick out! Strong turns it into a Boston Crab but Aichner rolls out of it and battles away from the UE corner. Strong crawls to tag Fish… Aichner tags Barthel…

Fish trying to battle out of the two’s onslaught… Fish off the ropes… Spinebuster by Aichner… PK by Barthel! Follows with an Air Raid Crash! Cover… 1.. 2… kick out! Aichner looking to set up for the European Bomb, Fish body drops Aichner into the corner. Barthel rushes in, Fish suplexes him into Aichner! Fish to the corner, tags in Cole!

Cole kicks out Barthels knee. Goes to the middle rope, feints the Panama Sunrise. Strikes down Barthel, fireman’s carry but Barthel slips free. Barthel kicks away but takes one from Cole, who sets him up for the Ooshigaroshi. Cover.. 1… and Walter breaks it up. Fish, O’Reilly and Strong rush into the ring and swarm on Walter. Strong low-bridges the ropes as Fish and O’Reilly toss him out.

The three men clear off the clutter on the announcer’s desk but Walter starts to battle back. Walter has Strong up for a powerbomb onto the table but O’Reilly kicks his knee out. All three trying to get the upper hand but Walter continues to battle out of their swarm! He clears another table and stands on it with O’Reilly. Strong kicks at his leg from the floor, O’Reilly slips from his grasp and strikes him down to a knee. Strong is up on the table behind Walter… Olympic Slam into the table!


Cole and Barthel in the ring… Barthel slips out of a suplex attempt and into the corner. Cole rushes in, Barthel dodges and rushes in with a Euro uppercut. Snap suplex follow up… climbs the ropes and hits the diving Euro uppercut! O’Reilly rushes in and misses, Aichner is in the ring…. Barthel hoists o’Reilly into Aichner for a brainbuster! Cole in the ring, Superkick to Aichner! Superkick to Barthel! Has Barthel up for a suplex but twists him down for a knee to the back of the neck! Cover… 1… 2… Kick out! Cole tags in Strong.

Strong with a Gutbuster to Barthel, Cole with a leg lariat follow up. Cover… kick out at 2. Fish tagged in, he tags in O’Reilly. Aichner comes into the ring to muster some kind of breather for Barthel. Fish and O’Reilly send him down. Barthel trying to come back into the ring from the outside, O’Reilly with a dragon screw leg whip as Barthel tries to get in. Climbs to the top, knee drop onto the bad knee, follows with a leg lock and Barthel is writhing…. but he makes his way to the ropes for a break… but Aichner comes off the top rope with a moonsault! Aichner, Strong and Fish begin to battle on the outside… but Walter has made his way back to the apron! O’Reilly tries for another leg lock, Barthel kicks him away… Cole tagged in… He has Barthel’s foot, Barthel with an ensuguri but nails O’Reilly instead. Cole looks down at O’Reilly… Walter tagged in!


Chop to Cole! Chop to the back on O’Reilly! Fish turned around and slapped down on his chest! Cole gives Walter two superkicks and takes off the knee pad. Cole off the ropes, chopped in the chest! Walter rushes to knock O’Reilly off the apron. Strong in the ring, chopped… powerbomb by Walter! Cole’s behind Walter though… Last Shot! Cover! 1… 2… Barthel and Aichner make the save!

Fish tagged in… all 7 men stand on their feet…. it’s come to this… in the center of the ring… slugging each other like mad! Fish and O’Reilly with No Man’s Land on Walter! No cover because Cole’s the legal man and he’s being deposed of by Barthel on the outside. Strong with a suicide dive on everyone… Aichner with a moonsault on everyone…. but in the ring Fish is on the top looking for the moonsault, no one home! Walter with the dropkick send Fish into the corner! Powerbomb!! Cover! 1… 2… 3!


WINNER: Imperium

Finn Balor def. Ilja Dragunov
Jordan Devlin def. Isaiah Scott, Travis Banks, Angel Garza (c) to become new WWE Cruiserweight Champion
DIY def. Moustache Mountain
Rhea Ripley (c) def. Toni Storm, retains NXT Women’s Title
Imperium def. Undisputed Era

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