WrestleMania 34 Results: Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey vs. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

WrestleMania 34 Results

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon vs. Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their entrances on motorcycles with a gang of women riding in front of them. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon stand on the apron and do the water mist in stereo. Kurt Angle’s entrance is his traditional entrance. No frills. Ronda Rousey comes out in a leather jacket and a mini kilt in tribute to her idol “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. The leather jacket actually belonged to Piper.

A loud “Ronda Rousey” chant fires up. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon get in the ring and go face-to-face with Rousey and Angle. McMahon then pie faces Rousey. Angle holds Rousey back. McMahon then runs in again and pulls her down by her hair. Angle keeps Rousey back. Rousey is furious. The bell rings, and Angle starts against Triple H. They exchange punches before Angle clotheslines him down. Angle punches him down in the corner before sending him to the corner for a back body drop. Angle wrenches the arm and grounds Triple H. Angle then applies a hammerlock. A “We want Ronda” chant picks up. Angle points at Rousey, and the crowd cheers. McMahon steps into the ring, so Rousey steps in as well. The referee backs her up, distracting Angle. Triple H then throws him over the top rope. Triple H goes outside and sends Angle into the steel steps. Triple H then taunts Rousey. McMahon runs over to Angle and slams his head off the steel steps. Rousey runs over, but the referee admonishes her. Triple H brings Angle back into the ring with a suplex and punches away at him. Triple H bounces Angle off the turnbuckle and chokes him on the middle rope. Triple H distracts the referee, so McMahon chokes Angle on the ropes. Angle punches him back, but he has a whip into the ropes reversed. Triple H floors him with a spinebuster for a near fall. Triple H has Angle in a front facelock. Angle tries to make the tag to Rousey, but Triple H knees him and sends him to the corner. Triple H charges, but Angle boots him down. McMahon applies a chin lock to Angle. Triple H goes for a punch, but Angle moves and nearly hits his wife. McMahon steps off the apron to regroup. Angle then takes Triple H down with a back suplex. Angle crawls to his corner and goes for a tag, but McMahon pulls Rousey off the apron before the tag is made. Triple H goes for a Pedigree, but Angle whips him hard to the corner. Triple H goes up and over to the floor. Rousey gets on the apron, and Angle tags her in.

McMahon looks frightened. Rousey immediately pulls McMahon in by her hair, hits the ropes, and kills her with a clothesline. They move a little quick and nearly botch a back suplex, but Rousey comes through. Rousey unloads on Stephanie in the corner with punches in the corner before punching her in the midsection. Rousey takes the hair and throws her across the ring. Rousey lifts her up and hits a modified t-bone suplex. McMahon begs her off. Rousey monkey flips her and grabs the arm. Rousey looks at the crowd, and they are happily chanting on. Rousey goes for an arm bar, but McMahon blocks it. Rousey tries to take her down, but McMahon fights it and thumbs the eyes. McMahon goes for a tag, but Triple H is still down. McMahon turns and kicks her before hitting a DDT for a near fall. McMahon stalks Rousey and kicks her in the spine. McMahon applies a surfboard stretch, but Rousey soon powers up. McMahon quickly knocks her in the back of the head to take her down. McMahon taunts Rousey and charges, but Rousey grabs her by the throat, lifts her up, and hits a death valley driver. Rousey covers, but Triple H pulls the referee out. Rousey yells at him, so he pulls her out of the ring hard!

Angle cuts Triple H off and punches away at him before bouncing him off the table. Angle clears the table and pulls him up for a German Suplex, but Triple H blocks it. Triple H then throws him onto another table. Triple H gets in the ring and checks on his wife. Rousey gets in the ring and is bouncing around. She’s ready to fight Triple H! The crowd is going wild! Triple H cannot believe her audacity. The referee informs him of the rules that he cannot fight Rousey. Triple H backs him to the corner and turns to Rousey. Triple H is going to oblige her. They square off, and Rousey wildly punches him back to the corner. Rousey unloads on him, blocks a kick, and rolls him down. Rousey lifts him up, but McMahon pulls her husband off and slaps Rousey! McMahon then runs away. Rousey chases her around the ring and catches her before she goes into the crowd. Rousey then scoops McMahon up, but McMahon slides off and sends her face-first into the ring post. In the ring, Angle is up, and he hits Triple H with a pair of belly-to-belly suplexes. Angle sends him into the ropes, but Triple H hits a face-buster. Angle then hits a trio of rolling German Suplexes. Angle goes for an Angle Slam, but Triple H counters into a Pedigree attempt. Angle counters into an Angle Lock attempt, but Triple H kicks him away. Angle comes back with a catapult into the corner and hits an Angle Slam for a near fall. Angle goes for an Angle Lock, but McMahon gets in his face and yells at him. Angle blocks a kick and looks at her. The crowd is loudly chanting, “YES.” Angle looks at the crowd and applies an Angle Lock to Stephanie McMahon! Triple H runs in and hits Angle with a Pedigree, but Rousey breaks up the pin!

The crowd is loudly chanting, “This is awesome.” Triple H goes for a Pedigree on Rousey, but she rolls up and hits a hurricanrana! Rousey then applies an arm bar to Triple H! Triple H screams in pain, but McMahon comes in and applies a rear naked choke! Rousey with her face and knees scraped up, fights up and slings her off. Rousey goes for an arm bar, but McMahon blocks it. Triple H runs in, but Angle takes him down with an Angle Lock! Triple H screams in pain while holding his wife’s hand to prevent her from tapping out. Triple H then rolls Angle into Rousey, who hits her with a big thud! The crowd is going wild for this. Triple H sends Angle shoulder-first into the ring post. McMahon then sends Rousey shoulder-first into the ring post. Triple H and McMahon look at each other. Triple H sets Angle up for a Pedigree, and McMahon does the same to Rousey. Angle hits a back body drop to get Triple H out of the ring. Rousey then gets out and goes for an arm bar on McMahon! McMahon holds her arm to prevent it from being cinched in. McMahon begs her off and screams that she’s sorry. Rousey says, “It’s too late” before hooking the arm bar on! Stephanie McMahon immediately taps out!

Winners by Submission: Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey