Ambrose gets in a few shots and then another quick tag back to Rollins. Rollins with repeated kicks and boots to the body and head of Big Show keeping him grounded. Tag to Reigns who comes in with a quick body splash. Rollins gets the tag and Big Show dumps him over his head. Tag to Sheamus with a high running knee to Rollins. Sheamus tosses Rollins over the top rope, Rollins hangs on and Sheamus picks him up to the ring apron. Sheamus lifts up Rollins’ shirt and drops some bombs with his forearm. Sheamus grabs Ambrose and does the same. Sheamus goes up top and Reigns pushes him off. Orton on the attack to Ambrose and Reigns. Sheamus is tossed back in the ring. The Shield triple team him. They get Sheamus up and Reigns connects with his powerbomb as Big Show comes in with a spear taking out Rollins and Reigns. Orton tags himself in as Sheamus reaches out to Big Show. Orton with a powerslam to Ambrose. Big Show isn’t happy he didn’t get the tag. Orton with a DDT on Ambrose through the second rope as Big Show looks on.

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