Punk works over the arm of Taker, scales up the top rope and comes off with Old School on Taker! The crowd in Metlife Stadium can’t believe it as Punk laughs. Punk goes back to work on Taker working over his arm. Heyman is mocking Taker at ringside with the urn. Taker fights to his feet, backs Punk to the corner and gets in a few quick body shots. Punk hits the corner with force, but moves when Taker comes charging in knee first. Taker slides out favoring his knee. Punk comes off the top turnbuckle with a sledgehammer shot. Back in the ring, Punk executes a quick neckbreaker and gets a two count during a pinfall attempt. Taker fights back with big rights to Punk. Punk with a swinging neckbreaker and gets another two count. Heyman screams, “You are a half second away from beating the streak!” Taker with a knee and suplex combo. Punk is going for a second Old School attempt. This time Taker crotches Punk on the top rope. Taker with a right hand that sends Punk down to the ringside floor. Heyman checks on Punk. Taker hits the ropes.

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