Lesnar cracks the chair over the back of Triple H yelling, “I’ll play with chairs too!” Lesnar sends Triple H into the steel steps. Lesnar then picks up the bottom part of the steel steps and hits Triple H in the head with them. Lesnar then picks up the top part of the steel steps and tosses them inside the ring. Triple H is back in the ring as Lesnar picks up the steel steps. Lesnar again with another shot this time to the shoulder of Triple H using the steel steps. Lesnar hooks the leg and Triple H still kicks out. Triple H with a slap to Lesnar and follows with some right hands. Lesnar counters a Pedigree attempt and gets the Kimura Lock applied standing. Triple H pushes Lesnar into the corner to break it up. Lesnar then locks it on again. Triple H again sends Lesnar to the corner to break it up. Lesnar a third time gets the Kimura Lock applied. Lesnar sits up on the top turnbuckle, wraps his legs around the body of Triple H and keeps the Kimura Lock applied. Triple H lifts up Lesnar, backs up and drops him down in a modified spinebuster. Lesnar is up first near the steel steps as Triple H recovers.

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