Rock slides a lifeless Cena back in the ring. Rock and Cena exchange right hands. Rock attempts a cross body. Cena catches Rock, tosses him to his shoulders, Rock drops off and connects with the Rock Bottom. Rock hooks the leg and Cena kicks out after two. Rock stands over Cena mocking him with the “you can’t see me” gesture. Rock goes for another People’s Elbow, Cena jumps up and connects with the AA. Cena with the cover and Rock gets a shoulder up barely after two. Cena is up and hits some rights. Rock returns with rights. Rock and Cena now exchanging rights and body shots. Cena with a quick roll up for a two count. Cena with a Rock Bottom on Rock! Cena hooks the leg and Rock kicks out. Cena stands over Rock looking to do his “you can’t see me” gesture. Cena stops himself, kicks up the arms of Rock, tosses one of his wrist bands, mocks Rock, hits the ropes, holds on, Rock is up, Cena has Rock up, Rock counters and gets the Rock Bottom. Rock covers Cena and Cena again somehow kicks out. Both men are down. Cena has Rock up and Rock again counters.

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