Opening moments of Wrestlemania 30 live from New Orleans

WWE Wrestlemania 30 live results

WWE Wrestlemania 30 PPV Results
April 6, 2014
New Orleans, Louisiana (Mercedes-Benz Superdome)
Report by: Adam Martin of

A video package reflecting on the history of Wrestlemania is shown.

Hulk Hogan is out to kick off the show. Hogan is excited to be here. He accidentally calls it the Silverdome. Hogan is quickly corrected and apologizes for the mistake. “I was just thinking about bodyslamming Andre the Giant brother,” added Hogan.

The glass shatters and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s music hits to interrupt Hogan. Austin is out to a huge ovation. Austin and Hogan have a stare down. Austin jokes that it’s great to be back here at the “Silverdome” getting a laugh from Hogan and from the crowd. He asks the crowd if they want him to open up a can of whoop ass on Hulk Hogan. The crowd agrees with a hell yeah. Austin leads a “what” chant counting off the Wrestlemania events Hogan was involved with. He said he appreciates everything Hogan has done for this business and they shake hands. Austin said he would love to stay out here and “flap his gums”, but tonight is about the current regime of stars.

The Rock’s music hits and he is out next to another huge reaction. The Rock also makes a joke about the Silverdome mistake Hogan made earlier. He talks about looking across the ring and seeing his good buddy Steve Austin and his childhood hero Hulk Hogan. Rock adds that they are the biggest two names in the history of WWE. He talks about Hogan being an inspiration for John Cena and Steve Austin being an inspiration for Daniel Bryan. Rock also takes credit for inspiring so many couples to make babies for witnessing his greatness. The Rock, Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan all drop catchphrases to close the segment. Austin grabs some beer, tosses them to Rock and Hogan and all three men have a toast.

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