ECW on SyFy
Cincinnati, Ohio
January 26th 2010
Commentators: Josh Mathews & Byron Saxton
Report by: David Stephens of

Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart and join me, because it’s time for ECW on SyFy!

The show kicks off with William Regal standing in the middle of the ring. He says that it is, ?his honor and your privilege? to introduce the NEXT ECW Champion, Ezekiel Jackson. Big Zeke makes his way out to the ring and starts to put himself over. He says that this Sunday at the Rumble he will in fact be claiming the ECW Championship Gold.

Christian’s music hits and he comes out to the entrance ramp. He points out that Jackson likes to quote the Bible. Christian says he has a quote of his own. Ezekiel 25:17 ?I will strike down on those with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to destroy my brothers. And you will know, my peeps will know, that my name is Captain Charisma. When I lay my vengeance on thee?. I don?t think that was an EXACT quote, though maybe it is from the New Revised Standard Version?.

Zeke says that Christian may be a comedian, but Christian has never faced an opponent like himself. Christian said that Zeke is correct that last week he was left sprawled in the ring, but in his defense, it was two against one. Christian said that this week he is evening the score, and Kane’s music hits! The Big Red Machine makes his way down to the ring, and this Tag Team match is up next!


Christian & Kane v. William Regal & Ezekiel Jackson

As the show returns, this match is already underway. Regal and Christian are exchanging blows in the ring, with Christian connecting with a monkey flip. Regal tags in Ezekiel Jackson, so in response Christian tags in Kane. The two monsters square off. They both bounce off the ropes and attempts shoulder blocks, but neither man goes down. Kane catches Zeke in a side headlock, to the crowd’s support. Kane gets whipped into the ropes and tries another shoulder block, but Kane still cannot take him down. Zeke is still yelling that he is ?too strong? to be taken to the mat by Kane. Zeke finds his armed grabbed as Kane tags in Christian.

Christian comes into the ring by jumping on Zeke’s arm. The Champion gets caught with a quick scoop slam, so he tags in Kane. Zeke is able to whip Kane into the corner, which allows him to tag in William Regal. William drops Kane to the mat and locks up Kane’s legs. Kane kicks Regal away, but the reprieve is short as Regal tags in Jackson. Ezekiel sets Kane in the corner and connects with a shoulder thrust, followed by a Stinger Splash. Jackson goes for the cover, but Kane kicks out.

Kane is locked in the middle of the ring by a front headlock. Kane uses the crowd to break free, and then connect with a punch. Jackson goes for another splash, but Kane moves out of the way and tags in the ECW Champion. Christian comes running into the ring and connects with a clothesline, followed by a missile dropkick from the second rope. Christian hits a neckbreaker, and then knocks Regal off the apron. He throws Jackson out of the ring, and then springboards off the ropes for a leaping crossbody to the outside!


We come back as Jackson throws Christian to the outside. Jackson runs out after him and runs through him with a huge clothesline. Jackson rolls Christian back into the ring, and then tags in Regal. At first the British star is able to take Christian down to the mat, but the Canadian one escapes, leaps to the second rope, and then hits a sunset flip. Regal quickly rolls out and tags in Jackson. Christian is starting to tire, so he is really falling victim to the power of Jackson.

The commentators point out that they don?t even think Christian can hit his finisher on Jackson this Sunday. The size difference might be too great. Jackson tags in William Regal. Christian gets caught with a beautiful butterfly Suplex. Regal tags in Jackson who comes in to try a cover, but Christian kicks out. Jackson pushes Christian into the corner, were he and Regal begin to double team the Champion. Kane runs over to try and make the save, but the referee stops him and he is forced to head to the outside.

Christian is placed in the corner by Regal, and he is able to use his speed to jump from the second rope and connect with a European Uppercut. This allows Christian to get to Kane for the hot tag. The Big Red Machine enters the ring full of fury as he unloads with punches on Regal. Kane throws him to the ground, and then heads to the top rope. Kane connects with a clothesline from the top! Kane picks up Regal looking for the Chokeslam, but Jackson breaks it up, and then pulls Kane to the outside.

In the middle of the ring, Christian looks for the Killswitch on Regal, but he counters. Christian kicks him in the gut and tries again, but right as he is turning the move around Jackson tags Regal! William is hit with the Killswitch, but it doesn?t matter because Jackson is the legal man! Ezekiel charges in and connects with his finisher!

Winners via Jackson’s Finisher that has no name but could best be described as a standing side slam, i.e. The Rock Bottom/Book End: William Regal & Ezekiel Jackson


Shelton Benjamin is cutting a promo in the back about the Royal Rumble, but gets caught off guard as Vance Archer runs in and takes him out. Archers says that all Shelton talks about are hopes and dreams, because that is all that he has. Archer tells us that what just happened IS reality.

Trent Baretta, Caylen Croft & Zack Ryder w/ Rosa Mendes v. Goldust, Yoshi Tatsu & Hurricane

The match starts off with Goldust and Croft. Dust is coming out strong as he continues to lay in the punches. Goldie goes for the cover, but Croft kicks out. Goldust locks in an arm bar. Croft backs him into the corner, but gets whipped to the other side and then caught in another arm bar. Goldust tags in The Hurricane, who looks excessively green tonight.

Zack Ryder is tagged in, and charges after Hurricane. Ryder charges towards Hurricane, but gets thrown out of the ring for his efforts. Croft and Baretta attempt to inflict damage, but Goldust and Yoshi charge into the ring which sends all of the heels to the outside.


We come back as Yoshi tags in Goldust, and Croft tags in Baretta. Goldust works the arm for about 10 seconds and then tags in Hurricane. The Hurricane is whipped into the ropes, and then connects with a hurricarana. He is looking for the Shining Wizard, but Trent rolls out of the ring. The Emerald Skywalker leaps to the outside to connect with a crossbody. Trent rolls back into the ring, but as Hurricane is heading back in, Ryder distracts him on the apron. This allows Trent to knock him down, and then tag in Ryder.

Zack Ryder goes after Hurricane and levels him with a clothesline in the corner. Ryder tags in Croft. Caylen locks in a full nelson in order to wear down Hurricane. The Hurricane escapes by rolling through and going for the cover, but Croft kicks out. Caylen knocks Hurricane to the mat, and then tags in Trent. Baretta comes into the ring screaming his own name and hits a lateral press. He goes for the cover but Hurricane kicks out. Baretta gets behind the Hero and locks on a headlock. The Hurricane is released as Baretta tags in Zack Ryder.

Ryder comes into the ring and hits a neckbreaker. Ryder then gets behind and locks in a headlock of his own. Ryder whips Hurricane into the ropes and goes for a back body drop, but Hurricane counters it into a roll up. Ryder escapes and tags in Croft. Caylen hits a couple of kicks and then tags in his partner. Trent connects with a couple of kicks and then tags Caylen back into the ring. Croft goes for a pin, but Hurricane kicks out.

The Hurricane is trying to make his way to the corner, but Caylen attempts to slow the process by knocking Goldust off the ring. Hurricane takes the brief moment to connect with a Shining Wizard! Hurricane tags in Yoshi Tatsu! The Japanese superstar is full of fire as he goes after Trent Baretta who is now the legal man. Yoshi heads to the top rope, and connects with a spinning wheel kick from the top. All hell breaks loose as everyone charges into the ring. Hurricane and Ryder give Yoshi the room he needs to connect with the KA-RA-TAY kick and pick up the pinfall!

Winners via KA-RA-TAY: Yoshi Tatsu, Goldust & The Hurricane

ECW Thoughts

Tonight’s ECW was simply two very decent matches and build for the Royal Rumble. I was not initially planning on not having much thoughts, but really? what is there to say?

I will put it out there that I am fairly confident that Ezekiel Jackson will be walking out of the Royal Rumble with the ECW Championship. I?m not a math guy but if I was to give percentages I?d say that I am 83% confident that Jackson will become Champion, 11% on Christian’s winning as a result of a DQ, and a 9% chance of Christian winning legitimately.

I?m a history major, so if that doesn?t add up to 100% take it up with your local mathematician.

Power Rankings

3 Month Rolling Rankings; ECW Title Win 5, ECW Title Loss 4, ECW Win 3, ECW Loss 2, ECW Appearance 1, PPV Title Win 10, PPV Title Loss 8, PPV Win 6, PPV Loss 4, PPV Appearance 2.

October 20th ? January 19th 2010

1. Christian ? 36 pts. [l.w. 1]
2. William Regal ? 28 [l.w. 2]
3. Yoshi Tatsu ? 23 pts. [l.w. 3]
4. Zach Ryder – 20 pts. [l.w. 4]
4. Vance Archer ? 20 pts. [l.w. 5]
4. Ezekiel Jackson – 20 pts. [l.w. 7]
7. Shelton Benjamin – 19 pts. [l.w. 5]
8. Caylen Croft ? 16 pts. [l.w. 9]
8. Trent Baretta ? 16 pts. [l.w. 9]
10. Kozlov ? 14 pts. [l.w. 8]

David Stephens

So that’s ECW?. Love it? Hate it? Disagree with everything I said? Just want to chat wrestling? I?m always up for reading your thoughts so send them over to me at

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