CZW returned to the ECW Arena last night before a surprisingly good crowd given the presence of UFC 101 only a short bus ride away.

The evening opened with the Locker room all around ringside as announcer Larry Legend introduced Zandig, who gave out awards for CZW’s Hall of Fame as well as thank you awards to hard-working staff all known by long-time and not so long time fans. Awards went to Mark “WHACKS” Pantalone, the husband-wife team of Shawn Kernaghan (ring crew jack-of-all-trades), Sabine Kernaghan (who handles tickets, arranges flights, and does a hundred other things), Maven Bentley, video and website guru Mike Pancoast. Hall of Fame inductions included Jon Dahmer, Hardcore Nick Gage, and Wifebeater.

John Zandig announces that he sold CZW to DJ Hyde (legitimately, not storyline). Hyde announces that CZW will be going back to Townsend, DE on October 24 at the Markland family farm that hosted Tournament of Death…for Tournament of Death 2009 v. 2.0. DJ tells Zandig to be in it….Zandig accepts to face DJ in October.

Switchblade Conspiracy came out and attack Zandig. Naptown Dragons and Wifebeater make the save. Zandig then officially inducted Wifebeater into the CZW Hall of Fame

  • The Aerial Assault opening the show. Spyral BKNY vs Devon Moore vs Facade vs Mike Sydal vs Rich Swann vs Ryan McBride vs B-Boy vs Greg Excellent. Greg Excellent wins after diving onto everyone from off the top of the box and then tiger driver to swann
  • Drew Gulak defeated Jon Dahmer after Rodney Rush distracts Dahmer and Gulak gets the rollup. Post-match Dahmer hits Rodney with two murderplexes
  • Tyler Veritas/Adam Cole defeated Ruckus/Sabian, LJ Cruz/Alex Colon, and Team Macktion. Late in the match, Sabian goes to the top rope and Robby comes out on the mic and asks if he told Sabian to go to the top rope. Robby then tells Sabian and Ruckus that hes the closest thing that they have to a father figure. Sabian and Ruckus chase Robbie to the back. Cole and Veritas then go over by pinfall, pinning Team Macktion
  • The Best Around defeated H8 Club in a oldtime ECW Arena all-arena brawl to retain CZW Tag Team Titles. The Best Around win by pinfall after Gage got pinned while TJ had him in a figure four. Post-match, Mireno comes out and hugs The Best Around, saying that he only associates with champions and not quitters. BLKOUT jumps them.
  • Danny Havoc defeated with the Death Valley Driver in a crazy violent Ultraviolent Underground match, featuring panes of glass and barbed wire. The crowd chanted “please come back” for Masada. Post-match, DJ comes out and asks Masada if he wants to face Gage at TOD 2 on October 24th. Gage says Masada is awesome, but he’s “retired from death matches”. Hyde questions Gage’s manhood. DJ says he’ll find Masada someone to work since Gage is “afraid”. Hyde asks the crowd who they want to see. The crowd chants Thumbtack Jack. DJ says that hes going to make a call to Germany when he gets home
  • Joe Gacy defeats xOMGx with the forearm scrape.
  • Egotistico Fantastico defeats Drew Blood in a ladder match to defend the CZW Junior Heavyweight Title when he wound up hanging from the chain that held up the Junior Heavyweight belt from the ceiling.
  • The Switchblade Conspiracy (Jon Moxley and Sami Callihan) defeat The Naptown Dragons (Drake Younger and Scotty Vortekz) in the “Tangled Web” match. Post-match, Gacy hit the ring, followed by a beatdown by Switchblade Conspiracy on Younger and Vortekz. Danny Havoc and xOMGx made the save.

    CZW returns to the ECW Arena on September 12 with the Chris Cash Memorial Show in the afternoon and the “Down with the Sickness” evening show as part of the annual doubleheader. They also return to Townsend, DE on October 24 for Tournament of Death 2009 v 2.0.