Axel with a big back suplex on Miz and Barrett is back in to break up the pinfall. Barrett works over Axel in the corner. Miz drops Barrett with a big boot and then tosses Axel into Barrett in the corner. Miz gets the crowd in Chicago fired up. Miz connects with his corner clothesline to Barrett. Catches Axel with a shoulder block, comes off the top with a sledgehammer to Barrett and counters a sunset flip with a kick to the face on Axel. Miz gets a two count on Axel. Barrett counters out of a Figure Four attempt and then catches Miz with the Winds of Change. Axel breaks up the pinfall attempt. Axel with a Perfect Plex on Barrett and Miz barely breaks it up at the last second before the three count. Huge reaction in Chicago to the Perfect Plex. Heyman is yelling, “Come on!” Miz connects the Skull Crushing Finale. Barrett tosses Miz out. Barrett goes for the cover, but Miz pulls Barrett out. Miz then covers Axel for another close two count. Miz tosses Axel over the top rope. Miz gets the Figure Four locked on Barrett. Axel covers Barrett with the Figure Four applied. Axel wins.

Winner and new WWE Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel

After the match, Paul Heyman hugs Curtis Axel as they celebrate with the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler talk about Axel following in the footsteps of his father Mr. Perfect by also becoming the Intercontinental Champion.

A video package hyping the return of Mark Henry tomorrow night on RAW airs.

Backstage, we see a shot of Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman continuing to celebrate when they bump into Triple H. Triple H gets in Axel’s face and stares him down. Vince McMahon walks up and congratulates Axel shaking his hand. They walk off and Vince hypes Triple H vs. Curtis Axel tomorrow night on Monday Night RAW. Triple H says, “Nope, not feeling it at all.” Triple H walks off as Vince has an upset look on his face.

* Kaitlyn defending the WWE Divas Championship against AJ Lee is next.

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