WWE Payback PPV Results – 6/1/14 (Evolution vs. The Shield)

WWE Payback PPV Results 6/1/14

WWE Payback PPV Results
June 1, 2014
Chicago, Illinois
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

A video package opens the show focusing on Evolution vs. The Shield and John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt tonight at Payback live from Chicago.

We go to the Allstate Arena as Michael Cole welcomes us to the show.

WWE United States Champion Sheamus is out first to kick off the show.

WWE United States Championship Match
Sheamus (c) vs. Cesaro w/ Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman was out second to introduce Cesaro. A loud “CM PUNK” chant started up. Heyman told the crowd that Punk wasn’t here and that he was at the United Center watching the Chicago Blackhawks lose instead.

Cesaro goes after Sheamus quickly when the bell rings. Cesaro with a few uppercuts. Sheamus comes back with a big kick to the back and scoop slam on Cesaro. Cesaro with a jumping uppercut to Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus tosses Cesaro over the top rope. Cesaro hangs on. Sheamus with his forearms to the chest of Cesaro landing 10 big shots. Sheamus pulls Cesaro back and lands 10 more. Cesaro catches Sheamus with a huge uppercut from the ring apron sending Sheamus to the outside with a thud. Cesaro with a suplex on Sheamus from the corner. Cesaro with a hook suplex into a powerbomb on Sheamus and then follows with a stomp over the chest resulting in a two count. Cesaro with more uppercuts. Sheamus cuts off Cesaro with a quick back breaker. Sheamus drops knees over the shoulder of Cesaro repeatedly from the second rope. Cesaro with a twisting uppercut off the corner.

Sheamus catches Cesaro with a boot in the corner. Cesaro lands a huge uppercut on Sheamus for a close two count. Cesaro with big slaps to Sheamus. Sheamus is yelling at Cesaro to hit him. Sheamus is calling for the Brogue Kick in the corner. Cesaro moves and connects with a german suplex into a bridge for a two count. Sheamus counters Cesaro and connects with White Noise for another close two count. Cesaro counters a Cloverleaf submission attempt by Sheamus. Sheamus catches Cesaro jumping from the corner, plants him on the mat and gets the Cloverleaf applied this time. Cesaro gets to the bottom rope to break it up. Cesaro plants Sheamus with a modified firemans carry. Cesaro with the Cesaro Swing on Sheamus. Cesaro takes him around 22 times as the Chicago crowd chants along. Sheamus immedately with a small package on Cesaro and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE United States Champion: Sheamus

After the match, we see a shot of Cesaro being shocked. A replay of the finish is shown. Back live, Sheamus is celebrating with his title walking up the ramp. We see a shot of Paul Heyman yelling, “How dare you Sheamus!”

Backstage, we see footage from the Kickoff show of Cody Rhodes and Goldust saying they will get the job done tonight.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

We start with Goldust and Curtis Axel. Goldust with a big right early to Axel. Axel responds with big kicks and rights of his own. Goldust with an inverted atomic drop and uppercut combo. Tag to Cody Rhodes who comes off the top with an elbow over Axel. Tag to Ryback. Ryback with big forearms over the back of Rhodes. Rhodes with a quick dropkick on Ryback and quick tag to Goldust. Double team on Ryback with a dropkick and elbow drop. Axel tags himself in and drops Goldust’s arm over the top rope. Axel with a big jumping knee to the head of Goldust. Chicago crowd is already chanting for the Blackhawks. Tag back to Ryback who splashes Goldust in the corner and plants him with a scoop slam after an elbow from Axel. Quick tag to Axel who comes off the second rope with a sledgehammer shot after Ryback set it up with a shot of his own. Another tag to Ryback. Both drop Goldust down face first and Ryback works over the left arm of Goldust. Ryback with another scoop slam. Goldust with a small package and Ryback kicks out. Ryback with shots to Goldust in the corner.

Tag to Axel who cuts off a tag to Rhodes. Goldust fights back out of the corner with a modified sunset flip. Hot tag to Rhodes. Rhodes with shots to Axel and Ryback. Rhodes with a jumping clothesline to Ryback and uppercut combo. Rhodes with an elbow and springboard missile dropkick to Ryback. Rhodes catches Axel with a dropkick when Axel jump off the top turnbuckle. Rhodes is fired up. Rhodes goes up to the top turnbuckle and connects with a top rope moonsault on both Ryback and Axel. Rhodes lost his footing during the moonsault and almost fell on his head. Ryback grabs Rhodes and powerbombs him into Goldust in the corner. Ryback with a big clothesline on Rhodes and Goldust breaks up the pinfall. Goldust with a snap powerslam on Axel. Ryback tosses Goldust out. Rhodes with a roll up for two on Ryback. Cross Rhodes on Ryback and Axel breaks up the pin. Rhodes tosses Axel over the top rope. Rhodes attempts his Beautiful Disaster kick. Ryback catches Rhodes and connects with with Shell Shocked on Rhodes. Ryback gets the pinfall.

Winners: Ryback and Curtis Axel

After the match, Goldust checks on Cody Rhodes who is still recovering. Rhodes wants a mic. “Brother to brother, you need a better tag team partner than me.” Rhodes drops the mic and heads to the back as Goldust has a confused look on his face.

Rusev w/ Lana vs. Big E

Both collide in the middle of the ring and stay up early. Rusev with some big right hands backing Big E to the corner. Big E fires back with body shots of his own. Rusev with a quick release german suplex on Big E. Rusev tosses Big E to the corner. Big E responds planting Rusev in the corner. Lana is yelling at Rusev to get up. Big E with a suicide dive on Rusev over the ring apron and both land with a loud thud! Big E rolls Rusev back in, hooks the leg and Rusev kicks out. Rusev catches Big E with a huge kick to the head! Lana yells, “Rusev…crush!” from the ringside area. Rusev stomps over the back of Big E, applies the Camel Clutch, Rusev pulls back to apply more pressure and Big E taps out.

Winner: Rusev

After the match, Rusev keeps the Camel Clutch applied. Lana walks in and tells him to let go.

A promo for WWE Money in the Bank on 6/29 is shown.

Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas

Before the match, Bo Dallas grabs a mic and introduces himself. “I am Bo Dallas. And even though your hockey team, the Blackhawks, are going to lose their match tonight, that does not make all of you losers. Because all you have to do is Bo-lieve!”

Right as the bell rings, Kane’s pyro goes off and starts walking out. Bo Dallas bails. Kofi Kingston goes after Kane. The bell rings as Kane tosses Kingston over the top rope to the outside. Kane with a big boot to Kingston. Kane tosses Kingston back in the ring and calls for a chokeslam. We see a shot of Bo Dallas still looking on from ringside. Kane with a chokeslam on Kingston. Kane picks up Kingston and connects with a Tombstone Piledriver. Kane drops his arms to set off the pyro as his music plays. We see another shot of Dallas looking on concerned at ringside. Kane heads to the back. Dallas grabs a mic. “Kofi, Kofi, don’t worry. You’re gonna be back on your feet in no time and better than ever. All you have to do…and all you have to do…is Bo-lieve!” Dallas puts up his arms smiling.

Winner: No Contest

Michael Cole speculates that maybe this was a result of Kofi Kingston sending out tweets being overly critical of The Authority. JBL adds, “Don’t cross the boss!”

We see footage of El Torito defeating Hornswoggle in a Mask vs. Hair match. El Torito then shaved the head of Hornswoggle.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

Bad News Barrett grabs a mic and has some bad news for people that want to see Rob Van Dam leave the new Intercontinental Champion tonight. Barrett said not only will RVD not get any Payback, but he won’t be getting any paychecks either. “It’s really time someone put Old Yeller down.” He mocks RVD with a “BNB” chant of his own.

RVD and Bad News Barrett exchange right hands early on. RVD catches Barrett with a spinning kick and some more kicks to the body. RVD with a quick thrust kick and more kicks to the body. RVD with a shot to Barrett in the corner and then tosses him outside. RVD tosses Barrett back first into the ring barricade. RVD then tosses Barrett into the first row. RVD with knees and shots to the body hanging Barrett over the ring barricade. RVD with his spinning kick landing over the back of Barrett. RVD tosses Barrett back in and connects with a quick leg drop. Barrett counters RVD in the corner kicking him in the gut. Barrett sends RVD to the outside and the referee starts the count. The referee gets to 8 when RVD slides in. Barrett immediately with kicks to RVD. Barrett keeps RVD grounded with a side headlock.

RVD catches Barrett with a kick to the face. RVD with clotheslines to Barrett and follows with another kick to the head. RVD with a big superkick that catches Barrett. RVD connects with Rolling Thunder and is headed up top next. RVD is up top, jumps and misses the Five Star Frog Splash when Barrett moves. Barrett misses his Bull Hammer shot and RVD gets a close roll up for two. Barrett with his spinning side slam for another two count. Barrett attempts the Bull Hammer on the outside and he hits the steel ring post instead. RVD with another close two count when he catches Barrett with a DDT with Barrett on his way back in the ring. Barrett gets his knees up when RVD attempts a spit leg moonsault in the corner. Barrett then connects with the Bull Hammer on RVD.

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Bad News Barrett

A video package runs showing Stephanie McMahon asking Daniel Bryan to hand over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after his recent neck surgery on RAW. Bryan will make his decision live next in Chicago.

Daniel Bryan makes his decision about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Stephanie McMahon is out first and said the time is now for Daniel Bryan to make a decision – will he surrender his title or will she be forced to fire his wife Brie Bella. Big reaction for Daniel Bryan in Chicago who is accompanied by Brie Bella. Stephanie said she is so glad he brought Brie out to the ring tonight. She said they have an opportunity tonight to set an example for their future children together in what she called “bearded babies.” Stephanie wants them to do the right thing or instead be selfish. Bryan reminds her of the reaction she got in Chicago tonight. Stephanie doesn’t care since she is still the boss. Bryan said he wants an opportunity tonight to change the minds of the WWE Universe about her. He talked about working hard to get to where he is today. A loud “CM PUNK” chant starts up. Stephanie says look, these people want him to quit the same way CM Punk did. Bryan said he is looking for a word to describe Stephanie. Brie says it for him: “Bitch!” Stephanie says now she knows who has the real guts in the family and that she made a poor choice in a husband. Brie tells Bryan she knows what has to be done. Stephanie cuts her off saying the right thing is to hand over his title. “You need a fighting champion and you need to do what is right for them,” said Stephanie. Brie tells Bryan no. Brie refuses to be a powerless victim and tells Stephanie that she quits. Stephanie laughs. Brie slaps Stephanie. The crowd in Chicago goes crazy starting up a “YES” chant. A shocked Stephanie leaves the ring and heads to the back. Both Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella lead a “YES” chant in Chicago. They kiss and leave the ring.

A video package runs hyping John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt tonight.

Last Man Standing Match
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt w/ The Wyatt Family

John Cena has a stare down with Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family inside the ring. The Usos music hits and they run out and hit the ring to even things up for Cena tonight.

The bell rings as Bray Wyatt goes after John Cena right away backing him to the corner. Cena with a bulldog and quick shot to Wyatt early. Wyatt fires back with a huge uppercut. Wyatt catches Cena with a quick elbow. Wyatt picks up a dazed Cena and dances with him. Cena with his flying shoulder blocks and twisting plant powerbomb on Wyatt. Cena connects with Five Knuckle Shuffle on Wyatt. Cena has Wyatt up for an AA. Wyatt counters and drops Cena over his knee. Wyatt misses a body splash, Wyatt kicks Cena away and then plants with him a huge modified Rock Bottom. The referee starts the count. Cena is up at 8. Wyatt with a crazy body splash off the ropes catching Cena. The referee starts the count again on Cena. Cena is up at 7 on the ring apron when Wyatt walks out with him. Wyatt drops Cena face first off the ring apron. Wyatt is going up to the top turnbuckle, drags Cena up with him, hooks Cena’s arm over his head, Cena is trying to counter, Cena headbutts Wyatt repeatedly, Wyatt falls back, Cena jumps off the top turnbuckle and connects with a leg drop.

Wyatt counters another AA attempt, pushes Cena to the ropes and then connects with Sister Abigail! The referee starts the count. Cena is up at 8. Cena catches Wyatt during a charge and connects with an AA. The referee starts the count at Wyatt. Wyatt is up at 8 doing his crazy backwards stance. Erick Rowan attacks Cena. The Usos run in. Luke Harper cleans house on The Usos. Harper with a suicide dive to Rowan and Jey Uso. Jimmy Uso with a moonsault off the top turnbuckle to take out The Wyatt Family. Wyatt grabs a steel chair and catches Cena with it. Wyatt with more shots. The referee starts the count. Cena is up at two and Wyatt cracks it over his back. Cena falls out and the referee starts the count again. Cena is up at 7 using the steel ring post for help. Wyatt misses a chair shot hitting the post. Cena grabs the chair and hits Wyatt in the gut with it. Cena cracks it over the back of Wyatt and Wyatt rolls back in the ring. The referee counts for Wyatt. Cena cracks the chair over Wyatt’s back a second time. Cena tosses the chair out of the ring.

The referee counts and Wyatt is up at 7. Cena grabs a table on the outside and tosses it in the ring. Cena sets it up as Wyatt is back up at 3 after falling down. Wyatt attacks Cena. Cena has Wyatt up for an AA. Wyatt counters and gives Cena a suplex crashing him through the table. The referee counts. Cena is up at 8 falling into the ropes. Wyatt grabs the top part of the steel ring steps and slides it inside the ring. Wyatt runs at Cena with the steps and hits Cena in the head. Wyatt stands on top of the steps and poses as the referee starts a count for Cena. Wyatt gets the crowd to sing “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” as he takes a bow. Wyatt stomps on the head of Cena over the ring steps. Wyatt grabs the steel chair and misses when Cena moves. Cena hits Wyatt in the gut with the chair. Cena with the steps and hits Wyatt in the head with them. Wyatt is down as the referee starts the count. Wyatt rolls out and gets on his feet. Cena lifts up the steps, throws them over the top rope and connects on Wyatt! Wyatt is down as the count starts up.

Wyatt is some how up at 7. Wyatt catches Cena when he dives out and connects with Sister Abigail. Cena recovers and sends Wyatt knee first into the other part of the steel ring steps. Wyatt with a high back body drop on Cena over the steel steps. The referee counts. Wyatt jumps off the steps and splashes Cena! The referee starts the count fresh on Cena. Cena is rolling around coughing. He fights to his feet. Wyatt with right hands to Cena. Cena with an AA to Wyatt on the floor. Cena jumps back in the ring as the referee counts. Harper and Rowan hit the ring to attack Cena. They help Wyatt to his feet when the referee reaches 8. Rowan splashes Cena and Harper gives Cena a big boot. The Usos run back out as Harper and Rowan grab tables. Jey Uso leaps over and takes out Rowan. Harper sends a table face first into Jimmy Uso. Michael Cole is screaming that Wyatt is down with the referee distracted. Harper and Rowan setup two tables side by side near the announce table. Rowan catches Jimmy, Jey counters and superkicks Rowan. Jey splashes into Rowan.

Jey splashed Rowan through a table at ringside. Jimmy is up on the top turnbuckle when Harper cuts him off and climbs up with. Harper gives Jimmy a suplex from the top turnbuckle to the tables below crashing through! We see a shot of Cena looking on. Wyatt then splashes Cena through the ring barricade covering the timekeepers area! Wyatt and Cena brawl to the crowd. Wyatt sends Cena over to where the pyro controls are. A brief pyro goes off. Wyatt and Cena are standing on the table near the pyro controls. Cena has Wyatt up for an AA and tosses him down sending Wyatt crashing through a box. Cena then tosses a heavy production crate over the hole that Wyatt is sitting inside. Cena stands on top of the crate as the referee counts. The referee reaches 10.

Winner: John Cena

We see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, we see a shot of John Cena celebrating with The Usos as they head to the back.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Paige (c) vs. Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox tosses Paige to the outside early. Paige fights her way in and connects with knees to Fox. Paige with a suplex on Fox from the ring apron and floats over into a cover for a two count. Paige with elbows to Fox in the corner and Fox bails. Fox trips up Paige on the ring apron. Fox grabs Paige and tosses her on her back from the ring steps. Fox then sends Paige shoulder first into the ring barricade. Fox tosses Paige back in, hooks the leg and Paige kicks out. Fox drops Paige face first off the mat repeatedly. Fox with a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Fox pulls Paige back with her own arms and then pulls back more in a modified surfboard submission. JBL complains on commentary that the referee should be counting a pinfall on Fox with both her shoulders on the mat. Fox with a quick backbreaker on Paige. Fox tosses Paige out of the ring. Paige with repeated clotheslines. Paige with a jumping elbow to Fox and then pulls Fox off the top turnbuckle. Paige gets the PTO locked on. Fox taps out.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Paige

After the match, we see a shot of an angry Alicia Fox. She is yelling at the crowd in Chicago to be silent. Fox runs to the back upset.

We go to the Payback panel with Josh Mathews, Booker T and Alex Riley.

A video package runs hyping Evolution vs. The Shield tonight.

No Holds Barred Elimination Match
Evolution vs. The Shield

The bell rings and both teams break out in a huge brawl. Triple H is going after Seth Rollins. Randy Orton is going after Dean Ambrose. Roman Reigns and Batista are brawling on the outside. We are left with Triple H giving Rollins a clothesline in the ring. Rollins catches Triple H with a big kick to the head. Orton and Ambrose are brawling in the crowd. Rollins tosses Triple H in the crowd. We see a shot of Reigns sending Batista face first into part of the Payback set near the entrance area. The action is all over the place. Triple H is tosses back to the ringside area as Orton drops Ambrose off the ring barricade. Orton cuts off Rollins who is hitting Triple H. The action returns to the ring as Reigns is working over Batista. Evolution is now in their corner as Reigns works over the left arm of Batista. Tag to Rollins who comes off the top rope nailing Batista with an elbow. Ambrose now joins his corner with Reigns. Rollins with kicks to Batista in the corner. Batista with a huge irish whip to Rollins who hits the corner hard.

Tag to Orton. Rollins catches Orton with a dropkick. Rollins and Ambrose with a double suplex and double elbow and knee drops over Orton. Ambrose with stomps over Orton. Ambrose keeps Orton grounded. Reigns tags himself in and headbutts the ribs of Orton. Tag to Batista. Reigns levels him with a huge clothesline and then drops a big elbow drop. Reigns with a headbutt to Batista and tag to Ambrose. Ambrose with shots to Batista in the corner. Batista catches Ambrose with a spinebuster. Tag to Triple H who works over Ambrose in the corner. Ambrose catches Triple H with a boot and tags in Reigns quickly. Lock up and Reigns drops Triple H with a big shoulder block. Triple H with rights to Reigns and then eats a high back body drop. Another clothesline from Reigns who tags in Ambrose dragging Triple H to the corner. Quick tag to Rollins who splashes Triple H in the corner being held back by Ambrose. Rollins with three Guerrero style suplexes to Triple H. 

Quick tag to Ambrose who drives an elbow into the lower back of Triple H. Ambrose splashes Triple H in the corner. Batista with the tag who works over Ambrose. Tag to Orton who stomps over Ambrose. Orton with more stomps and tag to Triple H. Triple H mounts Ambrose and drops a series of right hands. Triple H with more right hands to Ambrose. Ambrose irish whips Triple H hard to the corner and Triple H flips out. Triple H cuts off Ambrose from getting tagging out and connects with a knee to the face. Ambrose responds bouncing off the ropes and hitting Triple H with a quick clothesline. Tag to Reigns who takes out Batista and Orton. Reigns with a clothesline splash to Batista and right hand in the corner. Reigns dumps out Orton and hits a high back body drop on Triple H. Reigns bails and connects with his jumping boot to the face on Batista. Reigns with his Superman Punch to Batista, hooks the leg and Orton breaks it up. Triple H tosses Rollins out. Ambrose brawls with Orton on the other side.

Orton sends Ambrose into the steel ring post. Triple H is brawling with Rollins in the corner. Triple H grabs what looks to be a monitor and cracks Rollins with it. At ringside, Batista is down as Reigns starts clearing off the Spanish announce table. Orton cuts off Reigns. Triple H sends Reigns into the steel ring steps. Orton is now clearing off the rest of the Spanish announce table. Triple H and Orton put Reigns on the shoulders of Batista. All three powerbomb Reigns through the Spanish announce table. Evolution mocks The Shield when Ambrose jumps off the announce table taking them out! Rollins flips over the top rope and takes out Triple H and Orton! Ambrose is attacking Orton with rights. Batista sends Rollins into the barricade and Triple H also sends Ambrose to the barricade. Triple H cracks a chair over the back of Rollins and Ambrose. Orton grabs another chair, sets it up and drops Ambrose back first off of it. Triple H tosses a chair down and gives Rollins a Pedigree face first over it.

We see a shot of a recovering Reigns rolling back in the ring. Evolution all walk down and surround Reigns inside the ring. Batista with a spinebuster on Reigns. Orton stomps over the chest of Reigns. Evolution removes the shirt of Reigns. Orton tosses in kendo sticks and the steel steps. Triple H drops Reigns face first off the steel steps. Orton and Batista crack kendo sticks over the back of Reigns as Triple H holds his arms down. Triple H also gets in a few shots. Reigns out of no where with a Superman Punch on Orton. Triple H and Batista go on the attack. Triple H with a chair shot to the ribs and over the back of Reigns. Triple H with another shot to the back of Reigns with a chair. Another shot. Ambrose is trying to fight back when Evolution cuts him off. Orton drags Ambrose over part of the Payback set and connects with his DDT. Rollins is standing at the top of the screen on the Payback production set, jumps and takes out all members of Evolution! We see a shot of Rollins crawling back to the ring.

In the ring, Batista catches Rollins with a Spear as Rollins jumped off the second rope. Rollins counters a Batista Bomb attempt, Reigns with a Spear on Batista and Rollins gets the pinfall.

Batista has been eliminated.

Orton with an RKO on Rollins. Reigns breaks it up. Ambrose with a chair shot to the back of Orton. Ambrose drives Orton head first down into the steel chair. Ambrose pins Orton.

Randy Orton has been eliminated.

Triple H with a low blow on Ambrose. Reigns with a Superman Punch on Triple H. Batista is back in with a Spear on Reigns. The referee crew sends Batista to the back. Orton tosses a sledgehammer in the ring as is escorted to the back by the referee crew. Triple H with a sledgehammer shot to the head of Ambrose. Rollins comes off the top rope with a shot to the head. Reigns with a Spear on Triple H. Reigns gets the pinfall.

Triple H has been eliminated.

Winners: The Shield

After the match, JBL puts over the clean sweep of The Shield over Evolution tonight. We then see replays of all the eliminations leading to the finish. The PPV goes off the air with all three members of The Shield standing tall.

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