Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam (WWE World Title – Hardcore Rules)

WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Battleground Hardcore Rules Match
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rob Van Dam w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

The bell rings and Alberto Del Rio goes after Rob Van Dam right away getting him grounded. RVD responds with a quick kick through the ropes when Del Rio bails. RVD with a quick moonsault off the ring barricade catching Del Rio. RVD grabs a chair, hits Del Rio in the gut with it, tosses the chair back in, springboards over the ropes and catches Del Rio with a DDT on top of the chair. RVD with a two count. Del Rio fires back with a backstabber near the corner. Del Rio with kicks to the lower back of RVD. RVD catches Del Rio with a quick spin kick. RVD grabs a ladder and props it up in a corner inside the ring. Del Rio is launched into the ladder in the corner and crashes on the outside. Del Rio catches RVD with a kick to the head as RVD was looking to springboard off the ladder that was setup in the corner. Del Rio mocks RVD with an “A…D…R” pose. Del Rio grabs a garbage can and cracks it over the back of RVD repeatedly. RVD with a big dropkick sending the garbage can into the body of Del Rio as he jumped off the corner. RVD with a series of clotheslines and quick superkick that drop Del Rio. RVD drops Del Rio over the ladder near the corner. RVD with a corner split leg moonsault over Del Rio on the ladder. RVD gets a two count. RVD attempts Rolling Thunder, Del Rio moves and RVD crashes over the ladder. Del Rio gets the cross armbar applied. Ricardo grabs his bucket and cracks it over the left arm of Del Rio to break it up. RVD with a roll up for a close two count with the Ricardo distraction. Del Rio tosses RVD out.

Del Rio is yelling at Ricardo to give him the bucket. Ricardo hands it over, but then kicks Del Rio and cracks the bucket over Del Rio’s back. Del Rio bails. Ricardo jumps out. Del Rio grabs Ricardo and slams him against the ring barricade. Del Rio with a big kick to the head of Ricardo at ringside. Del Rio grabs a ladder and RVD kicks the ladder back into Del Rio through the bottom rope. Del Rio falls back with the ladder over him. RVD with a Five Star Frog Splash from the ring apron over Del Rio on top of the ladder. Both men roll around in pain after the spot. Both men are back in the ring. RVD has another chair and Del Rio is just starting to recover in the corner. RVD is calling for a Van Terminator. RVD jumps with the chair in hand, Del Rio moves and RVD lands hard on the mat. RVD with a jawbreaker when Del Rio tries to take him down. Del Rio had setup the chair and gives RVD a drop toe hold into it. Del Rio with a huge kick to the head of RVD. RVD falls back with his arm caught in the steel chair. Del Rio gets the cross armbar applied. RVD taps.

Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, we see another replay of Rob Van Dam missing the Van Terminator attempt. WWE is using a new slow motion camera tonight that looks great.

Backstage, Zeb Colter is with The Real Americans (Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro). Zeb insults the Buffalo audience saying they saw a bunch of Canadians “sneaking across the border” today.

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