The Shield vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust

If the Rhodes lose, Dusty Rhodes is fired and they can never work in WWE again
WWE Tag Team Champions The Shield (c’s) vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust

We start with Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes. Rhodes with big kicks and a high back body drop on Rollins. Rollins bails. Rhodes with a dropkick to Roman Reigns when he hits the ring. Tag to Goldust who lights up Reigns with a series of right hands and quick uppercuts. We get a stare down between the Rhodes family and The Shield at ringside before everyone regroups back in the ring. Goldust with big rights to Reigns and a big clothesline. Tag to Cody as they hit a double gut shot. Reigns with a big knee to Cody. Tag to Rollins who chokes Cody with his boot. Cody catches Rollins with a big knee to the head and stomps over him in the corner. Rollins drops Cody face first in the corner. Reigns gets the tag and takes out Cody with a big shoulder tackle. Tag back to Rollins. Reigns holds Cody’s arms back and Rollins drops down with a big right. Rollins with a quick neckbreaker and two count on Cody. Cody attempts to fight back in the corner and gets cut off by Rollins propping him up on the top turnbuckle. Cody is falling back in the tree of woe and Rollins connects with kicks to the gut. Cody gets a boot to the jaw on Rollins and knocks Reigns off the ring apron. Cody connects with a huge moonsault over Rollins. Hot tag to Goldust. Clothesline and rights to Reigns followed by his vintage uppercut. Goldust with an atomic drop, boot to the leg and then drops rights to Reigns in the corner. Reigns misses a shot in the corner, Goldust goes up top and connects with a springboard cross body for a close two count on Reigns.

Goldust crashes and burns sliding out of the ring under the bottom rope when Reigns counters as he comes off the ropes. Rollins grabs Goldust at ringside and tosses him back first into the ring barricade. The referee starts a count. Goldust hits the ring right at the 9 count and kicks out after a pinfall attempt by Rollins right away. Reigns keeps Goldust grounded with a headlock. Reigns with a big clothesline on Goldust. Tag to Rollins who keeps Goldust grounded. Tag to Reigns who cuts off Goldust from getting a tag to Cody. Rollins tags himself in and Goldust catches him with a quick powerslam off the ropes. Hot tag to Cody who connects with a springboard dropkick to Rollins and knocks Reigns off the ring apron. Cody with a low blow kick and Alabama Slam on Rollins. Roll Tide. Cody catches Reigns with a knee when he tries jumping in, covers Rollins and gets a very close two count. Rollins with an elbow to Cody in the corner. Cody with a Muscle Buster on Rollins. Cody hooks the leg. Reigns breaks it up. Goldust is in attacking Reigns. Reigns catches Goldust with a big heart punch/clothesline combo. Cody connects with his kick to the head on Reigns and tosses him out. Cody also takes out Ambrose. Rollins with a shot to Cody. Dusty Rhodes takes off his belt, hits Ambrose and drops an elbow over the head of Ambrose at ringside! Goldust cuts off Reigns when he goes after Dusty. In the ring, Cody with the Cross Rhodes on Rollins. Cody hooks the leg and gets the pinfall! HUGE reaction in Buffalo!

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Per the stipulation, Dusty Rhodes keeps his job with WWE and Cody Rhodes and Goldust earn a return to the roster. After the match, we see a shot of a crying Dusty Rhodes getting into the ring and hugging both Cody and Dustin. All three celebrate the big win. As they head up the ramp, members of the WWE roster and producers walk out to congratulate them.

A promo for WWE Hell in a Cell on October 27 airs.

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