CM Punk vs. Ryback

We see footage from earlier tonight of the Cesaro Swing on The Great Khali.

A video package runs focusing on CM Punk vs. Ryback.

CM Punk vs. Ryback w/ Paul Heyman

Lock up and Ryback quickly pushes CM Punk to the mat. Loud “GOLDBERG” chants early on. Punk with kicks to the leg of Ryback. Ryback bails and goes for a walk. Ryback game plans with Paul Heyman at ringside and returns to the ring. Punk with more shots and Ryback again bails. Back in the ring, Punk is up top and connects with a cross body resulting in a two count. Punk with kicks to the chest of Ryback. Ryback cuts off Punk in the corner, puts him up on the top turnbuckle and drives him to the mat in a military slam. The crowd starts a “YOU CAN’T WRESTLE” chant at Ryback. Ryback yells back, “I don’t care!” Ryback sends Punk sliding into the steel ring post in the corner and then snaps his body around it. More “GOLDBERG” chants in Buffalo. Ryback keeps Punk grounded with a headlock. Ryback with a big release overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Ryback drops a quick leg, covers and gets a two count. Ryback with a big splash in the corner and then stands on the head of Punk. Ryback with kicks to the back of Punk and cuts off a Punk comeback. Ryback dumps Punk over the top rope and then follows with a big kick to the head. Ryback continues to keep Punk grounded with another headlock. Punk fights to his feet and Ryback pulls him back down keeping the headlock applied. Punk turns over and drops some big forearms to the head of Ryback. Punk catches Ryback with a boot in the corner. Ryback misses a charge hitting the corner with a thud. Punk with more kicks to the knee, elbows and another mid section kick.

Punk with another shot and swinging neckbreaker combo on Ryback. The crowd in Buffalo starts to get riled up. Paul Heyman grabs the microphone and introduces himself as “the best in the world! I pinned CM Punk with both hands tied behind my back. And why? Because I was…” and Ryback attacks Punk. Ryback with a huge powerbomb on Punk, goes into a cover and Punk kicks out after two. Ryback continues pinfall attempts and each time Punk kicks out. Heyman is yelling at Ryback to powerbomb Punk again. Punk counters a second powerbomb attempt and slightly catches Ryback with a kick to the head. Punk drops Ryback near the corner and starts climbing up the top turnbuckle. Punk stands up and connects with his flying elbow. Punk hooks the leg and Ryback powers out after two. Ryback counters a high knee from Punk and Punk then counters with a huricanrana takedown. Punk has Ryback up for a GTS. Ryback counters out and plants Punk with a big powerslam, hook of the leg and Punk again kicks out. Ryback with big shots to Punk in the ropes. Heyman grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and the referee sees this telling him to drop it. While this is going on, Punk hits Ryback with a low blow boot with the referee distracted. Punk covers Ryback for the win.

Winner: CM Punk

After the match, we see a shot of CM Punk smiling and an upset Paul Heyman at ringside. Ryback rolls out of the ring in pain.

We hear from the WWE Battleground panel again. They all predict a Daniel Bryan victory.

A video package runs hyping Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton to crown a new WWE Champion.

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