Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship)

WWE Championship Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

We had a brief power outage in Buffalo as the video package aired hyping the main event.

Justin Roberts handled the ring introductions for Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.

The bell rings and here we go. Lock up and Daniel Bryan with a side headlock takedown. Randy Orton quickly drops Bryan with a shoulder tackle. Orton with a series of kicks and a side headlock takedown of his own. Bryan catches Orton with a big dropkick early. Bryan drops the forearm of Orton over his shoulder two times and then lights up his back with kicks. Orton with a knee to the head of Bryan repeatedly. Bryan catches Orton with a big knee and connects with more body kicks backing Orton to the corner. Bryan with a dragon screw takedown and keeps Orton grounded driving his knee into his shin. Bryan drops some big elbows on Orton. Orton crotches Bryan over the top rope, Bryan hangs on and Orton with a big clothesline knocking Bryan off the top rope. Bryan catches Orton witha knee in the corner, but Orton quickly counters into a snap powerslam resulting in a close two count. Orton keeps Bryan grounded with another headlock. Orton catches Bryan with a big knee to the gut as he came flying off the ropes. Orton dumps Bryan over the top rope and gets another two count. Bryan is tossed over the top rope, hangs on, locks the head of Orton with his feet, tosses him over, flips back in the ring and connects with a big suicide dive through the ropes. Bryan tosses Orton back in the ring, comes off the top turnbuckle, Orton catches Bryan and plants him with a quick powerbomb. Orton then gets a Boston Crab applied on Bryan. Bryan is crawling and trying to break the submission. Orton pulls Bryan back out to the middle of the ring.

Bryan counters and gets a close two count. Orton bails. Bryan misses a baseball slide, Orton grabs Bryan and tosses him into the steel ring steps. Orton tosses Bryan into the Spanish announce table and the steel ring post at ringside. The referee is continuing a count. The referee reaches 8 when Orton tosses Bryan back in the ring, goes for another cover and gets a two count. Orton mounts Bryan and connects with some big right hands. Orton gets Bryan up on the top turnbuckle and connects with a big superplex from the top! We see a great slow motion replay of the superplex. Orton and Bryan exchange shots. Bryan starts to get the better of them. Orton cuts off Bryan with a kick and backslide for a close two count. Bryan with a big kick to the head on Orton. Bryan tries to suplex Orton back in the ring. Orton counters and instead gives Bryan a suplex over the top rope and Bryan crashes on the outside. Orton clears off the Spanish announce table. Orton attempts a powerbomb on Bryan. Bryan counters, kicks the body of Orton and sends Orton shoulder first into the steel steps at ringside. The referee is continuing a count and Bryan breaks the count at 9. Bryan goes up top and takes out Orton with a big dive on the outside. Bryan tosses Orton back in the ring and climbs back up to the top turnbuckle. Bryan jumps and connects with his flying headbutt. Bryan hooks the leg and Orton gets a shoulder up after two. Bryan connects with a knee in the corner, now a dropkick, a second dropkick and now a third leaping dropkick to Orton.

HUGE reaction from the crowd in Buffalo chanting “YES! YES! YES!” repeatedly. Bryan with kicks to the chest of Orton. Orton counters a shot to the head and connects with an overhead release suplex on Bryan. We see a slow motion replay and they note how hard Bryan landed on his shoulder. Orton with his DDT through the ropes on Bryan. Bryan counters an RKO. Orton with a roll up. Bryan counters into the Yes Lock. Orton is trying hard to fight out. Big Show’s music hits. Big Show pulls the referee out of the ring. Bryan breaks the submission and yells at Big Show asking what he is doing. Big Show with a knockout punch to Bryan. Bryan is out. Big Show puts his hands on his head and is upset. We see Brad Maddox calling for another referee. Referee Scott Armstrong is back and walking down to the ring. Orton covers Bryan. The referee starts the count. Big Show pulls the referee out after the second pinfall count. Big Show knocks out referee Scott Armstrong. Orton is not happy. Big Show gets in the ring. Orton is calling Big Show stupid. Orton is yelling, “You’re going to be in trouble!” Orton pushes Big Show and Big Show lands a knockout punch. Orton is out. Big Show fires up the crowd in Buffalo. Brad Maddox is shocked at the top of the ramp.

Winner: No Contest

Big Show’s music hits. We go off the air with him yelling, “No more!”

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