WWE Clash of Champions Results – 12/17/17 (Styles vs. Mahal for WWE Championship)

WWE Clash of Champions Results

WWE Clash of Champions Results 12/17/17
WWE Clash of Champions Results
December 17, 2017
Boston, Massachusetts
Results by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Show starts with a look at the top matches tonight. Commentary welcomes us to the show, we go to the opening match.

WWE US Title: Baron Corbin (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Bobby Roode

Back and forth action early, then Corbin begins to take control on both men. Roode fights back, then avoids a Corbin shot, who nails Ziggler. Ziggler comes back with a Fame-Asser on Roode, but Corbin breaks up the pin. Corbin with shots to both men, then Ziggler with a dropkick. Roode gets rid of Ziggler, but runs into Deep Six by Corbin for a close 2.

Roode and Ziggler fight up top, but Corbin takes him down with a Tower of Doom. Corbin sent into the ringpost shoulder-first, then Roode avoids a superkick by Ziggler and hits the Double R Spinebuster. Roode calls for the Glorious DDT, but Ziggler counters with the jumping DDT for a close 2. Roode sends Corbin outside, then catches a Ziggler superkick and catapults him into the turnbuckles. Glorious DDT by Roode, but Corbin pulls Roode outside to stop the pin. Corbin hits Roode with the Chokebreaker outside and throws him back in. Corbin goes for End of Days on Roode, but Ziggler comes in at the same time with the Zig-Zag to win the title! WOW!

Winner and NEW WWE US Champion: Dolph Ziggler by pinfall (Zig-Zag)

Commercial for the Royal Rumble.

Backstage segment with Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon, talking about being guest referees tonight in the Owens/Zayn vs. Orton/Nakamura.

Backstage, Baron Corbin gets angry when interviewed about his title loss, yelling that he will get back his US Title from Ziggler.

Aiden English is in the ring and introduces his tag partner, Rusev, for the next match. English then begins singing the 12 Days of Rusev. Boston is in love with the English-Rusev pairing. Usos rag on English’s singing, then sings a remix called the 12 Days of the Uso Penitentiary. Xavier Woods passes out pancakes to the crowd before the bell.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Titles: The Usos (c’s) vs. The New Day vs. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin vs. Rusev and Aiden English

Rules are that one member of each team will be in at the same time and you can only tag in your partner. All 8 men begin brawling early on. New Day stand tall and Big E throws Kofi into diving onto Benjamin and Gable. Jey Uso takes out Big E and English with Uso Crazy. Benjamin then leaps up top where Jimmy Uso is and suplexes him down for 2. New Day take back over and Big E sends Kofi into hitting dropkicks in the corner, until Rusev drills Kofi with a shot. Rusev gets 2 on Jimmy Uso. Benjamin and Gable begin taking control. Gable and English begin playing “Can you Top This?” with chinlocks on Kofi and Jimmy Uso.

Both the heel teams continue to have a game of who can do better while working over the babyface teams. Double knees by Benjamin and Gable to Kofi. Kofi comes back, but Benjamin pulls Big E off the apron to stop a tag. English breaks up a Gable pin and the two men begin shoving each other. Scott Lost Stomp by Kofi to English. Big E and Jimmy tag in and begin making comebacks. Big E and Jimmy take care of English and Gable, then settle it amongst themselves in rekindling their rivalry. Usos take control and begin working over Benjamin and Gable. Gable and Benjamin fight back and Gable locks Jimmy in a Cloverleaf, while Benjamin catches a Kofi springboard with a powerbomb. Rusev breaks up the submission with a superkick to Gable, then locks him in the Accolade, but Big E breaks it up. Rusev takes down Big E and locks him in the Accolade. Big E tries to power out, but Rusev cinches it in. Gable breaks it up. Gable goes for Chaos Theory on Jey, but Jimmy tags in and hits Gable with a superkick. Another superkick, then the Uso Splash by Jey and the Usos retain the titles.

Winners and STILL Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The Usos by pinfall (Uso Splash)

Video package on the Charlotte Flair-Natalya Women’s Title Lumberjack Match.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Title, Lumberjack Match: Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Natalya

Lumberjacks are Carmella, Tamina, Lana, Naomi and Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan of The Riott Squad. Lumberjacks get their own entrances before the match.

Back and forth early. Natalya sent outside, Naomi sends her back in. Charlotte outside, who gets beaten down by the lumberjacks until she gets back in. Natalya begins working over Charlotte. Charlotte sent back outside and is beaten down again until sent back in. Natalya sends Charlotte out for more of a beating, but the two teams of the lumberjacks begin having issues with who wants to get shots in on Charlotte. Natalya takes control on Charlotte with a chinlock. Natalya sent outside and Carmella just sends her back in instead of attacking her. Charlotte fights back with chops. Charlotte with some strutting, then hits a combination in the corner. Charlotte heads up top, but Natalya pulls her down. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter, but Charlotte stops it and rolls up Natalya for 2. Charlotte with a big boot, but is sent outside and the lumberjacks and Natalya beat her down. Naomi then with a springboard dive taking out Natalya and the other lumberjacks! Back in, Tamina with a kick from the outside to Charlotte and Natalya locks Charlotte in the Sharpshooter. Charlotte is almost at the ropes, but Natalya pulls her back to the center. Charlotte is able to reach the ropes, but the lumberjacks pull her outside and beat her down again. The Riott Squad and The Welcoming Committee then begin brawling. Carmella grabs her Money in the Bank briefcase and looks to cash in, but the Riott Squad stop her and the fight between the teams of lumberjacks continues outside. Charlotte heads up top, Cancun Tornado takes out everyone! Natalya sends Charlotte into the ringpost. Back in, Natalya tries again for the Sharpshooter, but Charlotte counters it into the Figure 8 and Natalya has to tap.

Winner and STILL Smackdown Women’s Champion: Charlotte Flair by submission (Figure 8)

Natalya is interviewed after and says Charlotte won because she uses her family name to cut corners. Natalya says she has carried the women’s division for 10 years and everyone has treated her with disrespect. The WWE Universe and the women wants to turn their back on me, well now I’ll do the same. Natalya leaves crying as the crowd sings her out with the Goodbye song.

Backstage, The Singh Brothers are interviewed about Jinder Mahal’s WWE Title match with AJ Styles later.

Breezango vs. The Bludgeon Brothers

Bludgeon Brothers immediately go to work on Breeze. Breeze comes back with a shot on Rowan. Breezango fight back on Rowan, who is sent into the ringpost. Harper nails Breeze and Rowan nails Fandango outside. Rowan with a facebuster to Breeze on the apron. Back in, Bludgeon Brothers with a Killer Bomb variation on Fandango. T Gimmick by the Bludgeon Brothers, done.

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers by pinfall (T Gimmick)

Bludgeon Brothers cut a promo after, saying its the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end.

Backstage, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are interviewed about their tag match later.

Video package on how we got to the tag team grudge match.

Special Guest Referees: Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan, If Owens and Zayn lose, they are fired from Smackdown Live and WWE: Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Orton and Zayn go back-and-forth early. Confusion early with Bryan and Shane with counting pinfalls. Nakamura in and does some chain wrestling with Zayn. Owens now in and goes to work on Nakamura. Nakamua comes back with a knee drop and there continues to be confusion with the pin counts. Orton works over Owens in the corner. The refs reach agreement with what half of the ring each takes to make counts. Owens gets 2 on Orton. Zayn and Owens begin taking control. Zayn trash talks Orton until Orton with a big uppercut. Owens and Zayn continue the attack. Orton counters a Zayn suplex with a gourdbuster across the ropes. Owens stops Orton from making a tag and takes a shot at Nakamura. Back senton by Owens on Orton for 2. Orton comes back with a back suplex on Zayn. Owens and Nakamura in and Nakamura begins mounting a comeback. Big kick by Nakamura, followed by the Pride knees. Knee strikes to the ribs, followed by Good Vibrations in the corner. Running knee to the ribs while Owens is across the ropes for 2. Nakamura with a back heel kick for 2. Owens stops the Reverse Exploder, but Nakamura takes him down from the corner with a Triangle Choke. Owens pins Nakamura down for 2. Shane argues with Bryan about counting that. Owens with a superkick for 2. Zayn in and knocks Orton off the apron. Zayn goes for the Helluva Kick, but Nakamura stops it. Zayn then with the Blue Thunder Bomb for 2. Owens and Zayn with a double team on Nakamura, but Orton breaks up the pin. All 4 men begin brawling in the ring. Zayn gets in Shane’s face, but leaves the ring as he is not legal. Nakamura gets the knees up off another Owens back senton. Orton and Zayn in and Orton makes a comeback. Zayn avoids the snap slam, but Orton with a Delayed Exploder. Zayn hot-shots Orton, but Orton stops him on the turnbuckles. Bryan yells at Orton for crotching Zayn. Orton goes up with Zayn and hits a Top Rope Superplex. Owens pulls Orton outside and sends him into the steps. Nakamura goes after Owens and sends him into the barricade. Zayn goes after Nakamura and all 4 men are down. Zayn and Owens work over Nakamura by the announce table and begin setting up two tables. Zayn places Nakamura on one table while Owens leaps off the other and Bullfrog Splashes Nakamura through the table! Back in, Orton hits Zayn with the snap slam, followed by the IED-DDT. Orton hears the voices and begins setting for the RKO and hits it on Zayn. Orton covers Zayn, but Owens knocks Bryan into Shane to stop the pin. Shane yells at Bryan for stopping the pin. Orton gets in Bryan’s face, then RKO’s Owens! Zayn inside cradles Orton and they counter each other, with both refs counting pins. Zayn rolls up Orton, but Shane stops the count before 3, showing that he is screwing Zayn! Bryan gets in Shane’s face for doing that, then Zayn rolls up Orton and Bryan makes a fast count to get Zayn the win!

Winners: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn by pinfall (Roll-Up)

Zayn and Owens get to stay in WWE and on Smackdown. Zayn and Owens celebrate while Shane, Orton and Nakamura fume in the ring.

Video package on how we got to the main event WWE Title match, looking back at past champions.

Main Event for the WWE Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. Jinder Mahal w/The Singh Brothers

Mahal controls Styles early and taunts him. Styles then fights back and begins going to work on Mahal’s leg. Styles continues the attack, but then Mahal comes back by hot-shotting Styles across the top rope, sending him all the way outside. Mahal removes the padding on the barricade and sends Styles ribs-first into the exposed part of the barricade by the timekeepers’ table. Mahal then gourdbusters Styles across the announce table. Back in, Mahal continues to take control, working over Styles with a chinlock with his knee driven into Styles’ back and ribs. Mahal keeps pouring on the onslaught to Styles’ injured ribs. Mahal with a tomahawk chop off the middle rope to Styles. Styles then catches Mahal off the ropes looking for another chop with a dropkick. Singh Brothers distract Styles, but Styles fights back on Mahal. Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Mahal knocks his feet off the ropes and Styles goes ribs-first across the top rope. Double-knee gutbuster by Mahal for a close 2. Styles then comes back with the Electric Chair from out of the corner. Styles begins making a comeback on Mahal, hitting the Ushigoroshi for 2. Styles goes for the Styles Clash, but Mahal drives Styles’ ribs into the corner. Mahal comes back with a toss flapjack for 2. Styles responds with a Northern Lights for 2. Mahal stops the Basement Running Forearm by Styles by kicking him away. Mahal then with a variation of Ryback’s Shellshock for a close 2. Mahal goes for the Khallas, but Styles counters with the Pele Kick. Mahal again stops the Styles Clash, then stops a Tornado DDT by tossing Styles aside, followed by a running boot for another close 2. Mahal goes up top and grabs Styles for a Super Khallas, but Styles counters with another Pele Kick. Styles pulls Mahal off the ropes, then goes to the apron. Styles with a Springboard 450, but cannot make the cover as the Singh Brothers pull Mahal outside. Styles wipes out the Singh Brothers with a Springboard Forearm and the Styles Clash outside. Styles nails Mahal on the apron, but Mahal avoids the Phenomenal Forearm and hits a running knee to the back. Mahal hits the Khallas, but Styles kicks out! Mahal can’t believe it! Mahal mocks Styles and goes for his own Styles Clash, but Styles gets free and locks Mahal in the Calf Crusher! Styles with repeated shots to Mahal’s leg as he tries to reach the ropes. Mahal tries to reach the ropes, but Styles rolls him back to the center. Mahal has no choice but to tap!

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: AJ Styles by submission (Calf Crusher)

Styles celebrates his title retention as the show closes.

Wrestleview Live will return following the PPV on YouTube.