The Shield vs. The Prime Time Players (WWE Tag Team Championships)

WWE Tag Team Championships
The Shield (c’s) vs. The Prime Time Players

We see footage of The Prime Time Players winning the Tag Team Turmoil match earlier tonight during the Night of Champions pre-show to earn the title shot tonight. We start with Titus O’Neil and Seth Rollins. Titus tosses Rollins aside when he catches him and follows with a big scoop slam/elbow drop combo. Tag to Darren Young with an arm drag into a headlock on Rollins. Young plants Rollins with a big powerslam. Tag to Roman Reigns who connects with headbutts and right hands to Young in the corner. Young dumps Reigns over the top rope and then catches Rollins with a huge elbow to the jaw resulting in a two count. Titus starts choking Rollins with his boot in the corner and using his whistle with each stomp. Titus and Young clothesline Reigns over the top rope. Young chases down Rollins when he bails, avoids a shot from Reigns and is then dropped over the top rope by Rollins back in the ring. The Shield double team Young near the corner when Reigns remains the legal man. Reigns with a knee lift to Young. Reigns cuts off a hot tag attempt to Titus. Reigns misses a charge in the corner. Rollins takes a high body back drop. Hot tag to Titus who takes out Rollins with a HUGE tackle. Titus with a splash and big boot to Reigns. Titus unloads on Rollins in the corner. Titus with a fallaway slam that Rollins counters and connects with a kick to the head. Titus recovers quickly and plants Rollins with a big sitdown powerbomb. Reigns breaks up a pin attempt. Reigns with a spear to Titus. Rollins hooks the leg on Titus for the win.

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: The Shield

After the match, we see highlights leading to the finish. Back live, all three members of The Shield celebrate with their titles.

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