WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament Results

WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament Results 1/14/17
WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament Results
January 14, 2017
Blackpool, England (The Empress Ballroom)
Commentary: Michael Cole, Nigel McGuinness
Results by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Video package highlights the history of WWE in the UK, followed by highlights of the UK title tournament announcement last month.

In the arena, Triple H walks out on the stage to a big reaction. Triple H says that every empire has a beginning. Tonight, you build yours! Are you ready? We see the WWE UK title belt spotlighted in the ring.

Cole and Nigel welcome us to the show and run down the brackets for the first-round matches in the tournament.

We go to a video package highlighting the competitors in the first match, Trent Seven and H.C. Dyer.

We are introduced to new ring announcer Andy Shepherd, who introduces the participants for our opening match.

Trent Seven vs. H.C. Dyer

Very good reaction for Trent. Blackpool crowd is loud at the start of this. “Moustache Mountain” chants for Trent. Dyer goes for a big right hand, but Trent with a big chop. Series of evasions, then Dyer with a dropkick. They go outside, where Trent comes back with chops. He goes for another one, but Dyer ducks and Trent’s hand hits the ringpost.

Back in, Dyer misses an avalanche and Trent with rapid-fire chops. Running overhand chop by Trent, followed by a suplex for 2. Dyer counters a piledriver with a back body drop. Dyer with a spinebuster for 2. Trent fights back with chops and slaps, but Dyer avoids a spinning backfist, then gets out of a half crab and hits his big right hand for a close 2. Trent blocks a German, but Dyer hits a Ripchord Blue Thunder Bomb for another close 2. Dyer heads up top for a frog splash, but Trent moves out of the way!

Spinning backfist and the Seven Stars (Rainmaker Lariat) by Trent to advance.

Winner and advancing to the quarter-finals: Trent Seven by pinfall (The Seven Stars)

We see Jordan Devlin and Danny Burch getting ready backstage as they are part of the next match. We go to video highlighting both men.

We see Finn Balor sitting at ringside, alongside the promoter of OTT in Ireland.

Jordan Devlin vs. Danny Burch

It is noted many times prior to the match that Devlin was trained by Balor. Devlin with a quick roll-up for 2. Chain wrestling between the two, then Burch with a wristlock throw and a shoulder tackle. Devlin goes for a leapfrog, but Burch avoids it and takes Devlin down by the leg. Snap suplex by Burch for 2. Devlin comes back with a dropkick for 2.

Devlin with a series of strikes to Burch in the corner, then sweeps out Burch’s leg from the middle rope for 2. Burch with forearms from the mount, then applies a chinlock. Burch gets to his feet, but Devlin drives him back down and taunts the crowd. Devlin stomps away at Burch, then goes back to the chinlock. Burch fights out, but Devlin with a back elbow for 2. More mounted forearms by Devlin, then he continues to yell at the crowd, who gives him crap. Burch fights back, but Devlin goes to the eyes and goes back to the chinlock. Burch fights out with a jawbreaker, followed by a 2nd Rope Missile Dropkick.

Burch kips up, then hits a series of forearms and a big uppercut. Devlin comes back with a big forearm, but Burch with a clothesline, then another big one for a close 2. Devlin with another roll-up for 2. Spinebuster slam by Burch, followed by a big knee strike and a headbutt for a close 2. Crossface applied, but Devlin is able to get his foot on the ropes to force a break. Devlin blocks a Deadlift German, then hits a wheelbarrow victory roll for 2. Devlin catches Burch charging in the corner with a double stomp, followed by a head kick that looked like Burch kicked out before the ref’s hand came down for 3, but the bell rings and Devlin is given the win.

Winner and advancing to the quarter-finals: Jordan Devlin by pinfall (Head Kick)

Crowd is not happy about the decision as we see that the back of Burch’s head was cut open from the kick. Burch wants a handshake and Devlin shakes it, but lays out Burch with a superkick.

Devlin is interviewed on the stage and says that people doubted him, but it was nice to get a win so cleanly and decisively.

We see video highlighting the participants in the next match, Saxon Huxley and Sam Gradwell.

Saxon Huxley vs. Sam Gradwell

Gradwell is from Blackpool, getting a nice hometown reaction. More unique crowd chants by Blackpool as they wrestle on the mat early. Huxley with forearms to the back, but Gradwell with a dropkick for 2. Huxley works over Gradwell in the corner, but Gradwell with a butterfly suplex for 2. Gradwell heads up top, but Huxley rolls outside. Huxley then with a butterfly backbreaker for 2. Seated surfboard applied by Huxley. Gradwell fights back with shots in the corner, including a series of uppercuts and a clothesline.

Gradwell heads back up top and hits the diving headbutt for the win.

Winner and advancing to the quarter-finals: Sam Gradwell by pinfall (Diving Headbutt)

We see former WCW star Dave Taylor sitting at ringside.

We see video highlighting the participants in the next match, Pete Dunne and Roy Johnson.

“The Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne vs. “The Body Guy” Roy Johnson

Dunne slaps away the customary handshake before the match. Big reaction for Dunne on his entrance. Dunne works over Johnson’s wrist early with some finger manipulation. Dunne with a shoulder tackle, but Johnson mocks going down and does some dancing. Dunne comes back with a big palm strike. Dunne goes for a front gulliotine choke, but Johnson counters it with a suplex. Dunne goes outside and sweeps out Johnson’s legs on the apron.

Dunne then stomps on Johnson’s hand while it was on the steps, then stomps on the wrist. Back in, Dunne continues to manipulate the fingers of Johnson before getting 2. Dunne stands on the back of Johnson’s legs, then removes the glove off Johnson’s hand and continues to manipulate his fingers. Dunne gets another 2. Short-arm clothesline by Dunne, but Johnson comes back with a one-man flapjack.

Johnson with a corner clothesline and a 2nd Rope Shoulder Tackle. Dunne comes back with an enziguri, but Johnson with a Samoan Drop for a close 2. Dunne slips out of a slam, then he catches Johnson coming off the middle rope with a HUGE forearm shot for a close 2. Johnson comes back with a right hand, but Dunne with another enziguri. Johnson then with a variation of Big E’s Big Ending for a close 2. Dunne sidesteps a charging Johnson and hits a snap German, followed by a Crash Landing for a close 2.

Dunne then hits the Bitter End (Pumphandle Flatliner) for the win.

Winner and advancing to the quarter-finals: “The Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne” by pinfall (The Bitter End)

Dunne will face Sam Gradwell in the quarter-finals tomorrow, then he again refuses the handshake after.

We see video highlighting the participants in the next match, Wolfgang and Tyson T-Bone.

Tyson T-Bone is interviewed backstage, saying he is not a wrestler, he is a fighter and he will show that tonight.

We see the owners of PROGRESS sitting at ringside.

“The Last King of Scotland” Wolfgang vs. Tyson T-Bone

Tyson goes for the handshake before the bell, but instead, nails Wolfgang with a headbutt. Wolfgang fights back with shots, but Tyson with a big right hand. Wolfgang comes back with a dropkick and a corner avalanche. Running corner crossbody by Wolfgang, then hits a double sledge from the top for 2. Tyson fights out of a slam, kicks Wolfgang in the leg, followed by a knee strike for 2.

Tyson takes control on Wolfgang, working him over. Chinlock applied, then Tyson with a kick to the ribs as Wolfgang was fighting back for 2. They battle over a suplex until Wolfgang is able to take Tyson over in the suplex.

They trade shots until Tyson goes to the eyes. Wolfgang then hits the Wasteland, followed by a 2nd Rope Moonsault for 2. Tyson comes back with a knee strike, a German and a basement superkick for a close 2. Wolfgang sent outside, where Tyson sends him into the ringpost. Tyson gets back in as the ref continues his count. Tyson grabs Wolfgang as he gets back in, then stops him going up top with a right hand. Tyson heads up with Wolfgang and goes for a superplex, but Wolfgang blocks it and gourdbusters Tyson off.

Swanton by Wolfgang for the win.

Winner and advancing to the quarter-finals: “The Last King of Scotland” Wolfgang by pinfall (Swanton)

Wolfgang will face Trent Seven in the quarter-finals tomorrow. Wolfgang is interviewed on the stage, saying that Trent knows that he is the big, bad wolf, the UK Title is coming to Scotland and we will have a party when Wolfy wins.

James Drake and Joesph Connors are shown getting ready backstage as they are up next. We see video highlighting both men.

James Drake vs. Joseph Conners

Drake is from Blackpool, getting another nice hometown reaction. Its noted that Connors has half an ear missing from a nightclub attack. They struggle over a lock-up early. Drake with a big forearm, some left hands, followed by a left-arm clothesline for 2. Conners fights back, but Drake with a dropkick for 2. Drake taunts Conners and hits another big forearm. Conners comes back with a double stomp from a charging Drake for 2. Conners works over Drake in the corner, then hits a left-arm short-arm clothesline for 2. Conners sends Drake throat-first off the middle rope, then hits a standing back suplex slam for 2. Conners with clubbing blows to Drake while he is draped across the apron. Head and arm lock applied by Conners. Drake fights back, hitting a flying forearm. Drake unloads with shots in the corner, then avoids a clothesline and hits an enziguri, followed by a roll-up for 2. Conners blocks a DDT and drives Drake into the corner. Conners comes back with a back elbow/backbreaker combo.

Conners then hits Don’t Look Down (Cradle Flatliner) for the win.

Winner and advancing to the quarter-finals: Joesph Conners by pinfall (Don’t Look Down)

We see video highlighting the participants in the next match, Mark Andrews and Dan Moloney.

Andrews is interviewed backstage before the match. Andrews says he is gonna high-five and stage dive his way to the finals and become the first WWE UK Champion.

Mark Andrews vs. Dan Moloney

Big reaction for Andrews. Moloney slams down Andrews early. Andrews with an armdrag, but Moloney blocks another. Andrews shows his agility and hits a basement dropkick for 2. Andrews with back elbows, but Moloney with an alley-oop flapjack for 2. Andrews sent hard into the corner as Moloney takes control. Andrews slips out of a slam and hits a jawbreaker, followed by a 619-style move to the ribs. Wheelbarrow takedown into a double stomp by Andrews, followed by Shotgun Knees in the corner. Northern Lights, followed by a standing moonsault by Andrews for 2. Moloney misses a clothesline and Andrews sends him outside with a rana. Andrews then wipes out Moloney outside with an apron Moonsault! Back in, Andrews heads up top, but Moloney rolls out of the way. Moloney avoids a PK and rolls up Andrews for 2. Sit-Out DVD into a Facebuster by Moloney, followed by a running basement knee strike for a close 2. Moloney goes for a suplex, but Andrews counters it with Stundog Millionaire!

Andrews heads up top, Shooting Star Press for the win.

Winner and advancing to the quarter-finals: Mark Andrews by pinfall (Shooting Star Press)

Andrews will face Joesph Connors in the quarter-finals tomorrow. The winner of the main event will face Jordan Devlin tomorrow.

We see video highlighting the participants in the final first-round match, Tyler Bate and Tucker.

We see the promoters of ICW out of Scotland sitting at ringside.

Main Event: Tyler Bate vs. Tucker

Bate flips out of an armwhip early. Series of evasions until we have a stalemate. Bate with a big left jab for 2. Tucker shows off some agility and hits a Top Rope Back Elbow for 2. Bate with a kick from a headlock, followed by a rolling senton for 2. Cravate applied, then keeps it applied when Tucker tries to spin out of it. Tucker comes back with a windmill kick. Bate misses a clothesline and Tucker with a rana. Spring-In Flatliner by Tucker for a close 2. Tucker heads up top, but Bate avoids him. Bate with a knee strike, followed by a 2nd Rope Uppercut. Tucker with a Jackknife Pin for 2. Tucker with a kick to the ribs, then sends Bate outside. Tucker with a head of steam, but Bate catches him coming in with an uppercut. Tucker blocks a suplex outside and sends Bate leaping over the steps, then Tucker leaps off the steps and hits a rana to Bate on the rampway! Referee begins his 10 count, but Tucker gets Bate back in, where he nails him with an enziguri. Bate rolls through a springboard crossbody and hooks Tucker in the Airplane Spin. Bate starts to get dizzy, but then goes the other way in the Airplane Spin before dropping Tucker and getting a close 2. Tucker then comes back with a big head kick that sends Bate outside. Tucker brings Bate back in and gets a close 2. Tucker heads up top and goes for a Swanton, but Bate gets the knees up! Bate with a Koppo Kick and fires up.

Tyler Driver ’97 by Bate for the win.

Winner and advancing to the quarter-finals: Tyler Bate by pinfall (Tyler Driver ’97)

Bate will face Jordan Devlin in the quarter-finals tomorrow.

We see video highlighting all of the first-round action in today’s show.

William Regal and Nigel McGuinness are on the stage as Regal puts over the matches on today’s show. Crowd chants for Regal. Nigel introduces the quarter-final match-ups for tomorrow for Bate vs. Devlin, Trent vs. Wolfgang, Andrews vs. Connors and Dunne vs. Gradwell as all eight men come up on the stage from opposite sides and stare each other down, a la UFC. Regal wishes all eight men luck tomorrow, but only one can become the first WWE UK Champion! Credits start to roll before Dunne blindsides Gradwell with a shot before he is pulled off by Regal, who gets in Dunne’s face as the show closes.

Quarter-final match-ups set for Sunday:

* Pete Dunne vs. Sam Gradwell

* Mark Andrews vs. Joesph Connors

* Trent Seven vs. Wolfgang

* Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin