WWE UK Championship Special Results – 5/19/17 (Bate vs. Andrews)

WWE UK Championship Special Results

WWE UK Championship Special
WWE UK Championship Special Results
May 19, 2017
Norwich, England
Commentary: Jim Ross, Nigel McGuinness
Results by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Opening video package looks at the UK Title tournament and what has happened to the competitors since that show back in January.

Jim Ross and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show and run down the card. We go to the opening match, with video packages before the match spotlighting each performer.

“The Last King of Scotland” Wolfgang defeated Joseph Connors by pinfall

Wolfgang wins a fine opener with his Howling swanton bomb. Wolfgang got control early, hitting a nice delayed suplex. Connors would take over and work over Wolfgang’s ribs. Connors hit an impressive standing back suplex slam on the bigger Wolfgang for a nearfall. Wolfgang mounted a comeback, hitting a corner crossbody and a top rope double sledge for a nearfall. Wolfgang continued to favor his ribs, but countered a second rope crossbody by Conners into a double-knee gutbuster. Connors came back with a slingshot flatliner and a sit-out spinebuster for a couple close nearfalls. Wolfgang then speared Connors out of mid-air to lead to the finish.

Mark Andrews and Tyler Bate are shown preparing backstage for their main event title match.

“The Duke of Dab” TJP and The Brian Kendrick def. “The Outlandish” Rich Swann and Dan Moloney by pinfall in a 205 Live Showcase

Kendrick and TJP win a solid match when Kendrick pinned Moloney by hooking the tights on a cradle. Kendrick and TJP work over the less experienced Moloney early. Crowd gets on TJP with different chants. Fun spot where TJP wasn’t paying attention and accidentally worked over his own partner’s arm from the apron, allowing Moloney to gain advantage. Swann and Moloney mock TJP’s dabbing and double-team he and Kendrick. Moloney then backdrops Swann outside, wiping out Kendrick and TJP. Kendrick and TJP regain advantage on Swann after a blind tag, allowing them to take over. Swann comes back with a head kick and gets Moloney in. Moloney mounts a comeback on TJP, hitting a flapjack for a nearfall. Kendrick gets involved, allowing TJP to hit a spin kick and regain control. Crowd chants that TJP is a wanker. Kendrick continues to work over Moloney. Moloney fires back with a back suplex on TJP and gets Swann in. Swann now mounts a comeback, hitting a somersault axe kick on Kendrick for a nearfall. TJP gets involved, allowing Kendrick to hook Swann in the Captain’s Hook, but Moloney breaks it up. Moloney fires back on Kendrick, but TJP gets involved again, leading to the finish.

We see footage from the Wolfgang vs. Trent Seven match on the prior day where Trent’s shoulder was injured during the match. Trent says in an interview from after the show that it is annoying, but he will be fine for the match with Dunne. Dunne walks up and feigns a handshake, then wrings out the bad arm of Trent before walking off.

Video package on the competitors in the #1 Contenders Match.

“The Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne defeated Trent Seven by pinfall to become the #1 Contender to the WWE UK Title

Really good match with Dunne winning with the Bitter End. Dunne comes out with the PROGRESS Title belt as he is the current PROGRESS Champion. Dunne feigns another handshake as the bell sounds. Nigel brings up on commentary Seven and Dunne’s past affilation as part of the British Strong Style faction on the UK indies. Dunne goes right after the injured arm early. Seven responds with chops, but Dunne goes right back with shots to the injured arm. Dunne the traps the arm in the steps and kicks the steps. Dunne continues to work over the injured arm, but Seven responds by spiking Dunne with a DDT. Seven then wipes out Dunne with a Heat Seeking Missile. Both avoid each other’s finishers, then Seven with a left-arm lariat for a nearfall. Dunne with a Rebound Snap German, but Seven counters the X-Plex with a variation of the old Island Driver done by Samoa Joe for a nearfall. Dunne sends the injured arm into the ringpost, a backdrop driver onto the injured arm and the X-Plex for a close nearfall. Dunne goes for a Kimura, but Seven quickly gets to the ropes. Dunne breaks the fingers of Seven by the barricade ala Marty Scrull, then Seven hits a Dragon Suplex on the apron! Both men barely get back in right before the referee’s 10 count. Dunne manipulates the fingers of Seven on the turnbuckles, then gets out of a Super Dragon by landing on his feet, but Seven turns him inside out with a lariat for a close nearfall. Dunne counters the Seven Star Lariat with another Kimura attempt, but Seven gets out with another Dragon and a spinning backfist, but Dunne counters a Cutthroat Driver before the finish.

Dunne cuts a promo after saying he will win the WWE UK Title at NXT TakeOver: Chicago by any means necessary.

WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate retains the WWE UK Title over Mark Andrews by pinfall n the main event

Bate retains with the Tyler Driver ’97 in a very good main event. Pre-match intros for this one. Both men shake hands as the bell sounds. Lots of British catch wrestling back and forth early. Bate begins working over Andrews, hooking in a surfboard. Andrews then cartwheels out of a Bate rana, both go for dropkicks and we have a stalemate. Both start getting chippy with one another and this sporting contest turns into more of a battle. Andrews gains control, locking Bate in an Octopus. Bate gains control, hitting a slam and a senton for a nearfall. Bate locks Andrews in a Rocking Horse, then gets another nearfall. Andrews fire back with an enziguri, a rana and wipes out Bate with a somersault plancha. Andrews hits Stomp 182 (Wheelbarrow into a Double Stomp), a Northern Lights, but Bate rolls him up for 2. Andrews avoids the Koppo Kick and hits a Standing Moonsault for a nearfall. Bate comes back and wipes out Andrews with a tope suicida outside. Andrews counters the Tyler Driver ’97 with a takeover for 2. Bate bridges up, then Andrews counters another Tyler Driver attempt with a rana for a close nearfall. Bate stops a springboard with an uppercut, but Andrews hits a Shiranui on the apron! Bate rolls outside to avoid being pinned, then catches Andrews off an apron moonsault, but Andrews counters that with a tilt-a-whirl DDT on the floor! Andrews gets another close nearfall. Bate blocks a Super Rana and crotches Andrews on the ropes, then knocks him off with an uppercut for a nearfall. They trade shots, then Bate hits Pop & Bang. Andrews hits a 619 variation, but Bate with an Airplane Spin. Andrews counters that with a Reverse Rana for a super close nearfall. Andrews goes up top for the Shooting Star Press, but Bate stops him with an enziguri. Bate goes for a Super Gutbuster, but Andrews counters with a Super Rana and a Running Shooting Star Press for another close nearfall. Bate fires back with a superkick, a headspring off the ropes into a lariat, but Andrews responds back with Stundog Millionaire. Andrews goes for the Shooting Star Press, but Bate gets the knees up, then hits the Koppo Kick leading to the finish.

Dunne comes out after and knocks down Andrews on the rampway. NXT GM WIlliam Regal comes out and yells at Dunne. Dunne gets in the ring and stares down Bate with Regal looking on, with an angry look at Dunne as the show closes.