Impact Wrestling

New Impact Wrestling Announce Team Revealed

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Don Callis and Sonjay Dutt will be the new Impact announcing team going forward.

Callis was already scheduled the join the announce team, replacing Josh Mathews who is being moved to a different on air role going forward.

Sonjay Dutt will be replacing Jeremy Borash. Borash recently left Impact Wrestling to take a position with the WWE and will be working with the NXT brand. Callis and Dutt will be the announcing team starting with tonight’s episode on Pop TV.

Pay issues for the Impact Wrestling Wrestlers

There have been numerous reports of pay issues for workers and production team member under previous ownership of Impact Wrestling. It appears Anthem led Impact is not immune to having their own pay issues with the wrestlers.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that wrestlers who are booked out for independent dates through Impact are having to wait six weeks to be paid for the appearance. Wrestlers are angry at the delay in the pay, because if they would have gotten themselves booked they would have gotten paid the night of the appearance.

  • NJ Louch

    “New Era”… LOL

  • Al79

    Great job with the paychecks Anthem…How long before Aries quits again?

  • Colby

    They’ll pay him – it always seems Be the young guys / gals who need it most who they pay late.

  • Colby

    …unlike Heyman who didn’t pay anyone at the end 🙂

  • Kevin Murphy

    Heyman didn’t have any money at the end, Anthem has plenty.

  • Colby

    Exactly why I compared it the way I did 🙂

  • Brian K

    It is getting depressing watching Impact wither away…

  • Bulkson

    The six weeks thing might be a policy set by Anthem, in which case,
    there isn’t pay issues. It’s only an issue if they promise the talent
    they will be paid on a date and they aren’t paid, which under Anthem, has not occurred to date. It’s obviously not ideal, but this is just another cheap shot at Impact, everyone’s favorite punching bag.