Jinder Mahal

WWE doesn’t post Jinder Mahal clip

WWE has not posted the segment involving WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers from last night’s episode of Smackdown Live from Oakland.

As noted in our live recap last night, the crowd started a “THAT’S TOO FAR” chant when Mahal began to mock Shinsuke Nakamura and referred to him as “Mr. Miyagi.” If you missed the promo last night, here is a small excerpt from our recap yesterday.

“Mahal again mocks Nakamura, like last week, with photos of Nakamura making funny faces. He predicts the prejudice of the people will continue and that they will turn on Nakamura the same way they turned on him. Mahal keeps showing the same photo for all of Nakamura’s reactions adding, “Shinsuke…you always ‘ROOK’ the same.” Mahal and The Singh Brothers laugh. The crowd in Oakland starts a loud “NAKAMURA” chant. Mahal says they chant his name and sing along to his theme to hide their own xenophobia. He says it looks like Nakamura gets his hair cut by a dog groomer. Mahal refers to Nakamura as Mr. Miyagi. Oakland literally starts a “THAT’S TOO FAR” chant.”

Wash Post cites “racist promos”

Marissa Payne of The Washington Post sent out a tweet asking fans to contact her if they attended Smackdown Live in Oakland, appearing to focus on the promo segment involving WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and citing “racist promos.”


  1. There is something fascinating about the idea that Jinder Mahal was claiming everyone was racist toward him yet he is being blatamt racist toward Shinsuke.

  2. Don’t even start bringing this racist crap to WWE, or any other wrestling promotion for that matter. This guy’s job as a heel is to be HATED, and he is doing a damn good job. Heels in pro wrestling hit current topics and are supposed to be offensive. If you don’t agree with the tactics, don’t watch! Please, for the love of God, do not drag wrestling down the tubes with all of the political BS going on right now. Pro wrestling is the only escape we have left from this totally sissified crybaby society.

  3. It doesn’t matter if he’s not white, an Indian making fun of someone because he’s Japanese can still be racist

  4. That Marissa sounds like a Payne. Imagine having a girlfriend working at the Washington Post that’s offended by wrestling promos. Talk about no fun

  5. The WP writer/hack is offended by this? But Modern Family wins awards for using gay stereotypical jokes multiple times in every episode.

  6. MR. MIYAGI Is a total bad ass in almost everyway……i wish people would run around calling me a Rocky Balboa, just because negative view point on every word is a hot topic for the media drons world wide so they can gather attention to their idiotic show all 727 of them that say nothing doesnt mean this was a racist statement…….even if it was REAL LIFE
    Its just another small time “soilder of the little people” taking on a big time company so they can grow their own name and make tons of cash of it

  7. F**k racism & all this politically correct bullshit going on. Bunch of snowflake pussies people have turned into today. That was a great promo! If people are offended, tough shit! Jinder is a heel & the world champ. WWE needs to bring heat on him. Whatever happened to heels being heels? Eric Young (when he was in TNA) was the last true heel. Marissa Payne is a stupid cunt. Bitches like this should be home doing the dishes instead of watching wrestling & then complaining that a heel promo “went too far”. Washington Post probably just keeps her around cause she sucks dick, just like how that newspaper sucks shit!

  8. Hmm…bunch of guys on here sure know about racism. I mean, it’s not like the crowd at the event piped in with a “That’s too far” chant or anything.

  9. Folks have short memories. This stuff is tame compared to the attitude era and earlier. It appears Ms. Payne has nothing better to bitch about. PC gone amok.

  10. Coincidentally, with Heenan just passing, he was the worst along with maybe Piper. I remember the Brain’s tirades against Tito were brutal!!

  11. Racism is the last thing that comes to my mind about anything pro wrestling says or does. We live in such a sissyfied, wussy society where the slightest remark or action gets blown way out of proportion and everyone gets offended. I’m sure Barney the purple dinosaur has offended these same wussy weirdos.

  12. somebody who went contact her and say they dont feel it was racist in anyway and they feel she is the one with the problem rather than Smackdown 🙂

  13. They don’t even know what is. I wasn’t even offended by this segment! Out of the things WWE did they finally decide to chan “that’s too far”. And they want the Attitude Era back,ha!

  14. You’re being too nice calling her Ms.Payne. Agreed,the Attitude and Rutheless Agression Era did much worse (miscarriage angles,Mae Young giving birth to a hand,Katie Vick storyline,Al Wilson storyline,Undertaker “killing” Paul Bearer at the 2004 Great American Bash,Vince McMahon mocking God,and even on the PG Era with Paige insulting Charlotte’s dead brother). The list goes on and on.

  15. And on the subject of Japanese wrestlers, Bobby’s comments towards Sonny Onoo in WCW would be considered offensive.

  16. While everyone in here is talking about Jinder’s promo being racist….. I want someone to make a meme out of that thumbnail image.

    P.S. Indians are Racist, especially towards Blacks & Asians

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