AEW Collision Results – 7/6/24 (MJF kicks off the show, Men’s Owen Hart Tournament)

AEW Collision Results
July 6, 2024
Landers Center in Southaven, Mississippi
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Saturday nights alright for fighting and so is the taco salad my wife made as I eat it while I recap tonight’s live Collision!

We open with a video package recapping Daniel Garcia getting attacked by MJF after he challenged Will Ospreay for the International Title on Dynamite.

We go inside the Landers Center as MJF’s music hits. He comes out with a mic in hand, as the fans boo loud.

Tony Schiavone welcome us to the show.

MJF calls for his music to be cut as the boos continue. MJF says that everyone in the building is in bread and stupid, as the fans begin a you suck chant…he tells the fans to keep their mouths shut. He says Daniel Garcia is nothing more than a pawn. MJF says he is the biggest star in AEW…he says that he was always going to break Garcia’s neck…he calls him a make a wish kid at best…MJF says that he offered him a match at All In against the greatest wrestler that has ever lived…MJF says that Garcia will never wrestle again. MJF says he is here to talk to the fans. He tells the production truck to roll the clip. A video plays from the August 2, 2023 Dynamite with MJF talking about emotional rejection disorder and when he was he was bullied as jewish kid.

We go back live to the arena…MJF says he opened up to the fans and say that it would tear his heart out if they turned his back on them. He says that he changed for the fans and broke his body for the fans. He then says that after his best friend stabs him in the back and Samoa Joe stole his title. He says after Worlds End, he is watching Dynamite and the people chant thank you Joe. He says that when he was doing physical therapy, the fans cheered that talentless hack Will Opsreay. MJF says what he did to Garcia, it was not personal against Garcia, but the fans and that everything in AEW sucks. He says that the only way to fix this garbage company is with MJF on top…he asks the fans if they like Will Ospreay…he says that Ospreay can’t help the company like he can…Ospreay is a child and doesn’t care about ticket sales…he says Ospreay only cares about Meltzer…MJF says lets pop a number and calls out Ospreay, calling him a billy goat and sacrifice him like one…before MJF can finish, Ospreay’s music hits to a sizeable pop. Ospreay is not here tonight…MJF says he is not coming because he is a coward, just like the fans…he then says his name Maxwell Jacob…as the fans begin to say his name, he tells the fans they had their chance and to shut their mouths…

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Kyle O’Reilly, Orange Cassidy and Mark Briscoe. Kyle says he is bummed out…Mark asks if Lexy is bummed out…Mark says he is not bummed out and they are in one of the most historical cities in wrestling…

The music of Orange Cassidy hits as the fans cheer…Mark, Kyle and Orange make their way out to the ring as Mark barks at the camera.

The music for the Iron Savages hits next as Jacked Jameson calls the fans skinny idiots and needs to shut up…Jameson talks down O’Reilly, Cassidy and Briscoe, as they make their way to the ring.

Before the match begins, the music of The Undisputed Kingdom hits as Roderick Strong, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett make their way to the announce table on the ramp area.

ROH World Champion Mark Briscoe, Kyle O’Reilly and Orange Cassidy vs. The Iron Savages (Boulder, Bronson and Jacked Jameson)

Kyle and Jamison will start things off. Kyle slaps Jameson. Jameson then takes down Kyle. Mark is in the ring and then grabs the savage sauce container and drinks it…he takes down Jameson. Kyle drinks some and gets fired up. Mark takes down Boulder as Bronson drops Mark with a clothesline. Kyle takes down both Bronson and Boulder, but Jameson hits him from behind. Bronson lands hard on Kyle and covers him for only a two count. Boulder works on Kyle in the corner as we go to picture and picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Jameson is tagged in as Kyle is being triple teamed in the corner. Bronson is tagged in and takes down Kyle. Bronson is tagged in. He lands on Kyle and then tags in Jameson as we return from picture in picture…

Back from Picture-In-Picture: Kyle crawls and tags in Mark Briscoe who chops Bronson with kung fu chicken moves…he then drops Bronson with a forearm. Mark then drop kicks Jameson off the apron. Mark tags in Cassidy as the fans go crazy! Cassidy is up on the top and lands on Boulder and then DDT’s boulder. Cassidy goes for an orange punch on Bronson, but is caught. Bronson picks up Cassidy but he counters. Mark goes over the top taking out Boulder and Jameson on the outside…Cassidy nails Bronson with an orange punch to get the win for his team.

Winner by pinfall: Kyle O’Reilly, Mark Briscoe and Orange Cassidy

After the match, Bennett and Taven want to go to the ring, but Strong stops them.

We go to a vignette with Jack Perry talking about how he was the challenger to the first-ever TNT champion. He says tonight he is paid in the full and wants to give the opportunity to someone…


We are back with a video package of the World Title match with Swerve Strickland and Will Ospreay at Forbidden Door.

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Adam Page about his win against Jeff Jarrett in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. He says it doesn’t matter what the EVP’s think. He says they used and that he know why he is here. Page says that he is going to burn through the rest of tournament and right a wrong…and burn his world to the ground. Lexy asks him about Jay White…Page walks off with an evil look in his eyes, as Lexy looks scared.

The music of the AEW Women’s World Champion Toni Storm hits, as she comes out with Mariah May and Luther.

The music of Trish Adora hits next as she makes her way out with The Infantry. They make their way down to the ring.

AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm vs. Trish Adora

The bell rings and we are underway. The fans are behind Storm. Storm has Adora in a headlock. Adora gets out of the hold and tosses Storm against the ropes. Adora tries to knock Storm off her feet…Adora finally drops her, but Storm comes back and drops Adora and covers her for a two count. Adora picks up Storm and locks up her legs and bends her…the fans begin to chant Toni. Adora then grabs the arms of Storm and twists them. Adora then rolls up Storm, but the champ kicks out at two. Storm comes back and hits Adora with a shotgun drop kicks, sending her to the floor. Storm grabs the mic and asks for a standing ovation, as the fans cheer and stand…we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Storm is prancing around the with the mic asking for a standing ovation. Luther and May are saluting The Infrantry at ringside. Storm and Adora are back in the ring as Adora kicks Storm and drops her a German Suplex. Adora covers Storm for only a two count.


Back from the full break, Storm drops Adora in the corner with a backstabber…Adora comes back with a backbreaker on the champion as the ref checks on her. Adora pkcks up Storm as tries to fight back. Both women exchange blows. Storm winds up her hand, but Adora counters with a German Suplex on Storm and covers her for only a two count…Storm nails Adora and lands a hip attack on her. Storm covers Adora, but she kicks out at two…both women slug it out with forearm blows…Storm headbutts Adora, then out of nowhere Storm drops Adora with a storm zero and covers her for the win…Schiavone notes that its 20 straight wins for Storm. The fans begin to chant Toni as Mariah and Storm hug. Luther looks on as May and Storm walk to the back.

We go to a video package featuring Willlow Nightingale entering the Women’s Owen Hart Tournament, hyping up her upcoming match against Mariah May in the finals, Wednesday on Dynamite.


Back from the break, there is a commercial for the Brodie Lee Reebok Sneakers.

We go backstage with The Patriarchy. Christian Cage says that he had to Google who the trios champions are. He then questions why Jay White enters himself into the Owen Hart Tournament…Cage calls Juice Robinson a child…he says Colten has a little bit of promise…Cage says that when he takes the World Trios titles, it will pave the way to the AEW World Championship. Cage says that the fans want to see the switchblade that was signed…Gunns down…Cage calls in Kip Sabian who was backstage. Sabian says he lost his father. Cage calls his father a loser and tells Killswitch to take care of Sabian. You can hear Killswitch giving a beat down to Sabian.

Jack Perry’s music hits, as the TNT Champion makes his way to the ring. Who will accept the challenge. The Jurassic Express music hits, as Perry looks confused. ITS MARKO STUNT! Perry looks shocked. He is a hometown favorite. Perry still looks puzzled as the fans chant Marko.

TNT Championship Open Challenge: Jack Perry defends against Marko Stunt

The bell rings as Stunt headbutts Perry and then kicks him, but Perry comes back with a huge clothesline. Perry tells Marko he sucks and then punches him and slams his head on the mat. Perry picks up Marko, as Marko hits Perry in the gut, but Perry chops him down and then picks him and chops him down again. Perry sends Stunt to the ropes…Perry catches Stunt and tosses him face first on the second turnbuckle. Perry covers Stunt, but he kicks out at two. Perry then kicks Stunt, telling him to come on…Perry picks Stunt, but he rolls up Perry, for only a two count…Stunt is up on the ropes and comes down, but Perry catches him and tosses him into the turnbuckle, followed by a running knee. Perry covers Stunt to retain.

Winner and still TNT Champion: Jack Perry

After the match, Perry rubs the title on the face of Stunt.

We go to a vignette with House of Black’s Malakai Black and Brodie King…Black says they don’t have any feelings about Buddy Matthews…Black says revenge is an unbalanced scale…King says even though they feel nothing, Christian Cage will feel everything.

We go to a video package featuring Bryan Danielson and PAC, with their previous Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Match from this past Wednesday’s Dynamite.

The music of Claudio Castagnoli hits, as the BCC member comes out for our next match with a 20-minute time limit.

Beast Mortos is out next…

Claudio Castagnoli vs. The Beast Mortos

The bell rings as we are underway. Claudio grabs the beast and takes him down. Mortos is up and has Claudio locked up, but he counters with a drag arm twist. Mortos tries to take down Claudio with a shoulder block. Claudio calls for both them to try to take down each other…they run the ropes as Mortos takes down Claudio…Claudio comes back and hits Mortos with a backbreaker, followed by a big stomp. Mortos has Claudio in the corner and scoops up Claudio and slams him. Mortos covers Claudio, but he kicks out at two. Mortos charges at Claudio and leaps, but Claudio moves out of the way and goes over the ropes, taking out the cameraman. Claudio leaps over the ropes and takes out Mortos who is favoring his right knee…Mortos sends Claudio down as the action is back in the ring. Claudio sends Mortos into the ring post. Claudio picks up Mortos and slams him down as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Claudio slams the back of Mortos’ head on the top turnbuckle. Claudio picks up the beast and slams the back of head again on the top turnbuckle. Mortos drops to his knees…Claudio picks up Mortos and again, slams the back of his head against the top turnbuckle, which causes the beast to falls to his knees. As Mortos gets up, Claudio yet again, slams Mortos’s head against the top turnbuckle. Claudio goes to the top and comes down connecting with a big elbow on Mortos. Claudio grabs the left arm of Mortos and then twists his fingers, continuing to work on the arm of Mortos…but he gets out of the hold

Back from Picture-In-Picture: Claudio and Mortos exchange blows… Mortos face plants Claudio and then as Claudio gets up, Mortos drops Claudio with a crucifix bomb. Mortos covers Claudio for only a two count…Mortos headbutts Claudio from the top rope. Claudio recovers and hits the beast with a big right arm. Mortos comes back and spears Clauido. Mortos covers the beast, but he kicks out at two. Both men are up on their feet. Mortos charges at Claudio, but Claudio flips him over the ropes. Claudio goes the floor, high fives a fans and runs at Mortos connecting with a big elbow. The action goes back in the ring as Mortos headbutts Claudio…Mortos hits a backbreaker on Claudio and covers him for only a two count…Mortos goes to the top as he caught with an uppercut by Claudio…Claudio picks up Mortos for the big swing. Claudio runs the ropes and takes down Mortos with a big lariat. Claudio covers the beast to get the pin.

Winner by pinfall: Claudio Castagnoli

We are sent backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Matt Menard. Lexy asks Matt how he feels. Matt says he has a concussion. Matt says Daniel Garcia is at home and will be making a full recovery. Matt says its good news for MJF, that Daniel will be the first to get his hand on MJF, but MJF won’t know when it happens. Matt says MJF won’t get the dancing Danny Garcia. He takes off the glasses as says MJF is getting red death.


Back from the break, we hear from Serena Deeb, as she says she was surprised that Riho returned…Deeb says she is not the same wrestler and women she was in 2021 when she and Riho first wrestled. Deeb challenges Riho to a future match up.

The music of Rhio hits, as the first-ever AEW Women’s World Champion makes her way to the ring.

Lady Frost’s music hits, as he comes through the tunnel as make her way to the ring.

Riho vs. Lady Frost

The bell rings as we are underway. Both women lock up as Frost pushes Riho to the corner. We get a clean break…Riho attempts a dropkick on Frost but she moves out of the way. Frost hits the ropes and drops Riho with a neckbreaker and covers her for only a two count. Frost does a summersault, but Riho trips her and then connects with a knee to the head of Frost. Riho comes off the top with a big crossbody on Frost and covers her for only a two count, as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Riho has Frost down, but Frost gets up on her feet…Frost fires back and puts a boot to the neck of Riho…Frost nails Riho in the corner. She falls on her back and then Frost covers her for only a two count. Riho recovers and chops Frost in the chest, but it only fires up Frost who comes back and suplexes Riho…


Back from the full break, Lady Frost has Riho is a headlock. Riho breaks the hold and then takes down Frost and connects with a knee shot…Frost rolls to the floor. Riho goes to the top and connects with a big crossbody on Frost on the floor, crashing into the knees of Frost. Riho picks up Frost and rolls her back into the ring. Riho comes off the top with a double stomp, but Frost moves and picks up Riho and spins her around before drilling her into the mat. Frost covers Riho for only a two count. Riho comes back and hits Frost. Riho runs the ropes, but is met with an elbow by Frost…Frost is up on the top rope and connects with a big moonsault on Riho…Frost covers Riho, but she kicks out at two. Riho fights off Frost and puts her in a full nelson and then drops her hard to mat with a brand new hold called run hey (sp?)…to get the win.

We go backstage with Shane Taylor promotions and Top Flight and Action Andretti as they will have a match at Rampage. Taylor, Andretti and Top Flight exchange words. Dante Martin talks about how Lio Rush took about Taylor and his group. Anthony Ogogo tells Top Flight and Andretti this ain’t Chuck E. Cheese…


Back from the break, we go to a video package hyping up the Stampede Street Fight between Samoa Joe and Chris Jericho coming up on Dynamite.

The music of “Hangman” Adam Page hits, as he makes his way to the ring for our main event.

The lights go out as the music for the Bang Bang Gang hits. The Gunns, Juice Robinson and Jay White are out as the trophy is shown on the entrance ramp. The World Trios champs make their to the ring.

Boddy Cruise makes announcement that Robinson and The Gunns by the EVP’s have been ejected from ringside.

Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament: “Hangman” Adam Page vs. Jay White

White jaws at Page, who charges at White and tries to choke him out in the corner. The bell rings as Page sends White to the floor. Page nails White with a big right hand. White rolls back in the ring. Page gets back in the ring and nails White. White fights back, but it’s not enough as Page nails White hard, dropping him to the mat. Page picks up White and tosses him with a fallaway slam. White is on the apron. White hits Page with a big blow. White then chops Page in the corner…White charges at Page, but is met with a big boot. White is down and on the apron. Page grabs White, but White uses the ropes on Page, but it has no affect as Page sends White to the floor. Page then slams the head of White agains the barricade. We get a big Cowboy S— chant. White is back in the ring…Page follows and has White locked up. Page spins White around and drops him. Page then punches White as he rolls to the floor, as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Page goes to the floor. White comes back and sends Page into the steel steps. Page is up and clothesline White over the barricade into the fans. Page is busted open and pouring blood from his forehead down onto his chest…the action is back in the ring. Page sends White to the corner. Page puts White up on the top rope…

Back from picture-in-picture: Page shoves White down. White charges at Page and connects with an elbow. White then hits Page with huge chops. White gouges the eyes of Page. White then DDT’s Page and covers him for a near fall. White picks up Page, but he comes back and shoves White. Page charges at White, but is met with a big elbow. White then chops Page and face plants him. White then delivers a big German Suplex on Page, who then rolls to the apron. Both men on apron exchange blows. Page runs at White, but he drops him on the apron. White picks up Page, but he fights back…both men hit the floor. Page then picks up White and slams him on the floor. Page picks up White and tosses him back in the ring. The fans are calling for tables. Page is on the apron and goes for a buckshot, but White slumps to the mat. Page is back as White rolls up him for only a two count. Page has his foot up between the ropes as White drops him with a dragon screw leg whip…Page recovers and picks up White with a huge powerbomb and covers him for a near fall…Page grabs the hair of White and picks him up. Page then clubs White who goes down. Page tells the fans he is going to take White’s head off…Page comes in for a buckshot lariat, but White counters and drops Page for a nearfall. White attempts a bladerunner, but Page counters for a deadeye, as we get a ref bump. Page hits White with a deadeye and covers White…Page takes off his belt and then chokes and whips White…Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring and grabs the belts fro Page and flips Page over and tosses him. Christian Cage comes in with the officials back being turned…Cage spears White. Page is on the apron and connects on White with a buckshot lariat to get the win.

Winner by pinfall and advancing to the finals of the Men’s Owen Hart Tournament: “Hangman” Adam Page

Page celebrates as the commentary team runs down the card for Wednesday’s Dynamite. Page looks on from the ramp. He walks over to the trophy and looks at it, as the show goes off the air.

*Good progression of storylines were done on tonight’s show*

The following very short clip aired during the show. It looks like a “mystery man” is headed to AEW.