Matt Hardy still hospitalized following bad fall at AEW All Out, Reby blames the company

Matt Hardy injury update

Matt Hardy’s wife, Reby, has provided an update on her husband’s condition following a scary fall at last night’s AEW All Out.

“They needed additional imaging done after his CT. He’s still in the hospital. 1000% concussion. Anyone with eyes could have told you that tho.”

Reby would later respond to Orlando-based reporter Jon Alba when he questioned how her husband cleared concussion protocol and continued the match. She stated the company was trying to protect itself.

“Gee, I wonder. Could it be the company trying to justify and protect itself from backlash or the family with no stake in this who now has to deal with the repercussions? I guess we’ll never know.”

During the Broken Rules Match against Sammy Guevara, Guevara gave Hardy a spear off a scissor lift. Hardy crashed through some tables below, but overshot and smacked the back of his head on the concrete. Hardy appeared to be unconscious for a few moments, tried to get up, and could not regain his balance.

Referee Aubrey Edwards threw up the “X” sign to indicate a legitimate injury. Dr. Michael Sampson checked on Hardy and the match was initially stopped. It would soon restart. A dazed Hardy and Guevara would brawl into Daily’s Place and quickly go to the finish, which was Guevara falling off a scaffold through a crash pad.

AEW President Tony Khan would later comment on the situation:

“The doctor did clear him. Matt did not pressure him and Dr. Sampson would not be pressured into clearing anybody. He’s pulled people from our shows without hesitation, whether it’s been over something with a blood test or with an injury. He’s really strict about that stuff and that’s why when people have had injuries that he didn’t feel comfortable about, people do in physicality or wrestling with, we never put those people out there. So I never would have gone against the doctor’s decision and most importantly, Matt would not have been able to overrule the doctor’s decision and not with the doctor himself or with me. So that is what happened. The doctor cleared him, which is the first and foremost important thing. Matt also did want to continue, but the doctor cleared him. So at that point when the doctor cleared him to continue, Matt clearly wanted to continue. That’s why we continued.”

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