Amanda Huber comments on Dynamite tribute show for her late husband

Amanda Huber comments on Dynamite tribute to her late husband

Amanda Huber took to her Instagram to comment on AEW’s special tribute show honoring her late husband, Jon Huber.

This past Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite was a special celebration of life episode honoring Jon Huber, who was known in AEW as Brodie Lee, and Luke Harper in WWE.

Huber passed away last Saturday at the age of 41. 

Below is taken from Amanda Huber’s Instagram post. 

“I tried so hard to use photos that captured last night and I’m unsure if photos could do it justice. I’m not even sure I have words that can come close but I’ll try…

The entire show was perfect, from top to bottom. The little Easter eggs, the tributes, the matches, and the moments.

I’m not sure what it looked like on tv, and I’m sure sometime soon, I’ll see for myself. But I can tell you in person, the love in that building last night was real. It radiated all night long. You could feel it in the air. It was devastating and beautiful and a testament to one of the best people to walk this earth.

I will never ever ever be able to thank @tonyrkhan and the @allelitewrestling family enough. No words will ever work. All I can say is that AEW is the most amazing community and Tony is easily the kindest & most genuine person I’ve ever met. He loved my husband. He loves wrestling. He loves AEW. And he loves my family. Real, authentic love.

I’ve been around wrestling a long time. I’ve seen the absolute worst sides of this business. I don’t think I’d believe it either if I didn’t live it myself, but please believe me when I say everything last night from @aewontnt was heartfelt and genuine. Not a single person was disingenuous. Nobody was just “putting on a show”. It was real and raw emotion and just fucking beautiful.

And in the words of @brodielee “Are you crying?! You little bitch…. it’s always fucking something with you @silvernumber1 “

Yup. All of us. Little bitches.

*Also there were so many photos I was tagged in & saved and forgot who send them. So if I’m using your photo please let me know and I’ll gladly credit you*”